Las Vegas s02e14 Episode Script

The Lie Is Cast

Do you like ChocoChunks? I love ChocoChunks.
I'm not kidding you.
I've had whole meals of nothing but ChocoChunks.
Me, too.
Really? Danny.
Hey, baby.
You got to meet my friend, Lisa.
Lisa, this is my friend Delinda.
I need you She likes ChocoChunks.
I am thrilled that you two have so much in common but I need you to focus.
We do.
What? I need you to escort that woman to her room.
I'm off duty.
It'll take security No.
I'm not working right now.
at least 10 minutes to get here and I don't want some drunk passed out on my couch.
Please, as a favor to me.
I'm a little drunk.
Really? Okay.
I love you.
I'll be right back.
I'm going to take you up to your room.
Sounds good to me.
I'm with the Montecito.
I'm not on duty, but I'm gonna help you up to your room.
Okay, have a good night.
Drink lots of coffee.
You are making this very difficult.
I'm not making it hard? Maybe some other time.
Okay? You should go to bed.
Well, all right.
But I can't take this dress off by myself, so you're gonna have to help me.
Unzip it.
I'll unzip it, but then I have to go.
Take it off.
Come on.
I'm feeling a little dizzy.
I'm I don't think that this is a very good idea.
I sleep naked.
I gotta go.
Way to be tough, Danny.
Or did I just waste a perfectly good opportunity? Nah.
So rude.
I'm okay.
Let me sit down for a minute.
Is that Danny? Danny.
Dude, what is going on? How you doing? You're here sleeping in the third-floor corridor.
Come on.
I'm not sleeping Okay.
I get a pretty good idea about what's going on.
I bet she put that in there.
She must've done a lot of things.
Get up, man.
You ought to be more careful.
First off, doing a guest is dangerous, and second, I saw you up in surveillance.
If Big Ed had seen you Nothing happened.
That's the story we'll go with.
If we got to do anything that involves moving my head or looking at light, forget it.
I'm not doing it.
Hair of the dog, man.
Tomato juice and beer.
So, you gonna tell me what really happened with that chick? I told you.
Was she hot? I don't know.
You tell me.
That's her.
That's it? I'm sorry, I thought you ordered tomato juice.
Don't be a smart-ass.
I meant the size of the glass.
If you'd like a different glass You think a healthy glass of tomato juice is that small? Use your brain if you have one.
Excuse me.
I'm Ed Deline.
I'm President of Operations.
I'm sorry, I couldn't help but overhear.
Deline, I'm No.
Penny, it's just fine now.
Why don't you get the young lady another glass of tomato juice.
A larger one.
You ought to fire her.
Are you a guest here? Monica Wells.
Moncor Construction.
Of course you are.
I am C.
Of one of the largest construction and engineering concerns in the world, Mr.
I expect a certain level of service.
Your waitress is a moron.
A moron? Despite the fact that you're a guest here, I would very much appreciate it if you'd try to treat our employees with just a little respect.
The juice is on us.
Thanks, Penny.
If she worked for me, I'd fire her.
Well, thank you.
Enjoy your stay.
Well, here's Ed.
Ed, you remember Don Stinson.
Sure do.
How you doing? Good.
Sam taking good care of you? She get you back into your regular suite? Yeah.
She came through, as usual.
We're all set.
But there is one thing.
I didn't want to make a big deal.
Don't be silly.
Don brought his daughter.
She's four now.
That's a great age.
I remember when Delinda was four.
I think.
That's nice.
Megan said she heard a screaming woman on the other side of her bedroom wall last night.
Now, I know she's just a little kid, but No.
I told him we'd handle it.
We sure will.
We'll make sure everything's okay.
Thank you.
You enjoy your stay.
See you later.
Ed's all right.
Yo, Mike.
Gunther! Yeah, I'm coming, Miss D.
You smell the aroma, no, huh? I smell our revenues going south.
Yeah, well, please try.
This is my new terrine of veal loin and scrod with the Henry Sauce, of course.
Here, now.
There we go.
It's good, no? Really, your food is great, Gunther.
That is not the problem.
The problem is our costs are going up.
But since we're already sold out every night, our meal count isn't.
So, we can either raise our prices and sacrifice a lot of our expense-account business You know, you look so lovely today.
May I watch you take a bath? Or we can start serving lunch.
