Last Chance High (2014) s01e02 Episode Script

Robin Hood

1 Get out my face, though.
My name is Cortez.
I just like to fight.
Get out my face, boy.
I always try to hurt them real bad or try to make them not breathe or something.
Yo! Look, I got his dumb ass! I'm going to throw your ass out.
Bitch, play something else! If you was in a regular public school, you would be in jail, right now.
They been told that they full of so long that they feel it.
Life ain't fair.
That's why you at Montefi.
All right? Come on, everybody.
ALL: One, two, three! Montefi! There you go.
WILLIAMS: My job is to nurture and educate and protect.
- From what? - Themselves It's gonna be all right.
That's why we doing this.
their family, their surroundings.
Themselves first.
[SHELLS CLICKING] [SIREN WAILS] REPORTER: 34 Chicago students killed and almost 300 wounded in the past year.
REPORTER#2: Chicago is now the murder capital of this country.
HOOD: This is a result of what the war on drugs did.
Over these past 30 years, you have broken down communities, locked fathers up, made one-parent household.
Let go, man.
We built a school system that's the pipeline to prison [BEEPING] so all these things perpetuate.
When you look at the news 12-year-old kills a 15-year-old.
[WOMAN SOBBING] I've done over 100-plus funerals, and most of them were youth that were killed through gun violence.
And this is how I met some of the kids that go to Montefiore.
These are the kids that we're talking about the ones that been left out, shut out of schools.
They're shooting each other, and no one seems to care.
And there's a young man right there, look like he's about 16.
Don't know why they ain't in school.
It's 9:25.
Usually, they hang in front of the stores.
They either selling drugs or buying drugs.
Well, right now, we headed over to one of the students' house that can't come back to school uh, Cortez.
Uh, Cortez, uh, is a fighter, and he has a spirit of a bully.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
You know, I hate to say this, Mama.
I know you think he's still your baby, but he really he ain't no baby no more.
You know, I could tell you've done a great job with him to the best of your ability, you know, but now, it's time for him to, uh, fit in the footsteps of a young man.
Is that you? Okay, yeah, 'cause you the star of the show right now.
We have to make arrangement to have two adults on the bus with them now.
And later on in the video, he threatens the bus driver.
Y-You'll see, when he gets on, they gonna take all his items from him.
He was directed by Cortez and Krystal to bring treats on the bus for them every day.
MOM: What if somebody did your little brothers like that? If it gets to a point where the younger students that he's bullying, if their parents want to press charges, they can.
Cortez bullies on everybody.
CORTEZ: When I get angry, I want to let all the anger out of me at that fight.
Like, I can't do nothing else to let my anger go if I if I don't fight.
There ain't nothing else I can do but fight to get my anger out.
What I say to all parents I'm not a big advocate of medicine but there are some children Yes.
- who do need that support.
- Mm-hmm.
Your son is one.
He's been extremely aggressive, defiant, not completing any work.
Kids that don't receive proper treatment, they get in a lot of trouble with the law, you know, and I know you don't want your son at the juvenile detention center.
He's like "Dr.
Jekyll and Mr.
" Mm-hmm.
But it's within seconds.
Kids like Cortez shot and killed my brother, shot and killed my sister, shot and killed my uncle, and if we don't begin to do things on the front end of the violence, we gonna continue doing the funerals at the end.
All this going down on Cortez because his father have 86 years in prison.
That's why he doing this a lot, too, I think, because he doesn't have a father figure.
It's just me taking care of my two boys.
I know if my daddy was here, I wouldn't be acting like this.
I'd be a different person right now.
I wouldn't be in this school.
I'd be in a regular-ed school, or I won't be disrespect my mom like how I'm is now.
HOOD: When the last time you got a chance to see him? I don't even know.
Been that long, huh? Do you write him? He been in there since 2005.
He just wrote him, like, last year.
I don't want to write him.
I want to see him.
- You want to see him? - Yeah.
You want to go see your father, I'll help you go see him.
Would you like to go see him? Mm-hmm.
I'll help you go see him, man.
I'd do that for you.
Organism that needs light Organism We already know.
must live near the surface of the ocean.
I don't take things personal, because if I did, I couldn't come up in here from day one.
[INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] Everybody talkin' about in the school.
[LAUGHS] I'm just telling the truth, bro.
- You talk smart - WOMAN: Who cares? - Who cares? - gonna get up.
- Who cares? - And watch your mouth.
- I'm just letting your bitch ass know.
- And watch your mouth.
- I'm just letting you know, shut up.
- Don't touch me.
- You can't tell me what the to do.
- Watch your mouth.
Why are you cussing? - I'm just going - to write half of this.
Ugh! [LAUGHS] Ms.
