Las Chicas Del Cable (2017) s04e03 Episode Script

Chapter 27: Justice

We learn to become adults when we understand life is not fair.
Operator, put me through to the police, please.
It's urgent.
Sometimes it makes us happy, but other times, it confronts us with the worst misfortune.
There's a woman in the bathtub.
She's been shot in the temple.
She's dead.
We expect a reward when we behave well.
People are expected to pay when they behave badly.
That'd be fair.
But the truth is, life doesn't care about that.
Yes, yes I'll be here.
If there is something I have learned, it is that justice doesn't exist.
The problem is that, sometimes, the opportunity slips away right in front of your eyes.
And to our regret, the unjust win the battle.
A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES I've told you everything I know.
I've answered everything you've asked.
Why do I have to remain here testifying? You found a dead woman whose death is linked to Carlota's case.
- What did you expect? It's standard procedure.
I know, but you're not in charge of this case, are you? You're a captain.
Why are you interrogating me here? I care more than you think.
I want to help you.
You and your friends.
Let me go, then.
I want to see Carlota.
All right.
But first, you must sign your statement.
Are you okay? Yes.
My wrist hurts.
That man pushed me.
Can I take a look? Captain.
Sorry I'm late.
The coroner has already finished performing the autopsy on Dulce's body, and he is writing the report.
And? All evidence suggests it was a suicide.
No, that's not true.
I saw a man fleeing the apartment.
Rodríguez de Senillosa's friends tried to contact the only woman who was present on the night of the crime, and a few hours later, she was found dead.
That's not a coincidence, so mobilize the whole team.
Right away, sir.
Thank you.
They could at least tell us what happened to Ángeles.
She's here! Are you okay? How's Carlota? What about the trial? She pleaded innocent, waiting for Dulce to testify.
My God! What's wrong? [WHISPERING.]
Dulce is dead.
- What? - [LIDIA.]
What? When I went to see her, I found her in the bathtub with a shot to her temple.
- It can't be! - There was a man hiding in the closet.
He ran off, and I couldn't see him.
I'm sorry.
Whoever is behind all this, they were afraid of what Dulce could tell.
And what now? We can track all the calls Dulce made.
Maybe she told someone she was going to meet up with Ángeles.
- Let's go to the company, then.
- [SARA.]
Hold on.
Finding out more about Dulce could also be helpful.
Who she socialized with, who her friends were We need the police report.
The coroner.
Salas said the coroner had finished the autopsy.
He must have the report.
How can we get in there? You two go to the company, and we'll get that report.
- Let's go.
- See you later.
Come on.
It's got to be here.
This woman called the PNC! This number belongs to the headquarters of Gregorio's party.
There is the link.
Maybe the culprit is the person Dulce talked to.
How will we find out who she talked to? - Dozens of people work there.
- I think there is someone we can trust.
- Let's go to my office.
Take that.
- Okay.
The last call Dulce made was to a number from your party's headquarters.
How do you know that? Our company keeps a record of all the calls.
What can I do to help you? You have to find out who in your party was in contact with Dulce.
That person is likely to be the one who killed Gregorio.
We need to find that person in order to get Carlota free.
Lidia, could you give me some details about the phone number Dulce called? - That would make things much easier.
- Yes.
The number is 456.
The call was made at 8:35 a.
No one else should know about this.
Don't worry, I'll be discreet.
If I find anything, I'll let you know.
Thank you.
And now what? Now we wait.
What if we made a mistake when we told Carlota to plead innocent? - What if she ends up being executed? - That's not going to happen.
Everything is going to be okay.
We'll prove that Carlota is innocent.
We'll make it.
Justice will be served, won't it? Yes, everything will be okay.
I'll go with you.
- Thank you, that's nice of you.
This is so confusing, with so many doors.
I can't even [DOOR OPENS.]
You, get out of here! - [ÁNGELES.]
Hey! Leave my friend alone, please.
- Who are you and what are you doing here? - We're journalists and - You're scum! - Please, show some respect! - We're just doing our job.
We'll go.
- Get out of here now, - or I'll call the police! - No.
No problem.
We're done.
Did you get to see the report? What's wrong? I know that woman.
- Dulce? - Yes.
Let's get out of here.
Come on.
I have to go see Carlota.
That shade doesn't suit you.
What are you doing here? I'm not here to give you advice on your makeup, don't worry.