Lunch? Lunch.
Fine restaurants do not serve lunch.
I think we should.
I mean, this place sits empty 12 hours a day.
We are under-utilizing our facilities.
Do not talk to Gunther about lunch.
My good friend, my dear friend, Paul Anka has returned and I must make the special plum strudel for his dressing room.
You can talk to the gypsy boy here about lunch.
You see this here? This is not for lunch.
I've already reminded you once, Ms.
Players aren't allowed to touch the cards.
What difference does it make? It doesn't change them.
I'm not cheating.
House rules.
For $500 a hand, I should be able to touch a card.
Wells, if you can't abide by our gaming I'll abide by them as soon as someone gives me a logical explanation.
Security at Table 6.
What is it with this place? Is no one trained to give a straight answer? Well.
Yes, I am.
Here we go again.
How can I be of service? Ms.
Wells objects to our rule prohibiting physical contact with the cards.
That is the rule.
Why? Most importantly because I said so.
Is that straight enough for you? Everything okay? No.
I got it, Danny.
He works for you, too? Yes.
He's as bad as the rest.
Wells, I think it's time you left the casino.
Screw you.
Thank you.
Also vacate the property.
You're throwing me out? Yes, I am.
You are making a big mistake.
You are no longer welcome at the Montecito.
Greg, would you escort this lady up to her room have her pack her belongings, and escort her off the property.
Don't touch me.
Welcome back.
How are you? Great.
How are you? Good.
Good to see you.
How was the strudel Gunther sent over? It's the best.
I know.
You know he really likes you.
Respects your opinion.
Well, he and I go way back.
In fact, I invested in his first place in LA.
Listen, Paul, could you suggest to him that Mystique start serving lunch? I'd be really grateful.
Lunch? Yeah.
We need to increase our revenues and Gunther thinks that lunch is beneath him.
He'll listen to you.
Nothing wrong with lunch.
I eat it every day.
Just tell him that.
You got it.
Sign here, please.
You will be hearing from my lawyer.
Not if he has a degree, I won't.
He'll tell you I can deny service to any jerk that I'd like to.
Not about this.
Last night, your underling, Danny, I think that's what you called him forced me to perform a sex act on him and he groped me.
You are pathetic.
I want a formal apology.
I want world peace.
If you're not interested, I'm sure the police will be.
Would you get her out of here? Let's go.
It's a complete lie.
I believe you.
I just thought it better that I hear it from you what really happened.
What happened was nothing.
This woman, Monica, I didn't even know what her name was was drunk off of her ass in Mystique.
You can ask Delinda.
She'll tell you.
I will.
So, anyway, she's drunk off her In Mystique.
And Delinda asked me to get her out of the club and to take her up to her room, so I did.
On the way up there, she starts coming on to me and then tells me that she can't sleep in her clothes and can I help her take off her dress because she'll pass out if she tries to do it herself.
So, I help her out of her dress.
That's it.
Then I left.
Nothing happened.
I didn't grope her and I definitely didn't force her to do anything.
What the hell is this? She's a C.
Of some big construction company.
She's probably never been rejected by a hotel or a guy.
So to get back at us she makes up some stupid threat.
That's it.
Listen, do me a favor and relax.
She's probably gonna figure out she made this big mistake and that's that.
What'd you find on the screaming next to Stinson's room? Nothing.
His daughter heard it again today.
The people in the room next to Megan are a nice elderly couple.
Everything looks very normal.
Maybe they had their TV cranked up really loud, watching some horror movie.
Megan's positive it came from a real person.
Come on, Sam.
You know how kids are.
And Megan's what, four? Okay.
Stinson is convinced his daughter didn't make it up.
She wasn't dreaming it.
It wasn't on the TV.
Does that mean we're convinced? Michael, this is a service business.
We do not debate the merits of service.
We provide it.
I tell you what.
I will set up some audio recording equipment outside their room.
Meantime, why don't you just move them to a different suite? No.
He doesn't want to move.
It's his lucky suite.
I know.
Who cares how it traumatizes his daughter? Please stop the screaming.
I'm on it.
No more screaming.
Thank you.
I have been inspired for a name for my new terrine.
It will be my Terrine Die Brandung und Der Rasen my surf and turf terrine.
I like this.
This is a good one.
There's my good friend, Paul Anka.
Good to see you.
Hey, Delinda.
