Las Chicas Del Cable (2017) s03e08 Episode Script

Chapter 24: Destiny

1 [LIDIA.]
Your destiny is not predetermined.
You determine your destiny every day with the decisions you make.
- Carlos! - Carlos! - [PEOPLE SCREAMING.]
- He's been shot in the arm.
He's bleeding badly! Carlos, my love.
Lidia - Shh.
We have to go get our baby.
The train leaves at 2:00 for Oporto.
We still have time.
But trying to carve out your own destiny carries a warning.
I don't care about the king or your demands.
- I have to get out of here now! - Don't move.
I don't care about your guns and bombs.
One more step and I'll blow your head off Nobody's stopping me from getting my daughter back.
You asked for it.
Don't shoot! Please don't do it! If you do, you'll have to shoot us all.
- Everybody hold it! - What are you doing? Your problems don't matter now.
They're risking their lives for the common good, don't you see? What are you saying, Carlota? This is about Eva.
I didn't think you could do such a thing.
Forget it, Marga.
She's as crazy as they are.
That's enough.
These people have to be locked up.
I think they're going to start a mutiny.
Fine, lock them up somewhere with the wounded man.
Almudena will go with you.
Pedro, give her the keys.
I can't open it.
You try.
I knew you couldn't be on their side.
- This is my fault and I'll try to fix it.
We have to end this fast and save Eva.
- What do we do? - There's a radio in the storeroom.
Let's go.
At least we know where Eva is.
Lidia, if we're not in time, we can ask the police to intervene.
I hope so.
And I hope you'll tell me what your cop friend is doing here.
You have a deal with Pedro Guzmán.
He's very dangerous.
I know, Lidia.
I know.
I don't care what you feel.
Think of yourself and Sofía.
Is it worth running this risk? Can you trust him? - [MARGA.]
Lidia! - [CARLOTA.]
Carlos! [ÁNGELES.]
To the switchboard room, quick! [CARLOS BREATHING HEAVILY.]
- That's it.
That's it.
- Carlos.
CHAPTER 24: DESTINY Carlos, can you keep going? - You have to go on alone.
- But we don't know how it works.
It's an old model.
You'll figure it out.
- Lidia, go with them.
I'm fine.
- I won't leave you alone.
I'm an idiot.
I've failed you and Eva.
But I know now that you're my only family.
I've also done lots of things that I regret.
It's easy to be wrong in situations like this.
When that man shot you, I was so scared.
I don't want to lose you.
Do you think we can start over? I'm sure.
More than ever.
Open up! - Almudena? - Yes.
Stand back! - [GUN FIRES.]
Were those gunshots? Yes, they were, and they came from the Company building.
Right, as we said, you, go to the front door.
You, find someone to go to the rooftop.
Carlota betrayed us.
That bitch! I'm an idiot! How could I let myself be fooled? - Where are they? - Somewhere in the building.
I knew we couldn't trust her.
God damn it! This was all my fault.
I'll fix it.
I'll fix it.
Get up! On your feet! - You think this is funny? - Very much so.
You do know the most important thing is who laughs last, right? - [GUN FIRING.]
- Lidia! Lidia! - Stay there.
Carlota! I have Sara! Your beloved Sara! Come down right now or I swear you'll never see her alive again! You hear me? - Carlota, don't do it! - Shut up! - What if it's a bluff? - They have bombs.
It can't be.
Carlota, what do we do? [LUCÍA SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY.]
Carlota, we'll do whatever you want.
- You decide.
- [LUCÍA.]
If you don't come out you'll always be a coward who can't face the music who can't face reality.
I'll count to five.
Come out or I'll kill her! One, two three, four Lucía! Let her go.
Well done.
You two, to your places.
- And the other two? - I don't know.
- [GASPS.]
- Where are they? - Where? - They stayed behind! I don't believe you.
Never mind.
We'll find them.
They can't go anywhere.
No, wait.
Don't do it.
Betrayal is paid for in blood.
And we've had enough surprises.
- This will send them a message.
- We'll only scare all these people.