Your mere presence is always a bad omen.
I need to talk to you.
Why? Would you like a coffee? - Why are you here? - I've been thinking.
That's what happens in jail, you end up mulling over everything.
I know I've made a lot of mistakes as a mother.
You're going to admit your mistakes? At this stage? You're right.
It may be too late for you, but not for my granddaughter.
Let me see Eva.
If you do, I won't report you to the police.
- Only Carlos - The last time you were around, you tried to take her away from her parents for good.
- Let me remind you that you helped - You manipulated me.
You made me believe my brother had died.
Elisa, I just want to see my granddaughter.
She's all I've got.
She's the only one who looks at me as I am, without resentment.
I swear nothing will happen to her if you let me see her.
I don't believe a word you say.
You only stopped ruining our lives the day you went to jail.
I will never put Eva's life at risk again.
We have the money we owe you.
We got a bank loan.
Tomorrow, we'll get it to you, and our mother will finally be dead.
This isn't the end of it.
Do you hear me? This isn't the end of it! How do you expect me to react? The police are investigating Carlota's case.
- You can't interfere in their work.
- Interfere? Carlota is innocent.
She's still in jail.
Two people have died.
This is not a game.
- Also, obstructing justice is punishable.
- What do you suggest, then? - Shall we just sit back and do nothing? - You're a mother.
You have a daughter.
I'll answer it.
Hello? Yes.
Of course, put it through.
It's from the hospital.
Hi, good morning, Doctor.
We'll be there right away.
Thank you.
- It's Francisco.
He moved again.
- What? Petra! Petra! - What happened? - [PETRA.]
I was changing the sheets and when I turned to pick up the linens I had changed, I clearly saw him move the fingers of his right hand.
- You see? It's not all doom and gloom.
- Of course not.
- Where's Dr.
Beltrán? - He had an emergency, but as soon as he's done, he'll see you.
- Can we go in? - [PETRA.]
Yes, of course.
What does the doctor say about all this? - You know what Dr.
Beltrán is like.
- We don't.
What is he like? I am no one to question him, but he thinks this doesn't mean anything.
- But it has to mean something.
- I think so, too.
After this long in a coma, it's difficult to know what will happen, but we've seen many cases in this hospital - What do you mean? - Well I'd ask for a second opinion if I were you.
You have nothing to lose, and this man has started to react after many months.
Who could help us? There's a doctor I worked with for many years.
People call him "Dr.
" His clinic is in the El Pardo area.
It won't be easy to get an appointment because he's in high demand, but I think he'll be able to help you.
- "Dr.
Miracle"? Come on.
- Carlos.
Sorry, I didn't mean to bother you.
- If you'll excuse me, I have my rounds.
- Thanks, Petra.
- You shouldn't have laughed.
- Are we turning to witchcraft now? - [BELTRÁN.]
Sorry, I'm late.
- Doctor, we were waiting for you.
Please, come with me.
Patients who have been in a coma for so long often make involuntary movements, which we call spasms.
What do you mean? I mean it's probably a reflex action of his body.
Muscles have been motionless for so long that they generate a kind of electric current that shakes them, and this is what causes the movement of his hands.
Can it be distinguished from a voluntary action? [BELTRÁN.]
Well, given the state he's in right now, we wouldn't be able to.
Only in the context in which it takes place.
But you were not there when it happened.
Lidia, the doctor is very experienced.
Yes, but no one knows what happens to a person when they're in a coma.
Can you assure me that Francisco will wake up? No.
- Can you assure me that he will die? - I can't assure you anything.
In that case, tell us what measures you're going to take, considering this new situation.
Sorry, but Francisco's situation calls for no measures.
- We must continue waiting.
- Waiting for what? Will you stay by his bed to wait for his next movement? - [CARLOS.]
Lidia - He can't have a nurse watch him - all day long.
- Sweetie.
- I think reacting like that isn't helping.
- [LIDIA.]
I think this is enough.
We've run out of time.
- We want a second opinion.
Lidia, please.
Doctor, I'm sorry, you must understand we've been waiting for a simple reaction.
Not for a simple reaction, Carlos.
We're waiting for Francisco to wake up.
Because Francisco will wake up.
Lidia, wait.
I won't waste any more time with that doctor.
Look, we're all under a lot pressure, okay? Carlos, this has nothing to do with pressure.
Francisco moved, and we have to help him.
