Las Vegas s02e22 Episode Script

Letters, Lawyers and Loose Women

Hi, Danny.
What's so engrossing that you couldn't stop and admire the scenery? I got a letter from Luis.
How's he doing in Iraq? He says he likes this desert much better.
When you write back tell him I've been jaywalking.
Danny, come up to my office.
All right, I'm on my way.
I'm a little nervous.
It's fine, you just tell them what you saw, you'll be in and out.
You tell them the facts.
Why are you nervous? I don't know.
I don't like swearing to anything.
I've never been a swearer.
But that's not like It's just a deposition.
You say, "Yes, I witnessed the lowlife steal "The what? The sweat suit.
From the gift shop.
It was $270.
$270 for a Montecito sweat suit.
That's the crime.
That's not why I'm nervous, you guys.
Today is the day.
Meet-the-secret-admirer day.
See, I told you, that's why she's wearing the sappy necklace.
I told you.
So who's your wingwoman? I'll do it.
Actually, wingman.
Bella Sera.
Yeah, I see.
Because of his pleasant demeanor and winning way with people.
I think it's a good idea.
Because in case Mystery Meat is poor or even worse, not funny you can go to the bathroom and Ed can break his legs.
Got to go.
So smart.
Michael Cannon.
Michael Cannon.
Now what makes you think I'm gonna ask you for something? Because when you just want to say hello, it's "Hey now" or "What's up" or even the occasional "Hey, player," which I really enjoy.
But when you want something, especially a favor you tend to employ multiple names.
See, you're tipping your hand, Samantha Jane.
I just wanted to remind you that it's Mother's Day weekend see how you're feeling.
Let you know that I have a client in from out of town.
His wife is coming in they're gonna be here for one day.
He's a little stiff.
He just wants someone to drive him around.
And I haven't been a valet for almost a year.
He bores easily.
Well, those with nimble minds often do.
Take now, for instance.
You're so funny.
Thank you.
And you're an engineer.
He's an engineer.
His name is Mertens, your name is Michael.
Paul Mertens? Yeah.
You know him? Let me try to put this in context for you.
He is the Prada, Gucci, and Chanel of engineers rolled into one.
He's a serious dork.
Okay, perhaps a motor tour of our city's unique and ever-evolving architectural skyline would be in order.
Yes, this is so great.
He's a geek, you're a geek.
It's perfect.
I'm gonna ignore that.
$1,200 for the day.
Yeah, or you could just do it because he's your idol.
Or you could do it for $500.
$750, and it includes my lecture "Hoover Dam: Concrete, Blood, and Tears.
" Done.
I'll go grab him.
A letter from Luis.
You know it only takes four days for mail to get here now? Check that out.
He says, so far it's been a lot of hurry up and wait.
And it seems like forever to get his first orders.
Sound familiar? Well, here he is.
Mike Cannon Mr.
Paul Mertens.
Mertens, it is an honor.
You're the engineer.
Is it civil or electrical? Mechanical.
Like you, sir.
Where'd you go to school? MIT.
Grad or undergrad? Both.
Thank you.
Tell me, Mr.
Cannon, what a man trained in a profession governed by specific laws and rules does in a town that doesn't have any? Well, excuse me, Sam that is a long and involved story, Mr.
I can't wait to hear it.
I'm gonna let you two get better acquainted and if you need anything, Mike knows how to reach me.
Thank you, Sam.
Now, my wife won't arrive for a few hours.
I hope you don't mind, I took the liberty of putting together a small tour.
I'd like to get a whore.
I'm sorry? Preferably blond, slender but buxom, and no implants.
Look at this.
This says: "When you have the time "you relive everything in your head.
"There's something about an old case "that's been bothering me and I need your help.
" Danny, sit down.
What? Luis has been killed.
There's no way.
He's only been there for a week.
Okay I guess I'll call everybody.
I'll make sure the right people know.
The memorial's tomorrow, right? But listen, just read that part again the truck thing.
"I need you to get a full-sized pickup "late '90's model, Dodge Ram with lift kit "off-road tires, a roll bar, bull bar, lights on top.
" Okay, go.
"See if it'll fit through the drive-thru "at the Pronto Burger on the corner of Trop and Harmon.
"Let me know what you find out.
