Las Vegas s02e20 Episode Script

Hit Me!

Who is that? I want some of that.
Check that out.
That guy's hot! You must be "the" Samantha Marquez.
Man, oh man, Dad never told me what a knockout you were.
I was really sorry to hear about your father passing away.
Thanks a lot.
I see you're wearing his lucky suit.
You look hot in polyester.
He won $300,000 in one stretch in this bad boy, so when I was packing up his things and came across it I figured what the hell, right? You need a marker? No, Dad was a cash man.
He always said "Markers are for chumps.
" Let's start small.
I got all weekend.
Hit me.
What's up? I just finished the quarterly review of our new smart table.
So, how did we test against the other hotels? Over the last few months, the table's computer identified seven card counters and three players who tried to cap their bets.
You know what? You ought to be careful because these new tables could cost your job.
Not a problem, as long as I get a promotion.
I hear that President of Operations is a pretty easy gig.
It is actually.
Watch this.
You're fired.
I wouldn't switch over the entire casino just yet.
The table wasn't perfect.
It didn't catch him.
That guy? Yeah, him.
Comes in every few days during off hours, only plays the smart table.
Keeps his bets low so he doesn't attract attention.
Wins a few thousand, then he leaves.
If people didn't win here, we would be out of business.
The problem is he wins a few thousand every time he plays.
Since when? Since the day we turned the table on.
So who is he? You don't know him.
Of course I don't know him because you won't tell me his name.
If I tell you, then he won't be a secret admirer then, now will he? He's ugly, isn't he? Ugly and you still like him and that's why you won't tell me his name.
I haven't even met him yet.
I'm so sorry.
Excuse me.
I don't mean to pry.
Is everything okay? Well, I just I thought my husband was staying here, but he's not.
And I drove all the way up from Phoenix.
Is he supposed to be here? Well, Grant, that's my husband, he didn't come home from work last night.
The credit card company said that there was some activity on his account this morning at the Montecito.
But I just tried to call his room on the house phone and the operator said there's no Grant Potter registered.
Well, did you report him missing? The police say he hasn't been gone long enough to file a report.
I'm sure everything's okay.
Maybe you've seen him? No, sorry.
No, I'm sorry.
If someone else is using his credit cards and Grant hasn't called me, I just know something terrible's happened to him.
I don't know what I would do without him.
Oh, goodness.
Crissy says it is not like Grant to disappear like this.
She's worried he's the victim of a robbery or something.
I'll run a search to see when we swiped his credit card.
Then I will check surveillance footage and compare it with his photo.
Okay? Thank you.
What do you got going, Danny? Bill Healy, 32, a high school football coach from Pahrump.
Three months ago, he'd have had to take out a loan to finance a hot dog.
Last week, he bought a red Corvette with cash.
What do you think? He's counting the 10s or something? I don't know how.
He changes the bet at the beginning of every shoe and only ups his bet when the cards favor him.
Now check this out.
Thirty-five hands in this particular shoe.
If he plays textbook blackjack he'll will win 24 of those 35 hands.
$75 each bet.
Another shuffled shoe, this time the Montecito wins 21 of 30.
Now he's only betting 25.
Did you check the shuffling machines on the table? Stripped it this morning.
Everything works perfectly.
How about the dealers? We tracked their movements with multiple cameras.
How come we haven't flagged this guy till now? The table belongs to Desert Gaming Technologies.
They're the ones that are tracking its play.
You think we got another psychic on our hands? Psychic, my ass.
Look, this guy only knows how the cards are going to play out when he's sitting alone with the dealer.
You want me to shut down the table, backroom him? No.
I just got to figure out how this guy's reading these cards.
So, for now, we just let him win? Yeah.
Well, I mean, unless he gets really greedy and starts winning more than a few grand.
At which point, I want you to drag him out to the desert and shoot him.
The good old days.
Is that your whale in the leisure suit? Bobby Santoro.