Paul, good to see you.
You enjoyed my strudel, no? Delicious.
It got me thinking, Gunther.
I'm always performing when you guys are open.
And so, what can we do for to please my good friend, Paul Anka? Why don't you start serving lunch? Come on, Gunther.
It would be great.
And you know what you should serve? Burgers.
Great idea.
Most people do not know what a funny comedian is my good friend, Paul Anka.
I'm serious, Gunth.
Think about it.
Master Chef Gunther's take on the all-American burger with your own special twist.
You know, most people would be too surprised by what Gunther would do with this sad little sandwich.
You start serving lunch, I will sing at the grand opening.
Luis, what's going on? I didn't wanna call you from the station.
I wanted to talk to you privately.
What's going on? A woman named Monica Wells came in and filed a complaint against you.
She's claiming forced oral copulation in her hotel room.
That never happened.
Okay, this woman is a liar.
This is what everybody downtown figures.
But you know how these things work.
She files a complaint, we've got to investigate.
She's psychotic, Luis.
Ed had to throw this woman out of the casino.
Someone will be coming over to get your statement so if you need some time to prepare Prepare for what? You prepare when you need to make up an alibi.
I didn't do anything.
You know that's not what I mean.
I'm just giving you a heads up.
I know.
All right.
Hey, I thought you went home.
Monica Wells filed a complaint against me.
I'm sorry, son.
I've seen this crap happen a lot of times.
Trust me, it'll go away.
Cops will look into it.
They'll see there's nothing there.
You should know that when all this stuff happened I had a little bit too much to drink, too.
How little? Well, I was more together than she was, I think but I passed out in the hallway, outside the room.
So you got drunk and you escorted a guest, a woman, to her room? Do you know how stupid that is? Delinda asked me to take her up to her room.
Then Delinda is stupid.
You do not get drunk on hotel property.
You do not fall asleep or pass out in a hallway.
You're Head of Security.
Listen, if you want to get drunk go downtown to some joint with the rest of them punks, or a strip club where somebody can't see you.
Ed, I'm sorry.
Yeah, I know you are.
I mean, you put the Montecito at risk and you embarrassed the hell out of me.
Go see Kathy Berson, all right? The lawyer? Yes.
The complaint involves the Montecito property with a Montecito employee.
No matter how this looks, you gotta believe that I didn't do it.
I know that.
But we're not talking about what you didn't do.
We are talking about what you did do.
Now go see Kathy.
All right.
Send me Mike.
Yes, sir.
What's up, boss? What are you working on? Those fourth-floor screams.
You know, Mr.
Stinson's daughter.
I need you to do a background check on this broad I tossed out of here this morning, a Monica Wells.
She's a real pain in the ass.
Anything specific you're looking for? Yeah.
You know what I'm talking about.
I got you.
Hey, Mikey, what's up? I'm on my way to pick up the audiotape on fourth get to the bottom of the mysterious screams.
Yeah, I forgot about that.
You okay? Fine.
That chick from the other night filed a complaint against me.
The one with the bra? Yeah.
She claims that I forced myself on her.
You gotta be kidding me.
A freaking joke is what it is.
And when I get these charges dropped I'm going to sue her ass for defamation of character.
This So you know the cops are gonna want to talk to you about finding me passed out in the hallway.
What did you say? I haven't talked to them.
'Cause I don't need to mention the bra.
You don't see it on the surveillance footage.
In the hallway the other night, did I mention anything to you about anything that I might have done? No.
Because I'm pretty sure that nothing happened.
I'm almost certain, almost.
When I got there, first thing you said, "nothing happened.
" Good.
Because nothing did.
Just tell the truth.
Everything will be cool.
This is B.
, Danny.
Big lunch opening day, huh? Yeah, I'm a little nervous.
Paul Anka'll draw a crowd, but Gunther's being very secretive about his burger recipe.
I'm sure it'll be fine.
Listen, you remember that girl you had me take up to her room a couple of nights ago? Yeah, the drunk.
You remember how many drinks she had? I didn't see how many drinks she had, but she was obviously plastered.
Why? She's been complaining about the way we treated her.
The way we treated her? Daddy said she was yelling at some poor waitress about the size of her juice glass.
Actually, she's been complaining about the way I treated her.
She's saying that I took advantage of her.
That I touched her.
Which I didn't.