The doctor is trying to help us accept a fact that is very difficult to accept.
Lidia, I thought you were a realistic and sensible person, - but you're not acting like it.
- He moved.
That's a fact.
The fact is that you're holding on to a new hope, and if he doesn't wake up, - the fall will be much more painful.
- I'm ready for that.
Carlos, Francisco is in this situation because of us.
- He tried to save our daughter.
- Do you think I don't feel bad about that? That bullet was meant for me, Lidia.
And sometimes, I think you may have preferred that.
- What are you talking about? - I know you're still in love with him.
I heard you talking to him last night.
So that's what it is.
That's why you're furious with me? - It's not his fault.
- I know it's not.
We need to help him, Carlos.
You're not [INHALES DEEPLY.]
You're not being consistent.
I'll spend the night here I need to be alone.
You have ten minutes.
I'm so happy to see you.
- Me, too.
How's everything? Is everything okay? Actually, no.
What happened? Dulce, the woman with the tattoo, the one you remembered from that night, she's dead.
Ángeles agreed to meet her, and when she arrived, it was too late.
- I have no way out.
- Carlota, listen to me.
I think all this is my fault.
Do you remember I was in a suffragist association when we met? Well, I met a young wellborn woman there.
She had just married a lawyer.
Her name was María.
Why are you telling me this? That girl That girl is Dulce.
Before you and I got together, we had a relationship.
It was a brief but passionate relationship.
She had never been with a woman and fell madly in love with me.
She was obsessed with me and put everything else aside for me.
But I didn't love her Not the way she loved me.
So, I escaped from everything, from her and the association.
And you hadn't heard from her again? Not until two months ago.
You never told me that.
I suppose I didn't want you to know that part of me.
And? Two months ago, I saw her one night at the White Lady, and she approached me.
I thought it was a coincidence, but I don't think it was anymore.
I don't think it was a coincidence, Carlota.
I think she had it all planned and she was looking for me to get her revenge.
Carlota, I know she was devastated and that she even tried to commit suicide.
I've always felt guilty.
- Carlota, please - Don't! Carlota, please, listen to me.
I won't let things go astray.
Do you hear me? I want you to go.
- Please.
- Leave me alone! I want to be alone.
Go, I want to be alone.
- Carlota.
Guard! Go! Guard! [SARA.]
Carlota [LIDIA.]
There is no bigger injustice than paying for the past mistakes of a loved one.
That's why that night, Carlota collapsed in a way she had never done before.
But we couldn't give in.
The only way for us to be at peace with ourselves was to continue fighting.
Even if it was difficult, even if the goal seemed impossible, we had to continue pursuing justice.
Because if the cause is just, it's only a matter of time before the truth is exposed.
Who is there? - [DOOR CLOSES.]
Who is there? Whose keys are those? - Hello! Good morning.
Hmm? Good morning.
You're up early today.
Oh! How did you sleep? Did you have a good rest? - I'll prepare some breakfast.
- Yes, thanks.
- Is Carlos home? - No, he left early for the company, madam.
Thank you.
Did you have a good rest? - [EVA.]
- Really? Well - Hello? - Look at that horse! Yes, just a moment.
Madam, it's for you.
- Who is it? - Sergio Andrade.
- Sergio.
Sorry to disturb you at this time, but I have news to share.
Where can I see you? My friends and I will see you at the bar opposite the company in half an hour.
- See you.
- See you.
The telephone number that lady called is in an office only Gregorio could access.
It's been locked since he died.
His wife could have a copy of the key, but while I was investigating, Adolfo, Gregorio's bodyguard, fainted in the party headquarters.
He had a bleeding wound on his shoulder, and I took him to the hospital.
But it all was so weird, - because - Hold on.
- He had a wound on his shoulder? - [SERGIO.]
That's right.
The man who was in the closet at Dulce's place crashed into a glass door when he was trying to escape and he hurt his shoulder.
Could the bodyguard have had the key to that office? He could.
All this is too much of a coincidence.
That guy must be our man.
We have to tell the police.
They should know about this.
POLICE Take as much time as you need and let me know when you're ready.
This must be a misunderstanding.
I didn't kill Dulce.
Or Mr.
Gregorio, for that matter.
If you didn't do it, why did you hide in the closet? Why did you run off after Ms.
Vidal's arrival? Because I got scared.
I reacted inappropriately.
- Can I? - Of course.
