Last Chance High (2014) s01e01 Episode Script

Bad Boy School

1 WILLIAMS: My job is to nurture and educate and protect.
- From what? - Themselves.
It's gonna be all right.
That's why we're doing this.
Their family, their surroundings.
Themselves first.
Come on, man.
I'm Look at that right there.
Don't he look like Ricky on crack? - Ooh.
- Ooh.
WILLIAMS: Hey, hey, hey! Quit running! - BOY: Mr.
Clark! Make him let go, man! - I told you about playing with me, man.
- Come on back here.
- Hold this.
What you mean? What you mean, though, bro? I'll knock your big ass out.
Quit playing like little bitch, boy.
Stop! Stop.
Stop! - I'll knock you out, boy.
- I'll knock your ass out.
- Stop! - I'll beat the out of you, boy! - Come on.
Come on.
- Stop hitting.
- Stop! - They turned it up.
- Yeah.
They up.
- You guys feel normal? I'm not forgetting this.
You walk in my face, I'm gonna beat the out of you, boy.
- Don't worry about it.
- You keep talking - I'm gonna knock your ass out! - Don't worry about it, man.
Keep talking stuff.
Keep talking stuff, I'm gonna come over there, I'm gonna knock your ass out.
They're just out of control, you know, 'cause, I guess the home situation that we don't have control over.
Mondays and Fridays are difficult, you know? Mondays 'cause they've been in that wild environment.
Go back.
Go back, Cortez.
I just like to fight.
Sometimes, that's what be my main focus on when I come to school.
Tell him to quit talking his - As long as you quit.
- I'll whack your ass.
I'll be at home thinking about, "I want to fight tomorrow," so I'll plan how I'm gonna start a fight off.
Get in front of me! I walk up to the person who I want to fight, and push them, then I see what he'll do.
Get out of my face, boy! I'm not playing with you, dummy.
Don't come at my face.
- Let him go.
- Let him go! I always try to hurt 'em real bad or try to make 'em not breathe or something.
If I win, I'm gonna stay fighting them every day.
- I'm not playing with you.
- you.
I'm not I'm not nailing them.
I didn't get in your face, so don't get in mine.
- you, bitch.
- Uh-huh.
- Really? - Hey, hey, hey.
No, no, no.
Don't lose your mind.
Don't lose your mind.
Montefiore is a therapeutic school.
Don't give them no problems so they can help you move back into your regular school.
That's the whole point, right? That's why you're here.
You know, we always talk about at-risk kids, but these kids we're talking about at Montefiore are high-risk kids.
This is the last stop before going to the juvenile detention.
- Say "Temporary.
" - Temporary.
- Say "Temporary.
" - Temporary.
'Cause you need to get that in your mind.
"I'm only here temporarily.
" Okay? Get yourself together.
It could save your life.
And it can keep you out of jail.
No, man, 'cause his ass do too much! - He don't know what that - Stop.
Shut up.
Why you wait for him to get way over there? Stop! He just came in my face! WILLIAMS: You just got to get the meanness out of them.
They've been told that they're full of so long, that they feel it.
They've been told that they're nasty so long, they feel it.
They're told they're dumb so long, they feel it.
- And "N" is equal to - Sit down and pay attention! Okay, Marquel, you do this one.
- you! - [LAUGHS] - you.
You're cool.
- You better watch that.
You're like, "you you you you.
" - Give me a number.
- [LAUGHS] No more.
We have had teachers that walk in that front door and walk straight out the back.
They wasn't in there 10 minutes.
[LAUGHS] They walked straight up in there and walked straight out.
We have other teachers that walk in and be called a "B.
" "I'm not gonna be no 'B'" and they want to fight the kids.
Can't come over here like that.
They gonna eat you up.
- So what is "N"? - DANTE: Wait, wait.
Hold up, wait a minute Let me put some peddlin' in it Hold up, wait a minute What if I give you a hard one, Dante? - Hey, look.
- I don't know what y'all talking about.
So what am I gonna substitute? Matthew, what am I gonna substitute? What am I gonna change to? How should I go about doing that? I said you should always start on this side of the problem first, on the left side.
- What should I do up there? - Can I see this pen, if it work? MATTHEW: Erase this 2.
I mean, no.
It's equal to 3.
I can't see it! Hold up.
