Las Vegas s02e17 Episode Script

Tainted Love

He's the whale of all whales.
The whale of legends.
He's the whale that every casino host in the whole world has tried to land, and I've hooked him.
Well, don't keep us in suspense, Sam.
Who is he? He's this billionaire recluse who flies his 747 all over the world to do what? To gamble.
He's never had a casino host before.
He's always turned them all down, until me.
Her smile is beginning to frighten me.
It is a little demonic.
A little? No one knows his name.
His entourage takes care of everything.
Guess what I heard? Guess what I heard, girls? What? He bets a million dollars a hand.
Now we know why the girl's smiling.
I do have a little problem, however.
Actually, I have two.
I'm supposed to fly Betty and Bert Belinsky to Santa Anita to watch their horse run.
But I have my Nip/Tuck couple.
Hank and Helena Hunt from Atlanta.
Nip/Tuck couple? Yeah, you know, Nip/Tuck couple.
She comes to get a little plastic work done.
He does some gambling.
When she goes home, she tells all her friends it was the spa treatments and the desert air that did her right.
Hey, you know what? It's actually kind of sweet.
It's Hank's Valentine's Day present to Helena.
Wonder what he got her for her birthday.
You're trying to pawn your whales off on us, aren't you? Yes, I am.
Okay, Mary, you're going to escort Betty and Bert Belinsky to Santa Anita.
What's wrong with Betty and Bert Belinsky that you're sticking me with them? Nothing, they're the sweetest couple ever.
They're high school sweethearts.
They've been married for 30 years.
Actually, that is kinda sweet.
Also Bert thinks that your breasts are lucky.
Okay, D Why is everyone fascinated by my breasts? You're kidding, right? D, you have Hank and Helena Hunt So my boobs aren't lucky? No.
I want you to make sure that Helena makes it to all her appointments on time.
Okay? Do you girls have any questions? Good.
Wanna trade whales? You're the one with the lucky boobs, not me.
Miss Connell.
This was just delivered for you.
Thank you.
Thanks so much.
Would you hold this? Yeah.
Mary's got a secret admirer.
You promised you'd spend the whole day with me.
Jillian, I told you I have jury duty.
And you scheduled it for Valentine's Day so you wouldn't have to spend the day with me, didn't you? You know we have this whole Valentine's Day thing that we do.
No, I know you have this whole Valentine's Day thing that we do.
Eddie if you ever want to play Love Machine with me ever again then you better get into this whole Valentine's Day program Do you really think that I planned this? Yes, I do.
Well, actually, they gave me a choice: Win a Ferrari or jury duty.
What, are you trying to tell me that with all your connections, you couldn't get out of it? No, I tried everything, honey.
Listen I'd much, much rather spend the day with you.
I hope you get sequestered for a month.
Happy Valentine's Day to you.
Ed, it's Bobby at the sports book.
One of Sam's whales, Bert Belinsky just spread $200,000 across the field betting on every horse in the eighth race at Santa Anita except his own horse.
He what? I need to get me a kitty.
Here, kitty, kitty, kitty.
Danny, Mike.
I pulled jury duty this morning, okay? Sorry to hear that, Ed.
That's okay.
After they talk to me for a little while, I'm sure they'll let me off the hook.
Nobody gets off the hook, Ed.
They threw a buddy of mine in jail because he refused to answer the jury notice.
Let me ask you a question.
Would either of you want me on a jury? No.
So, I'm pretty sure they'll let me get out of it.
Hey, Danny I need you to escort one of Sam's whales and his wife this Bert and Betty Belinsky, to Santa Anita.
They're gonna watch their horse run.
So the jet's waiting.
You watch the shop while I'm gone, okay? By myself? Not a problem.
Not a problem at all.
Dude, it's the day shift.
Oh, listen.
I need you also to pick up my Valentine's Day gift for Jillian.
What? Errand boy.
What are you, Chuckles The Clown? Wasn't that your job last year? Look it's at the jewelry shop at the hotel.
Don't let her see you go in there because, she goes to major lengths to uncover whatever her gift is every year.
You know? So I'm sure she's running around the shops, checking it out right now.
So I wish you'd get on your way.
Yeah, I got it.
You'd better hurry up, man.
Excuse me.
Give her a wide berth, because she's a little pissed off at me, okay? No problem, Mr.