Harvey goes in motion.
Light does not penetrate very far beneath the ocean's surface.
Did you know that? No, we ain't know that.
Organism that need light Organism We already know.
must live near the surface of the ocean.
When they say, "organism," what do they mean by organism? Boy, you better give me this Is nonliving What? Living and nonliving things.
KEONTAY: Why you keep playing? - You play too much.
- BOY: Yeah.
HARVEY: Would you please sit down? Ugh! Okay.
Ocean zone identified.
This the slowest teacher in the school.
HARVEY: Patience is the main thing.
Being a special-ed teacher, you already know they got problems, so you don't take things personal.
I don't take things personal, because if I did, I couldn't come up in here from day one.
I got this.
I walk around with that pack on me That sack on me be like God damn Y'all always flee I walk around with that pack on me That sack on me be like God damn Y'all always flee We some young that got it Young that got it We some young that got it Young that got it We some young that got it Young that got it We some young that got it Ah All us got clout So you know that we legit I linked up with Lil B He pouring up a fifth My smell, he living well He been with the And I'm fire, I didn't retire I'm still doing hits Do you like going to this school? Not that much.
What's your name? My name's Keontay Hightie.
I'm in eighth grade.
I'm here because I was fighting and hit a teacher.
Johnson, how do you think I'm doing in your class? You're doing well.
He's doing well.
He's doing well.
Are you close to getting out of here? Yes.
CORTEZ: Come on, shorty.
Come on, shorty.
Come and take me another picture.
Come over here.
them! Come on.
[LAUGHS] They got the "Holy City" on the side of this? I got to take a picture with me right here standing right here.
- Take a picture.
- I'm about to.
Put it on Facebook.
I got to, man.
Think I got the picture.
I got the picture.
HOOD: Keontay he's seen his father shot.
Uh, being a kid that was on his own a lot, learned to become an adult way faster.
Stand back.
[CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKS] [LAUGHTER] That's it right there.
- Mm-hmm.
- [LAUGHS] - You posted it? - Mm, it's going now.
- Hold on.
- Yep, you posted it already.
- WOMAN: Turn down for what? - [CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKS] - Right.
- I got it.
They done up my picture.
Come on.
The gangs over here is Vice Lords, Travelers, and this where I been grew up at.
This what I been from.
I know mostly everybody.
My uncle done be over here every day, and they Vice Lords and Travelers.
That's the neighborhood my brother was killed there.
- Who your brother? - Rio.
My brother had four of his friends.
They was on 16th Street.
It's normal for black people, normal.
Come on.
Come on.
We finna walk down there to the corner real quick.
Well, you walk down there, huh.
This ain't enough.
That's 5, bro.
You heard the what he said, bro.
What if he not down there? He He work inside the store, dummy.
What type of supplier give a kid your age drugs to sell? If it's money coming in, they'll do anything for it.
How much you all get? $400 to $500 a day.
- $400 to $500 a day? - Right.
How many customers is that? So how many bags is that? Like, a tre five.
Tre five, what is that, $5 a bag? - It's $50.
- $50? $50.
Ten bags for $50.
Would you sell drugs to a pregnant lady? If she she want it, you give it to her.
That's what she want.
Come on.
My grandma died off drugs.
They kept giving to her when I was little.
She died off it, and one of my daddy's friends doing it.
She died, so when they dead, they don't care who I give it to you.
You do what you want to.
You don't want to be another statistic that you get killed.
"Oh, Keontay had a bright future.
He got shot down.
" You don't want that for yourself.
You don't want your mother have to bury you, and I talk to you about that.
Nah, see see, I don't know.
Sad, sad, sad, realistic but sad.
BROWN: How many of y'all in here know somebody that's been shot? That's not right.
He pulled a knife on him.
So he's planting fear in his brother.
He said he was gonna kill me.
Excuse me.
So we gonna do a couple things.
We just gonna ask you all to listen.
We come here to give you all some real information, some real talk.
Now, his former life, he was a Vice Lord, and I'm gonna let him tell you about that.
His name is Derek Brown, a chief in what was called the Holy City.
Let's give a round of applause for Coach Brown.
[CLAPPING] How y'all doing? Um BOY: So? Listen, wait, that's all we asking you for some respect.
How are you? That's all we asking you for some respect, 'cause we are here to help you.
Believe me.
We see your future.
I just got a few question.
How many of y'all in here know somebody that's been shot? How many of y'all know people that's in gangs? That's normal for us, right? My nickname was "Shotgun".
You wouldn't even believe the things I done been through.
I been shot kidnapped.
My first time going to confinement, I think I was 13, and they put me in that room, and it was so cold in there.
They stripped me down to my boxers, took my sheets out, and all I could just hear is silence.