- Get away from the computer.
- Make sure you're standing.
That's why he doesn't know how to do the problem.
- Shut the up! - Take the coat off.
That's why you don't know how to do the problem.
- Take your coat off.
- I don't want to do no more.
- Take the coat off.
- I don't got to.
- Take the coat off, my man.
- It's my coat! You will get it at the end of the day.
Take the coat off! - I ain't gonna - Take the coat off! I'm asking you to take the coat off.
One more time, Marquel.
[INDISTINCT TALKING] Ooh, you're gonna get it, okay? - You're gonna get it.
- Don't put your fingers in my face.
- You gonna get it.
- Turn around and face up here.
Hell, no! You ain't With me if you want to.
I didn't touch you.
- You the one that tripped - over the thing.
You ain't going out of the room.
WOMAN: Bird! Bird, have a seat! Break it! Go on, break it.
- Go on, break it.
- Bird! Go on.
Go on and break it.
You got 5, 10, 15, 20.
Go ahead.
Go ahead if that's what you want.
You got like 45 minutes.
Have a seat! - Let me out.
- I'm not.
You don't leave 'cause you want to.
- Get off the door.
- No.
You break that, you're really going to jail.
Get away from me.
- No.
- Get away from me.
- No.
- If I change that number, then you know what to do next time.
Here, you want to come up here and work it? I said all we do is substitute values.
What is four times four? - Eight.
- Would you be quiet? This ain't no damn real work.
Well, I'd like to see you come up here and do one of these problems.
Shut the up.
Stop talking to me, Mr.
Johnson, before I come and knock them mother glasses off your face and that's with my or my hand.
Didn't I tell you Didn't I tell you - earlier today, I said - Shut the up! Stop talking to me! Marquel.
I said I do not I said, "I do not talk to you that way, and I would appreciate it if you did not talk to me that way.
" Shut the up! Stop talking to me! I do not curse at you.
Have I ever cursed at you? - Yes.
- I have never cursed at you! - Yes.
Yes, you have! - You know that's not true.
- Mr.
- You got a curse.
Four squared.
You old.
Four times four is what? Six times one is what? That was the second time she stabbed that boy.
He said [SMACKS LIPS] calling me like a dog.
I had a pencil in my hand, he did it again, and I just stabbed him.
MAN: Go! [INDISTINCT SHOUTING] Just can't bop like me Just can't bop like me Just can't bop like me Just can't bop like me Yeah! [INDISTINCT SHOUTING] Just can't bop like me Just can't bop like me Just can't bop like me Just can't bop like me - Marquel, you're out.
- No, he caught a ball! - J won.
- What's everybody say? Wait! He caught the ball! - He says you've been hit.
- This is the last time! When you out, you out.
My name is Dr.
Anthony Chalmers.
I'm the principal here at Montefiore Therapeutic Day School.
Get out of my face.
Get out of my face, bro.
Bro, get out get out of my face.
Bro, for real, bro.
We are the only and the last therapeutic school in the Chicago Public School system.
Their main diagnoses is being emotionally or behaviorally disturbed.
And then, a lot of it is just aggression.
- This is my new - Well, that old.
Come on.
This is my new This is my new bro.
My name is Cortez.
I'm 14.
The last school I went to, I got expelled because I was fighting my teacher.
I broke his wrist by sitting on his wrist when he tried to pull me out the chair.
He was screaming that his wrist was hurt.
They told me I was coming to this school after the school year was over.
[INDISTINCT TALKING] Hey! Excuse me! Shut up! Shut up! Two laps.
- See? - Now! Let's move it.
Everybody, here.
Right here together.
You can't be mad at the next man.
If you do, you ain't a team.
'Cause life ain't fair.
That's why you're at Montefiore.
Okay? All right? Come on.
ALL: One, two, three.
Montefiore! There you go.
When they come in, they got attitude.
They feel as though the world is against them.
Our goal is to get you back to your regular school.
I don't want to see you here for four years.
- Come on, man.
- No, no, no.
- Come on! - What's up, y'all? - Y'all are invading my privacy.
- Hey, come on.
- Crystal.
- Crystal.
My name is Crystal.
I'm in this behavior school because I have bad behavior.
Um, I'm disrespectful.
Um, I run away.
I started misbehaving in school around 8, and that's when I started going to the hospital and stuff.
