Las Chicas Del Cable (2017) s04e02 Episode Script

Chapter 26: Liberty

1 [LIDIA.]
Freedom is something desired by all, but we aren't always aware of the dangers it implies.
Because being free also means accepting your freedom ends where another person's begins.
It means taking responsibility for your own actions.
A mistake, a setback, or a bad choice can make our reality collapse.
And as we wake up, we will realize that the thing we value most, our freedom, has been taken from us.
Where are you taking me? What happened? - Carlota! - Carlota! - Carlota! - [LIDIA.]
Carlota! - [SARA.]
Carlota! Carlota! - [REPORTER.]
Miss de Senillosa! - [REPORTER.]
Is it true that - [SARA.]
Carlota? - Sara! Sara, call a lawyer! - [SARA.]
Carlota! Carlota! [LIDIA.]
That day, we witnessed Carlota become a murderer in the eyes of the world.
What's happening? Carlota! Carlota! Carlota! [LIDIA.]
Carlota's innocence was in doubt.
Now we were trapped, and it was time to stay together and fight till our last breath.
Rodríguez de Senillosa.
Inspector Salas.
I'm in charge of the case.
Here you are.
They'll bring you clean clothes later so you can get changed.
- Thank you.
- I'm sorry I'm late.
I was trying to bring myself up to date.
I've noticed there are some gaps in your statement.
I hope the time you spent alone helped you clarify your ideas.
Well, I I've told your colleagues everything I know.
I entered the room with Gregorio and And the next thing I remember is waking up with the blood.
Don't worry.
That's why I'm here, to help you remember.
Do you know what this is? [CARLOTA SIGHS.]
These are the pictures Gregorio blackmailed me with.
CHAPTER 26: FREEDOM For us, this is a motive.
A motive that would make you want to murder Mr.
If we add that you were at the crime scene holding the murder weapon - So you're intimating that - No, no, no.
I'm not intimating anything, really.
I'll tell you what I believe happened.
This man blackmailed you, and you stepped down as a mayoral candidate to keep your personal life hidden from public view.
A quite unusual personal life.
I've already explained that to the officers.
I know.
But you didn't tell them how you felt.
- How do you mean? - The hatred.
The deep hatred you felt for Mr.
Díaz from that moment on.
He had ruined your dreams, your future, everything.
That's why this morning you vented all the hatred that's been accumulating inside and, in a fit of rage, you reached for a letter opener and you stabbed him.
Is that what happened? Am I wrong? [KNOCKING ON DOOR.]
Don't answer.
Tomás Silvela, defense lawyer.
My client won't make any statement until she is before the judge investigating the case.
There he is.
Tomás, how did it go? [SIGHS.]
Look, all of the evidence is against her.
Many witnesses have said they saw her next to the body with the murder weapon.
On top of that, the blackmailing pictures were in that room.
God, this is crazy! This can't be happening.
How is Carlota? Carlota is very confused.
She says she can't remember what happened.
And that doesn't help us prove her innocence.
No, it makes her look even more suspicious.
I'm going to apply for conditional release immediately, but I doubt the judge will grant it.
Can we go in to see her? [DOOR OPENS.]
Carlota! Carlota, are you okay? I don't understand what's going on, girls.
Neither do we.
This is a terrible nightmare.
It will all be clarified.
We have a good lawyer.
And the truth is on our side.
You're innocent, Carlota.
Carlota, what's going on? Maybe I'm not.
- What? - [CARLOTA.]
The police don't know, but I've started to remember.
And I I think I did it.
- I think I killed him.
- But What have you remembered exactly, Carlota? [CARLOTA.]
When we were on our way to his room, Gregorio started making fun of me.
He saw himself as the unquestionable winner of the election.
Rather than being content with that, he took delight in pestering me.
Do you know I'm only a rally away from becoming the mayor of this city? And do you know what will come next? The presidency of the Republic.
Here you are.
Birds of a feather flock together.
Excuse me? It's a shame that such a beautiful body has gotten involved with that monster.
- Son of a bitch! - What are you doing? [CHUCKLES.]
Leave me alone! [CARLOTA PANTING.]
- Just you dare.
Come on, just you dare! - [CARLOTA.]
I do dare.