Of course you didn't.
In her dreams you touched her.
So you'll vouch for the fact that she was drunk off her ass? Of course.
Thank you.
Don't worry.
Thank you.
Please tell me you've taken care of this screaming thing.
It's starting to affect Stinson's play.
I have the fourth-floor tape right here.
This display will tell me if there are any sounds within the human voice spectrum.
All right.
What? This can't be.
Sam, listen to this.
Tell me that's not what I think it is.
It's a high-decibel rendition of hide-the-salami.
This couple's, like, 70 years old.
So it's hide-the-aged-salami.
It is kind of disturbing.
No, I think it's great.
More power to them.
The problem is we can't tell married folks not to have sex.
And the Stinsons won't move.
So move the old couple.
That's a good idea.
Hey, wait.
Can you move them? I got something else I'm working.
You got something else? No lie, Sam.
I got something else.
All right.
But you owe me.
Like, huge.
How about it for Gunther? All right.
That's it.
That's what happened.
You were both drunk.
And due to your intoxication, you fell asleep in the hallway outside her room.
Aren't you supposed to be on my side? I believe she's lying through her teeth, but I'm paid to be a realist, Danny.
This is a classic: He said, she said.
It's all gonna come down to who's more credible in front of a jury.
A jury? If it gets that far, and I don't think it will.
Nine times out of 10 these people are just here for a monetary settlement.
I'm not giving this woman a dime, okay? I'll go to trial if I have to.
Besides, she's some corporate honcho anyway.
I mean, I don't see her doing this for the money.
Any idea as to why she is doing it? I don't know.
That's the thing.
Maybe she's trying to make her boyfriend jealous.
Maybe she's just a vindictive bitch.
Ed kicked her out of the casino.
Maybe that's it.
Don't worry.
I've dealt with crazies like this before.
We're gonna go in.
We're gonna talk to Wait.
We? No.
I walk in there with a lawyer, it's gonna look like I got something to hide.
No, it's gonna look like you know your rights.
All right.
Let me go think about this.
What do you think, doc? It's his word against hers.
They were both drunk.
I think there's a pretty good chance the D.
'll file charges.
I've never seen anything like it, Ed.
This Monica Wells is clean as a whistle.
Not even a parking ticket.
I tell you what.
Why don't you check on her family, anybody close to her.
Her family? Mike, I just want information.
I'm not asking you, nor would I ever ask you to do anything illegal or unethical, okay? Is Monica Wells the woman who accused Danny? Because if she is, I got no problem doing whatever needs to be done.
You won't have to do anything.
Just find out what you can.
All right.
All right.
Someone left this on the valet desk out front.
And Mrs.
Socal? Present.
I'm Samantha Marquez with the Montecito.
Are you enjoying your stay? Couldn't be better.
I'm glad to hear that.
You know, we have a special program here, at the Montecito.
It's called the "surprise upgrade.
" Surprise.
Basically, what we do is we select guests at random and we offer them a free upgrade to a suite.
And dinner for two at Mystique.
I don't know, honey.
I like our room.
And we'd have to pack all our stuff.
You would never have to do that.
We have a bellman to do that.
And we dry-clean all of your things.
And you know those plush Montecito robes? We give you those.
Four, of course.
Couple for you, couple for loved ones at home.
Sounds good to me.
You can't really beat that.
All right, it's off.
You can take it.
All right, lunch, guys.
Hey guys.
Have you tried our Gunther burger? It's on the house.
Had one yesterday.
I think we're gonna head over to the food court.
Enjoy the food court.
Delinda, why did I listen to this Paul Anka? We knew there'd be a little drop-off after the grand opening.
But we have to give our lunch business a little time to grow.
Yeah, my reputation will fall like a nicht gebaden soufflé.
You seem to be using a lot more German these days.
Well, that's because you make me all so ubergeschnappt.
Hey, sweetie.
Thought I'd stop by and try one of these Gunther burgers.
Are you doing this as a favor to me or did you hear they were good? Yeah, favor to you.
Hey, Delinda, you got a minute? Sure, why not? Look, I was more than happy to help you guys out but I tasted one of your burgers.
I'm afraid you're gonna lose more customers than you win with those things.
I don't know, maybe it's just me.
It's not just you.
That bad, huh? Inedible.
Maybe he should stick to the strudel.
Yeah, good idea.