I don't want them panicking over someone who's not worth it.
What happened? The girls had to surrender to save Sara.
We have to go on alone.
Can you? Help me get up.
Let's go.
I don't believe it.
You're still defending her after what she did? What's our objective? The king, the document, the end of the monarchy.
- That's what's important.
- You're backing down.
No, never.
But spilling blood only makes us the villains.
And we're not.
All right.
I know what we can do with them.
- [CURRO.]
As you can see, we have some "fireworks" ready in case the king still refuses.
- You'll be the first to see them.
- [MAN.]
Curro! Lucía, wait.
If the king signs, nothing will happen.
I don't see where our demands are in all this madness.
That man has obviously brainwashed you.
It's true.
It's him.
He's using you to get what he wants, don't you see? Don't be like your mother.
Don't be manipulated by a man.
What do you know? He's the only person who's always been by my side.
My brother suffered just as much as I did at home.
He's your brother? [LUCÍA.]
Curro is right.
To change things you have to act and make certain sacrifices.
If I hadn't told the press that you were Athena we would have achieved nothing.
- It was you? - [SARA.]
What? But why? Because I am ready to change things.
It's a shame.
You chose the wrong side.
Goodbye, Carlota.
This is because I let myself get tricked by Lucía.
Why do you say that? I gave her the money for their attack on Heliodoro.
- It was obviously used for that.
- Carlota, listen to me.
They're fanatics.
They would've done it anyway.
I know you're trying to console me but all the people I love are going to die.
I paid for the bombs that are going to kill them.
Hello, can anyone hear me? We're in the Telephone Company.
Hello? - Hello? Can you hear me? - Yes, yes! Hey, it's Lidia.
She works with my wife.
She's on the radio.
Inspector Grondona here.
Who is this? Lidia Aguilar.
We're in the Telephone Company.
The king has been kidnapped.
We heard shots.
Is His Majesty all right? Yes, but there's a wounded man.
You have to come immediately.
Relax, we will, but first we need to know the situation there.
- How many kidnappers are there? - About 15.
Men and women.
The women are in operator uniforms.
They're very dangerous.
Are there any entrances that are not controlled by the kidnappers? If there is, Francisco Gómez would know.
He helped design the building.
You'll find him in the White Lady.
There's something else.
Our daughter's been kdnapped.
Your daughter? Is she in there, too? No, she's outside.
They're taking her out of the country.
- At 2:00, she's going - [GUNSHOT.]
No, no, no.
No more shots, for God's sake.
They've been discovered.
Goodbye to the radio.
It's over.
Ocaña, get the team ready.
We'll go in through the main door, knock it down with a battering ram - and then - Excuse me, excuse me.
Lidia just said that Francisco knows another way in, right? Those people aren't pussyfooting around, Mr.
My patience has a limit and those nuts just crossed it.
We're going in now.
Oh, finally, the fugitives.
Sit down.
They were using a radio.
They contacted the police.
What? The police are onto us.
Sign now! Go on, in front of everyone.
Time's up.
For you or for me? You're in a tight spot, lad.
The police will do their duty.
Your fate depends on you.
Put down your weapons and I'll be benevolent.
Otherwise, the full force of the law will fall on you and your people.
Before that happens, we'll all be buried under the rubble of this building.
Vargas, Pepo, Nadal, come with me! Let's go! - [CARLOTA.]
What are you going to do? - Put them all over the building.
Please, stop.
This is madness.
This is a gift for you.
When the timer starts you can start saying goodbye.
There are enough explosives to blow up the whole building.
God Aren't we being hasty? [CURRO.]
It's time to be strong, sister.
I need you with me on this.
Are you with me? - Yes, I am.
- [SIGHS.]
The bombs are ready.
Hey, you! Come here.
I want you to go outside and give the police a message.
If you don't come back and show me they understood, I set off the bombs.
Got it? No, no, no, no! You can't go in.
You can't go in.
It's full of explosives.
If you go in, they'll blow up the building.
Hey, you! The bombs have been activated.
They're going to explode! - [CURRO FIRING GUN.]