I was afraid I'd be accused of her death, but I'm telling the truth.
Dulce phoned the office.
I continued using it after my boss' death, and Dulce called me there.
She told me she was in serious trouble.
I told her I'd meet her and I ran to go get her, but I found her like that.
How do we know he's telling the truth? [CUEVAS.]
We've checked his alibi.
The doorwoman heard a shot a few minutes after the call.
It's impossible for him to have killed Dulce.
If Dulce was your friend, why didn't she tell you what she was involved in? I don't know.
She was reserved about her private life.
How did you meet? [SIGHS.]
I helped Mr.
Gregorio with his blackmailing.
We had been looking for something we could use against Ms.
Rodríguez de Senillosa but we couldn't find anything.
Until she turned up.
And what did she tell you? [ADOLFO.]
Dulce knew about her sexual inclinations because she had been Sara Millán's lover, - her current partner.
- If she hated Sara so much, don't you think your friend could have planned Gregorio Díaz's death to frame the arrested woman? No.
Dulce could be many things, but she wasn't a murderer.
Maybe she was tricked into drugging Ms.
Rodríguez de Senillosa, but she didn't kill him.
Are you saying there is someone else? Without a doubt.
I don't know who, but someone.
- [SALAS.]
I know.
You killed Mr.
Gregorio Díaz.
I told you, I'm innocent.
- You don't even have an alibi.
I do.
- I do, but - But what? Mr.
Adolfo Valor, you are formally charged - with Gregorio Díaz's murder - I was with his wife.
- [SALAS.]
What? - [ADOLFO.]
I was with Mrs.
- He's lying! - What is he talking about? [ADOLFO.]
Mercedes Mercedes and I are lovers.
What if it's just a crime of passion? That's too hasty, Ms.
Yes, but it's a possibility.
You can't release that man! - He's lying.
- Don't worry.
He'll be under arrest until he testifies tomorrow.
- You now have a new line of investigation? - [CUEVAS.]
That's why you must let us do our job.
You're getting in the way.
- We're trying to help, Inspector Cuevas.
I know.
But now, I need you to trust me.
Otherwise, you could get hurt.
Please, go back to your work, and I will soon contact you.
Carlota, don't doubt yourself.
You're innocent! [LIDIA.]
You're innocent, Carlota.
- Son of a bitch! - What are you doing? [CHUCKLES.]
- [JUDGE.]
How do you plead? - [CARLOTA.]
Not guilty.
Leave me alone! [PILAR.]
My daughter is innocent.
Just you dare.
I do dare.
I think I did it.
I think I killed him.
I had that letter opener in my hand and I was covered in blood.
Carlota, I won't let you doubt yourself.
The waitress had a tattoo.
- [SARA.]
We need to find that waitress.
But what is the sentence? [TOMÁS.]
It could be several years in prison.
But it could also be the death penalty.
Operator, put me through to Santa Ana Hospital, please.
Thank you.
- Carlos, I don't feel like arguing.
- Lidia, you were right.
I'm sorry.
Maybe, deep down, I was blaming Francisco for what's happening to us.
- That's not fair.
- It's not.
Well, come to my office.
Why? What's wrong? [CARLOS.]
Lidia, this is Dr.
Or "Dr.
" - Nice to meet you.
- My pleasure.
- I've never liked that nickname, to be honest.
Miracles and science are like water and oil.
The doctor is a specialist in neurotechnology.
- He has treated many coma patients.
- Yes, I know, dear.
We've heard wonderful things about you.
Don't believe everything people say.
Well, I'd like to believe for a change.
I've talked to him about Francisco's case, and it looks like he can help us.
First, you should see him, I suppose.
Petra has already given me all the details of his medical record.
On her recommendation, I'll try to give you top priority.
What do you think? Is there any chance for him? Of course there is.
I'll have to run many tests, but Francisco is a young, strong man, and the fact that he moved twice in such a short period of time is a good reason to be optimistic.
I want to be clear, many tests will be needed.
Yes, we'll do whatever needs to be done.
Well, we don't know about these things I mean, we can't imagine how much a treatment like that will cost.
Each case is different, but let's say at least 100,000 pesetas.
Don't worry, Lidia.
That sounds like fun, Marga.
Going to the theater! No one here ever invited me to go to the theater.
I know what you're implying, but it's simply work.
Enjoy, Marga.
