Las Vegas s02e19 Episode Script

One Nation, Under Surveillance

Excuse me, folks.
Excuse us.
Senator, I'm Ed Deline.
Welcome to Montecito.
Thank you.
Call me Billy, please.
I hear people say "Senator Cole," I start looking around for my father.
This is a lot of fuss over local politics.
I mean, what is this guy, a state senator? Who cares? Are you kidding? His father is the senior US senator for the state of Nevada and has been my whole life.
Around here, the Cole family, they're beloved.
Political royalty.
Kennedys in cowboy boots.
Southwestern aristocracy.
And he's totally hot.
What's up? Oh, nothing.
He's coming over.
How are you? Good.
Good to see you.
Good to see you.
I guess I should be calling you Senator now? Yeah.
So, long time.
How you been, Danny? Good.
You? Good.
I'm in town giving a speech, and I got this listening tour for the police departments across the state.
Senator, we should get back to the press.
Good to see you.
Good to see you.
Drop by the suite later, we'll catch up.
You know Billy Cole? Yeah, we served in the Corps together.
Look at you.
Okay, I'll check.
I just got a call.
Some guy wants to bet $180,000 on roulette.
One spin, red or black.
So, one spin for $180,000? Yeah, we'll take the bet.
Mike, would you please make sure that the Senator and his people are very well taken care of, okay? I'm all over it, boss.
Is there something going on between you two that I should know? No.
Mike? You were going this way.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
No problem.
Have a seat.
So, you have any trouble following her? No.
What do you got? Last few weeks, Sam leaves the Montecito goes to north Las Vegas, to the projects.
Yeah, and? Maybe it's nothing, but But what? The area is known for its major drug activity.
And knowing of your previous concerns of Ms.
Marquez' involvement with the Juárez cartel, I just Listen, I'll tell you what, Anna, I'll take it from here.
Thanks for coming, I'll speak to you real soon, okay? Sure.
So much media attention so early in his career, must be crazy.
I'm sure he's used to it by now.
Guy grew up in front of the camera.
I think he actually handles it pretty well.
You know him.
You think what people say is true? You think Billy Cole will be President someday? Could be.
I mean, he's certainly been raised for it.
I can't believe you served together.
But you gotta wonder what a guy like Cole would be doing in the Marines besides sort of padding his résumé.
I mean, like he was already running for President way back then.
Look, the guy's dedicated his life to public service.
In my book, that's a good thing.
Look, I don't mean that Look Billy Cole has been very good to me, okay? In fact, he saved my ass more than once.
Hon, I have to ask you a question.
Holt? I'm Dan.
We spoke on the phone.
The bet.
$180,000 on one spin of the roulette wheel.
I just wanted to say thanks.
You're welcome.
When I auctioned off all my belongings on eBay I never thought the hardest part of my plan would be finding a casino willing to take my wager.
Wait a second.
You auctioned off all your belongings on eBay? And you want to put it all on one spin of the roulette wheel? You do realize that roulette has the worst odds of any game in the house? I know.
Odds are my business, Ms.
What do you do? I'm an actuary.
I use statistical models and probability to determine insurance rates.
And though the odds are against you, you're willing to Risk everything on this long shot, yes, because all my life I've taken the safe path the middle road.
And you know what I've found out? What's that? It's boring.
If I have to live this safe, average life for another 40 years, I'll die of boredom.
So for once, I'm gonna do the opposite of what the odds say.
I'm gonna risk everything, and whatever the outcome at least I'll have had a real, genuine thrill at least once.
Luis, what are you up to? I just met with Senator Cole.
Yeah? You know he's working on a bill to increase police presence on Vegas streets by 20%? Doing sort of a listening tour with cops.
He's a good guy.
Have you seen Danny anywhere? I need to talk to him.
Try him on his cell.
I'll catch you later.
All right.
Danny, come on in.
Wanna grab that beer? Downstairs? With the press? Forget it.
Besides, I've got a long night of work ahead of me.
