Las Vegas s02e21 Episode Script

Hide and Sneak

You the man.
Look, people.
Now I know you're all dying to try Gunther's fabulous new lobster truffle dumplings but if you don't have a reservation, you're not getting in.
Come on.
Okay? Delinda Deline? Yes.
It's Seth.
Your third cousin, twice removed, on our mothers' side? I wrote you I was coming.
Yes, Seth.
I just didn't think you actually would.
We take our rumspringa very serious.
Rum what? Rumspringa.
It's an Amish custom.
We experience the outside world before committing to the traditional way of life.
I've been raising rabbits and cutting wood and building barns for years.
Now, I'm ready to splurge.
Oh, God! That's great, Seth, but don't you think you might want to do your whole rum-a-spring-a-thinga someplace else? I mean, Vegas is a pretty tough town for someone who hasn't really experienced the outside world.
Aren't you a pretty little thing.
I'm just so excited you finally agreed to come.
You guys are legendary in Monte Carlo.
So, your bank in Zurich has cleared a $10 million line of credit and that's extendable, of course.
Just name your game and we'll get you started.
Well, you don't travel light, do you? These curtains, they absolutely shut out the light? Absolutely.
We like to stay in bed late.
So do I.
I'm Estefan.
I'm Sam.
A pleasure.
Yeah, what's up? What? What do you mean, the south escalator's frozen? Yeah.
I'm on my way.
Oh, no.
Gyrostabilizers must have become unstable.
That's quite all right.
Just enjoy the convention.
What? Mitch, shut down Gilbert the Geek's peep show, would you? Do it now.
I knew these guys were going to be a pain in the ass.
What the Why am I looking at me? Just popped up on a monitor a little bit ago.
Maybe it's a glitch.
Maybe somebody's watching us from our own system.
Don't you ever knock? You think I would after walking in on you and mom so many times.
And who might this young fellow be? Seth, my third cousin, twice removed.
Wild guess, the Amish cousin.
Your mother's family is full of surprises.
How you doing there, big fella? It's nice to meet you, sir.
That's a heck of a grip you got there.
Listen, Daddy.
I'd like Security to watch Cousin Seth around the clock.
Why? I mean, just look at him, Daddy.
He's a big innocent kid who's never been off the farm.
Vegas'll fix that.
I mean, he doesn't look like he needs any help.
Come on.
You gotta excuse us.
Say, there, Seth.
Well, it was nice to meet you.
Listen, I tell you what.
We're gonna comp your room, some show tickets, but not the buffet.
We won't comp that.
You'll break us.
So you guys have a good time.
We have a Brunson Alert.
It's up on P9.
Oh, God.
Just what I needed.
I gotta go take care of this.
Hey, do me a favor.
Run a detailed background check on all these exhibitors at the convention.
All right.
Check you later.
Did anybody see you? No.
Are you sure? Are you questioning my clandestine ability? I didn't think so.
It's a text message from Ed.
He always had impeccable timing.
He wants us back at the Montecito.
Sorry, mate.
We can be a little late for work.
Don't you How can you just turn it off like that? What Now I know why they call her the Ice Queen.
Hey! Who's the lucky guy? What? That's a hot outfit.
You must have a date.
There's no date.
Then why are you getting so defensive? I'm Nessa.
He's been casing the pit for over an hour.
Danny, there's a suspicious character circling Pit 47.
Give me facial recognition on this guy.
You got it.
Are you wearing perfume? What? No.
Vic Kenner, a.
Vid Kid, a security tech with a rap sheet as long as your arm.
Wait a second.
I know this guy.
I busted him, like, six months ago in a maintenance uniform tampering with surveillance cameras.
This could be our answer.
What answer? Nothing.
Is there something going on I should know? You mean, other than the fact that you're wearing lady's perfume? Yeah.
We got a possible suspect in a baseball cap and dark sunglasses, circling Pit 47.
All right.
Talk to me.
All right.
Take him down.
Hey! Mr.
Hey! This is fake! What the hell! Look at this.
What is this? It's good to see you.
Brunson believes it's good to see you, too, Mr.