What is it? A good comedy? Do you think I feel like going, after what happened to Carlota? I'd rather stay home.
But I have to go and make the auditors happy.
That's good for both you and me.
- Are you ready, Ms.
Suárez? - Yes.
- I'm ready.
- You look beautiful.
You also look handsome, Mr.
Good evening, Mr.
- Good evening.
Ángeles! [WHISPERING.]
What are you doing here? You know we shouldn't be seen together.
Yes, but Navas insists you should meet up with him, and he wants to do it tonight.
- I've changed my mind.
I don't want to.
- What? If he meets me and finds out where I work, he'll discover how we do business.
- We'd lose the advantage of tapping calls.
- Ángeles, he's threatening me.
He honored his word by giving you Dulce's address, and now he demands what was promised to him.
Dear, if you don't do it, he'll come after me.
Navas doesn't play games.
I gave my word.
I've exposed myself too much, and now my life is at risk.
I'll see him tonight at the White Lady, but let me think of something.
Thank you, miss.
I've told you 100 times.
You're rude! - [RUTH.]
You say I'm rude? - [TRINI.]
I could get fired! Ladies, stop it! - What's going on? - This shameless girl is stealing my calls.
That's not true.
Subscribers don't want to talk to her.
I did everything we were taught.
All right Explain yourself, Ruth.
What's going on? Many people complained because they mistook Trini for a guy, and they don't want her to pick up their calls.
Out, everyone.
Come on! Not you, I want to talk to you.
Come on! Paqui, close the door, please.
Thank you.
What happened? Is that true? Yes, she's right.
Subscribers avoid my telephone line, but I do exactly as you told me to do.
I see.
I understand you feel uncomfortable with your colleague's words, but it is true that your voice is too deep to take calls at a switchboard.
Customers have a stupid idea of what cable girls should sound like, and, unfortunately, we must meet their expectations.
So I won't be allowed to work for the company? No.
Of course you will.
We'll just reorient your tasks.
One must make the most of even problems.
What exactly do you mean? Suddenly, I have great plans for you, but I don't know if I can trust you.
I can only be grateful for what you're doing for me.
How would I fail you? [ÁNGELES.]
Hmm? I hope you can keep a secret.
Meet me tonight at 10:00 p.
at the White Lady.
I Yes, of course.
- Carlos.
Mother is waiting for us.
- Elisa.
Cancel the meeting.
- I don't have the money.
- [ELISA.]
But What about the loan we were given? Francisco needs a good doctor.
You're not doing this for Francisco, you're doing it for Lidia.
- Francisco is like a brother to me.
- No.
You think helping Francisco will keep Lidia by your side, but do you know what will happen if Francisco wakes up? - Lidia will leave you for him.
She will abandon you, as Francisco did with me.
I won't go to jail just because you refuse to accept that Lidia doesn't love you.
- Elisa, shut up! - I won't shut up! I won't shut up.
I'm fed up with you doing whatever you want without even telling me.
I am a co-owner of this company.
It's as much mine as it is yours.
Mother has threatened to send us to jail.
She wants the money we owe her.
All of it, and she wants it now.
I should have told you.
- I'll sort it out, don't worry.
- How? You don't seem to know Mother.
Let me tell you something, Carlos.
If you act unilaterally, I'll do the same.
Have a nice day.
I hope you like this place.
It's perfect.
I like places with an uninhibited atmosphere.
I have to thank you for your good job with the auditors.
- I did nothing.
- No, don't underestimate yourself.
You treated them very skillfully, and when they asked some indiscreet questions, you managed to muddle through elegantly.
- Should we sit there? - Here? Great.
Hey, did you notice Mr.
Arias fell asleep during the play? [LAUGHS.]
Falling asleep during a Lorca play, that's poor judgment.
Between you and me, I found it was too long.
It was too dramatic and intense.
I couldn't stop thinking of having a drink afterwards.
Can I ask you a question? Yes.
Is there a problem between Mr.
Santos and you? I saw you arguing before we left.
I'd say a minor disagreement, rather than an argument.
I see.
Look, um Let me be honest with you.
I've noticed there's a latent tension between you two, and I am concerned about it.
You're working on an important project.
I wouldn't like to be forced to intervene.
That won't be necessary.
The thing is Pablo and I were married.
Santos and you? Husband and wife? [CHUCKLES.]
- I'm sorry.
I wasn't expecting that.
- I know.