Girls, I swear I have never desired anyone's death, but But I desired his.
Carlota, try to calm down.
I know it's a difficult time, but I need you to answer this question.
Do you recall walking towards him and stabbing him with the letter opener? I don't think this is the best moment to ask her that.
Marga, there's a gaping hole between threatening a man and killing him.
Lidia is right.
Try to remember.
I I can't remember anything from that moment on.
All I know is [STAMMERING.]
I woke up and I felt very dizzy and And I felt sick and I had a dry mouth.
How do you mean, a dry mouth? Yes, I remember I was very thirsty.
Why? What is it? Why are you asking that? Because she might have been drugged.
That may be the reason why she can't remember anything.
Do you recall having been offered anything? Any food? A drink? No, I was only offered champagne, but I didn't take any.
I remember that when I worked for Victoria, we used to give our clients a drink in order to steal from them.
But if they turned it down, we drugged them in a different way.
We used a substance that is absorbed through the skin.
Room service! [GREGORIO.]
I haven't ordered anything.
We used to pretend we spilled the drink on them.
No, I'm fine.
I don't feel like drinking, thanks.
Aren't you going to have I'm sorry! [LIDIA.]
After that, we dried them with a cloth napkin.
What did that waitress use? A cloth napkin.
But girls After all, I I woke up, and I had that letter opener in my hand, and I was covered in blood.
Carlota, I won't let you doubt yourself.
We need to find that waitress.
Could you describe her? A waitress? We believe she gave Carlota a drug that's absorbed through the skin and causes amnesia.
- I can't remember its name right now.
- Yes.
You are talking about the scopolamine.
I know it.
If she used it with them both, it means she is the guilty person, or at least is involved.
- Carlota could give you a description.
- [SALAS.]
Ladies I understand you want to help your friend, but the evidence speaks for itself.
Excuse me? It's difficult to open your eyes when you love the person who committed such a terrible deed.
No, it's not that, Inspector.
We have a clue, and it's your duty to follow it.
- That's what you're paid for, right? - [SALAS.]
Watch what you say, miss.
- If you want to tell me how to do my job - [LIDIA.]
No, no, no.
Inspector, we know someone was with our friend Carlota and Mr.
Díaz before any of this happened.
Don't you think it's important to talk to her? To listen to what she has to say? All right.
I'll talk to her.
I'll contact the hotel.
Now go home.
Tomorrow at noon is visiting time, so you can come and visit your friend, and perhaps I can tell you whether we have found that waitress.
But please listen to me.
Let us do our job.
Thank you.
Those women What are they doing here? They are friends of the politician's murderer.
What are you doing here? [CUEVAS.]
Can I come in? What are you here for? What do you know about the crime Carlota is charged with? Why should I tell you? Because I could make things easier.
- I know, but I didn't ask for your help.
- Ángeles Leave your pride aside.
It's a very serious charge.
Carlota is innocent.
She's been framed.
We don't know who did it, but since it's in the police's hands [CHUCKLES.]
You wanted an answer, right? Now you have it.
You can go.
I I could help you.
You never do anything in exchange for nothing.
- And I'm not willing to pay that price.
- Not this time.
Believe me.
How are your wife and son? Does Marta know you're here? Since we met again I can't stop thinking about you.
I just wanted to know if if you feel the same.
Goodbye Cuevas.
- [WOMAN.]
Good evening, Mrs.
- [LIDIA.]
Good evening, Petra.
Today was a terrible day.
I wish you were awake and you could help me as always.
- Or is it "Ms.
"? - Mrs.
," then.
Have a seat, please.
Let's see.
You don't know me, okay, but [SIGHS.]
I'm fascinated by accounting.
I think there is a I don't know, a harmony in numbers.
Hear this.
When debit and credit match, I feel like dancing.
I want passionate people in my team.
Hmm? People who are able to explain to me why they decided to be an accountant in a clear, honest, straightforward way.
Now it's your turn.
Tell me, what attracts you to accounting? Well, I, um I think people change and let you down in life.
But that isn't the case with numbers because two plus two always equals four.
That's true! Do you know the grade you obtained on the test? No.
It is the highest grade among all the applicants.
For me, you have more than enough credentials, so the job is yours, miss.