McCoy, despite your entrance.
Danny, this is Jason Decker.
Ed and I have been showing him around the Montecito.
Pleasure to meet you.
As you can see Mr.
Decker is an outside consultant.
He's evaluating the Montecito operations for possible sale.
On Mr.
Brunson's behalf, of course.
Excellent dumplings.
My compliments to the chef.
Make a note to pass along Jason's compliments to Gunther.
So the rumors are true? You plan on selling the Montecito.
Brunson can't comment on that.
Nothing personal.
Actually, Gavin, it is.
It is pretty personal.
You've got a bunch of people around here, they're kind of waiting and wondering if they're gonna have a job.
To tell you the truth, my team and I, we're not very good at waiting and wondering.
I'm sure Jason will take that into consideration.
Won't you, Jason? I take everything into consideration.
Brunson, you have dinner with Steve Wynn.
We best get going.
Steve's anxious to show off his new place.
All right.
Well, it's good.
I just think I'm gonna wander around a bit.
Make myself at home.
Okay, it was nice to meet you.
My Euro-whales need a private baccarat table every night from sunset to sunrise.
I need everything to be perfect.
So, will you be croupier? Absolutely not.
That's a nice aftershave.
Nice outfit.
Whatever you want.
I'll do it.
Yeah, that's what I thought.
My whales, they have a few superstitions.
Like what? Well, one of them likes The cross that she's wearing, she will take it off, yes? Of course.
Now we discuss the menu.
Hey, Mar.
I need your help.
I have a situation.
What situation? Who is he? My cousin, Seth.
He's here for his rum-a-spring-a-thinga.
He wants to experience Vegas but something tells me he's not quite ready yet.
Would that something be his haircut or his clothes or his big dumb-ass grin? Hello! Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Dee I don't think anyone is ever thinking what you're thinking.
I'll say.
Vegas may eat him alive, but at least he'll look good.
I wouldn't mind taking a nibble.
Me, neither.
Hey, if you're looking for a volunteer to show him the sights the convention's over for the night.
Yeah, and I can rearrange my schedule.
If anybody is going to show him this town, it's me.
Before you show him the town, you might want to make sure he's not showing it something.
Apparently the Amish aren't allowed zippers or buttons.
It's a modesty thing.
Are you wearing Mike's aftershave? Excuse me, sir, please remove any metallic objects from your pockets and come with me.
Is that me? A little light reading? We live in a paperless society you know.
Just something Ed wants me to look into.
What's going on? Nothing.
Then why is Jason Decker here? He evaluates properties for hostile takeovers.
It's not hostile.
He's just evaluating our operations for Brunson.
That's all.
So the rumors about Brunson selling the Montecito are true? He wouldn't comment, but I do know that Sam's husband's looking into it.
Casey Manning really wants to buy the Montecito? That's the word.
It is you.
Hold on.
What are you See, this is what we surveillance professionals refer to as a bug.
That was on me? There's some kind of oil on the microchip.
The circuitry's very sophisticated.
These letters are Cyrillic, I believe.
Any idea who could have got close enough to pin this bug on you? I don't know.
It could have been anyone.
I was in the convention center all day.
Whoever it was got close enough to plant one on you.
You got tagged, Mr.
Detection alarms didn't go off because you entered through your private entrance.
Or somebody got you in here.
The only person that was in here was Delinda's cousin.
Yeah, but So, I swept your office and the surveillance room.
Both are clean.
Yeah, his name is Seth, honey.
He says he's a cousin of yours.
Jillian, if I remembered meeting him at your aunt's funeral I wouldn't have asked.
Well, thank you.
All right, honey.
You know, the Amish are very, very frugal people.
Maybe you should, spend some more time with your relatives.
Maybe I should leave.
Honey, no, you're absolutely right.
You're right, it was completely uncalled for.
Yeah, I'll see you later.
Do you know how I've stayed married so long? See, every single conversation that I have, every single one and no matter what the subject is, approximately every three to four minutes I say, "Yes, dear, you're right.
" I will certainly remember that, sir.
Don't be a wiseass.