I started drinking when I was 13.
ROBERTSON: It gives you the number.
Every time I put it in the computer, I know how many days you have.
SANCHEZ: Look, everything's D, D, D, F, F, F, F, F.
Now, if you want to take that path in life, that's your choice, but I'm gonna fight.
While you live with me, I'm gonna keep on fighting for me and for you.
Back to her stabbing, that was the second time she stabbed that boy.
You know, the first time, we talked about it.
What is the boy doing to her? The last time I stabbed him was because he said [SMACKS LIPS] calling me like a dog.
He said [SMACKS LIPS] "You know you want some.
" So he's provoking the situation.
So then, I had a pencil in my hand, and I'm like, "What?" And I went to his face, I'm like, "Do it again.
" He did it again, and I just stabbed him.
What I keep on hearing is, "They provoked me.
They provoke me, and nothing's being done about it.
So, if they provoke me, I get tired of it, then I'm gonna misbehave.
" Because then she's crying out, "Somebody help me.
" Maybe that's the only way that child knows how to express themself at that moment.
It'll be hard for me to say, "Crystal, please stop with that," and you say, "you" to me, okay? When I get upset, I get disrespectful, so ain't nobody gonna change that.
I mean, I can control it.
But when I'm mad, I'm mad.
During those times when you're mad and you're being disrespectful, what's Mr.
Robertson supposed to do? What you mean? Should he stand there and let you be disrespectful to him? Do what he got to do.
If he has to suspend me, then suspend me.
Okay, typically, what we do try to do here is really walk it out, talk it out, and figure out, "How can we not suspend the student? How can we keep the student here?" 'Cause we want you here learning.
Your mother wants you here learning.
Try to get it together so that you can potentially go to a regular high school.
[INDISTINCT SHOUTING] GIRL: I'm gonna throw your ass out! Every one of you, sit down! - Shut the up.
- I will take the whole bus right to the police station.
- [SIREN CHIRPS] - Damn! Go get your old bitch ass on, man! [MUSIC PLAYING] SANCHEZ: Turn that off.
Crystal, turn it off.
Turn it off.
CRYSTAL: I'm gonna die with my finger on the trigger.
Come on, turn that off and stop singing like you're all ghetto-fied.
Leave my radio alone.
She puts her middle finger on the off button.
She's unbelievable sometimes.
I can't stand that little boy.
I'm in Montefiore because I broke a teacher's arm.
Broke her wrist up to here.
And like four days later, they made a police report, and they put me on probation for three months.
SANCHEZ: It's the upbringing.
Crystal has a father, but he doesn't partake in her life.
Who she has become in life has part to do with him being an absent father.
I've tried with Crystal counseling, I've put her in hospitals.
Doesn't matter what I do or say, it's like, it's not me who she wants.
It's her dad.
Do you want to go in here yes or no? You want to go in there, go ahead.
[INDISTINCT TALKING] I know of a student that was arguing with another student, and turned his back, and that kid pulled out a gun and shot him in his back.
And, you know, and that kid died.
You know, and it's sad.
And I know other kids that have actually done crimes, you know, real, criminal crimes, that have gotten them locked up for years, you know? I know kids that have actually killed people, so the structure that we try to give them here, you know, is only so much.
You know, there's only so much that we can do in a school.
BUTLER: Those children are disabled emotionally, and it surfaces most times with erratic behavior and poor decision making.
Your ass ugly, boy! And I'm about to throw your up [SPEAKS INDISTINCTLY] - Cortez! - My bad.
BUTLER: Some of them are awesomely smart.
Phenomenal intellectually.
But they are mentally-ill kids that need help.
- You want a bag - You nasty.
I'll kill you.
I'll kill you.
Tim, I might spit on Crystal.
She spit on me.
He was right there, and I went And it came on me.
It touched him a little bit.
You know, what about him? - Where's the bus at? - It's right on the bus.
Get a supervisor.
Did you spit on me, though? It was water, and I didn't mean to spit on you.
[LAUGHTER] I ought to pull all that out.
Bet me.
I'll break your shirt.
- Let my shirt go.
- Come on, bro.
Before I beat your ass.
Shut your bitch ass up, boy.
- What? - Get out of my face, man! - What you gonna do? - I'm telling you.
What the Ha-ha-ha! I think I got him on cam.