- Welcome.
- Thank you.
I'm sorry.
You have nothing to be embarrassed about.
Your spontaneity is a breath of fresh air, particularly in such a rigid environment.
In fact, let's go all out! - [MARGA GIGGLES.]
Now, come with me.
You'll immediately start working at the department.
- Immediately means right now? - Yes.
I'm sorry about the rush, but the company is preparing the communications fair, and I want you to be in charge.
Gentlemen, thank you for your interest.
Hello? From the office in Zaragoza? Yes, of course.
Put me through to him.
Garrido, how are you? Yes, here I am, gathering my stuff.
No But Wait a moment.
What do you mean my transfer to Zaragoza has been canceled? But I see.
Yes, of course.
Don't worry.
There will be more opportunities, of course.
Yes, thank you.
Thank you.
No, thank you.
Goodbye, Mr.
I know the communications fair is a big challenge, but don't be intimidated.
You won't be alone.
I'll be there to guide you.
I'll assign you a colleague.
Let me introduce him to you.
- Mr.
Santos? Ms.
- Yes.
Weren't you leaving for Zaragoza? Weren't you at the switchboard? [ANTONIO.]
I see you already know each other.
- Is there a problem? - No.
Well, yes.
Actually, there's one.
I've just been notified I'm not sure why my transfer to Zaragoza - has been canceled.
- Well Mr.
Santos, all the transfers have been put on hold until the fair ends.
I hope you don't mind working together.
No, not at all.
I need you to prepare an initial budget and an expenditure forecast for the communications fair.
Santos? This girl is a rough diamond, and you are going to help me polish her.
Get on with it! Aren't you excited? [CHUCKLES.]
I am! This is great.
- This is great.
- Pablo, it won't be easy for me either.
But since things have turned out this way, we'd better get along well.
I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry I'm late.
Eva wouldn't let me out this morning.
- She misses you a lot, right? - [CHUCKLES.]
Well, she'll get used to it.
I try to get back as soon as possible from the hospital to have breakfast with her.
The hospital? Are you still going every night? Lidia It may be time to accept that that perhaps he won't wake up again.
I don't want to talk about this.
I understand.
If you ever need to talk or something, I'm here for you.
Shall we go? [WHISPERS.]
Good luck.
Sit down, please.
Good morning.
My name is Lidia Aguilar and I welcome you on behalf of the Telephone Company.
You were chosen for being young, restless women, eager to make your dreams come true.
Here, not only will you learn a trade, but you will also be trained in many other subjects such as literature, geography, history.
Know that you are the future of this company, so put your best effort into these classes.
I can assure you they will change your lives.
I won't keep you any longer.
They are all yours.
Good morning.
I am Ángeles Vidal and I will be your teacher.
Not long ago, I was a girl like you, willing to learn, with dreams The truth is, nowadays, we women should aspire to become something more than mothers and wives.
If you are sitting here, it's because you know you can make it.
So, please, don't squander this opportunity.
Now, please, go to the adjacent room.
I'll be with you in a minute.
The switchboard is over there.
I'll explain to you how it works.
Trini, Josefa and Susana? Stay with me, please.
Everyone else can go.
I'll be with you in a moment.
Victoria told me you are our assistants.
Mirlo wants you to start wiretapping as soon as possible.
It's very simple.
I'll give you the numbers, you give me the information, and I'll pass it on to Mirlo.
Understood? You'll, of course, be rewarded.
Mirlo is very generous with his collaborators provided that you are cautious and discreet.
You can count on it.
How is the communications fair going? [MAN.]
Lidia is in charge of that.
I'm sure she'll give it the boost we need.
- Lidia? - Mmm-hmm.
- I didn't know she was working again.
- Yes.
I think it'll do her good.
And the company also benefits by her coming back.
- How are things between you two? - [DOOR OPENS.]
Two vultures conspiring.
Which one of you two has stolen my money? Which one of you had the idea of counterfeiting my signature while I was in jail to steal my money? What are you talking about? About the money that was in my safe.
Some savings that belonged to me and that you took.
Confess right now, or I'll inform the police.
You? Nobody will trust an ex-convict, Mother.
I have no scores to settle with the law, dear.
The judge has exonerated me.