" So, who do you want me to call at Metro? I think if he wanted his buddies at Metro to check it out he'd have written his buddies at Metro.
Okay, I'm going to need a little personal time.
You know I got a few hours before I have to do this thing for Mary.
You want to go with me? Yeah.
You don't have to do that.
No, I want to go.
Why? You're young and emotional.
I'm old and emotional.
I think we need a hamburger.
What do you say? They're good ones.
Though Las Vegas has somewhat of an "anything goes" reputation prostitution is illegal in Clark County.
Oh, good God, no.
But I understand there's a legal brothel in a town amusingly called Pahrump.
Right, now this is 75 miles from here.
Which is perfect, don't you think? We'll be back just in time to pick my wife up from the airport.
Normally, a deposition takes place at the office of the lawyer who requested it.
But since this guy is represented by a public defender we're doing it here as a courtesy.
All this for a sweat suit shoplifted from the gift shop? Steal anything valued at over $250 in Nevada it's a felony.
If he's convicted, it could be this guy's third strike.
You mean, he could go away for life? Under the habitual criminal statute, it's possible.
Well, then I'm not going.
You have to go.
You've been subpoenaed.
Is he going to be here, this defendant? No, just his lawyer, you, and me.
What if I can't remember anything? Mary, they have this on video from multiple angles.
He's going to get convicted with you or without you.
You're under oath here.
Let's go in.
Just tell them what you saw in the simplest way possible.
Big tires, light bar.
This is perfect.
Here you go, Al.
Two for Celine Dion tomorrow night, front row.
You ever hear her do River Deep, Mountain High? Oh, yeah.
I get goose bumps.
Ed, I appreciate the tickets and all, but this is a quality pre-owned vehicle you're borrowing.
I'm still gonna need some kind of collateral.
Here you go.
You said earlier you had a "thing" today with Mary.
I know it's to meet the guy that gave her the necklace.
I just didn't want to say anything to you because I didn't know if it would make you uncomfortable.
I think it's good you're going.
It's fine.
I wonder what he meant by, "See if it fits.
" Hello? Welcome to the Kitty Ranch.
You guys looking for a party? I'd like a whore, please.
I'm sorry, what did you say? My friend here's just a little anxious from the long ride.
I'm not anxious.
I just don't like euphemisms.
Yes, a party.
A special party.
Well, you came to the right place.
What's this? It's our menu.
We offer straight, half and half reversed half and half, two girls three girls, fantasy session, French.
Everything's a la carte.
I'd like to order now.
I'll take sex with her.
Right this way.
Well, that just leaves you.
Oh, no.
It's just a party for one, thanks.
Don't be nervous, honey.
No, I'm not nervous.
No offense to you ladies, it's just that I wouldn't feel good about paying for it, you know.
Loosen up a little.
Maybe ask a girl to dance.
I'm a good dancer, myself.
Connell when you saw Mr.
Moya leaving the gift shop was he looking in any particular direction? Yes.
He was looking toward the casino.
It looked like he was searching for a friend, didn't it? No, it looked like he was leaving.
It may have looked that way.
But you don't know that to be a fact, do you? No.
You don't really know what Mr.
Moya's intentions were at all, now do you? Asked and answered, Counselor.
Connell, did you know that Mr.
Moya's friend was in the concourse right outside the gift shop? I No.
Then how could you possibly know that Mr.
Moya wasn't just leaning out the door in an attempt to show his friend the sweat suit? Because it's hard to show your friend a sweat suit when it's shoved down the front of your pants.
Come on, Danny.
The guy has my Aston Martin.
I know.
Thought it was an earthquake when you hit that sign.
Yeah, sorry about that.
My friend here will gladly pay for any damages to that No.
Look, in the seven years I've been working here somebody bumps into this thing at least once a year.
Yeah, I've been coming here since I was a kid.
I should've noticed.
Looks like your truck took the worst of it.
I'll tell you what you guys buy a couple of burgers and we'll call it even.
I see you guys got some surveillance.
Mostly just for drunks in the alley.
I'm trying to remember, I think I read something in the news.
Something big happened here a while back.
Yeah, about five years ago the kid working graveyard at the drive-thru window was shot and killed.
No kidding? Turned out it was another guy who worked here who did it.