This Belinsky the guy you're going to Santa Anita with.
I just found out he spread $200,000 across the board on every horse but his own.
He's betting against his own horse? What, is he trying to change the odds? No, he already did that.
So I need you to go down there and find out what the hell's going on.
'Cause we we don't need a racing scam here at the hotel.
You should probably get to jury duty, Ed.
I got a couple minutes.
I can't believe how excited you are.
I've never seen you act like this over a whale before.
Well, this isn't just any whale.
This is the Holy Grail of whales.
The Hope damn Diamond.
Moby frickin' Dick.
Your smile is starting to freak me out.
I'm not feeling it.
This is him.
This is his entourage.
Hello, Sam.
Look, you don't understand I'm President Of Operations for the Montecito Hotel.
And I drove an $800,000 vehicle to work this morning.
Is that right? Yeah, it's called the city bus.
Now, sit down and shut up like your fellow citizens.
By the way, can you get me and my boyfriend some tickets to the Pussycat Dolls' Valentine's Day show tonight? You know it is sold out? Oh my God.
What happened? I think she's okay.
Are you okay? Sam, what happened? Sam, come here.
I just had the worst dream.
What's going on? Oh, my God.
My God, it's my husband.
It's the husband you wouldn't tell me about? What? Sam, I have more important things to do than deal with you freaking out about your husband.
Like running a casino in Ed's absence.
Oh damn, there's Jillian.
I gotta go.
D, don't you look lovely? Drop the act, Mike.
And where did Ed hide my Valentine's Day present? What's the matter with Sam? Nothing.
She just got a little excited about seeing her husband on Valentine's Day.
Sorry, sweetie, I've got your Nip/Tuck whale to deal with.
Remember? My boobs aren't lucky.
No, your boobs are great.
See you.
No, I can't.
Please stay with me, we're friends.
Well, isn't this interesting.
Sam's husband comes to visit on Valentine's Day.
Don't say goodbye.
Ness? Hi, Nessa Holt.
Casey Manning.
So, you're Sam's husband? Yes, I am.
now it's Angel Heart by a head.
Dragonfly Girl is closing fast.
Baker's Delight heading to the wire.
It's gonna be close.
It's Angel Heart, takes it by a nose.
Dragonfly Girl and Baker's Delight in Third.
No! Oh, yes.
Thanks for the tip, Bert.
Don't be a sore loser.
Bert and Betty, they've known each other since they were kids.
They were high school sweethearts.
And they've been married for 30 years.
Isn't that sweet? I could be wrong, but I think that Betty is trying to hit on me.
I'm only here because Bert thinks my breasts are lucky.
Is that new? A Valentine's Day present.
Really? From who? It's not from you? No.
Really? Really.
Pleasure doing business with you.
Excuse me for a minute.
I'll be back in a second.
So, tell me about you and Danny.
Are you two married, or what? Well, it's actually kind of a long story.
$200,000 on the six horse to win race number seven.
Mike Cannon.
Mike Bert Belinsky just laid down $200,000 on his own horse.
First he bet against his horse, now he's betting on it? Yeah.
Why don't you check the Montecito sports book, see if it affected our odds.
Danny, what's the deal with Jillian and this Valentine's Day present? She's going postal on me.
That's just old people foreplay.
That's sweet.
Well, his horse just went from a 30 to 1 long shot to the 3 to 1 favorite.
Looks like he is manipulating the odds.
Why don't you find Sam, see if we can get the low-down on this guy and his wife.
No can do, Sam's nowhere to be found.
And her husband Her husband? Yeah, the whale of legends she's been talking about? That's Sam's husband.
And he wants no limits on all the tables he plays at.
Well do what you got to do.
Video IQ her, but we got to find her.
I've already tried that.
I can't find her anywhere.
Let's get a three-way with Ed.
Deline is there anything that would preclude you from serving on a jury in this case? No, actually actually, yes, ma'am, there is.
I understand that, this case involves some gaming, does it not? To a certain degree, yes, it has to do with gaming.
Well I am President of Operations for the Montecito.
The court is well aware of who you are, Mr.
So you're familiar with the Montecito, are you? I know it quite well.
In fact, I lost a bundle there last month.
Your slots are a little tight.
Well, I take personal offense with that, Your Honor.
It is with great pride that I say the Montecito's slots are looser than any in town.
Just take a seat in the jury box, Mr.