But what you did is counterfeiting and theft.
That money We used it to rebuild the company, the company you love so much.
A year in prison changes your life, son.
I don't give a damn about the company.
I just want my money back, with interest.
We can't return it to you right now.
We might be able to if you give us some time.
You have two days.
If not, I'll tell the police what you've done to me.
What are we going to do? - I don't know.
- What if we bring the fair forward? Maybe we can get new investors there.
We would never get enough money, Elisa.
Besides, Lidia would suspect something.
I don't want her to know we owe money to Mother.
You can't keep it from her any longer, Carlos.
- We are in up to our necks.
You can't - She mustn't find out.
Is that clear? Don't tell Lidia anything about this.
I suggested to her we could use that money months ago, and she refused.
She was quite categorical.
She doesn't want to owe anything to Mother.
If she finds out I took it behind her back, she won't forgive me.
Good morning.
What are you doing here? I came to visit my family.
By the way, how's my granddaughter? Don't you dare call her that.
I see you still bear a grudge against me.
But since the girl was unscathed, we could bury the hatchet once and for all.
Francisco is in a coma because of you.
Yes, I heard that.
Poor boy.
But you have your share of responsibility for that, too.
You always turned to him when you were in trouble.
You took advantage of the feelings he had for you.
You're despicable.
You and I are not that different in that respect.
Oh! By the way I heard about Carlota.
Tell her to wrap herself up.
The women's prison is not exactly a spa.
Believe me.
What was your mother doing here, Carlos? Nothing, she just wanted She came to rub it in that she's out of jail.
And she's quite good at that.
But forget it.
Don't let it bother you.
What if she wants to harm Eva? - We must bring her here.
I'll call home.
- I'll call.
I'll tell them not to go outside with her and not to let anyone in.
Eva is going to be fine.
I don't want her to get near the girl.
She won't.
I swear.
POLICE STATION I've been told they'll let us in to see her in ten minutes.
All right, thank you.
Pilar - How are you? - [PILAR.]
Thank you, dear.
I came as soon as I heard.
- Sorry I didn't tell you earlier, but - Don't worry.
All that matters is that I'm here now.
- I want to see my daughter.
- Yes, we'll go in and see her in a minute.
This is Tomás, Carlota's lawyer.
- [PILAR.]
Nice to meet you.
- Likewise.
Thank you so much for everything, sincerely.
- [TOMÁS.]
Shall we go? - [BOTH.]
- Mother! - My daughter! My daughter! How are you? I'm fine.
Don't worry.
How can I not worry? You must be scared to death, being in such a horrible place.
Carlota, what were you doing in that hotel with that man? Hmm? That man took some compromising pictures of me, and and he's been blackmailing me with them.
What kind of pictures? Some pictures with Some pictures with me, dressed as a man.
Óscar is the man I really am when I can dress and behave freely.
Mother, I I understand you don't understand it and you don't accept it, but I love him.
I love Óscar and and he loves me.
And you thought I hadn't realized about you two, dear? Many years have passed, and many things have happened.
I belong to a different time and generation.
I was raised to get married, serve a man, become a mother And that's what I did.
So, with my life, how can you think that that I can judge others' lives? I've long wanted to talk to you about all this, but I never found the right moment or the right way.
Until now.
Thank you so much for understanding, Doña Pilar.
Excuse me.
I bring bad news.
What do you mean, bad news? - Have they found the waitress? - No, no, no.
The hotel denies having an employee with the description you gave, Carlota.
The police believe you made it up.
- What? - [TOMÁS.]
They're closing the investigation.
- But they can't do that.
- They can, actually.
They have her fingerprints on the weapon, witnesses, the motive of the crime.
Everything points at you as the culprit.
On top of that, the news is already everywhere.
The police clearly want to close the case as soon as possible to avoid the fuss.
Listen to me, Carlota.
Um you are formally charged with murder.
What is going to happen? Tomorrow morning, you'll have to appear before the judge for a preliminary hearing and plead guilty or not guilty.
But But what is the sentence? It depends.
Uh It could be several years in prison but it could also be - the death penalty.
- What? No, no.
My daughter is innocent.
My little girl, this can't be true.
This can't be true! No, no.
I won't allow that.
- They won't hurt you.