You know, the speech.
I thought you had people to write them for you.
Yeah, but I like to fine-tune everything myself.
So, how are Carol and the kids? Good.
The job keeps me away from them a little too much, but Necessary sacrifice.
So, how did you end up back in Vegas doing security? Surveillance and security at a multi-billion dollar company.
Well, just Interesting choice.
I just figured a mind like yours, capable of so much No.
I mean, I nominated you for OCS because I saw that exceptional promise.
Again, if there's anything that I can do for you in return No.
Congratulations on the Silver Star.
You heard? Yeah, through my father.
He's on the Senate Intelligence Committee.
What you did over there, Danny Proud of you.
There he is.
Start rolling.
Excuse me.
What is all this? Have you seen the paper? "Man bets his life at Montecito"? Sucker born every minute.
EBay guy.
The Mirror piece was picked up by the AP wire, and voila.
Overnight sensation.
All right, folks, give us some room here, please.
Thank you, give us some room.
What I'm proposing is a two-part television event, following this Everyman.
No, "Everyman" is better.
Anyway, we follow him as he "bets his life at the Montecito.
" Catchy title, huh? Yeah, thanks, but I don't think so.
Of course, we'll give you a generous location fee for shooting in your pits, close everything off.
Something in the neighborhood of, say, $10,000? "$10,000"? You see that pit? That generates five times that in five minutes.
And you want to shut down my entire casino? I don't think so.
No, thanks.
Gavin assured me himself.
Gavin Brunson? Yeah.
Your boss and I, we go way back.
Way back? You're 12.
Gavin loves the idea, assured me you'd make it happen, so Why don't you give him a call? Work it out.
Meantime, I have got locations to scout.
I don't think I'm liking this.
It's good publicity.
But I was thinking, what if Clayman loses? The Montecito'd look pretty awful if we took the poor bloke's life savings.
That is correct.
But maybe Okay, I got it.
No, I will, I'll do it.
Okay, bye.
Gunther said he can't meet you this morning.
Janklow's coming in tonight.
I have to go over his entire menu with Gunther today.
He has serious food allergies.
Dead whales are bad.
Don't worry, he said he can meet you around 3:00.
No, that doesn't work for me.
If you have to meet Gunther 3:00 is the only time he can do it.
I suggest you re-schedule.
Oh, really? I can't, because I have something very important to do.
You know what? I'll handle it.
Billy? Hey.
Is there someplace we can talk? Sure.
Yeah, of course.
I need your help.
What is it? I'm being blackmailed.
I swear to God, somebody set me up.
Last night after you left, I was in my suite working on my speech and this girl knocks on the door.
She's wearing a Montecito housekeeping uniform.
She asks me if I want turndown service.
So I let her in, I go back to work, and the next thing I know she's got her dress off and she's straddling me.
But your hands are all over her here.
I was trying to push her off, and I did.
And then I showed her the door.
Danny, somebody is trying to set me up.
It's one hell of a set-up, Billy.
The pictures were obviously taken outside the window at 27 floors up.
Someone sent her in there hoping I would take the bait.
So, what do you think they want? Money? No, they want me to drop out of the next election! Leave public life.
This is exactly when they do it, you know? The idea is to take out the rising stars before they make it to the national stage.
I never realized that state politics was so dirty.
My father's people warned me about this kind of thing.
Okay, I'll check the footage and see if we can ID her.
If we find her, we can find whoever hired her.
Thank you.
And Danny, needless to say This is between us.
Offering Clayman the floor car is a great idea, Ed.
Even if he loses, he wins.
And the Montecito looks very magnanimous.
I guess you're right.
He seems like a good guy.
Sweet, unassuming.
Hey, Dan.
Dan Clayman, Ed Deline.
Deline is President of Operations.
How you doing there, Dan? Hello.
Well, first of all, welcome to the Montecito, and I want you to know we're gonna try to make this experience of yours as pleasant as possible.
So we're gonna offer you I'm gonna have to interrupt you there, my friend.
