Las Vegas s02e16 Episode Script

Can You See What I See?

Did you see this? Yeah.
The king of surveillance, busted by a red-light camera.
He's going to be pissed.
Can you say "ironic"? It's smart, moneymaking scam for the city.
It's like a $271 fine.
Not to mention the public humiliation.
You guys actually feel sorry for him? Yes.
It's one thing to get a ticket from a cop, but a camera? The better question is, has he seen it yet? I hope not.
He is going to freak.
Ed! Good morning.
Hi, Daddy.
Look how nicely we're all getting along here.
You guys wanted this bitch session.
Let's go have it, eh? Yeah.
That's good.
Let's go.
I've got 15 players with credit of $250,000 and up.
Golf tournaments, party bus to the strip clubs, and V.
Reception in Bella Sera.
You keep an eye on these guys.
Remember last year, a few boilermakers, they started to get grabby.
That's your job.
Right? Yeah.
That is my job.
And I will kick their asses right out of here if I have to.
I'm sorry, let me just get this straight.
You can stare at butts all day long, but it's fine as long as you don't touch them? Yeah.
I'm fine with that.
So am I.
But listen.
I was just checking.
Surveillance and security is nothing if not courteous professional, and discreet.
You're discreet? Yes.
Every time.
Is that funny? Sam's right.
Security can be a little heavy-handed.
Heavy What are you talking about? Mary? I don't know.
I mean, the sort of crowds that the Mystique has been attracting recently I say, thank God for security.
Thank you.
And what type of crowd is that? The type who are scaring off the gamblers, who, if you hadn't noticed are the reason we are here in the first place.
Very well said, Nessa.
And I completely agree.
We are not saying that I'm feeling under-appreciated here.
If we ever get heavy-handed, it's only because we have to.
Enough! This meeting was supposed to help.
It's just making things worse, a lot worse.
So, a little story first.
When I worked for my previous employer we had a lot of this infighting going on amongst department heads.
So our director brought in this efficiency expert, they called him from Harvard, looked like a gerbil.
But before we got a chance to laugh at him he said that we were all going to switch jobs, including the boss.
Which we did, and it was very successful.
What, you But you don't want us to switch jobs? Yes, I do.
I want you to learn a little appreciation for each other's work.
I'd like to apologize.
I don't think it's a lack of appreciation.
No, I'm sorry.
I just don't appreciate your mouth sometimes.
You will run the casino floor.
Nessa, you will run Mystique.
Giggly, do you have anyone else coming in? Not until day after tomorrow.
Then you and Mary will run security and surveillance.
Mike, I've got a special job for you.
Give me the paper.
Yes, I do know about this.
Mike, you're going to help me take care of this ticket.
Okay? Now, I'm going to be watching all of you.
So if there are any questions, let's have them now.
Who's going to take your job? Guess that would be you, sweetheart.
Turn them over, Carla.
Shuffle! Change $500? Changing $500.
Go ahead, Arnie.
Sir, no cellphones at the table.
I got to go.
Thank you.
Twenty black.
Jinx? What's with the trance, dude? Danny McCoy.
Danny McCoy? Kevin Jinx Jorgensen.
How are you? Wow.
I haven't seen you since what, senior year? Senior year of high school.
What, you work here now? Yeah.
I don't, not usually in this area.
I am usually back in Anyway.
What the hell you been up to other than kicking our asses at the roulette table? I guess we can't call you Jinx anymore, huh? Actually, Kevin, I think that maybe we should go.
Sir, could you color me up, please? Yes, sir.
No, I didn't mean to chase you guys away.
It's cool.
It's fine.
It was really good to see you, though.
Good to see you, bro.
Did I say something to him? Wow.
That was nice.
Players have superstitions.
Some people are very self-conscious about them.
Even I know that.
You know who that was? Who? Kevin Jorgensen, from high school.
Jinx Jorgensen? He just won all that money? Yeah.
Can you believe that? Okay, so his nickname used to be Jinx? Yeah, and you wouldn't believe this guy.