His father was a long-time client and a degenerate gambler.
I think it's genetic.
Left it all to junior, hey? Oh, yes.
He's cheating.
Impossible, completely impossible.
Well, it's happening.
I have file encryption, directory encryption Master Boot encryption, firewall protection public and private keys.
How could you suspect that a foolproof system Nessa ran a review of the table, okay? Nessa? Yes.
She does a remarkable job.
Yes, she does.
So, is there any way for someone playing 21 to read that shoe? Not unless somebody broke my encryption scheme, remotely monitored my radio frequencies, which is virtually impossible.
Does she have a boyfriend? Who? Nessa.
She dating someone? Your guess is as good as mine.
My guess.
So, I found out who's using Grant Potter's credit card.
Who? Grant Potter.
So he's not a victim? Not dead in a ditch somewhere? He's probably gonna wish he was when Crissy finds out.
Turns out, Grant checked in under another name which leads me to believe the man doesn't want to be found.
We have to tell her.
She thinks something terrible happened to her husband.
So you want to out him? Yes! No.
No, you don't.
Yes, he's thoughtless, and he's insensitive, and she should know.
This is a domestic situation.
It's none of our business.
Plus, we owe our guests some discretion.
Hotel policy.
You got it? You need some help? No, I got it.
You make sure to set the wand to search for digital and Analog radio waves, including microwave and digital FM.
Mike, you're not the only one who knows how to use this thing.
It helps if you turn it on.
I know.
I was just testing you because I'm your boss.
I'm your boss, and it's my job to keep you sharp and test you.
I'm a tester.
Let me check it out.
I'm not getting anything from the table.
I know.
I already knew that.
But there is something coming from outside the casino.
Can you estimate the approximate proximity? Of the waves? Assuming this just isn't another test, boss.
Roll's to you, sir.
Come on, baby.
Do it for Mama! Five! Do you mind? Who made you king of the table? Just don't hover over my chips, all right? I don't steal, honey.
I don't need to.
I'm very comfortable.
She has a fabulous condo.
Good for her.
Guy buys polyester at a garage sale acts as if he is the prince of Saudi Arabia.
Everything okay here? Hey, I didn't buy this at a garage sale, lady.
This is my father's lucky suit.
He died.
Yeah, well you should've buried him in it.
That's not nice.
Do you have to be nice to play here? Nobody told me at the door.
Well, I'm telling you now.
Excuse me.
Just who the hell are you? I'm the one who is about to throw you out on your drunk, saggy asses.
Sam, it's not worth it.
They're just a couple of lushes.
Bite me, your Highness.
I told you we should have stayed at the Rio.
Bobby, I am so sorry.
Don't be sorry, Sam.
It's probably a sign.
You know, I shouldn't be here.
Gambling was Dad's thing.
Maybe I wasn't meant to be a gambler.
This is just a little wine.
It's gonna come out.
You think so? Yes.
I do think this is a sign, in fact.
I think this is a sign that you should not be playing craps today.
Were you winning? Actually, no.
Do you know what this wine is saying? This wine is saying, "Bobby, tomorrow is your lucky day.
" So what'll I do till tomorrow? Do you like Elton John? The Rocket Man? Who doesn't? Come with me.
Hey, Crissy? Did you find out anything about Grant? Yes.
We found out he's okay.
He's not hurt or dead.
So, you know.
So where is he? Well, it's sort of hard to say.
Yeah, see, Grant checked in under another name.
So we can't really officially tell you what that name is.
We want to.
It's just hotel policy.
But Is this awkward for anyone else? Yeah.
Yeah, it is.
But you have to tell me.
Listen, here's the truth.
I didn't say it before because I was sort of embarrassed.
But Grant and I got in a huge fight yesterday.
That's why he left.
So he's either thinking things through or trying to punish you.
I really hurt him.
And if I could just talk to him.
If we could just talk.
If I could apologize.
If you could give me that chance I think you'd probably be saving my marriage.