Yes, ma'am.
Hey, Bert just laid down $200,000 on his own horse.
Makes no sense.
It changes not only the odds at the track but here at the Montecito, and all the casinos over town.
Danny, don't let him out of your sight.
Don't worry.
I'm right behind him.
We've got another problem, too.
Sam's whale wants the limits removed on all the tables he plays at.
I'd like to talk to Sam.
Sam's nowhere to be found.
The case involves not only gaming but surveillance of sorts.
Sorry, Your Honor I believe I have a conflict of interest here.
Deline, the court is aware that you are an expert in gaming.
Not just gaming, ma'am, surveillance as well.
No cause or peremptory challenges here.
Welcome to the jury, Mr.
Danny, I just found out Sam hasn't seen her husband since they got married.
And he spent the last 7 years amassing a fortune to try and win her back.
Excuse me, sir.
Careful there.
Danny, what are you doing? Excuse me.
Danny, what's going on? Excuse me.
Hey, hang on, man.
I got Jillian on the other line, looking for her Valentine's Day gift.
Ed, he's headed to a restricted area.
Don't lose sight of him, Danny, okay? Okay, I'm back.
He's talking to a jockey.
The same jockey that's riding his horse in the seventh? Maybe he's trying to throw the race.
Then why would he bet $200,000 on it? I don't know.
Oh, my God.
You okay? Sam, I've been looking all over for you.
I need details about your billionaire husband.
Danny needs to know what's going on with your whale down at Santa Anita 'cause he's changing the odds on his own horse.
Listen to me.
I need you to help me You're hyperventilating.
Maybe you need to breathe into a paper bag.
I don't need to breathe into a paper bag.
I need you to run a complete check on Casey Manning.
Why is he here, how much is he worth? You should know this.
He's playing in your casino.
I want you to pull his comps, throw him out, put him in the black book.
I can't put him in the black book.
You can.
And you're about to right now.
No, I cannot.
Sam, someone wants to see you.
Danny, Mike.
I got Jillian on the other line.
Hang on.
I've decided you're getting out of Valentine's Day too easy.
So I'm meeting you for lunch.
Honey, look I Don't try to tell me you don't have a lunch break, 'cause I already checked.
I can't talk right now.
Are you on the phone? Me? Mr.
Deline, turn your phone off, or I will hold you in contempt of court and you'll be spending Valentine's Day in jail with a cell mate named Bubba.
D? Ed? I'm gonna kill that man.
Hey, Mrs.
Belinsky? Well, how I can't think of a better Valentine's Day present than jewelry, can you? No.
And family jewels are the best kind.
I'm sorry, but I don't I don't know what you want, and I can't understand a thing you're trying to say.
Where is her husband who gave her this wonderful Valentine's present? Probably in the casino, gambling.
Oh gosh, I'm sorry.
Are those things swollen, or did you intend them to be this big? See Oh.
Well somebody made a little mistake.
So you wanted a C cup.
Well, someone gave you a size E.
Oh Sam, thank God you're here.
Somebody made a big mistake with your whale's boob job.
I need you to hide me.
Hide you from what? My husband.
Why? It's okay.
The last time I saw him he was a millionaire.
Now he's a frickin' billionaire.
I know, sweetie.
I know you're in there, Sam and I'm going to stay right outside this door until you come out.
Sam? Help me.
How? Sammie.
Bert wants to rub my breasts for luck.
Betty actually did rub me for luck.
Apparently Sam forgot to tell us that they're swingers.
What? Yeah.
They invited us to a Valentine's Day swingers party.
You really didn't get me the necklace the chocolates, and flowers? No, that wasn't me.
Wait, you got me something for Valentine's Day, right? I mean 'cause I got you something, just as a friend.
Sorry I didn't.
I just I completely forgot.
I'm Look, I gotta Odds are changing all over the place.
I'm gonna just walk away now.
Pretend like I'm not embarrassed.
I see it.
Bets are being made in every casino and O.
In the country.
Okay, where is it? Where's my Valentine's Day present? Danny, I gotta go.
Thank you.
Where is she? Who? Wow.
You are cute.
Thanks, but I'm married.
I know you're in here, Sammie, and I will find you.
Whatever this place is.
Sammie Baby Lammie Cakes? So, Casey why don't you tell me all about you and Sammie Baby Lammie Cakes? Ladies and gentlemen, this is an open-and-shut case.