Anyway, so this Seth it's definitely his first trip away from the homestead.
And where he comes from a zipper's considered high tech so I don't think he's remotely even a possibility.
I also checked the surveillance footage of you and Danny last 24 hours.
I estimate 2,000 people came within arm's length.
Obviously, it'll take a while to check them all.
So, we have to narrow our focus.
And we do have a convention of security and surveillance experts in the house.
That's why I have Danny running a background check on all these exhibitors.
Right? What do you got? I'd call him a person of interest.
Hank Davis, formerly Hans Dietrich, Stasi operative.
East German secret police.
Very interesting.
This guy, definitely, would know how to quietly plant a bug on somebody.
Why don't you pick him up? All right.
And, boys, quietly.
It'll be tough if he's wearing that shirt.
What does that mean? Banco.
This is everything, just the way you ordered it.
Thank you.
What's wrong? Is everything okay? Is there something I can get you? Can I get you something? Where'd he go? What's You were specifically instructed, no garlic.
I was very clear with the chef about that and I forgot about the garlic in the olives.
It's really not a big deal.
I can get him another drink.
I'm afraid it is, as you say, "a big deal.
" We go now.
There's no reason to go now.
Darky, there's no reason to go.
I think if we talked about this for a while, I can get you anything.
I can get you Okay, these people Playing from sunset to sunrise.
No crosses on the dealers.
Now the garlic olives.
Doesn't this strike you as a little bit odd? You think? They also covered the mirrors in their suite.
They're eccentric.
They're vampires.
I have never had so much fun in my entire life! Dee, it was awesome! Do we have to call it a night? Seth, Rome wasn't burned in a day.
Vegas'll be there in the morning.
Now go upstairs and get some rest.
I'll meet you for breakfast tomorrow.
Good night.
Ghost Bar, here I come.
Forgive me, but I had to apologize.
How'd you get in here? I have my ways.
Back up the track, Euro-boy.
There's no coming into my suite uninvited.
I don't even know you.
To truly know another can take an eternity.
All right.
We'll see you back at the tables.
Have a seat, Hans.
My name is Hank.
Yeah, whatever.
Sure, Hank, Hans.
It doesn't matter.
We know Stasi when we smell it.
Now, you care to tell me why you bugged my associate? I didn't bug anybody.
I'm a respectable businessman.
I sell nanny cams.
I'm a NASCAR dad.
I know my rights.
I've done nothing wrong in your casino.
You have no reason to hold me.
I'm afraid he's right, boys.
Let him go.
Let him go? We have nothing to hold him on.
Sir, I'm very sorry about the misunderstanding and I hope there's no hard feelings.
Ed, what's going on? Yeah, I know these guys.
You could sweat him forever and they'll never say anything.
A little torture might help.
But you told us to bring him in.
I'd like to speak to Estefan.
By the way, the private baccarat table, still waiting.
I'm sorry, but he has retired for the evening.
Everyone has retired.
Okay, here's the deal.
This is a high-roller suite.
Now, I'm not sure if you're familiar with that but this is what we offer to our clients when they play big.
So far you all have played one hand at a private table that I've been holding all night long.
Define big.
A least $100,000 a day.
$100,000 on lucky 13.
Twenty, black.
I trust that will take care of things for today.
Keep breathing.
You okay, buddy? I'm great, man.
Yeah, I know, it's a little tight in here.
It's fine.
You feel like the walls are closing in on you? No.
I'm great.
Thank God I'm not claustrophobic.
You're funny.
You know, we've been at this for almost an hour now.
You sure you figured it right? There's only so many places the control circuits merge.
We search those and we can find out where they spliced in.
So how long you and Nessa been doing the big nasty? What are you talking about? The perfume? Yeah.
No, I mean, that belongs to a girl I've been dating out of Henderson.
Name's Rachel.
Great girl.
And Give it up.
You are the worst liar.
All right.
Listen, you can't tell anybody this, Danny.
Nobody knows.
So I'm guessing you and Mike have been seeing each other since Valentine's Day? Please, Mary, you can't tell anyone.
It just sort of happened.
And? And what? I want details.