Good afternoon.
Thank you for coming in, Mr.
I wanted to.
And I want you to know that it wasn't my idea to have a lawyer here.
Kathy Berson.
I have nothing to hide.
Then this should be real easy.
Detective, my client and I arrived here separately and I was just wondering if we could take a minute to discuss I don't need a minute.
In fact, I think I should do this alone.
Danny? Leave.
This is a mistake.
Well, here I am.
You don't mind if I check you for a wire, do you? Yes, I do.
Take a hike, muscles.
I want to apologize for my treatment of that waitress.
She can't help the fact that she's incompetent.
Your note said you wanted to discuss a settlement.
You know, Mr.
Deline, in my business experience I have found that even the most antagonistic interests can resolve their conflicts if How much do you want? I don't want money.
I want justice.
And when I called my company to tell them I might have to stay here to seek that justice, I learned something very interesting.
Something that could benefit both of us.
You learned that filing false charges was a crime? I don't see how that benefits me.
I was told that you have an influential relationship with the Malaysian government.
Actually, I was told you have influential relationships all over the world.
Who told you that? You're not the only ex-CIA spook working for a major corporation.
Here's my proposal: You help us get approval for several projects in Kuala Lumpur and my complaint against Danny McCoy goes away.
It's a golden opportunity, Mr.
My complaint is legitimate.
But I am willing to sacrifice my dignity for the sake of my company.
How very noble of you.
So? So, I make a couple of calls and you withdraw your complaint.
Do we have a deal? Not if you dragged my naked body over broken glass.
You watch out, sweetheart.
We're gonna start getting serious.
Hey, Mike.
I'm sorry I can't find anything on Monica Wells.
I checked everywhere, every database, our off-the-books sources.
Take it easy.
He's gonna be okay.
To make Danny go through this crap.
There's nothing else we can do? No.
There's plenty we can do.
I'm not saying, you know, breaking the law or something We can bend it a little bit.
I guess you're right.
Don't worry.
He's not going to get hurt.
I hope not.
I'll catch you later.
All right.
Hey, it's Deline.
Look, I need a big favor.
It's personal.
Cannon? Hey, Carmela.
What's up? Maybe it's nothing, but one of the suites on my floor I think they might have some wild animal inside.
You should hear the sounds.
Can I stop you for a moment? Sam, what's the Socals' new room number? Thank you.
Would this be 5301? There were other complaints? I know the other guests heard it.
One of them told me it was scaring her.
It's not a wild animal, Carmela.
It's old people making love.
I'm so sorry.
It's okay.
I appreciate your concern.
In fact, I'm gonna put in a good word for you with the head of housekeeping, okay? I'm so sorry.
Don't worry about it.
It's just old folks fornicating.
You shouldn't have tossed Kathy Berson.
She can talk about protecting my rights all she wants, but we both know cops.
You walk in there with a lawyer, they automatically assume you're guilty.
Did Luis tell you when they're gonna come down with a decision? Luis removed himself from the case.
He thinks they're probably gonna decide something soon.
This woman lies.
She makes up charges.
She damages my reputation.
I tell the truth, I play by the rules I'm the one waiting to find out if I'm gonna be charged.
Look, if you are If we are, you better believe there's going to be a lot of time, energy, and money wasted on my defense.
I think that we should hit back.
Deal with this thing the Vegas way.
You know, the old Vegas way.
I think that's a bad idea.
Come on, Ed.
If this were you, you wouldn't be sitting around waiting for the cops to make up their minds.
You'd be doing something.
I think we should run a background check.
I already did.
She's clean.
Detective Jernigan.
This is Danny.
I understand.
All right, I'll be down before 5:00.
What? They're filing charges.
You want me to go down with you? No, I'm fine.
Greg, it's Deline.
Let's go.
And Mrs.
Socal? I'm Mike Cannon, with the Montecito.
I understand my colleague Sam Marquez upgraded you to a suite.
It's spectacular.
And so is she.
She speaks very highly of you as well.
In fact, our mansion just opened up and you guys seem like such nice folks, we thought we should move you over there.
A mansion? Most people don't even know we have it.
It's at the back of the property.
It's an actual free-standing mansion totally isolated from the other guest rooms.
That's not necessary.
The suite is more than enough.
The Montecito's all about exceeding expectations.
So I will have a bellman collect your things right away, okay? Mike.