Everyone hold it! - [PEOPLE SCREAMING.]
On the floor! On the floor! Next time I won't fire into the air! On the floor! The bombs can only be activated by pressing this button.
Do you understand? Yes? So the next time someone does something stupid, I'll shoot them in the head.
Got it? [STUTTERS.]
Inspector, I can't keep answering questions.
I've told you all I know.
I'm running out of time.
You're worried about your daughter.
She was kidnapped? A woman called Miriam Expósito has her.
But it was all the work of Carmen Cifuentes.
She's in the Company.
You have to arrest her.
- Can anyone corroborate - They're all inside.
All of them.
Listen, they're going to take my daughter.
There's a train at 2:00 heading for Oporto.
I've told you everything.
Please, let me go to the station.
Very well.
My men will take you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
How many bombs have they placed? [SNIFFLES.]
I don't know, but there are a lot.
They're everywhere, on columns, supporting walls And they want the king to abdicate? [CHUCKLES.]
It's absurd.
They can't get away with it.
So what do we do? We can't go in there.
That guy's cuckoo.
I saw it in his eyes.
I can sense these things.
All right.
We won't go in.
At least, not by force.
Ocaña, find Francisco Gómez at that cabaret.
What do you mean "at least"? Maybe you didn't get what I said.
If you go in, he'll blow up the building.
I have to go back and tell that loon that you got the message.
Relax, Julio.
I'll negotiate with these bastards.
Will you help me? And you? Pretending to be me again? Maybe you think I'm an idiot.
That's my tie.
I did it to convince Ernesto to let Marga do the exam.
We're going to the bathroom and switching clothes.
It should be me inside there.
I got myself into this mess and I have to get out of it alone.
No, I'm not doing it for you, Julio, but for Marga.
She must be terrified.
Look, God forbid it but if it all goes wrong, I want to be with her.
You're so lucky, brother.
I hope I'm lucky enough to find someone like Marga one day.
I'm sure.
Come on.
What did they say? They understand the situation and they're not coming in.
But they want to negotiate to free some hostages.
Negotiate? Never.
Look at the king.
He's exhausted, but he still won't give in.
He won't sign.
We need to think of a way out.
I agree.
I vote that we speak to them and see what they offer.
If we hand over the hostages, we lose power.
Curro, we don't need all these people here.
Only the king.
I thought you were willing to kill and die for the cause.
You said so just a minute ago.
I don't know what happened to you, but I'm not giving in.
Excuse me.
Sorry, sir.
You should listen to the ladies.
They're being reasonable.
Who gave you cards in this game? It's just that if you free the people, you're not guilty of [GRUNTS.]
Go back to your place.
Are you all right, Julio? Squirrel Pablo.
You kissed me thinking I was Julio.
I can't take it anymore.
I slept with your brother by mistake.
It was when you tricked me about being off work.
I thought he was you, and he didn't say anything.
Pablo, I'm so sorry.
I wanted to tell you, but I didn't know how.
Say something, please.
- Say something.
- Marga, you haven't answered my question.
Why did you kiss me thinking I was Julio? I don't know.
You two, shut up! [SOBBING.]
I can imagine how bad it must feel right now.
You, a person who likes having everything under control.
We're being held hostage and there are bombs everywhere.
I don't feel so good, my dear.
I don't mean that.
I mean Lidia.
You have a rival you can't defeat.
She should be with Eva by now.
That doesn't worry me in the slightest.
There's no train to Oporto today.
- Impossible.
That can't be.
- We've looked everywhere.
The most powerful weapon your enemy can have Take me back.
is the power to control your destiny.
- Mr.
Francisco Gómez? - Yes.
Inspector Grondona.
I'm in charge of this operation.
A short time ago, Lidia Aguilar contacted us.
- She said you could help us.
- Yes.
- Lidia's inside? - No.
Lidia's at the station looking for her daughter.
- Really? [CHUCKLES.]
- She got away when I - When my brother came out.
- I'm so glad.
I helped design this building.
I know where we can get in without being seen.
Where, exactly? - Through this hatch here.