Any offers for Mr.
Clayman go through me.
And you might be I'm his agent, Sandy Schultz.
His agent? So you have an offer for my client? Yeah.
In the event that Mr.
Clayman's spin at the roulette wheel is unsuccessful we are prepared to offer him Let's call it a consolation prize.
Which would have to be kept confidential.
Obviously we don't want to mess with the "prepared to lose everything" concept.
What's the prize? It's a vehicle.
What vehicle? A brand-new station wagon.
Whoa, whoa.
This thing must be on the fritz.
I thought I just heard you say "station wagon.
" Yes, I did.
All due respect, we've already been contacted by four other Strip hotels, all wanting a piece of the action.
We got heat, baby, and if you want a piece of this Flamin' Clayman Dan, Sandy.
Just call me Dan, okay? All I'm saying is, Dan Clayman is worth more to the Montecito than a station wagon, okay? Okay.
Could you excuse us, Justin? I checked the surveillance footage, and there's definitely something not right about this girl.
First of all, she entered the front door of the hotel wearing a Montecito housekeeping uniform.
So? A real employee would never do that.
They would enter through the employee entrance.
Plus she's obviously wise to the surveillance cameras.
She was wearing dark glasses and never allowed her face to be photographed.
Boy, I knew politics could be a dirty business but I did not think my opponents would stoop this low.
Can't wait to find out who's behind this.
Without a positive ID on the girl, I'm afraid the surveillance footage is a dead end.
So we've got nothing? I didn't say that.
Look, if you're serious about finding whoever's behind this there is somebody else that I think we should bring in.
Can I trust him? I do.
That's good enough for me.
This is them, hold on.
So you tell people when they're gonna die? Even I know not to use that as an opening line.
Could you maybe tell me? Well, I'd need to know some stuff about you first.
Yeah? Like what? Where you grew up, for starters.
Vegas girl, born and bred.
What else? Well, there's employment information.
Director of Special Events right here at the Montecito.
Marital status? Single.
Yeah, I was engaged to this guy, Danny.
Actually, he works here at the hotel.
Maybe you met him? I don't think so.
We were best friends all our lives.
And when we finally took the next step I just wanted it to work so badly I was, you know, afraid that I was just afraid.
Look, Mary, I've gotta be honest.
Without a detailed actuarial questionnaire, a family medical history I couldn't tell you how long you've got.
Even then, it would be just an estimate.
But I can tell you this.
However long it might be don't lead your life being afraid to take risks.
It took me a while, but I finally figured out: "Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
" But a Vegas girl like you should know that better than anyone.
I should, shouldn't I? Do me a favor.
Sit in this chair, the same as in the photos.
From this angle, if we extrapolate the approximate distance from which the photo was taken Photos had to have been taken from right about here.
It's a nice place for a stakeout.
You're going to some great lengths to help this guy, Danny.
I know what it's like to be falsely accused of sexual misconduct so if there's anything that I can do to prove this guy's innocence I'm gonna do it.
Definitely seems like you got something to prove.
Not certain it's Cole's innocence, though.
What's the story with you two? I was fresh out of boot camp when I first got deployed.
I was in a war zone.
I was scared, 18.
And Cole kind of took me under his wing.
Looked out for me, made me a Marine.
He's a good guy, and he's done a lot of good for the people of this state.
I just wanna see that work continue.
It's an admirable sentiment, but you gotta admit those pictures look pretty bad.
But if taken out of context, who knows, right? If we could just get a complete picture of what went on in that room maybe we could prove that Cole's telling the truth.
Yeah, the facade of the Montecito is reflective by day.
And at night, if the interior lights aren't on.
And this building's reflective, too, right? Most in Vegas are.
Cuts down on air conditioning costs.
You're thinking we can get a reflected image of what went on in Cole's suite.
I don't know, it's worth a shot.
Let's check the surveillance footage.
No, you excuse me, Gavin.
Look, you hired me to run this place, so I'm either in charge or I'm not.