He was like a black cat walking under a ladder every single day.
Do you remember when his prom date She slipped on her corsage and she broke her leg? We wouldn't even let this kid go to our high school football games.
That's a true story.
I got it.
He was winning.
Maybe his luck turned.
This guy was like a loser with a capital L.
Why would you blow this guy out of here? I didn't just Why would you call him Jinx to his face? It's a nickname.
How much did he win? $93,000.
Go ahead.
I wouldn't mind being jinxed like that.
$93,000? Wow.
Way to handle that one, Sparky.
Security? Uh-huh.
You see those two girls right behind you? They are about to go at it.
You should focus.
Really? Okay, we will keep our eye on them.
He thinks every girl that's dressed hot is going to Look at me when I'm talking to you.
This is important.
Okay? All right.
How can you do this to me? Come on, sweetie.
So, I have no expectation of privacy? Apparently, they can print your picture in the paper as long as they blur the license plate and don't specifically say you're guilty.
That's good, because I'm not.
No offense, boss, but cameras don't lie.
I am telling you, if I had run the red light, it would have been for a damn good reason.
And there wasn't one because I would have remembered.
It was almost three weeks ago, you were on the cellphone you were probably distracted.
I've been working non-stop on ideas for the Public Works Commission.
Dad, I am so excited I can barely stand it.
It's a city commission.
There's really not a whole lot of time for individual input.
Black or silver? I like the silver.
It says, "Look at me," but at the same time it also says "I am all about public works.
" It does, doesn't it? Silver it is.
You'd better run along, sweetie.
You don't want to be late.
Wish me luck.
Good luck, Delinda.
Boss, you know that's a government meeting you're sending her to? Yeah.
You ever been to a city commission meeting? Trust me, she can handle it.
How are you, Steve? Yeah.
I thought the picture was rather attractive myself.
You noticed the Botox? Yeah.
I love the stuff.
I drink it.
Thanks for the call.
Love you, too.
Steve Wynn.
That's the fifth call I got today.
We got to get out of here.
Where are we going? We are going to the alleged scene of the alleged crime.
I am not going to do it.
Hello everyone.
I am Nessa Holt.
Most of you are probably more used to seeing me on the casino floor.
But anyway, as you may know, I am from the U.
K and back home, we call bars "pubs," which is short for public house.
And pubs don't have these.
So tonight, these go in to storage.
No lines.
No velvet ropes.
Everyone's welcome at Mystique.
Don't touch! No biting, Benito, you gypsy cannibal, you.
Oh, Nessa.
Where is Delinda? Per Ed Deline, I am taking over for today.
He told me something about this exercise.
You dare to move my velvet rope? Gunther, it's an experiment in democracy.
It's a velvet rope.
It's essential.
It is like a soft and fuzzy international border, admitting the fabulous and keeping out both the riff and the raff.
That's the point.
Everybody's welcome at Mystique.
But everyone is welcome.
Don't you see? As long as they are hot.
Item 28, overflowing dumpsters.
As you all know So, so sorry I am late.
Who knew city hall didn't have a valet? Hello, Mayor.
Daddy says hi.
I've got color-coded binders for everyone.
So, please take the one that most closely matches your personal aura.
Mayor, let me guess.
Blue? Thank you.
All right.
Let's pass the others down.
Let's get started.
Jinx! Look, I just wanted to say whatever you guys do while you play here is none of my business.
It's okay, man.
There's a lot of casinos on The Strip.
Yeah, this is true.
But there's only one Montecito.
I'd like to offer you complimentary room food, beverage, for as long as you'd like.
Dude, I live here.
Then, consider it a little in-town vacation.
I'm Danny, by the way.
Look, he's not Jinx anymore.
Come on, Kevin.
We should go.
No obligation.
You know, you guys can play as little or as much you'd like.
Come on.
This is Julie.
All right.
All right.
Let's go.
She's hot.
The setup's pretty simple.
All you need is one or more cameras one or more triggers and a computer to control the whole thing.
Okay, so I see the cameras.