I have an idea.
What if you checked in? That's perfect.
That way, you're already here, and if you just happen to run into Grant then Delinda and I haven't broken any rules.
The run-in's fate.
Okay, come on.
Let's go.
That's really good, Mar.
Thank you.
I felt good about it.
Have you checked for sub-frequency responses? Phasing the radio waves would create additional ghost images.
Not unless you filtered them with ultra-sonic inhibitors.
That's assuming the device was leaking narrow band transmissions.
Any idea what they're talking about? No, not a clue.
Not a clue.
I'm just waiting for one of their heads to explode.
Hey, I was thinking, if Nessa isn't seeing anyone maybe you could ask her out for me.
Yeah, I already asked her, Adam, and she's not interested.
Will you do me a favor and take that light off your head, please? Sorry, Ed.
So, was it a definitive "no," or did she maybe pause first? Adam, I don't think that Nessa's Are you going to tell me that the odds of Nessa liking me are extremely small perhaps microscopic? Is subatomic smaller than microscopic? I don't know.
Danny, I gotta believe that if life on Earth can be created from lightning and primordial soup, I figure anything's possible.
You know something, Danny? There are some girls who do go for the brains.
That's how I got Jillian.
What's with the head shake, wise guy? Nothing.
Adam, I know for a fact Nessa's kind of involved with someone.
Really? Yep.
Hey, guys.
Found something.
Damn, how did I miss that? Someone slipped a transmitter into the wiring.
Looks like it has at least a five city block range.
So, I only get to search eight casinos a dozen restaurants a 100,000 hotel rooms to find out who's here.
I have a plan.
We take two extra guys off the floor.
We search the entire Strip, and we find that damn thing before 2018.
He's kidding.
Wait, why is there still a stain? What can I say? Polyester, it's very unforgiving.
No, so is my whale.
This is why I always say, order the white.
A buttery chardonnay, a nice pouilly fuissé, n'est pas? N'est pas, Vidal.
We're a family here at the Montecito, yes? Certainly for the fam, you can try to get it out one more time for me? Samantha.
For the famille, I tried twice already.
Trois! No.
I'm sorry, but this couture is kaput.
So what are we going to do about the transmitter? It doesn't really matter.
Wherever the information was sent from it still has to be sent to the floor to be effective.
We've scanned Bill.
He's clean.
Doesn't even have a cellphone.
That doesn't mean somebody else isn't signaling him.
I thought Crissy would've been staking out the elevators by now.
This is where I stalk guys.
What goes up must come down.
You're a little scary.
I know.
Poor Crissy, you know? She was probably up all night just tossing and turning.
Looks like Grant was tossing and turning all night, too.
Come on.
What are we going to do? We're going to go give him a piece of our minds.
What's up? Apparently Grant Potter.
But not with his wife.
I thought we agreed not to get involved in domestic issues? Oh, yeah.
We did.
And on behalf of all women, we have decided to ignore you.
Now, I might be a man, but I am a romantic at heart.
And it gives me no pleasure to see a marriage fail.
But getting involved? Now, how do you know you're not going to make things worse? You know, maybe Mike's right.
We just let Crissy find this out on her own? Yeah.
But then we're there for her.
You know, to pick up all the millions of tiny little broken pieces.
There you go.
Well, if we're still on shift, yeah.
Elton John was terrific.
Third row, center.
I was right about the wine and the sign Wait a minute.
Where's my suit? Your suit's almost ready.
Wait, what do you mean, almost? You said first thing in the morning.
Oh, yeah.
You know, our dry cleaner, he's such a perfectionist, and he thought your suit was so special he wanted to make sure that nothing ever happened to it again.
He liked the suit? Yeah.
He's going to spray this special solution.
It's a fine mist, really and it sinks into the fabric in such a way that it causes your body to It's complicated.
I don't wanna bore you with details.
But, obviously we need to wait for the mist to dry.
You mean, like Scotchgard? Yeah, but better, because it's French.