You folks have been so nice to us.
I hope you haven't gotten any complaints.
Complaints? I've just started taking these and the combination of a kick-in-the-pants for me and being here in Vegas has pretty much turned Suzy into a wild animal.
What do you think, honey? Wonderful.
Every time, screaming like a banshee.
I just thought, maybe some of the other guests might have complained.
No complaints.
Want to try one? I got plenty.
Thanks anyway.
I know you don't need them but a guy your age, your girlfriend will be able to do chin-ups on your shwanz.
I appreciate your offer, but I am cool.
You enjoy the mansion.
Okay? Okay.
No, this is no good.
We will blame Benito.
Gunther, it's my fault.
I was wrong.
Lunch at Mystique It's definitely not a good idea.
But maybe you can make it up to me in some special way.
We will raise our dinner prices and change our waitress outfits.
Delinda, the outfits, the lunch these are not matters for a chef of stardom to concern.
Tiffany, could you come here, please? Thank you.
A tuxedo? It's body paint, Gunther.
Yeah, this is a very good idea.
I think so, too.
Are those buttons? Well, hi.
Changed your mind.
I had a feeling that you wouldn't want to put your handsome young protégé through the humiliation of a trial.
I called Malaysia and that deal that you were working on it's not gonna happen.
And the two projects in Taiwan and South Africa I'm afraid they're dead.
They've already been approved.
I guess they've been unapproved.
Don't kid yourself, Mr.
You don't scare me.
Is that a new experience for you? That co-op that you were about to close on in New York that, too, has been unapproved.
Apparently, the board of directors, they had a change of heart.
I mean, go figure.
And you'll be receiving a letter from Briarcliff Country Club.
That would be tomorrow.
I think they're gonna ask for your resignation.
You expect me to believe that? No.
Not at all.
I'd just make some calls and find out.
Hell, you know what, I'm not even sure that your credit cards are any good anymore.
I'll see you in court.
You've got one hour.
Turn to your left.
Okay, over here.
Put your left hand on the pad.
Like that? Leave it there.
Don't move.
This way.
Come on.
Take it easy.
Where is he? Processing.
When's the arraignment? I'll try to get him in as soon as I can and, don't worry, the judge'll R.
Wait here, please.
I guess I do need a lawyer now.
Danny, if we have to negotiate something, I mean, it's not the end of the world.
Wells just called and decided to withdraw her complaint.
And told the D.
That she wouldn't testify.
The charge has been dropped.
You are free to go.
That's great.
Detective, you and I have a little paperwork to do.
What? How are you? Good.
I told you the system would work.
The system or your system? If you weren't just sitting around waiting, I want to thank you.
Nothing to thank me for.
What did you do? Ed? What did you do? You ever hear of deniability? If you're anywhere near this thing, she'll accuse you of blackmail obstruction of justice.
She could accuse you, too.
Look, I got a way with people.
They find me extremely likeable.
I didn't know that.
Is Stinson happy? Ecstatic.
How are the Socals? Yeah, I know they're happy about their sex-a-thon.
I don't want to hear anymore about it.
I can't see them complaining about getting bumped from a $99-a-night Internet special to a $10,000-a-night mansion.
You ever try those? What? Pills.
The ones Socal's taking? I know you don't need them.
I'm just saying sometimes young guys take them for fun.
A four-hour erection is fun? Yes.
Sounds fun to me.
Hey, Ed and Danny are back.
What the hell's going on over there? Sure.
Young lady.
Can I help you, Mr.
Deline? I was just checking.
Just checking.
That's all, thanks.
I do like a double-breasted tuxedo.
Put some clothes on those girls right now.
Daddy, it's body paint.
They're more covered than This is not a debate.
Put clothes on the girls.
I think it's a good idea.
Me, too.
Is that the girl from the other night? Lisa.
She applied for a job.
I thought later on, you know, we could maybe Hey.
You remember me? I was talking to her.
Of course.
Put this on now.
Can you put this on? Thanks.
Thanks, buddy.
I just want to apologize for the Hold on.
Here, let me.
You know what, here.
Why don't you go ahead and just wipe before it smears.
I don't think that Can you put this on? Sure.
Tiffany, put this on.
What? No shirts! Danny.
Danny! Danny, tell them to stop.
I'm off duty.
Do something.
No shirts! No shirts!