But, you know, where are the triggers? They are buried in the road at the edge of the crosswalk.
And the computer, I bet, is in that box in the ground over there.
It's called an induction loop trigger.
The buried wires detect when a car enters the intersection after the light turns red tells the computer, which signals to the cameras to take multiple pictures and you're busted.
You see that there's no red light in this picture.
The cameras won't click off a picture unless the trigger's been tripped.
And the trigger won't trip unless the light's red.
The problem is, I didn't do it, man.
I didn't do it.
Wait a minute.
Did they give you the exact time and date on this thing here? Yeah, it's right here on the picture.
Three weeks ago.
At 8:01 a.
See that convenience store over there? Yes.
See that, what is that, that diner over there? I will bet you anything they got surveillance cameras in there.
Ed, maybe you should just pay the ticket.
We are going to find out who's lying, okay? That's what we're going to do.
It's $271.
Craps table.
Three o'clock.
What? Cheating? Cute butt.
Look at that, two hours and you are already one of them.
Excuse me.
I'm Sam.
You know, I am sorry, I think that you dropped a My goodness.
There's your chip.
No problem.
Hey, wait.
Where you going? Thank you.
Excuse me.
We notice you had a surveillance system here.
Yeah, so? See, my friend was driving by Hey! Don't touch those Tic Tacs.
We ain't touching nothing.
You guys Metro? You want to see the tapes, I am going to need to see the badges.
We are not with Metro.
I am Commander Deline.
And this is Captain Cannon.
We are with the Citizens Action Patrol.
Never heard of you.
No, of course, you wouldn't have.
We, get called in to assist the police when they have very sensitive matters, stuff you wouldn't hear on the 5:00 news.
We need the tapes for the morning of the 11th, about 8:00 a.
What is it? Drug dealers? Money launderers? Let's call it subversive elements.
It's terrorists, isn't it? I knew it.
We are just not at liberty to say, Earl.
I'll be right back.
Thank you.
Citizens Action Patrol? Yeah, what? That's okay.
He's a white guy, right? He's 50 something, he's running a convenience store and he's reading "Weapons of Death.
" I took a shot.
These are from inside the store and out front in the parking lot.
We will have these back to you by tomorrow.
Good luck, Commander.
At ease, Earl.
Thank you.
What was the badge about? My library card.
Johnny, watch my chips? You bet.
You know, a few months ago, I banged my head.
I was chasing my dog down the street.
And bam, I hit this light pole and just knocked myself out.
Why are you telling me this? Feel my head.
Feel right there.
It's huge.
That is quite a lump you got there.
Anyway, I am not Jinx Jorgensen anymore.
It changed my luck.
Ever since I hit my head, I walk by a roulette table and I see numbers.
I got to run.
Give a little back to the casino, would you? Yeah.
So, I heard Gunther's giving you a hard time.
I heard that guy's leaving.
Yeah, he was, but I got him to stay.
I comped him.
You did what? I know him.
He's a local.
And he's got the worst luck in recorded history, this guy.
23 red.
Yes, I can see that.
He's got this story about a bump on his head, now he sees the numbers, but trust me, I know this guy.
He's going to give all that money back.
That guy is on a monster streak, Danny.
Nessa, I am telling you.
This guy wins $100,000, he's going to lose $150,000.
He wins $200,000, he's going to lose $300,000.
We are going to make money off of this guy.
I've seen a girl, wasted out of her mind throw 56 straight passes on her 21st birthday.
I watched a guy get 17 blackjacks in a row on nine different tables.
I have seen 14 red come in on 14 consecutive spins.
This could get very bad, Danny.
You'll see.
Will I? You should've let him walk when you had the chance.
And you are not the pit boss today, are you? You are on the casino floor now, Danny.
Not up in surveillance.
And down here we protect the bottom line.
That guy could ruin our entire quarter, you nit.
28 black.
That's the one I want.
That is crazy.
Mikey, what's going on? Hey.
Ed's on his way back to you.
He's still got me out here checking on this intersection.