And we were finally going to do it.
Tonight? Yeah.
Actually, though, I'm glad Ed called us in because I don't know if I'm ready to take it to the next step.
And, you know, I'm all ready for a wham-bam, thank you ma'am.
Do you know what I mean? Yeah.
It's not always about sex, you know, Danny.
Dude, you sound like a girl.
There's nothing wrong with a man who likes to cuddle now and then.
You're embarrassing yourself.
Well, lookee here.
What is it? Power down the monitors.
Yeah? Danny, stop whatever the hell you're doing.
Put it back.
Mary, have you seen Seth? I've been looking for him all morning.
Is that the Seth you're looking for? What are you doing? It's called a body shot.
I especially enjoy the lime.
You want to try one? You were supposed to meet me for breakfast three hours ago.
Sorry, Delinda, but I don't have a watch.
You know, Amish.
Very funny, Seth.
I was really worried about you.
Housekeeping told me your bed wasn't slept in.
Sorry, Delinda, but Vegas is just too darn exciting to sleep.
I went back to that Ghost place you took me to.
Ghost Bar? Right.
And that's where I met these lovely ladies.
We partied till dawn, and then I took them back here for a swim.
Go change, now! I've created a monster.
Lighten up, Dee.
I seem to recall a certain young lady doing exactly the same thing with the entire UNLV football team.
That's different.
Oh, yeah? How? They just beat USC.
Seth, your fly is open! Oh, my God! What happened? Oh, my God! Put this on! I need my car out front right away.
Okay, come on.
Did he just catch his They got to have an inside man because there is no way they could have pulled this off without one.
They know our every move.
What about the knackwurst, Hans? When he's not on the convention floor, he's been up in his room.
Here, look.
How often does he go back and forth? I don't know, about every hour.
Housekeeping! Get out! We told you, no maids.
Sorry, sir.
Out! Sorry.
What do you want? Easy now.
We're compromised.
Abort! Repeat, abort! Sit.
So, come on.
Tell me.
Who are you working for? If I knew, I'd tell you, I swear.
Ed! Come on.
Remember what happened last time? Remember that mess? We had to repaint.
And that smell hung around for weeks.
Just thinking about that makes me gag.
Now, come on.
Vic Kenner, a.
Vid Kid this'll be your third strike, won't it, Vic? Uh-oh.
I'm thinking they're gonna love him in Nevada State.
Can you say "prison bitch?" Go ahead, try it.
Prison bitch.
You know, your friends rolled over on you.
So, you should be expecting 1,000 pound crap hammer to be falling on your head.
They didn't tell you anything.
You know how easy it is to pull a tongue out with a pair of pliers? If you don't talk, I'm gonna pull yours out.
We were hired by untraceable e-mails and paid in Swiss accounts.
We get encrypted instructions on a need-to-know basis.
Whoever is running this is being very careful.
I'll check the e-mails and encryption, see what I can find out.
I need to speak to Estefan.
I'm sorry, he's asleep.
Right, sunlight and all of that.
No one is to disturb him until sunset.
Yeah, I got it.
No sunlight.
No garlic.
No crosses.
No mirrors.
Now, the floating thing.
I've never seen that before.
Is he a magician? You know, the $100,000 last night, that was amazing.
But today's another day.
Very well.
I will go down to the tables in five minutes.
Well, I think that's a I will be getting in that room.
We need to talk.
Here? Yeah, listen, as much fun as I've had, this isn't gonna work for me.
What? I just I don't think that you can handle being a booty buddy.
Booty buddy? Yeah, you know, friends who sometimes I can't talk about this right now.
Sorry about your car.
What's a little vomit among family? Tequila sure hits you hard when you skip breakfast.
Here, I got you something.
What is it? It's a PDA cellphone and digital assistant.
It even has global positioning.
Now we can call each other anytime.
I put my number on speed dial.
I get it.
This is my cowbell.
Don't take this the wrong way, Seth, but you're kind of a bumpkin.
I still don't understand why we're going up here.
I really don't understand why you need me.
We're going because I hear there's some strange things going on in their suite.