Some kid, he's named Richie Betts.
Good thing you got it on tape.
They put the camera in after the shooting.
Ain't that the way it always works? Good job, Mary.
Thank you.
Bye, Cathy.
Goodbye, Ms.
Bye now.
Mary? Yeah.
You make that necklace beautiful.
What? I'm sorry, I've never heard anybody say something quite like that before.
Well I should know.
I gave it to you.
Hello? Look, honey, I'm running a little behind.
I'll be back in a few minutes.
Do not go down to meet this admirer without me, you understand that? It's okay.
Never mind.
I'm Jake Porter.
Okay, Richie Betts had just finished his shift.
Now the slot in the drop safe was jammed so he knew the register was full of cash.
Then he went through the drive-thru like a regular customer took the money and then shot the cashier.
Come on, Mary, answer the phone.
Are you listening to me? Okay, Betts was wearing a ski mask but the victim said to Luis that the shooter was a co-worker just before he died at the hospital a little while later.
Go to the right side of that photo all the way to the right, and then push in.
Isn't that the truck Luis wrote to you about? Yeah.
That's it.
Now take a look and see if Mary's in the house somewhere.
Bella Sera.
I told her, "Don't go down there without me.
" Who's that guy? You know this guy? Yeah, I've seen that guy before.
That's the PD that's covering the gift shop case, no? Name dial.
Hi, Ed Deline for Chief Levine.
Yeah, sure I'll wait.
Get the address of that house.
I'm gonna go back to Al's, pick up my car then I'll pick you up downstairs in one hour.
And don't ever ask me "Am I listening" again, okay? Alan, who's that young PD that you sent over here? It was the day before Valentine's Day.
And I came here to check out the gift shop for the Johnny Moya case.
Where did you see me? In the casino, leaning against a slot machine holding a clipboard, fixing your shoe.
And you were smitten.
I knew you were gonna say things like smitten.
I love smitten.
It's a good word.
The next day was Valentine's Day and I figured if I didn't take a chance I might not ever get another one.
Your friends are right behind me, aren't they? Yeah.
Get over here.
This is Delinda, Nessa, and Sam.
Excuse me, Mary.
Sorry I'm late.
We've been looking all over for you.
This is my boss, Ed Deline.
He's president of operations here at the Montecito.
Ed, this is Jake Porter.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
First in his class at Harvard Law.
Spent the last five years with the Clark County public defender's office.
Lives alone.
Actually, I live with Elsa.
She's a German shepherd.
Porter, so far you've exceeded my expectations.
Let's just hope it stays that way.
Talk about getting your pipes cleaned.
Did you? No.
You should have.
You really should have.
I feel absolutely rejuvenated.
You still have about an hour before your wife arrives.
Oh, right.
Time for a power nap and a Silkwood shower.
"Silkwood shower"? A decontamination shower, get rid of the whore residue.
Oh, no, Mike.
What? My ring.
My wedding ring.
I lost my You know what? I took my wedding ring off and I put it down on the nightstand Goodness gracious.
The whore must have pilfered it while I was otherwise occupied.
You took off your wedding ring at a cathouse? You think I'd wear my wedding ring with a prostitute? What kind of a guy do you think I am? You're gonna have to go back and get it.
What about your wife? I'll get my wife.
You just get the ring.
How do you do? Hi.
Is this Richie Betts' house? It's my house.
We do know he's in prison.
But he did live here, did he not? Yes.
Are you his wife? I'm his sister.
Who are you? Who is it, Mommy? Nobody, honey.
We're trying to help out a friend of ours.
He was the original detective on the case, he sent a letter.
Luis Perez? I remember him.
There's some doubt about the case now.
Is that your truck? Been mine for six years.
Paid off for two.
Listen, would you remember if your brother used that truck the night he was arrested? Yeah.
Richie's car broke down.
He borrowed my truck so he could go to work that night.
Did he tell that to Detective Perez? What difference would it make? Tell Detective Perez he doesn't need to think things over any more than he already has.
My brother was a messed up guy who could never get it together.
He killed a man, even though he probably didn't mean to.
He had some crappy court-appointed lawyer, and now he's in prison.
That's that.
Thank you very much.
Sorry to trouble you.