Now, if I am, this has gotta be my call.
Thank you.
Listen, you have got to let Clayman stay and spin.
I was just talking to him, and his story, it is so inspiring.
I mean, look at me, look at my life.
I've always been too afraid to make any changes.
Why do you think I never left Vegas? Did you see Sam? It is because I have been so scared to lose what I already have.
That's why I broke it off with Danny.
I was scared that if things didn't work out, I'd lose him as a friend, too.
But I never thought about what might be gained, you know? And talking to Clayman made me realize that life is all about taking risks.
"Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
" You see Sam? Yeah, you just missed her.
You might catch her out in the employee parking lot.
Did she say where she was headed? No, you know Sam, never tells anybody anything.
See you.
It was nice talking to you.
Anything? I pulled footage from all our exterior surveillance cameras including the roof, plus got traffic camera footage.
And? I can't get the right angle.
It was a long shot, anyway.
All right, I'm gonna go tell Cole we couldn't help him.
I asked you to come up to my office.
Did you need something? I needed you to come up to my office.
Where are you going? Right.
Just this thing I have to take care of.
What thing? It's personal.
Why are you asking me all these questions? Is everything okay, Sam? Yeah, I'm okay.
Are you okay? Yeah, I'm okay.
I gotta go.
Hey, Greg, stop.
Let me borrow your car, okay? The last time you did, you wrecked it.
Get out.
Come on.
All right.
Hang on.
What? Real quick.
You plan on working today? They're brand new.
Did you find anything? No.
The best we've got so far is the hallway surveillance footage of her arriving at 10:07, leaving at 10:16.
Nine minutes isn't much time.
A lot can happen in nine minutes.
Danny, you couldn't find anything? No concrete leads.
What about the maid's uniform? You can't track it? Pointless.
You can get one at any uniform supply shop in town.
Look, if you didn't do anything why don't you just hold a press conference saying that you've been set up? Okay.
Between us the last thing I need to do is shine a spotlight on my personal life right now.
Carol and I With all the traveling that both of us do I'm not gonna lie, we've had some rough patches.
But these pictures, this girl I did not do this.
Am I a saint? Lord, no.
But I've done a hell of a lot of good for the people of this state and I would hate to think that something like this would ruin that.
But thanks for trying.
This came for you.
Thank you.
It looks to me like the photos were digital stills taken from a video.
I'm sorry, this footage isn't any less ambiguous than the photos were.
What do you mean? I mean, he could be pushing her away.
But he could be groping her.
I don't see how this tape is gonna do anything to exculpate him.
No? Check it out.
What? We got a shot of her face.
Can you enhance this image? Done.
And now all we gotta do is cross-check with the DMV and we should have our girl.
Oh, no.
What? She's 16.
Mindy Distassi.
She's 16 years old.
Damn it, Danny.
I mean, this It's despicable.
But then I got to thinking back in the day, you always did kind of like them young.
Come on, Danny, we were kids.
18 years old.
No, I was 18.
You were 25.
We were young.
It was another life.
I'm a father now.
I have a daughter of my own.
You don't think I'm capable? I swear on my children.
Hey, it's me.
You get it? Yes.
What the hell is going on here? Who are you, man? No! Jamal, he's okay.
Who's he? That's my boss.
That's your boss? Yeah.
You sure? Oh, yeah.
He don't look like I pictured him.
I thought he'd be bigger.
I'm her boss.
Ed Deline, President of the Montecito.
Floyd, seventh grade.
How you doing, J.
? Look what Sam gave me 'cause I did so well on my report card.
She says it's positive reinforcement.
Positive what? Positive reinforcement.
That means she'll only pay the bill as long as I keep getting "A's" and "B's.
" See, it's just like hers.
So when I grow up and become a casino host I can keep track of all my contacts.
You want to be one of my contacts? Yeah, sure.
How do you spell "Deline"? "D" Sweetie, Jamal's gonna show you how to spell "Deline.
" Just one second, all right? What are you doing here? What are you doing here? None of your business.