How long have you worked here? I'm not talking about normal Vegas weirdness.
Like when we had to fill up a bathtub with peeled grapes.
Remember the mink-lined milk bottles? Remember that guy who wanted us to have a showgirl go up to his room and use the toilet and That was weird.
That was weird.
Not flush? Yeah.
Anyway, someone told me that these David Blaine/Bela Lugosi wannabes are into some sort of satanic crap.
What does that mean? Like, sacrificing small animals? Or maybe even, like, human sacrifice.
I don't care about that.
But if they're chopping up puppies, they're out, millions or no millions.
And why do you need me? Why are you so covered up? This? This is covered up? Yeah! Compared to what you always wear? When you're right, you're right.
Can we put, like, a thing Oh, come on.
Just a little.
What's happening to you? I said "trashy.
" This is the best you could do? Sorry.
They cancelled my whores-are-us-card.
What's the big deal about getting inside this room? You know, when you gots to know, you gots to know.
You should know that housekeeping's too freaked to go anywhere near them.
Everyone thinks they're vampires.
I know.
Are you sure this is going to work? Your breasts can get in anywhere.
It's the getting out that worries me.
I'm with her.
Going in.
Watch my back.
Who's going to watch my back? So where's our boy Seth? Out experiencing Vegas.
He's been to every casino in town.
Even jumped on stage at the MGM to teach the show girls how to clog dance and yodel.
What? Have you been getting complaints? No.
No complaints.
Everyone loves him.
They're thinking of making him mayor.
He's getting invited places even I haven't been.
So what's the problem? I gave him a PDA to stay in touch.
Now he calls me every five minutes.
Hello, Seth.
Wait, where are you? A backroom poker game? It's wild.
There's, like, $100,000 on the table.
And hookers with breasts bigger than watermelons.
Seth, where are you? I gotta go.
I'll call you soon.
What's up, boss? Listen, I've been sitting here.
Now, I remembered, when we were in that holding room and I asked you for something to write on.
Decker's business card.
Right, and it had some kind of oily crap in the corner.
The bugs we pulled off of you and Danny had oil on them, too.
That is correct.
So, you think the two oils are the same? Well, let's find out.
Comparing the chemical composition of various oils is no easy task.
There's viscosity, the source, vegetable, mineral, animal Can you do it? Ed, you're talking to Mike Cannon.
Of course I can do it.
Do it.
If it is the same oil, then the arrows point to Decker.
But why would he want to spy on us? We work for the same guy.
It doesn't make any sense.
It doesn't make any sense, yet.
If it is him, you'd think a guy with a $2,000 suit would have washed his hands once in a while.
Let's just analyze his hygiene habits later.
Would you please just find out if he's our guy? We're on it.
Lame Goth sex parties.
So disappointing.
They're so pale.
Great party.
Get your clothes on, and get the hell out.
On the left, the oil from the bugs.
On the right, the oil I lifted from Decker's business card.
Note the similarities in chemical composition.
Similar? They're exactly the same.
Exactly the same.
But the oil isn't motor oil or machine oil.
In fact, it's not a petroleum derivative at all.
It's olive oil.
Lobster truffle olive oil, to be exact.
And Decker was eating a plate of Gunther's lobster dumplings when he handed me that business card the other day.
What do you got? Decker is who he says he is, a valuation consultant.
But he still has ties to his old employer, Signa Corps.
The real estate investment trust.
It just so happens, about six months ago, Signa Corps started aggressively acquiring gaming properties in Atlantic City and Las Vegas.
That would make the Montecito a nice addition to their portfolio.
He's double-dipping.
So we know it's Decker.
Then why all the undercover stuff? The bugs, Vid-Kid, Hans Dietrich? Probably just doesn't want Brunson knowing what he's up to.
What is he up to? He's creating a security lapse, Mike.
Trying to make the Montecito look like it has problems.
It's a lot worse.
He's trying to make us look real stupid.
Have you seen Seth? I'm really worried about him.
Delinda, he's an adult.
He shows up this sweet, unspoiled country boy and now I've turned him into some sort of American? Oh, God.