Do me a favor? Tell Luis the next time he has questions he can come ask them in person.
Detective Perez was serving in Iraq and was killed a few days ago.
Oh, my God.
I'm so sorry.
Me, too.
Has anybody been in here since? Maybe a cleaning crew or something? After you guys left we had to close the place down for a while.
Your friend was such a sexual dynamo we had to take Aja to the hospital.
You're kidding.
Of course I'm kidding.
They were done in about two minutes.
Then her shift was over.
No one's been in here since.
Tina, I'm in a bit of a pickle.
My friend is sort of alleging that Aja may have stolen his ring.
My girls may make a living on their backs but they don't steal.
Do you think I could get her address then? Maybe just her cell? Excuse me.
Go fish.
No hands.
What if he had a car stashed? Well, then how did he get the truck back to his sister's place? Okay.
Maybe he had an accomplice.
The victim said the shooter was alone.
Nicki Betts said, "What difference would it make.
" Because no one thought it would make a difference.
But apparently they're wrong 'cause it does make a difference a big difference.
We proved that.
What if Richie Betts didn't know the truck wouldn't make it? What if nobody knew.
Until Luis figured it out on the side of some road in the middle of Iraq.
If Betts really borrowed that truck from his sister he couldn't have done it.
I think that Nicki Betts was telling the truth.
Hey, Tony.
What's up, Danny? Did you notice her reaction when you told her Luis was dead? I'm telling you, I guarantee you there was something going on between them.
That doesn't make her a liar.
I didn't say that.
Did you notice this? Did you know that Betts' public defender was disbarred three years ago for falling asleep in court? Not only that, they still haven't found the gun.
Luis made a couple of mistakes.
He had a lousy lawyer.
What you haven't got is proof.
I think that Luis locked up the wrong guy.
Okay, take what you got down to Metro and let them check it out.
All right.
The Public Defender doesn't have much of a budget so we have to do a lot of the legwork ourselves.
We can blow these up, use them at trial.
Is this ethical? A prosecution witness hanging out with a defense attorney? Technically, I was your secret admirer before I knew that you were a witness.
So as long as we don't discuss the case Off the record? I wish I could help.
Excuse me.
What are you doing here? Luis' memorial is tomorrow.
That the guy? That's him.
He doesn't seem like that much of a knucklehead.
Maybe I'll go talk to him.
Danny, please.
I'm not going to make a scene.
Danny McCoy.
Jake Porter.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
I'm guessing you're Mary's ex-fiancé, right? She mentioned it, did she? Just a hunch.
That's a pretty firm handshake.
You're checking me out.
To see if I'm a whack job, or a dumbass, or worse.
Now that you mention it you did just kind of come out of nowhere.
I'd do the exact same thing if I were you.
Listen, I've got to get back to the office.
Mary, thank you for a wonderful morning.
Of course.
Take it easy.
You are unbelievable.
What? You.
I was nice.
Robbery Homicide.
Yes, he's here.
I'll Hi.
Can I help you? Yeah, I'm Danny McCoy Director of Surveillance and Security at the Montecito.
I was a friend of Detective Luis Perez.
I'm sorry about your friend.
I didn't know him personally.
Thank you.
I have some new information regarding a case cleared by Luis five years ago.
You can just set it on my desk.
Could you stop typing for just a moment, please? I don't think you understand.
I think that they put the wrong man in prison.
Forgive me if I don't leap out of my chair and dash out to the scene of the crime right this second.
I'm just asking you to take a look.
I will.
But I have 22 open cases.
You bring me possible new information on a closed case.
A case your friend, who I understand was a very skilled detective cleared five years ago.
I'll get to it, Mr.
In about six months.
Ed, I talked to the cops.
They won't get into it for six months.
But they said they'd look into the case.
Yeah, but six months? That's not good enough.
You honored your friend's request.
They said they'd look into it.
Just come on back.
All right.
I know it sounds crazy but I've only felt remotely like this once before.
With Danny.
Okay, hold on, you've known the guy for five minutes.
So what? I'm just saying, you shouldn't start writing "Mary Porter" all over your notebook quite yet.
It feels so good to be excited about somebody again.
Why do I always have to be the voice of reason? What, because Casey Manning lied to you about how rich he was you gotta rain all over Mary's love parade? Okay, first of all, nobody burns me, I do the burning.