Why can't he just admit he's guilty? Because he's Ed.
How's the pit treating you? I got a guy who's on a pretty big roll.
I'll tell you more about it when you get back.
If I get back.
All right.
What the hell you doing here? You are supposed to be on the floor.
Would you check this out? Why? I'm watching this guy, Kevin Jorgenson.
Went to high school with him.
What the hell is he doing, trying to contact his great grandmother? What is that? He says that he sees the numbers in his head.
Of course.
And you know him? Yeah.
This guy had the worse luck I'd ever seen.
We used to call him "The Jinx.
" Some jinx.
It looks like he's up four or five, what, $600,000? So, he's betting four numbers a spin at $100 a number.
At 35 to 1, that's $3,200 a spin? That's correct.
That's a lot.
Zero, two, 14, 35 are in what, in sequence on the wheel, right? So he's sector betting.
Sector betting's for chumps, I mean, old ladies.
Once the ball starts spinning, it's gravity and physics.
We know that.
Hold up.
Why would a guy who sees the number bet a group of numbers? Why not just bet the number? See, my son, that's where you and I kinda part company.
I don't believe this guy sees crap.
He's on a streak.
You say streak, but I call it stealing.
Listen, in all my days I have not seen anybody successfully cheat at roulette.
The guy had seven car accidents in seven consecutive days.
That would be bad luck.
Now he's got good luck.
See, it changes.
No, not this guy.
Not here.
Where you going? I'm going to go check that roulette table when he takes a break.
Mitch, let me know if he hits a million.
You're not going to find anything.
Item 46, new national advertising slogan.
We've engaged a public relations firm.
Mayor, in anticipation of this agenda item I have a number of suggestions for a new slogan.
Yes, Ms.
Please open your binders and turn to page 16.
Slogan number one.
"What Happens in Vegas? "Fun, that's what.
" Pretty slick, huh? Okay.
Slogan number two.
"Gambling Not Required.
" Hey, Mitch, could you pull up some casino footage for us? Sure, security.
Let me see the craps table, pit six.
Put the last two hours.
All right.
Speed it up.
Those two guys keep betting the exact same amount every time.
See, that one's betting the "Pass" line And the other one's betting "Don't Pass.
" So what? So, big bets like that will get a player wall-to-wall comps.
Full room.
Food and beverage for both guys.
But they have a lot of charges too, right? $8,000, all told.
They don't even act like they know each other.
They never talk the whole time.
Here, Sam.
I see.
Robert Sikora, and what do you know, Keith Sikora.
Cousins? Brothers? Is that illegal? No, but they're still scamming us.
That's almost like theft.
And we hate theft.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Thank you.
Good luck.
The one guy wins the exact same amount as the other guy.
Take out the 12 as a push for the "Don't Pass" bettor and they only have to worry about losing 1.
4% of their total wagers.
All to get a vacation worth thousands for free.
Can I do it? Yeah.
Okay? Okay.
I got your back.
Hello, Robert.
Hello, yourself.
Mary Connell, Montecito Surveillance and Security.
We're onto you.
I am sorry, what? You are welcome to keep playing, but so you know, the gravy train is over.
So if you want to stay, you are going to have to pay.
The suites, the food, and the booze.
Cash me out.
What I thought.
Hey there.
That's a bitching tie.
Thank you.
I see you have surveillance cameras.
They keep people from doing the dine and ditch.
Do you know for how long you keep them? Yes, I do.
How long? Like a couple months.
I was wondering if I could take a look at one from three weeks back.
Yeah, I saw you with the dude in the Aston Martin.
You guys must earn some phat coin.
We do okay.
I am sorry, what? $300 for the tape, homeboy.
That's ridiculous.
I am going to call your boss.
Suit yourself.
Those tapes can get erased real easy.
I've got $37.
I'll be right back.
Here's that wheel you wanted pulled.
Roulette 52? Yep.
We blew out the bearings on it about a month ago.
Any sign of tampering? No.
No signs of bias.
All right, thanks.