Listen, there's this thing, I'm not sure if you've heard of it or not.
It's called personal responsibility.
Yeah, but he's overdoing it.
And it's all my fault.
Everyone overdoes it.
That's why we're here.
Yeah, but he's picking up slutty girls.
That's excellent, actually.
He wears the Boy George hats, but he's not gay.
And he's drinking like a fish.
Helps kill the slutty-girl germs.
At least he's not gambling.
I set him up at a backroom poker game.
You did what? He'll have something to tell his 37 grandchildren.
Sam! It appears you proved your point, Jason.
I never thought anyone could beat Ed Deline at his own game.
Well, no one's infallible, not even Ed Deline.
You're just lucky I found the flaw and not some prospective buyer.
Someone's trying to access the holding vault.
Really? Who? The system says it's you.
Hey! Hey, Gavin.
Come to visit your money? I gotta tell you something.
Boy, that damn Gunther.
He makes a hell of a dumpling.
Hell of a dumpling.
It's damn good.
The problem is, it does get awful messy.
You know what I'm saying, Decker? What are you saying? Well, I'm saying, it's real messy, kind of like your work.
See you left some of that dipping sauce on your business card.
And on the bug you planted on Danny.
I told you they're good.
Touché, Ed.
But you got to admit, I had you.
I admit you had me.
I guess.
But, I'll tell you, more importantly, I know I got you.
What are you talking about? Just correct me if I'm wrong.
You do have a personal service contract with Mr.
Brunson, here, do you not? I do.
But, over here, you're working for Signa Corps in their unsolicited bid to buy the Montecito.
Well, sneaky, here, he's not only getting money from both ends he's trying to devalue the Montecito so he can manipulate the sale price.
And once word leaks out that we have a problem with security the stock price adjusts downward, accordingly.
And Signa Corps would swoop in.
Old Decker, here, was standing to make about $100 million.
Is this true, Jason? You're a Vegas dinosaur, Deline.
Take that smile off your face, weasel and you thank God that I'm not because if I was, I'd chop your ass up in so many little pieces.
Then I'd take that garbage out to the desert and put it in a big old ant hill.
That's the way they used to deal with scum like you who tried to burn this town.
Get him out of here.
Get him out of my face.
Let's go.
Hey, Delinda, wait up.
Seth, you're okay.
Of course.
I was going crazy.
I didn't hear from you, and you weren't answering your phone.
I know.
I'm sorry, I just got wrapped up in the poker game.
I've never seen anyone bet that much money before.
Hey, what happened to your new clothes? I gave them to a guy living on the streets.
I don't need them anymore.
I'm going home.
But you were only here for a few days.
I thought you wanted to experience life.
Well, like Sarah says, that's the beauty of Vegas.
You can experience a lifetime in 48 hours.
That's true.
Who is Sarah? My fiancée.
Do I know her? You sort of met at the pool.
Body shot girl! She was here for her rumspringa, too.
Small world.
We've got a bus to catch, so I won't need this anymore.
I'll miss you.
Bye! Bye.
You guys ever wonder what the simple life would be like? No.
Me, either.
Nessa, can I talk to you? You can't still be upset with my decision.
What decision? You're just going to have to get over me, mate.
Over you? Come one.
What's going on? Come on.
Apparently nothing, because I'm not willing to be a booty buddy.
Booty buddy? I thought it was booty bunny.
No, you're the booty bunny, sweetie.
Bunnies are cute.
Yes, they are.
Let's give them a little space.
Thank you, Mary.
Come on.
I just I don't think it'll work.
We're friends.
Danny and Mary are friends and look, that is a bad example.
Yeah, and this was your idea.
Yes, but You really want to go down this path? Nessa, I like you.
You like me.
We have fun together.
So, Gavin, yes or no? Are you selling it or not? That's privileged information.
But if I do sell, I'd recommend you and your staff to the new owners.
Ed, any potential buyer knows you're one of the Montecito's biggest assets.
Appreciate it.
That said, if I do sell it's completely out of my hands whether they keep you or not.
We'll hopefully be here, or until next time.
Until that time.