Second of all, what I'm trying to say to Mary is that if something seems too good to be true, it is.
Mike, quick, give me the ring.
I went back to the ranch and even attempted to track down the party in question but so far I've been unsuccessful.
That pilfering little tart.
All right, you know what? Let's call the police in.
Mertens, with police, come questions.
How long do you think I can get away with this? You know what? I need you to get a copy made of the ring.
Immediately, all right? Did you say something, dear? No, honey, I think it's just the TV.
All right, it's four millimeters in width and 19 millimeters in diameter and it has a crosshatch pattern over a curved surface and it is in white gold.
I think we can have something fabricated it might take a little time.
Great, just hurry.
Mike, I almost forgot.
It has to be engraved.
What would it say? "To Paul, my one and only.
" Danny.
Hey, come on in.
This isn't gonna make a lot of sense but I need your help with something.
A guy was represented by your office about five years ago.
I think I might have some new evidence in his case.
What was the defendant's name? Betts, Richie Betts.
This office did represent him.
He was convicted of second degree murder.
But you could've just Googled and found that out.
I need to see the crime scene photos.
Aren't you guys tight with Metro? Why not go to them? Okay.
I just thought I'd take a chance.
Apparently, there's a surveillance video, too.
I was told that there wasn't one.
Can you get me a copy of that? I could lose my job.
I'm just trying to help a friend.
I get you the tape it ends up in my boss' mailbox along with an anonymous letter.
Look, Danny, is this some kind of setup? It's not, it's I don't know what I was thinking.
I'm sorry to bother you.
Take care.
I can do it but it's gonna cost you.
All right, well, it's a wedding band, so what? A couple hundred bucks? The pattern, the labor, I've gotta get my guys to drop everything else.
Yeah, okay, so? $2,000.
Four hours.
There is no way in Allow me, allow me.
Two hours.
And we'll trade the ring for a full-comp weekend for you and your wife.
I live in Vegas.
What do I want with the Montecito? Sam? Full-comp weekend for you and your girlfriend.
You know I'm not going to tell your wife.
I want a villa.
While we wait, then.
Go get a mochaccino next door.
I'll make it up.
Did you see how I did that? Yeah.
I'll teach you that some time.
What's wrong with you? I'm just a little bummed about Mertens.
Sucks when your idols turn out to be regular people.
This is why I keep my expectations low.
That way, I'm never disappointed.
Got you.
Doesn't that look like Mary's? Yeah.
Hey, Jerry.
Will you tell us about this necklace? You like? It's a 3 karat, D-flawless diamond in the center.
I made only two.
Sold the other one to a nice attorney for his girl on Valentine's Day.
Okay, and how much does something like this run? My cost, $20,000.
You don't even want to talk retail.
I got your message.
Look, I was thinking.
If Johnny Moya stole something Mary, we really can't discuss the case.
Hypothetically, if somebody stole something worth less than $250 it would be a misdemeanor, right? In the State of Nevada, that's correct.
If he had two other felonies on his record, it wouldn't count as a third strike, right? No, it wouldn't, but it's a moot point.
The sweat suit was $270.
On the tag.
But Hi.
Could you scan this for me, please? At the register it's 20% off.
How long has this been on sale? It's always on sale.
Thank you.
So, I was thinking, maybe you could take this new evidence to the DA and get the charges reduced.
You just changed a man's life.
Make it two.
Some guy dropped this off at the valet.
It had your name on it.
All right, thanks, Ricky.
Larry, throw that in Video Six, would you? Okay.
Ed! What? What do you got? Got the camera from Pronto Burger the night of the murder.
I thought they didn't have one.
They did.
Where'd you get this thing? I thought Metro wouldn't help you.
No, I didn't get this from Metro.
Hey, back it up.
Go to the shot.
There you go.
Video IQ can't correct for the mask.
Push in on the face.
What do you think, you can colorize the eyes? Yeah.
I mean the computer can match different shades of gray with the right colors in the spectrum.
Print it.
Hey, I see lady luck is at hand.
Mike, I'd like you to meet my wife, Sharon.
Sharon, this is Mike Cannon, the young man I've been telling you about.