We have surveillance photos of the suspect in the commission of the crime.
He has a record.
I object, Your Honor.
My client has turned his life around.
The fact that he took a job as a stock boy in the supermarket proves that.
He took the job at the supermarket so he could rip off the slot machines in the supermarket.
Your Honor.
Excuse me, Your Honor, may I ask a question, please? No.
But you see the surveillance photos, Your Honor Mr.
These photos are guesswork.
You can't even see that kid.
These surveillance photos prove that the suspect stole from the slot machines at the supermarket using a light wand.
A light wand? What are you, nuts? You can't see a light wand.
Deline, sit down.
I'm sorry, Your Honor I forgot my Beano this morning.
There will be a ten-minute potty break for Mr.
Thank you very much, Your Honor.
Excuse me.
Light wand.
Come on, Mike.
Where is it? Where is my present? Hey Mike, listen, I need you to check out some surveillance cameras.
It's in a supermarket on The Strip.
It's on I'm a little busy.
Is that Ed? Maybe you should talk to Danny.
No, that wasn't Ed.
D, that look on your face is starting to scare me.
I've seen it in Ed and Delinda, and it's not good.
Is it hot in here? Yeah.
Like a fine wine women mature with time.
You just make that one up? That's a new one.
You are so cute.
Ed I got a bad connection.
I'm gonna call you back.
Don't hang up, Danny.
I was just checking to see that Someone was going to pick up my wife's Valentine's Day present.
I was just making sure.
Back to the jury box, Beano boy.
Yeah, right.
Casey are you okay? You know, my father thought that Sam was just a gold-digger and he threatened to cut me off if I married her.
But you married her.
Of course I did.
And he cut you off? Yep but you know what? She was worth every penny of it.
See, Sam never knew that my family had any money at all until after we married.
You didn't tell her? Didn't seem important.
We were young and in love.
Of course, when she found out, she flipped.
Yeah, well, some times Sam can be a bit of a contradiction.
I just want to talk to her, Nessa.
The only way I know how to get Sam's attention is by playing big money.
It's like she's got a sixth sense.
She can smell big money in play.
Then give me a marker for $10 million.
You breathe a word about Sammie Baby Lammie Cakes it'll be the last breath you take.
I have a client who'd love to see you in that.
It ain't gonna happen.
Someone's playing big money.
How do you know? The jury is dismissed one hour for lunch.
Deline you will not discuss this case with anyone.
Of course not.
I've decided to make nice and have lunch with you but only because it's Valentine's Day and the day you proposed to me.
I'm really sorry about this jury duty.
But, as it happens, I'm kinda glad that I'm on this case.
Why do you care about it? 'Cause I think this kid is innocent.
And? And, you know, when when I was a kid right before my dad died I never told you this before, but I got in a lot of trouble.
I stole some hubcaps.
Unfortunately, they were attached to the car at the time.
But Anyway there was this old guy in the jury.
He just flat out refused to find me guilty.
And I was, you know? He came to me afterwards and he said: "I'm giving you a second chance.
" So, I went directly from the courthouse to the recruiting office.
You're married to somebody 30 years and you think you know everything.
Not everything.
Come on, let's run down to that supermarket, check it out.
Wait a minute.
What? Isn't that against the court rules? Well, so is sending a young kid to jail for six or seven years on a gaming violation he didn't commit.
Ed, thank God.
I've been trying to reach you.
Sam's husband is on one hell of a roll at the craps table.
He's made his point 16 times in a row.
There's more money on this table than I've seen in one place at one time.
Just calm down, Mike.
Ed, a couple more rolls like this, he's gonna break the casino.
For God's sake, man, do something.
Ed, you got to hang on a second.
Hi, Casey.
Hello, Sam.
What the hell do you think you're doing? Gambling, what's it looks like? I can see that.
Legally, half this money is mine.
I thought you didn't want my money, or care about it.
I don't.
Wait a minute.
I'm gonna have to put you on hold now.
I got Danny on the other line.
Hold on.
Yeah, Danny? I just found out Bert made a deal to sell his horse.
I guess the old boy was manipulating the odds to get a price.
He's looking at possible gaming violations in two states.
And since he's our guest, it could look like we're involved.
Ed, what do you want me to do? His horse is running the next race.