What about the ball? I didn't check it.
Why not? Danny, we measure them, weigh them, and run them past a magnet every week.
It's our standard ivorene ball.
High impact plastic.
You see, nothing.
2 million and he is doubled his bets.
All right, thanks, Mitch.
Thanks, Billy.
I hear he's up a million two.
And I hear a drunk puking somewhere.
So, let me get this straight, Ed puts you on the casino floor, and some friend of yours from high school beats us for seven figures? How do you think that looks? You need to get him out.
So I should just throw him out? Danny, get the money back.
Get him out.
I am going to get the money back, Sam.
As soon as I prove that this guy is cheating.
Well, you think really hard about that and while you're at it, think about this, too.
Ed's quarterly bonus is tied to casino revenue.
I know what you are doing right now.
You are messing with my head.
Really, is that what I'm doing? You know what really disappoints me about you, Danny? What? You comped a local.
Mike, put this up on the big screen, I want to see it.
Wait a minute.
These are static cameras.
I mean, they're just sitting there.
They're guarding Slim Jims and Slurpees, they don't have to move.
They got cash registers there, for crying out loud.
I am sorry, Ed.
This is all I got.
You think I picked you to hear, "That's all I got"? Come on now, Mike.
Go down there and get me something.
Come on.
What's the damage? What's he up? Over a million.
And now he's got copycats.
They're calling him "the swami.
" People just crowd around, wait for him to bet, they just pile it on his numbers.
Not good.
Nice first day on the job there, McCoy.
Bite me.
How you two doing? 86'ed a couple of comp grifters, saved the hotel a few thousand.
Other than that, it's been pretty quiet.
Good going, now.
Thank you.
Good luck.
Did you check the table? Yeah.
The equipment's good.
But it doesn't matter where he plays.
We can't stop him.
Try to contain him somehow.
See if he'll play at a private table.
I tried that, too.
But he only wants to play on the floor.
Close this one down.
Just close the table down.
Take him to another table.
Color him out.
When you get to the other table let him play a while.
Change the balls.
Change the croupier.
Just slow him down, maybe his luck will turn around.
But I can't explain this, there's something wrong.
Then just, you know, just check him out.
I'd like to know a little more about him than his high school nickname for a million bucks, anyway.
Yes, sir.
Come on.
Come on, baby.
Yeah! Kevin, we are going to move you to another table.
There's so many people around here, that we'd like to Just color him up, would you? Hang it on that wall, 5'8" from the bull's eye to the floor.
Make the throwing line 7'9.
25" inches away exactly.
Okay? Thank you.
You got it.
Hey, fellas.
What's up? So, this is a black and tan.
And these are the instructions on how to make one properly.
Okay? No.
They're not French fries.
They're chips.
Thank you.
What are you doing? We're having a pub night.
You can make bangers and mash and fish and chips.
Gunther is appalled.
This is Gunther's restaurant.
He will not even attempt such a sordid menu.
Not even for one night? Please? Give me a second.
They giving you any trouble? No.
None to speak of.
I guess restaurant management's a little different than being on the floor, huh? Not really.
I mean I think I know how to get the best out of my people.
You sure you don't need any help? No.
I've got it all under control.
Thank you, Ed.
Put this on.
Gunther will not go along.
Gunther will not be strong-armed.
And Gunther is not afraid of Ed Deline or his henchwoman.
Oy! Refer to yourself in the third person once more and I will wipe the accent right out of you.
Put it on! And that concludes the first half of our agenda.
I think we need a couple of representatives out there.
Daddy, you didn't tell me this was going to take all day.
And no one's listening to me.
Honey, welcome to city government.
Look, I know it's not your cup of tea, sweetie, but you know, this commission is the backbone of our city.
Can't I have Sam's job instead? No, honey, I'm sure you're doing just fine.
Just, believe everything's going to be great, and be yourself.
Okay? Bye.
All right, let's get on to the next item on the agenda.
Point of order.
Yes, Miss Deline.
Oscar, Mayor Goodman I propose a field trip.