It is my business.
She's my little sister.
Your little sister? Yes, she's Not her real sister.
Her little sister, as in the Big Brother Big Sister program.
Jeez, don't you know anything? No, apparently not.
I'm looking for Mindy Distassi.
Join the club.
She doesn't live here? Used to.
Haven't seen her in about three months.
Are you her mother? Afraid so.
Any idea where she might be? She in trouble? Well, I hope not.
I think that she's involved with an escort service and might be in over her head.
I just wanted to help her out.
Called here about three weeks ago.
She wouldn't say where she was but I got that number off caller ID.
Thank you.
Cindy? Dan McCoy.
How's my favorite phone company employee? Good.
Yeah, actually I do need a favor.
I've got a phone number.
I need an address.
Dan, wait till you see this.
Go ahead, show it to him, honey.
That looks great.
Go ahead with the licensing agreements.
Wait a minute.
I never approved these.
"Flamin' Clayman"? I told you it sounds Stupid.
Is there a problem here? No, no problem.
Then what the hell's with the lights and cameras and everything? We don't have an agreement as yet.
Gavin assured me we could work things out.
We're thinking, since the Montecito is obviously profiting from my client's presence, that the spin itself should be no-risk.
So even if he loses, he's not liable.
That right? Yeah.
Dan, we could use you over here.
Wait a minute.
Dan, we need you.
They need you.
Danny, this is important.
Dan, it's part of the deal! Get your client back here, please.
This is not a good time.
That was pretty rough out there.
Sit down.
Like a drink? Yeah.
I think I could use one.
You know Mary told me a little about why you're doing this.
Sit down.
I just wanted to say that wanting to experience the thrill of risking it all, well I think that's very brave.
You do? Yes, I do.
On the other hand, though On the other hand, what? It's not very brave if there's nothing at stake though, is it? I mean, that's what what's-his-name there, Sandy, was trying to negotiate.
But he's just trying to protect you, I guess.
He's not trying to protect me, he's trying to protect his commission.
We just met.
He doesn't know me, or care about what I want.
What is it that you want? I want what I came here for.
I wanna bet everything I have on one spin of the roulette wheel.
No safety nets, no endorsement deals no consolation prizes.
I wanna risk it all.
Well, I think that can be arranged.
And good luck.
Thank you.
Mindy Distassi? Yeah, that's me.
We need to talk.
Buddy, whether you want to talk or anything else the hourly rate is still the same.
Who hired you to send Mindy to Sen.
Cole's I don't know! Tell me, or I swear to God, I'll kill you.
I'm serious, I don't know who the guy was.
I got a phone call.
He asked for a young girl, under 18.
I took the payment in cash in the parking lot.
Convenience store on Flamingo.
So does this mean you don't wanna do anything? Yeah, I do wanna do something.
Really? Come on, I'm taking you to your mother.
I just wanted to say good luck.
Thanks, Ed.
Red! Red! Eight, black.
So here's the convenience store parking lot.
Yeah, that's the guy, right there.
Zoom in on that car.
Not with this type of raw footage, these old security cameras Zoom in on the car, zoom in on the license plate.
I can't make it out.
Enhance it.
Run a filter or something.
Dude, I told you, I can't, not with this Wait.
We need to talk.
About my little sister You know, I really think it's great that you're doing that.
What you saw today, I need you to keep that to yourself.
I have an image to uphold.
I can do that.
I mean, I can trust you, right? Yeah, of course.
Yeah, so then why were you following me? Listen, it doesn't matter.
I can't keep looking over my shoulder all the time.
I know.
I'm really very sorry, Sam.
I was wrong.
Yeah, you were wrong.
But you kind of gotta keep this to yourself because I have an image to uphold.
You want to explain to me why you're blackmailing the Senator? There must be some kind of mistake.
No, no mistake.
We've got tape of him paying off the girl's pimp.
Justin? You think I don't know what you've been doing? It's my job to be unobtrusive, to be here when you need something and to go unnoticed when you don't.