She's innocent.
- [SARA.]
Calm down.
- My daughter is innocent.
- Calm down.
Room service! [CARLOTA.]
Wait! I've remembered something else.
What? What have you remembered, Carlota? [CARLOTA.]
The waitress had a tattoo.
We need to take it to the police.
Maybe they'll reopen the investigation.
They have their culprit.
They won't keep on searching.
We have a common friend who might be able to help us.
Victoria? Yes, perhaps she and this girl frequent the same places.
I hope so.
The lawyer has told us Carlota is very likely to be sentenced to the death penalty.
Those words fell like a bombshell.
The death sentence was an unfair threat to our friend.
Particularly because we knew she wasn't guilty.
But with that new clue, we felt we were one step closer to giving Carlota her freedom back.
To be honest, I've never seen it.
But I doubt the Ciudad de Madrid hotel would hire someone with a tattoo.
Don't you agree? That's why we are sure Carlota was framed.
And that girl is the key.
In fact, we think she could be the murderer.
Can you ask around, please? Your contacts.
Don't you have a new partner, Mirlo? - [VICTORIA.]
- [LIDIA.]
He might know something.
We must find her before tomorrow's hearing.
Well, I'll try, but I can't make any promises.
It's going to be like finding a needle in a haystack.
It's the only clue we have.
Who's benefiting from all this? Who would want him dead? More than one person, that's for sure.
What do you mean? [VICTORIA.]
Apparently, the Conservative National Party's respectable candidate for mayor was in fact a pretty scary fellow.
He's blackmailed half the city.
Maybe one of them was fed up, murdered him and used Carlota as a scapegoat.
How can we find out who else Gregorio was blackmailing? Searching his stuff.
His office, his house I don't think it'll be easy to sneak into his house.
It might be easier than it seems.
Today is his wake.
Perhaps I should go and give my condolences to his widow.
Nice to see you again.
- I was wondering if - Wait a moment.
What are you doing here? I'm here to pay our respects to the family.
Respects? The murderer's friends aren't welcome here.
- So get out of here if you don't want me - Adolfo, please.
Let me deal with this.
Leave us alone.
Excuse him.
He was very fond of Gregorio and feels bad because he couldn't prevent his murder.
Where was he? Gregorio had given him the day off.
But he may be right in this, Mrs.
I'm not sure your presence here is appropriate at this moment.
- The widow is deeply - I know it might seem inappropriate, but on behalf of my family and the company, I'd like to tell the widow how sorry we are about what's happened.
It's really been terrible.
I would understand if you didn't let me in, but I'll be discreet and quick.
Thank you.
- I'm sorry for your loss.
- My God! This is terrible! [SERGIO.]
I'm sure God filled him with his glory, Mercedes.
That's my only comfort.
Let me introduce you to Mrs.
She's the wife of Mr.
Carlos Cifuentes, the owner of the Telephone Company.
She's been courteous enough to come and pay their respects.
I'm sorry for your loss.
Thank you.
That's very kind of you.
and Mrs.
Villagodio, thank you for coming.
Mercedes will be pleased to know I hope we can meet again under better circumstances.
- I'm sorry for your loss.
- Thank you.
Damn it! Is this why you wanted to come in? To sneak into his office like a petty thief? Carlota is innocent.
She was drugged.
She doesn't remember anything.
She was framed.
And the real culprit is still at large.
- I should call the police.
- Don't, Sergio, please.
Gregorio was blackmailing her with the pictures the police found in the hotel room.
But we've found out she was not the only one he was blackmailing.
What do you mean Gregorio was blackmailing people? Don't pretend you didn't know.
You were his right hand! - I don't like what you're intimating.
- Please! Please.
We need to find out who is behind all this.
We need to find out what happened in that room.
Hide! You shouldn't be here.
I've come to take some papers Mr.
Díaz had signed, Adolfo.
- Mrs.
Mercedes knows about this.
- And where is the lady you let in? [SERGIO.]
She must be downstairs with the rest of the guests.
It's not appropriate for her to be here.
I know.
I know.
As soon as I'm done gathering those papers, I'll get her out of here.
- [LIDIA.]
Thank you for not telling him.
- I could still do it.
You lied to me and used me.