It leads to the sewers.
- What's happening? - [CURRO.]
Hold it there! It's the king.
I'll go see.
Be careful, please.
I'll be careful.
Are you all right, Your Majesty? - Sit down! Relax, I'm sitting down.
"Cristóbal and Marta 1930.
" He seems all right.
- [SIGHS.]
- You're married.
I thought I'd never see you again, Ángeles.
I was tired of missing you tired of being alone.
- You must understand.
- Do you think I care? You think I care if you're married? [SCOFFS.]
This means I can't trust you.
And you being a deserter, that's a lie, too, isn't it? [SCOFFS.]
You're a liar.
I can explain.
I lied because I need you by my side.
I know how to catch Guzmán.
The key is his wife Catalina.
She's the front for all his businesses.
If she falls, so does Guzmán.
You can't let me down now.
I need you to listen in on Catalina's calls.
How dare you.
Huh? How dare you.
I'm tired of being lied to.
I'm so tired.
No, don't ask for my help.
Don't ask me to help you deceive a woman.
And don't speak to me again.
He's faking it.
Get up.
No, I don't think he's faking.
I'm a diabetic.
I need an injection.
You want an injection? Then sign and you can go.
You don't understand.
It's serious.
If we don't do something, he could die.
You, messenger! Go outside and ask for insulin.
Tell them the king's a diabetic and needs an injection.
Almudena, see him to the door.
Carmen has tricked me again.
My baby wasn't at the station.
- Calm down.
- How can I calm down? That witch wants to stop me from finding her at all costs.
- My brother's come out of the building.
- Quickly! The king needs insulin.
Why didn't anyone tell us the king was a diabetic? It's the perfect chance for me to go in pretending to be a doctor.
I will not put another civilian at risk.
I know that building like the back of my hand.
The hatch leads to the sewers.
I'll open it and you'll be clear.
I can do it.
Ocaña, find some insulin, but I want it now! González, quickly, gather all the men and get ready to go in.
Do you know how to give injections? Yes.
Francisco, let me go in with you.
- I have to talk to Carmen.
- Are you crazy? - Speak to her when she gets out.
- What if she escapes? The building is full of explosives.
If we don't end this now, everyone will die and you'll never get your daughter back.
Do you trust me? You know I do.
We will end all of this.
And get Eva back.
I swear.
I'm so glad you're all right, brother.
If it's about Marga, don't worry.
I'm sure she's all right.
- Are you crazy? - Marga kissed me thinking I was you.
- She kissed you? - You took advantage of my wife! [BOTH GRUNTING.]
How could you do this to me? What happened between Marga and me is your fault, Pablo.
If you were a man, you wouldn't have neglected her.
Get out of here.
Get out of here right now.
Please go! Go! I'm not leaving.
I'm in love with her.
Who are you? - I'm His Majesty's doctor.
- No one asked for a doctor.
We just need insulin.
Almudena, search him.
I'm sure he's armed.
And the messenger? He'll return when I go.
Police orders.
- Hurry.
He's getting worse.
- He's clean.
- Go sit with the others.
- I should examine the king Sit down with the others! [ALMUDENA.]
On the floor! [LUCÍA.]
Let's go.
Marga, cover me.
Let's go.
Let's go.
- Have you seen the bombs? - They're everywhere.
Let's go.
The king's life is in danger.
There's much more at stake, believe me.
His pulse is weak.
Hey, Doctor! - Where's the doctor? - I don't know.
You, where's the doctor? - Where's the doctor? - I don't know.
I don't know.
You don't know? Where is he? - Where's the doctor? - [GRONDONA.]
Put down your guns.
You're surrounded.
Hands up or I shoot to kill.
Sara, it's started.
Please! We're in the storeroom! - [GRONDONA.]
He activated the bombs! - [CUEVAS.]
How much time do we have? I won't ask again.
How much time do we have? Five minutes.
Oh, my God.
Vacate the premises.
Quick, everyone out! Evacuation! Evacuation! - [PEOPLE SCREAMING.]
- Your Majesty, let's go.