It looks like I've been doing my job a little too well because you've gotten awfully careless with your behavior, Senator.
I don't know what you're You know exactly what I'm talking about! The underage girls are a habit with him.
What? Have you lost your mind? I've got phone numbers of girls in Laughlin, Reno, Henderson, you name it.
He paid for some of the escort services using his credit card.
Once he even asked me for a little petty cash to cover it.
I got plenty of circumstantial evidence but I never had anything concrete.
That's why I set this up.
Detective! This is ridiculous.
You heard him himself, he set me up.
Sir, put your hands behind your back.
It's disgusting, what you do, Senator.
And then you go out there in front of the whole world pretending to be a family man? Come on.
I trusted him.
I owe you, Danny.
I'm having what he's having.
Okay, boss.
It's just water.
I don't have any money left, remember? About that Something came for you.
$180,000? You're giving me my money back? No.
Casinos can't do that.
That's your fee for the TV special.
But I thought, I mean I was prepared to lose everything, that was the point.
I told Sandy I didn't want any money, I thought that was the deal.
Yeah, well, I made a new deal.
No commission.
I can't believe this.
I don't know how to thank you.
I thought my life was so boring, but these last few hours all I could think about was how to get back what I had before.
Yeah? Well, get on the Internet and start buying your stuff back.
No, I'm not talking about my things.
I'm talking about my life.
My safe, boring life.
I guess losing everything made me appreciate what I already had.
Yeah, that's what usually happens.
Anyway Buy him a drink.
Will do.
See you, Dan.
Heard about Clayman.
That's great.
Nice guy.
He didn't quite know what he wanted.
You do? Yeah, I do.
What What do I want? You? You would like to meet your secret admirer.
You know about that? That surprises you? Not really.
He wants to meet me for a drink.
So what are you thinking? I don't know.
You know, I'm curious.
He seems like a really nice guy.
Like a perfect guy.
On the other hand, maybe he's an ax murderer.
So Would you like me to come along with you? Would you? Yeah, it'd be my pleasure.
Thank you.
I ordered you a cup of tea.
Thank you.
How did you know I'd be passing through? Based on the floor schedule, I figured you'd be taking a break right about now.
Transversing Bella Sera is the most direct route to the employee lounge, so Impressive.
You know, you look particularly beautiful today.
Thank you.
That was pretty funny the other day when Ed caught us smiling at each other.
Yeah, I couldn't help myself.
Yeah, me neither.
I kept flashing on that story you told me about when you had the runs on an airplane.
Yeah, that's a That's an embarrassing story that I tell every once in a while but only to my real close friends, though.
And I have been thinking about that.
About me being your friend.
About how the last few weeks we've become much better friends.
Yeah, I guess we've been hanging out more.
The thing is, Ness, guys Just being friends with a girl is cool and all but usually it's just this level: Friend.
When it gets up to this level, we start asking ourselves "What would it be like to sleep with her?" Exactly.
I told you already, I'm really not looking for a serious relationship right now.
Read you loud and clear.
Yeah, I get that.
But I just thought, you know if we could just get that pesky question out of the way we could be even better friends.
Friends for the ages.
We have sex one time? Just get it out of the way.
It's kind of like when you got a pebble in your shoe.
Once you get rid of it, everything gets real comfortable again.
And, not to be immodest, but let's just say I don't think anyone has ever left the Cannon boudoir disappointed.
I'll think about it, Mike.
Hey, Danny, what's up? Here.
You should take a look at these.
Justin, Cole's assistant, must've sent those to me just before he got busted.
Oh, God.
You think this kid's telling the truth? Yeah.
Some of these girls can't be more than 15, 16, at the most.
I'd have given my life for that guy.
Danny, I wanna ask you about your deployment.
No, Luis.
It's been a rough day, I don't feel like talking.
My reserve unit's been called up.
I'll be in Iraq within the week.
I need to know what I'm getting into.
Let's grab a beer.