I guess it's all right.
So, while we're waiting for it to dry shouldn't you be rock-climbing at the Bellagio? How'd you know I was a rock-climber? Your father told me.
Tell me you found something.
Took me forever but I ran VideolQ and facial recognition on everyone within eyeshot of Bill over the past two months.
No indication that he had any help of any kind at all.
Except maybe Adam Clemo.
Adam could've planted the transmitter as a misdirect.
Yeah, listen.
Run another security check on him.
Maybe we missed something the first time.
And then run through all that footage again, would you? I already did all that, Ed.
Where you going? Me? I'm going to have a drink.
Danny! Hey, Michael.
You hear of the expression, "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas?" Me? Maybe you haven't heard the variation of that expression.
"What happens in Vegas does not stay in Vegas, if your wife is in the hotel.
" Am I supposed to know what the hell you're talking about? I'm talking about Crissy.
Careful, there.
Crissy is here? Yeah.
She's definitely here.
How do you know Crissy? God.
What the hell am I going to do? She must be pissed, huh? Well, I don't know her.
But if I may offer some unsolicited advice find your wife before she finds you and talk to her.
I don't want to see her.
Listen, dude, if this marriage thing isn't working out man up and tell her.
It's really not that simple.
Well, maybe it is that simple.
Men are just genetically predisposed to cheat.
I might never marry again, Mar.
Unless he's really rich and hot.
Or really rich and old with a smidge of angina.
I'll bite.
He can't take Viagra.
You really think these things through, don't you? Yeah.
I try.
Big problem.
What's wrong? My client, Bobby Santoro Robert Santoro's here? No, he's dead.
It's his son.
How sad.
Robert Santoro died.
Yeah, you knew him? No, but I'm a water sign.
We're really sensitive people.
He wore his father's favorite lucky leisure suit to gamble in.
Some drunk woman poured Merlot all over it.
'72 polyester, and I can't get the stain out.
Any supermodel ideas? Yes.
Here's one I can help out with.
I know where you can get a new one just like it.
No! Yeah.
What? I'm just as sensitive about the good stuff.
Anything? No.
I ran surveillance footage on Adam again.
The guy's spotless.
He doesn't even drink.
But I do.
I'll have what he's having.
Bring him a water.
Take a look at his right hand.
His right hand? The one on his right arm.
Every time a new shoe comes he puts his right hand in the same spot on the table.
Maybe the table's sending him a signal.
Yeah, maybe.
Maybe he found a new way to cheat.
Elvis left the building.
Diverting the surveillance cameras now.
Danny, the tables are hidden from Adam.
So, did you rig the shoes? Yeah.
Assuming there's only one player.
The cards in this one should favor the house.
I don't feel a thing.
Let's switch this one for the one that favors the players.
How about frequency spikes around the table? Mike and I checked for any abnormal electronic frequencies.
The whole area's clean.
All right.
Go ahead.
Now? Nothing.
I guess this means that Adam's the one that's initiating the signal.
I guess one of us is going to have to pretend to be Bill.
I'll send Mike.
That's right, you better bring her a present.
Where's he going? He's wussing out.
Cold feet.
He's over it.
Maybe not.
I thought you said we shouldn't get involved.
I did.
So if I didn't say anything, and Mary didn't say anything how's Grant know where to find Crissy? I don't know.
Must be fate.
Thank you all.
Good night! Good show.
Went well.
Excuse me.
I'm sorry to bother you.
I'm Samantha Marquez, a host at the Montecito.
Hi, Samantha.
Please, do me a favor, call me Tony.
Listen, I have a little bit of a problem and Mary Connell, entertainment director she thought you might be able to help me out with it.
Need some tickets? Yes.
I do need tickets.
That's great.
Not a problem.
Thank you so much.
There's something else I'd like to discuss with you.
I have this '72 vintage leisure suit.
It belongs to one of my high rollers.
It has a wine stain on it.