You's all want to fight right here.
Watch that.
Who the Don't act like you tough, though.
Stop touching me.
I'll stomp your ass.
Go! Come on! Hey! [LAUGHS] Hi, boy! About to beat your ass.
I'm for real now.
Little rat! Y'all got me up, bro.
Boy! - This fat one right here, too.
- Bitch.
Watch out, boy! All right, but she just hit me, though, boy! You hit her! You want to send the police to Wood and Chicago.
Derrick can't hardly stop this girl and Cortez from fighting.
- Get up! - Okay? Hey, listen, listen.
Get him! Get him.
Yo, look, I got his dumb ass! WOMAN: I'm gonna throw your ass out.
Bitch, say something else.
[INDISTINCT SHOUTING] - Every one of you, sit down! - Shut the up.
I will take the whole bus right to the police station.
You don't care.
But I will care.
Do you understand what I'm saying? Now get down in the seat! Get down in the seat, man! Get down in the seat, man.
- What'd you say? - Nothin'.
- My hat! - Make me.
- All right, watch out, though.
- Hey, let me tell you Watch how dumb I'll make you.
I know I ain't gonna go, for real.
[SIREN CHIRPS] I'm sick of you.
- Damn.
- Go get your old bitch ass on, man! - Gonna sit down now, y'all.
- Give me my I saw who threw it out the window.
HOOD: If you was in a regular public school, you would be in jail right now.
- Smoking a lot.
- Smoking a lot of what? - Weed.
- Weed? You know who would get in trouble? Her.
What they're gonna do is call DCFS on your mama.
Tell him the reason why you can't look at him in his eyes.
- Hmm? - Tell him why you can't look at him in his eye.
HOOD: Yeah, I'm wondering about that, man.
- It's 'cause I'm high.
- High? You're what? You're high? Yeah.
Smoking a lot.
Smoking a lot of what? - Weed.
- Weed? Your mama let you get high? No.
If you was in a regular public school, you would be in jail right now.
You would be in jail.
- Reverend Hood? - Yes, sir.
He fought on Easter.
Everybody got guns.
Be careful, 'cause if you're the one doing the shooting, or the killing, or the stabbing, you're gone for anywhere between 50 to 100 years.
If you're 14, and you get caught up and you get 60 years, that'd make you how old when you get out of jail? 60 plus what? Plus 14? 60 plus 10.
60 plus 10 is how much? I don't need to know.
You'd get out at 74.
You're getting in something because somebody said, A, B, C, D, somebody looked at my girl, somebody stepped on my foot, somebody disrespected me.
Ain't worth it.
My little sister she got beat to death.
My brother was killed on 16th Street, in an all-black minivan.
He got shot by his friends, set him up over some money.
And my daddy's locked up for a murder that he did to try to rob a store.
And then his girlfriend tricked on him and told them where he was at.
MAN: How long is he gonna be away for? His life.
HOOD: Right now, we're at Cortez's house.
Um, he has pulling wool over all our heads, had us thinking that he was actually on medication, taking his medication.
Well, we found out this evening that he hasn't been, and he's been faking it.
Get your mama to wake up.
You don't understand the repercussions.
I'm gonna make you understand tonight, though.
Go go go go go get your medicine.
You got her on up? Go get your medicine.
Go get the medicine you got.
Sometimes the kids are not gonna take their medicine, and the parents cannot tell a 5'10 ", 6'1" kid take a pill and put it down his throat.
You can't force feed 'em.
CORTEZ: That stuff make me go to sleep.
So, I'm not gonna take that in school.
WOMAN: Yes, you is.
We got to get this stuff straight, 'cause you just can't walk around with no medicine, telling you got some medicine.
You know who would get in trouble? Her.
What they gonna do is call DCFS on your mama.
Okay? That's what they're How you gonna tell me, man? I'm telling you what they're gonna do.
They gonna call on her and say she ain't doing what she's supposed to be doing for you.
This is for real.
So, you need to understand the seriousness of this.
MAN: This is the corner I almost died for.
You know, your mother, she really cares about you.
You're out here on these streets, you letting her down.
He needs some kind of support that I don't think I can give to him.
[GUN CLICKS] HOOD: When you look at the news, 12-year-old kills a 15-year-old.
They're shooting each other, and no one seems to care.