Okay, we know Kevin Jorgenson's from Vegas so we can check with the police department if we have to.
What about her? The girlfriend? We don't know who she is yet.
We take an imprint of every guest's credit card, even when we are comping them.
We didn't get his credit card.
But we have hers.
You want to find out more? You could go up to the room, look around a little.
I could have housekeeping open the door.
We don't do that, Mary.
Got something.
Excuse me.
Julie Dietz.
Wau-kee-sha, Wisconsin.
Looks like she's used his credit card at six different casinos all over the country in the last 14 days.
What's this? Missing Persons report.
This was put out by her husband, and his name ain't Kevin.
It's Dave.
Looks like Julie ran away from home.
I've got to tell you, Gunther, this food is wonderful.
Thank you so much.
I am so sorry that I doubted you.
I am sorry that I threatened you.
I am going to suggest to Delinda that we make "Pub Night" permanent.
"Pub Night.
" That's so sweet.
And one more thing.
I hate my father.
How did it go today? They are giving me a seat on the Public Works Commission.
Nice job, Nessa.
Thank you.
Here we go.
Depth charge.
Drop the shot into the beer.
Go, Oscar.
You're the mayor.
Have a drink now.
You're the mayor.
Go! Go, Oscar! Go! Easily the best meeting we ever had.
I'll drink to that.
Chug, chug! The lucky couple.
Congratulations on your extraordinary run of luck.
Ed Deline.
I am President here.
Thank you, Mr.
I can't explain it, really.
They call you "swami," do they? Yeah, but, you know, Danny will tell you.
I'm just Kevin.
As you can well imagine, Kevin when a casino guest wins nearly $2 million there's certain things that need to be done for legal and tax purposes.
Julie Dietz.
Waukesha, Wisconsin? Why do you have a Nebraska license plate on your car? Because we bought it there.
Kevin won some money.
I see.
$20,000 on a riverboat in Illinois.
$160,000 at the Grand in Biloxi.
And another $200,000 at various casinos in Laughlin and Lake Tahoe.
All in the last two weeks.
All at roulette.
Danny, I told you, ever since the accident, I see numbers.
Excuse me, I would like to know why exactly you felt it necessary to move from casino to casino? I guess, sir, every time I win a little then they end up sweating me in some office like this.
I mean, just not as nice.
Kevin just He sees the numbers in his head.
That's not cheating, is it? No.
Of course it's not.
But, Jinx, you're from Vegas.
What's with all the out-of-town play? We met on the internet.
I left my wife, and Julie left her husband.
So, I went back east to pick her up and on the way back here, we stopped at all those places.
Sir, we just, you know, we just want to be together.
Speaking of your husband, do you know that he filed a Missing Persons report? He just won't let go.
I would strongly suggest you call home.
Anyway, thank you.
Okay? That's it? That's it.
You just fill out that IRS paperwork and please feel free to stay and play here at the Montecito as long as you like.
Thank you again, sir.
Enjoy your stay.
Thank you.
Have a nice time.
So, I guess I am the only one who thinks these guys are full of it.
They had a logical answer for everything I threw at them and What should I do, toss out Goldilocks and a guy with a lump on his head? I mean that would cost us another $2 million in bad publicity.
If they keep this up, Ed, theoretically they could break us.
You know, if they were card counters or cheats, that's one thing.
But if they win fair and square, we got to let them play.
That's what the old boys did when they ran their joints, and that's the way I'm gonna run mine.
Okay? Easy eight.
Excuse me.
Could we just keep this walkway Pardon me.
Thank you.
Are we almost done? Because my feet are killing me.
Mine, too.
I guess Ed proved his point, huh? If his point is surveillance blows, he did.
I kinda liked it.
Me, too.
When we busted those comp scammers, didn't you feel just powerful? A little bit.
I felt a little powerful.
Careful there, chief.
There you go.
All right.
What's the damage now, Danny? Almost $4 million.
I am going to tell you something's been bothering me.
I've been watching this.