Let the king through! Let the king through! - Lidia, what are you doing here? - The baby? Carlos, whatever happens, I want you to know that I love you.
Take care of him.
Carlos, let's go! What are you doing, you fool? We have to get out.
You're not going anywhere.
- Lucía - Where are Carlota and Sara? Lucía, please.
They're in the storeroom next to the rotary rooms.
Help! Help, please! We're here in the storeroom! Help! [SIGHS.]
We're going to die.
I take you, Carlota, as my lawful wife.
To have and to hold in sickness and in health for richer or poorer in good times and bad to love and comfort until death do us part.
And you? Do you? I do.
Carlota! - [MARGA.]
Sara! - Is that Marga? - Yes, we're in here! - Girls! - In the storeroom! [MARGA.]
Girls, there's no time.
This is going to explode.
Let's go.
I'll find something.
- [MARGA.]
Are you all right? - Yes.
- Can you run? - Yes.
You're insane.
You'll pay for this.
Tell me where my daughter is or we both die in here.
Don't be absurd.
This is going to blow up at any moment.
I know.
I'm an absurd mother whose life makes no sense without her daughter.
I've nothing left to lose.
You know what it's like to lose a child, and yet you kept at this until you turned mine against me.
Blame me if it'll be easier for you but you know you didn't need any help forcing them out of your life.
The clock's ticking.
You decide.
We live or we die.
Marga! Where's Lidia? She used Julio's exit to go find Eva.
She went back inside.
- We have to get past! - I can't allow you.
- There are people inside.
- There's no time.
- We have to get past! - There's no time - [EXPLOSION.]
When we face our destiny, we always hope for the best but we should prepare ourselves for the worst, too.
We got out through the hatch.
Carlos Eva is alive.
I know where she is.
The plane taking Eva away leaves in under 20 minutes.
Let's go to the car.
You take it easy.
We'll get her back.
Although we think we can guide our destinies life keeps on surprising us.
The plane's here.
Let's go.
Fate is unpredictable.
Would you really marry me? If the world would let us.
You would be marrying Oscar, not Sara.
Fate opens our eyes.
I never thought I'd be glad to see the end of this company.
But I realize that without it, I'm not useless.
You're getting out of my life.
You and Guzmán.
Ángeles, one thing I haven't lied to you about is that I love you.
You'll get over it, as will I.
- They're looking for you.
- Right.
Julio told me he loved me.
And Pablo knows what happened between us.
I don't know what to do.
I'm a mess.
When you were inside the building and thought you were going to die who were you thinking about? I think I know what I want.
But sometimes it's liberating and it gives us the answers we were looking for.
Stop! - Stop! - You're not getting on that plane! - One more step and I shoot! - [MIRIAM.]
What are you doing? Relax.
We just want to talk.
No one has to do anything crazy.
She's just a baby.
Return her to her mother and leave.
Carmen has repented.
She wants you to give me back my daughter.
- I don't believe you one bit.
- She told me where you were.
- Miriam, it's true.
This doesn't make sense.
She's just a baby.
Fidel, the police.
Listen to me.
Look at me.
Don't do anything crazy.
Listen to her.
This can go right for everyone.
No, no! [GUN FIRES.]
- My darling.
- Eva is all right.
Fate rarely gives us what we wish for without making us sacrifice something dear to us [YOUNG FRANCISCO.]
Let's go! Hurry! Run! Run! Run! Pass me the suitcase! [YOUNG LIDIA.]
I still can't believe we're going to Madrid.
I was thinking of all the things I'll do when I get there.
- What are you going to do? - Me? I'm going to kiss that pretty mole on your neck.
Fate binds us to certain people and we think they'll always be a part of our lives [BABY CONTINUES CRYING.]
Help! Call a doctor, please! [FRANCISCO.]
I lost you here once.
It won't happen again.
Help, please! Francisco.
You've always been the love of my life.
Please, please, help.
Help! Please, call a doctor.
There's only one thing that hasn't changed.
I still want the best for you.
without us realizing that at any moment fate can separate us again.