- I'm sorry, but I had no choice.
What did you expect to find there? Anything! Another suspect, to reopen the investigation.
But I didn't find anything.
You said Carlota was drugged and didn't remember anything.
But she has started to remember.
She says a girl came into the room, pretending she was a waitress.
Too many things don't add up.
Maybe you're right.
During his last days, Gregorio behaved strangely.
He was agitated, irascible.
I put it down to the campaign, but there might be something else.
All right.
We have to get to the bottom of this.
I'll help you find the murderer.
It's important for me, too.
Thank you.
She should be here by now.
Have faith in Lidia, Marga.
It's not the first time she's done this.
- Don Antonio! - [ANTONIO CHUCKLES.]
Let me introduce you to my friend, Ms.
Ángeles Vidal.
- She also works for - For the company.
I know.
You're in charge of the school project in the company.
Very commendable, miss.
Thank you.
Nice to meet you.
Do you mind if I join you? - No, of course not.
Take a seat.
I've heard Ms.
Rodríguez de Senillosa is your friend.
She is being charged with a serious crime.
But she's innocent.
- It has to be a mistake.
- Don't worry.
I'd be the last person in the world to judge her.
Is that why you arrived late today? - This has been quite difficult.
I can imagine.
You know, sometimes a simple hot drink comforts not just the stomach but also the heart.
What I mean is, if you'll allow me, I'd like to buy you a cup of hot chocolate.
They say chocolate has extraordinary properties and an incredible impact on your mood.
What do you say? Do you feel like it? - Mmm-hmm.
- [MARGA.]
That's a good boss.
Don Ernesto can't compare to him.
No doubt about that.
He's very pleasant.
And he's very tall.
And very handsome.
Don't you think? Ángeles, he's my boss! - So? - It wouldn't be appropriate.
- But if you like him and he likes you - That's nonsense.
Besides, what would my colleagues say? What would your colleagues say, or what would Pablo say? Marga, he is not your husband anymore.
The sooner both of you accept it, the better for everyone.
- They'll bring the chocolate in a minute.
- Thank you.
If you'll excuse me, I need to make a call.
Did you know when Christopher Columbus brought chocolate to Spain, the Catholic King and Queen didn't like it because they thought it was dirty? Operator? Put me through to 345, here in Madrid.
Thank you.
Hello? Victoria.
It's me, Ángeles.
Any news about the waitress? I've been asking some people, and we were lucky.
Guess who.
Apparently, he knows that girl.
Really? That's great.
Wait, wait.
In exchange for her name, he wants to meet Mirlo and do business directly with him.
No! No, that's impossible.
Ángeles, I've threatened to put an end to our business, but he isn't willing to give in.
Either he talks to Mirlo, - or he won't open his mouth.
- No! No one can find out I am Mirlo.
If I lose anonymity I'll lose everything.
I'm sorry, Ángeles.
If you want to help Carlota, you'll have to show your face.
Tell me where I can find her.
- [LIDIA.]
What do you mean he moved? - [MAN.]
It was an hour ago.
One of the nurses noticed his right hand moving.
- That's a good sign, right? - We don't know yet.
It could be a reflex movement or a sign of recovery.
We need to observe him to see if it happens again in the next few hours.
Go home and have a rest, Carlos.
It's very late.
No, I'm going to get a coffee.
- Would you like one? - No.
You have to wake up, Francisco.
You told me once I was the woman of your life.
Now I need you to wake up.
Do it for me.
The hearing of case 568 of 1931 is now open.
They say the truth will set us free.
- Just a moment! - [JUDGE.]
Leave the room, miss! We've found the waitress.
Ángeles has gone to talk to her.
- [LIDIA.]
But to find the truth - [MARGA.]
You're innocent! [LIDIA.]
we sometimes need to go through winding paths where the only choice is to avoid the obstacles with lies.
Carlota did what she had to in order to achieve her freedom: she stayed true to her truth.
But if Carlota was going to be free, the real culprit had to take her place.
Had we found him? Hello? [JUDGE.]
How do you plead, madam? Not guilty.
At that moment, we were unable to decide if that girl was innocent or guilty.
But we did know we had arrived too late and that maybe the key to achieving Carlota's freedom was still hiding in the shadows.