Notify one of the track officials.
Blow the whistle on him.
I love your act.
Oh, thanks.
I love what you're wearing.
Oh, this? Something I threw together.
It's very Pussycat.
Really? Sam.
Talk about a girl gone wild.
You got to stop hitting him.
Sam? Let him go.
You're causing a scene.
You're causing a scene, now calm down.
Are you okay? Are you calm? I'm sorry.
Sorry about that.
I'm sorry.
There's nothing to see here.
I'm so sorry.
Are you okay? I'm sorry.
Oh, no.
You're out of control.
Mike, I'll punch you in the face if you don't put me down! Put me down now! All right.
That's my wife.
different from your program.
The track is fast, the turf is firm the wind is calm, and we're currently at about 76 degrees.
I need you to keep Bert and Betty busy because I gotta talk to the track officials before the race begins, okay? Yeah, how? Ladies and gentlemen, five minutes to post.
Don't forget the 8th race, an all-American handicap with a $10,000 purse.
This looks like a nice spot to watch the race.
Race, Bert, not my breasts.
We're gonna win this race because of them.
Glad they could help.
Can you excuse me, please? Ladies and gentlemen, we have late scratches.
The number 9 horse the number 5 horse, and the number 11 horse.
Number 9, number 5, and number 11.
I can't believe this is happening on my watch.
I cannot believe it.
I finally get a shot to get out of Danny's shadows, and this Mike, get a hold of yourself.
What is it with your family and hitting people? Once again, eight.
I know you still love me, Sam.
I don't love you, Casey.
Yes, you do.
Place your bets, folks.
No, I don't.
I think you do.
I gotta go.
Excuse me.
I want this table shut down right now.
I'm sorry, folks.
Nobody touches the table.
Why is she so freaked out about a billionaire husband who's smoking hot, sexy, and sweet? He is the one guy alive that can do to her what she does to everyone else.
You mean manipulate, scam, scheme, and seduce? Yeah.
No wonder she's afraid of him.
Ed, I just shut down the craps table.
Just keep the game going until I get there, okay? Too late.
And if you hear from Danny let me know right away, okay? Eddie, I still don't understand what you found at the supermarket.
Well, for one thing, they have these color video cameras and not just those black-and-white ones that take the pictures every five seconds.
Oh, man.
I'm late.
If they have color surveillance cameras why are they using the black-and-white photos? I'll give you a couple of reasons.
I think they're trying to railroad this kid.
Do me a favor.
Call Luis down at Metro and tell him to check out that supermarket.
Excuse me.
Hey, man.
I'm sorry.
Excuse me.
Hey, sexy.
Watch it.
Ma'am, could you tell me where I can find a track official or a steward, please? Why won't you talk to me, Sam? Please go away, Case.
Hey do you remember that little place that we stayed in for the two months at the beach? No, I don't remember that.
We made love in the moonlight every single night.
My God you were so beautiful.
I remember thinking before I went to sleep all wrapped up with you, that if I died right then and there I would die the happiest man in the whole world.
I remember.
Admit it, Sam, you still love me.
I don't love you, Case.
Then why haven't you ever divorced me? Because I've been really busy.
For seven years? Yeah.
Seven years.
Time flies, you know? Why are you afraid of me, Sam? I'm not afraid of you.
Okay, then open the door and talk to me.
We are talking.
Sam please just open the door.
No, Casey.
I will not open the door.
I can hear you fine.
I still love you, Sam.
Where's Mr.
Deline? I'm sorry, Your Honor.
Let me guess, Beano problem again? Look, can I just talk to you for a second? No.
Bailiff, escort Mr.
Deline back to his seat.
Your Honor, I really need to talk to you for a second, just privately.
My chambers.
Excuse me.
And they're off! Make a Date, oosey-Goosey, and Total Gold out front followed by Beach Blanket, Jonathan Trolley Dead Eye Dan, and Gold Eagle.
Blue Baby Two falls on the left side.
What is so important that we have to go behind closed doors, Mr.
Deline? Well, Your Honor, the supermarket had cameras with full video capabilities.
So, someone must have taken those tapes.
I do believe that they're setting this young man up.
And how did you find out this information, Mr.
Deline? Well, I Mr.
Deline, you are limited to the evidence that the attorneys present to you.
You are a jury member not an investigator or advocate for either side.