They're supposed to be in love, right? So how come they're not smooching and hanging out, like together? I mean, she's always there, and he's always over there.
That's a good point.
The word of the day is triangulation.
What are you talking about? I already saw this.
You can't even see the street.
8:01, the day you got the ticket.
Watch when the monitor switches angles.
It goes black for a second.
So the monitor acts as a mirror, and there's Ed's car in the reflection.
Nice work, Mikey.
It's a gift.
But wait.
You've got me in the street over there.
You've got the green light over there.
But not together.
Pop quiz.
In order to make two pieces of video sync up, what do we need? Matching time code.
Yeah, but we don't have that.
Because we have two different cameras at two different locations.
Okay, this one's a tougher one.
What's just as good as having matching time codes? A common element.
One thing that appears in both pieces of video simultaneously.
Can you find the common element? So you got the Stratosphere in both shots.
So what? So, we push in on both shots.
You got the roller coaster on top of the Stratosphere? Wait a second.
You got the same people in the same car at the same time.
That's your common element.
And all I had to do was layer one video on top of the other.
And we zoom out.
And we have Ed going through a green light.
You're the man, Mike.
Camera's wrong.
Big Ed was right.
Wait a second, her there and him there.
Do we still have the infrared cameras above the tables? I think so.
Why? Triangulation.
It looks like he's using the lasers to measure the decaying orbit of the ball.
What? The decaying orbit of the ball.
Are you kidding me? Yeah, it's There's some serious mathematics involved here.
That's why he waits until the ball's spinning to place his bets.
In theory it could work, but it couldn't give you one slot probably give you an area where the ball's going to land.
So that's why he bets the four numbers in the sequence there.
He's sector betting.
He's got to have a computer nearby.
You still got that radar laser detector? Yeah, it's in my car.
Go get that.
The laser is hidden in his cellphone.
It buzzes him to let him know which numbers to bet.
Watch this.
Look at this.
Take him down.
Excuse us, folks.
Kevin's getting tired, so I think we are just going to call it a night.
We found a computer in the back of your SUV there, Jinxy.
Come here, sport.
Take him.
Give me that.
Wait, no.
It was all him.
Look, if you are so good at seeing into the future why don't you tell me what's gonna happen next, huh? Nice work at Mystique last night, young lady.
Nightly revenues up 22%.
I am available for consulting.
Hey, Daddy.
Hi, honey.
I heard something.
I heard that you and the mayor were dancing on top of the bar at Mystique? That's a vicious rumor.
Only he was dancing.
Where was security? We can't be everywhere, now, can we? With all the cheating going on and everything.
I took care of it, ladies.
So you're going to be impossible now, is that what's happening? Oh really? No I don't talk smack.
I speak the truth.
Zip it.
Thank you.
This has been a wonderful experiment.
We are going to do it every year at the same time.
And now, bye-bye.
Bye-bye, ladies.
Come on, that's just childish.
You got them pictures? Yeah, I got them right here.
You know who that guy is over there by the table in the suit? Yeah, that's Larry Cardenas.
He's the muni court judge.
Traffic court judge.
Watch this.
Hey, Ed, how are you? How are you? Larry, good to see you.
Listen, can I borrow you for a second? Sure.
Hold my chips.
I need a little favor.
See, I got one of these red-light camera tickets.
I saw in the paper, but Ed, come on, you know I can't do anything No, you're thinking all wrong.
I don't need that.
I know you can't be my judge because we know each other and all that.
What I need is an opinion, okay? Sure.
Can I have the pictures? Take a look at this.
Nice likeness at a red-light camera.
Thank you.
Take a look at this other one.
This was taken at the very same moment which proves that that red-light camera was improperly calibrated.
It seems that there was some kind of malfunction.
So, obviously you would dismiss this ticket.
Actually, I'd find you guilty.
Guilty of what? You're not wearing your seatbelt.
That's a pretty serious violation.
Look behind me and see if those guys are laughing, because I'm also gonna get arrested for assault.
Are they smiling? Time to go.
Excuse me.