In the end, for reasons that I won't go into now, we started arguing a lot, and we divorced right before you were appointed.
That's why I didn't say anything.
Since this happened recently, any stupid thing he says, and he says many, - gets on my nerves.
- Right.
I get you.
Believe me, I do.
I understand you more than you think.
I went through that myself.
I am divorced, too.
If my ex-wife and I were in the same situation you two are in, - I would have shot myself already.
I can assure you it won't interfere with work.
I just can't come to terms with the idea of not being together, you know? I'm still getting over it.
You eventually will.
You have more faith in me than myself.
Suárez, you managed to become the only female accountant in the company.
You're an achiever.
I thought today you'd receive me with a little blackbird.
He's awaiting.
Shall we? [PHONE RINGING.]
Hello? [MIRLO.]
Good evening, Navas.
Are you Mirlo? - I am.
- [NAVAS.]
Is this a prank or what? Victoria told me I was going to meet you.
You are meeting me.
"You should feel special.
No one else has gotten so much from me.
First of all, I want to make it clear that I don't like to be pestered, and I don't like it when my people are threatened.
" - Sorry.
I thought you were avoiding me.
- [MIRLO.]
A pact is a pact.
- So ask whatever you want.
- Why don't you show your face? For safety reasons.
I'm not sure I can trust you yet.
You will.
Especially when you hear what I have to offer.
I have something big up my sleeve.
- I don't get involved with drugs.
- I know, but this is different.
I was told the casino roulettes are being rigged.
Every day, croupiers receive an order by phone and change the winning combinations.
And who decides those combinations? [NAVAS.]
I'll tell you if you agree to help me.
We can make big money with bets.
Are you interested? [MIRLO.]
What makes you think I can help you? They say Mirlo has ears and eyes everywhere.
I don't know your methods, but I know there are no secrets for you.
Is this true or not? - [MOUTHING.]
- [TRINI.]
What's your offer? [NAVAS.]
Thirty percent.
Fifty, or there's no deal.
- [PABLO.]
No, no.
One drink and we go home.
- [PABLO.]
I have an early morning, Perico.
- Yes.
- I don't drink.
They don't have juice.
- Forget about [PABLO SHUSHES.]
Well - [PABLO.]
They're here, Perico.
- Change your attitude.
- They're here.
Maybe our boss will buy us a drink.
- Come on.
- No! It's not about attitude.
- We're staying here.
- Where? Here? This is delicious.
What is in it? It has a lot of gin, - even more vanilla sugar - [CHUCKLES.]
- and a tiny bit of pineapple juice.
- Do you know what they call it? - No.
"Angel's Face.
" Like yours.
- They're laughing a lot.
- No.
- I think they are.
- Not really.
- You're exaggerating.
- They're laughing a lot.
I'm sorry.
I'm a bit tipsy.
- Every time I have a drink, I get silly.
I can't imagine you being silly.
- Well - You're so responsible, so sensible, such a good girl! I don't know about that.
In fact, if you allow me to say it, you're a very beautiful woman.
You're radiant.
And your skin is so beautiful.
Well looked after.
You're also modest and fun.
Maybe you weren't exaggerating after all I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Oh, God! It's okay.
Don't worry.
- It's not okay.
You're my boss.
- No, don't worry.
- Please - Ms.
- Can I call you Marga? - Yes.
Don't worry.
I am homosexual.
Being fair includes assuming reality is always much more complex than it seems.
Truth can be trapped in a body of lies where the innocent always pay the consequences.
Guard! I need to make a call.
I won't give you more time.
I've been paying you for over a month.
We're still at square one.
If you don't give me a name within 48 hours, you'll go back to jail.
Shit! [CARLOTA.]
I don't know what to believe.
What will happen to me, Sara? I don't know what's going to happen.
I don't know if I'll stay here forever, rotting in jail or - Or maybe - Carlota, please! No.
I don't know! - Don't say that, please! - [BREATHING HEAVILY.]
I can't breathe! - What's wrong? What's wrong? What is it? Carlota, are you okay? - Carlota, what is it? - Help me.
Help! Guard! We need a doctor, please! [LIDIA.]
When justice fails, one can only hold on to the most powerful feeling: love.
- [LIDIA.]
What are you doing here? - Lidia [LIDIA.]
What's wrong? You're scaring me.
Carlota can't be in there anymore.
I'll turn myself in and plead guilty.