You cannot visit locations relating to the case during your lunch break nor can you consult anyone about the case.
But Your Honor Mr.
Deline you will return to the courtroom, rejoin the jury and you will not use any of your findings in your decision on this case.
Yes, Your Honor.
And on a personal note I don't want to be here all night.
It's Valentine's Day, and I have plans.
Yes, Your Honor.
Thank you.
Bailiff, please escort them to the jury room.
We won.
Oh, honey.
I won! This is not good, is it? No, it's not.
So, everyone that thinks he's guilty? Put 'em up.
Not guilty.
I've loved you since the day I met you.
Okay? I want you to come away with me.
Ladies and gentlemen.
You've got it all wrong.
I would never do anything illegal.
So let me get this straight, you were just trying to cover your ass? I didn't think my wife's horse had a snowball's chance in hell of winning.
So the bets at the Montecito against your horse were what? I made the first bets at the Montecito so my wife wouldn't know.
I figured if I covered the field, at least I'd have a chance to break even.
And the $200,000 that you bet here at the track, on your horse? I placed that bet for my wife.
Okay, smarty-pants, explain to me why you sold the horse.
Made me an offer I couldn't refuse.
So all this was because you didn't want your wife to know you thought her horse was a dog? Oh, come on, it's Valentine's Day.
I think it's kind of romantic.
I think that Betty's ready to head on back to Vegas.
We got V.
Seating for the Pussycat Dolls' Valentine's show then dinner and a little swingers party.
Maybe you two would like to join us? First and most importantly, you can't even see who this guy is, let alone see a light wand in his hand.
But he's dressed like a stock boy.
So are dozens of others.
But he has a criminal record.
And the slot losses coincide with his employment record.
So, what you're all telling me is that without a shadow of a doubt this kid committed the crime.
You're going to keep us here all night, aren't you? Yeah, if I have to.
Chazz, Hal.
I can hear you walking.
You can run, Sammie, but you can't hide.
Here we go.
Now would you take this, Chazz and place it on this corner? Now it's slanted a little bit, you have to be careful.
Balance it right on the corner of that chair, the right hand corner.
Now, would you please do the same thing? You just hold your position.
You all please take notice of Hal's position here okay clearly to this side of the chair.
Chazz Chazz's position was here in the center because he's right handed.
The left-hander had to stand on this side.
Please let's note this picture.
You can see our thief is clearly on the right side of the machine.
Our kid, our suspect, is definitely right-handed.
He's not guilty.
Not guilty.
Is that Sam? What the hell is she doing? Whatever she's doing, she ain't doing it very well.
Love to stay and watch the train wreck, but I've got a hot Valentine's date.
Oh, really? I'm sorry.
I hate Valentine's Day.
Yeah, me too.
It's just too much pressure.
It's like if you haven't got a Valentine you feel like a total loser.
So what are you doing tonight? Are you asking me out? No, of course not.
I just thought we wouldn't look like such losers if we hung together.
Instead of being alone on Valentine's Day, but All right, I'm down with that.
We'd be just two friends who hate Valentine's Day hanging out together.
Right? Right.
Unless you wanna get busy.
Don't push it, mate.
I love you.
Is that what you wanna hear? Yeah, that's exactly what I wanna hear.
But I'm not going with you, Casey.
Have dinner with me tonight? No.
Why? Because no one should be alone on Valentine's Day.
You made this? Yeah, I made it.
I love it.
If I have dinner with you, you'll leave, right? Maybe.
No maybes.
Actually I was thinking about buying this place.
You ever figure out who gave you the gift? No.
Somebody's got a secret admirer.
Yeah, I guess I do.
You're not jealous, are you? No.
No? Really? 'Cause it sort of seems like you might be a Okay.
Maybe a little.
I only want what's best for you, Mary.
I always have.
Happy Valentine's Day.
You know, I can be pretty persuasive in my uniquely charming way.
Yes, you can.
I really couldn't just watch that kid go down, you know? I know.
What do you got in here, a cat? No.
I thought we would have a moonlight picnic dinner.
That's nice.
It's a little cold, though, isn't it? I have a blanket.
And I brought this.
Your present to me.
Where the heck did you get that? I took it from Mike.
You know he's really good at the surveillance part but needs a little work on the security.
Well, Happy Valentine's.
Come on.
So can I open my present now? No, not until after dinner.
Oh come on.