The cleaners can't get it out and it has sentimental value.
I just thought, you being you maybe you could possibly lend me your tailor, your costumer, anybody.
You know, why does everybody think that I wear leisure suits, Samantha? I mean, does this truthfully Just look at me.
Does this look like a leisure suit to you? That does not look like a leisure suit to me.
That looks like a beautiful mohair tuxedo of impeccable quality, I might add.
There you go.
I meant no disrespect.
Please, it's fine.
It's just that, you know, you spend decades trying to perfect your act perfect your persona.
And then along comes Saturday Night Live.
Does some sketch with you in some frilly freaking powder blue prom tux which is, by the way, something I would never wear.
No, you would never do that.
No, and I can see by you saying that you're not part of this polyester smear campaign.
But the truth is, Sam, I'm asked this question all the time.
And I guess that would make me some kind of an expert, huh? So, I do think I can help you out.
Really? So, did they find the guy with the transmitter? Yeah, we're running a search upstairs right now.
Ed thinks that the receiver might be in one of the hotel rooms.
Did you talk to Nessa again? Yeah.
Yeah, you know what? I was wrong.
She digs you.
I knew it! I just got a sense.
Sometimes it's not what you say, it's what you don't say.
And since we never said anything to each other there's this sort of unspoken Nothingness.
How we doing? So far, so good.
The camera's almost in place.
Danny and Adam just left the casino.
You got 10 minutes to swap tables.
Right, Ed.
We're making the switch.
It looks like you guys worked everything out.
We did.
And we have you and Delinda to thank for it.
Don't we, sweetheart? Yeah, and the guy in the john.
Guy in the john? The black guy.
I didn't catch his name.
I guess every relationship has its rough patches.
But love always prevails.
We talked it out and we made some promises to one another.
And I think everything's going to be good from now on.
You bet it is.
Turn the table to face the door.
Can I help you, little lady? Mr.
I certainly hope so.
Five Emmys.
Barney Fife, right? When I was a kid, my mom used to Say, is that a '72? Yes.
I got one exactly like it.
It's got wine on it! Moving into position.
Back so soon? Yeah, I was feeling lucky.
Gee, that's funny.
So was I.
Come on.
Let's have a chat, huh? Somebody's having fun tonight.
What happened to you? Where's Crissy? I need your help.
I need protection.
From who? From Crissy.
What did you just say? One minute, we are cuddling in the gondola at the Venetian.
Then we get back up to the room, and wham! She hit you? That's why I left in the first place.
My wife, she has a problem with rage.
So you're saying that Crissy hits you? Crissy kicks my ass.
I thought things would get better, but they only got worse.
I'm sorry, but I have to ask.
You know, you're a pretty big guy and Crissy, she's a little bitty thing.
You're wondering how could she kick my ass? Well, yeah.
One word.
It's very empowering.
You wanna see me break something in half? When we first got married, I convinced Crissy to take a self-defense course.
She was so tiny and delicate.
So sweet and so dumb.
I only feel safe when she's asleep.
When she's awake, she goes from nice and sweet to Wow.
You considered counseling? Counseling? I don't think Crissy would go for it.
Well, have you ever asked her? Yeah, about 100 times.
But you still want to be with her? You know the whole Yeah.
I was only with that other woman because I wanted some tenderness.
You know, to touch a woman that wasn't trying to fracture my skull.
But Crissy's the one I love.
What can I say? I love him.
You just have a very unusual way of showing it.
Crissy, you got to stop kicking his ass.
Mary, it's like when you hold a tiny kitten and it's so cute.
You just want to squeeze it.
I love Grant that much.
And sometimes, I just can't control myself.
You are going to have to start standing up for yourself.
You've got to start setting some boundaries, my friend.
Boundaries? With Crissy? I promise you, she will respect you for it.
Listen to Delinda.
Have a seat.
Won't you? Thanks, Greg.
You can guard your golf clubs now.