I understand you're a valet, a surveillance expert, and an engineer.
Among other things.
Nice to meet you.
I also understand you took my boring husband on an extensive geographical tour of the region.
We did encounter some interesting formations.
Thank God I missed it.
Great to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
All right.
Hey, how much did your necklace cost? It was gift.
I didn't ask.
I know you didn't ask.
But you're curious.
No, Sam.
I'm not.
Yes, Mary, you are.
You want to know why a guy who makes $36,000 a year bought you a $20,000 necklace.
Is he on the take? Is he a drug dealer? Is he a thief? The possibilities are endless.
$20,000? Wholesale.
I don't know.
Maybe he won it in a raffle, maybe it was his grandmother's.
Maybe monkeys will fly out of my butt.
That I'd like to see.
Don't tell me you had him checked out? Think about this.
Some guy shows up out of the blue, falls in love with you instantly.
Yeah, you bet your naive local ass I had him checked out.
Sam, I'd expect this from Ed, but you? Mary.
I apologize.
If you don't want to know, you don't want to know.
I don't want to know.
You don't want to know.
I do not Got it.
want to know.
I want to know.
Jake Marshall Porter, Harvard Law do-gooder, and low-paid civil servant is sole heir to Porter Holdings.
Conservatively, he's worth $350 million.
What? Your new boyfriend is so loaded.
Can you get some ketchup for me, honey? Yeah, you got it.
You guys back for another double-double? Why did you lie about the video, Kenny? What video? We saw it, Mr.
Manager, we saw it.
So I made a mistake about when we got that camera.
They got the guy, right? The killer had a ski mask on.
And the victim told Luis it was a co-worker before he died.
Now, you were working here that night, weren't you? You jammed the drop safe, Kenny.
You knew the register was full and you robbed and shot that kid in your car and it didn't matter if you wore a mask because he could see your eyes.
No, Richie Betts shot that guy.
Richie Betts had brown eyes.
What? What are you doing? What are you looking at? Here take a look.
Why are you looking around? Thanks for babysitting him till I arrived.
Yeah, Mike managed to engineer some real excitement this time around.
This was left for you, sir.
Honey, would you mind getting that? Sure.
Two rings.
Whores again? So here's the Mother's Day itinerary.
The three of us will have brunch at 11:00.
Then you go away for a while, while Mom and I shop from noon to 4:00 spa from 4:00 to 5:30, and nap from 6:00 to 7:00.
Then you'll show up again for dinner at 8:00 at Mystique.
Sounds great, honey.
Now, all I need is your credit card for the shopping.
Daddy, are you listening? Yeah, of course I'm listening.
Seems like your boss is always watching.
You have no idea.
So I'm already having so much fun at dinner.
What are you doing for lunch tomorrow? It'll have to be early.
I'm going to a funeral.
Luis Perez? I'm going, too.
You knew Luis? We all know each other.
The Clark County justice system is just one big dysfunctional family.
Hey, Johnny.
What's up? When did you get out? Forget about it.
Once you got that charge reduced to a misdemeanor the DA went for time served.
I got out this afternoon.
Mary Connell, Johnny Moya.
Hello, nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
Please, sit down.
Porter told me about what you did for me and I heard him mention where you were going to dinner so I wanted to meet you personally to say thanks.
You're welcome.
So, Johnny, what's the plan? I'm gonna go back and work with my brother-in-law and stay as far away from the Montecito gift shop as possible.
Thanks again.
Hey, man.
You better hope there's less than $250 in here.
Why don't you try dating a prosecutor? They're filing a motion for Richie's release today.
That's great.
You think he'll be any better than when he went in? Five years is a long time.
I know I should be thanking you.
That's not why I'm here.
Luis' memorial is today.
I got to work.
Call in sick.
It's crazy, right falling in love with the cop who locked up your brother.
I was probably just his little desert booty call anyway.
Luis wasn't like that.
He was Hey.
This must be Justin.
I'm Danny.
Nice to meet you.
He looks just like Luis.
Did he know? I never told Luis.
All right.
You should come.
Both of you.
Present arms.
Left turn.
Forward march.
Please accept this flag on behalf of a grateful nation.
Come meet your grandma.
Perez, I want you to meet your grandson, Justin.
And Nicki.