Well? Far as I can tell, you've got nothing on me.
You are currently correct, sir.
Then why am I here? You are here Because you're gonna show me how you cheat.
That's me.
Again, you are correct.
That is you yesterday.
And that is Adam and Danny right now.
Thanks for the advice about Nessa.
I'm formulating my battle plan as we speak.
All right.
Cool, then.
Got it.
Just Okay.
Take care.
This won't prove anything.
Adam might see me gambling, but he'll know it's not me gambling now.
Why is that? Because the cards are different? Or maybe the video won't match? Gee whiz! Looks like the right cards to me.
We're coming up on the last hand.
You need to hit me one more time.
We're reshuffling.
When we're done here, maybe we could get some dinner? Twice in one week.
I thought you had a rule? I don't have a rule.
Maybe you're confusing my rule with your rule.
I don't have a rule.
Dinner it is then.
What's the next shoe? It favors the players 23 hands to 32.
I feel something.
He's sending a tiny electrical signal through the table.
We got him.
You got me.
What do you want? A confession might be nice, huh? Well, I guess your little romance with Nessa is gonna have to wait.
Come on.
You're here! Yeah, I just got back a little while ago.
You've been rock-climbing for a while? Actually, no.
I met this guy on toehold next to me.
Really nice.
And he and his wife, they invited me to go with them to the art exhibit at the Bellagio.
You ever been? It's amazing.
They got "Man-ets" and "Mon-ets" and "Cezannees.
" Yeah, it's great.
Check it out.
I tipped the guy $100.
He let me ride for an hour straight.
Did you go to Cirque de Soleil? Yeah, the new show, Ka.
They got this thing called the "Wheel of Death.
" It's really more like guys in tights running on giant hamster wheels but it's still pretty cool.
I'm glad you had a good time.
It's about to get better.
Wow, you can't even tell.
Try it on? No.
That's okay.
Yeah, it's your lucky suit.
You can't gamble without your lucky suit.
You know, Sam? I I think I'm done with gambling.
No, that's not good.
Yeah, it is good because you opened my eyes to a whole new Vegas with the restaurants and the shops and the museums.
And then there's the burro trip! The burro trip.
Yeah, it leaves in an hour.
They take you out to all the old silver mines and you ride the whole way on a burro.
You know what I believe? I believe that gambling is in your blood.
Don't you feel that way? You're your father's son, and your father loved craps, right? And you love craps.
Remember the other day? Your grandfather loves craps, Bobby.
See, here's the thing, Sam.
My dad, as much as I loved him he was sort of obsessed with gambling.
Up big, then broke again.
I'm sure you saw he had a problem, Sam.
Do you really think I should be making the same mistakes? Bobby, you know it's my job to get people to stay at the tables, right? I don't think you should be making the same mistakes.
And if you tell anybody I said that, I'll deny it.
Thank God, I didn't think you'd understand.
Yeah, unfortunately, I do.
I still think you should wear this.
Why? What for? Because I'm gonna pick you up in 12 hours.
After the burro thing.
Can I keep this? Yeah, sure.
Could you please have the valet bring my wife's car around? Hey, Grant.
Hey! Where's Crissy? She's still upstairs packing.
You look like a new man.
I take it you took my advice? I did, and, you know, I think for the first time that woman upstairs respects me.
We are so happy for you.
For both of you.
I think, things are gonna be different from now on.
I really do.
That's great.
I wanted you ladies to have this.
We don't accept gratuity.
No, take it.
I mean, just as a symbol of my appreciation.
You two saved me.
I'm gonna go and wait for Crissy in the car.
You have a great trip home.
I will.
See you later.
We'll split it 50-50.
What about Mike, you know? He kind of helped.
Yeah, but then the math gets all complicated.
Good point.
Wait a minute.
What is this? That would be a man's wedding band.
Hey, Russ, is Mr.
Potter still out front? Just drove off like a bat out of hell.
Without Crissy? Without Crissy.