24/7, that's all I hear.
You could prevent yourself from going through all of that right now.
You could change your mind right now, so when you surrender your life to a gang, you surrendering your future, your everything.
That's not right.
Introduce yourself to him.
- This is Derek.
- Keontay.
Keontay, what's up? I'm Derek.
Show him your head.
It say "VL," and then it got "72" - Mm.
- to disguise it.
So why they put a Vice Lord in your hair? There's Vice Lords where I be at.
Just say you catch some cats out there drunk, smoking, drinking, and see you, see that in your head, make an easy target for yourself.
BROWN: Telling you, man, when I was 13, I-I swear to God, I had this same haircut.
When I look at you, I'm just looking at myself again.
[RAZOR BUZZING] The risk of having "Vice Lord" in your head don't do nothing but tag you.
Man, two letters can do a lot to you.
Two letters can hurt you "V.
" I just made it disappear for him, cut them other crazy lines out and make it good.
[BUZZING STOPS] Through, man.
A strong chance we saved that kid.
If he would've got on a CTA bus with that and rode those 3 1/2 miles to North Lawndale, he would've went past at least six gangs that are in active fights.
If somebody see him, you're a dead man back before he got to Pulaski.
I heard his mother has lupus, and she just got out of a wheelchair, so I want to make sure we meet her and talk with them, because that boy's life was in jeopardy.
Reverend, can you hand me a plate? Sure can.
Right up under them bubbles, right? - Oh.
- A big one on the other side.
- On this side? - Mm-hmm.
- You want me to rinse it out? - Mm-hmm.
[PILLS RATTLING] This is Pyridium.
This for the bladder.
And then I take another medicine.
It's for the lupus.
I know you got a phone call from the school about Keontay's haircut, and it looked like a gang sign.
So we called Derek up there, and Derek say, "Yes.
" He confirmed it, because Derek used to be a part of that gang.
He needs some kind of support that I-I don't even know.
That I don't think I can give to him 'cause, like, I'll tell him to do something, and I holler or yell something.
"Oh, I'll knock you out that chair.
" He's abusive verbally to you, and he actually will hit you while you're in your wheelchair? Wow.
Do it Do it affect your other child? He pulled a knife on him.
He told him he was gonna kill him.
So he's planting fear in his brother.
So, my brother, uh, he was he's scared of the dark.
- That ain't what he - That's what I believe.
But that ain't what he asked you, Caleb.
He asked you That's why he sleep with knives.
What he asked you was that, how did him pulling that knife on you make you feel? Sad.
He said he was gonna kill me.
Derek Brown, a former gang chief, is going to really work with him, talk to him where he at and let him know that he's still a kid.
BROWN: I got a story to tell you about every corner over here, and they all have something to do with somebody getting hurt.
BROWN: It's cold out here.
This the corner I almost died for.
I got a story to tell you about every corner over here, and they all have something to do with somebody getting hurt.
So how old was you when you first went out on the streets? Like 8.
8 years old.
So how you get into that? Just I was selling it right at the school.
I was making, like, $500, $400 a day.
My mama wasn't home, was sick.
She was in the hospital.
What you do with the money? Just spent it, like, food, clothes.
You know, your mother, she really care about you, and you out here on these streets.
You letting her down, and also, you're hurting her heart.
You be over here? - Mm-hmm.
- Okay.
Who you know over here? Everybody.
Two, duck.
Two, duck, right.
You're too sloppy.
Do it again.
Get on your gloves.
Put the gloves on.
When you're putting on gloves, got to make sure your pants is up, too.
That's the first thing.
You can't fight with no pants down your behind.
This your jab left hand.
Man, he got some power on him.
There you go.
Is you You right-handed? - There you go.
- Let me see.
- Sh - [LAUGHTER] This boy got some power on him.
- I like you, boy.
- I know he has the potential.
Put your hands up.
You already right.
One, two.
One, two.
Y'all hit like bricks, man.
Y'all the hardest-hitting kids.
They say that y'all fight a lot.
But why fight for free when you could get paid for it? Right? So y'all gonna come to the practice? Y'all gonna practice with us? I believe I was put here to help y'all.
That's why I'm at Montefiore.
That's why you see me coming through there talking.
I don't want to see y'all ending up like the way I came up.
I was a Vice Lord.
Go out there on them streets.
Ask somebody who Shotgun is.
Everybody know me.
Everybody out here know me.
I know your daddy, too.
Your daddy was a good dude.
But guess what else your daddy liked to do? He liked to shoot them guns.
All us got them same stories.
- What's your uncle name? - Luke.
- What's your other uncle name? - Curtis.
- What's your other uncle name? - Leon.
- Who? - Leon.
I know your whole family, but every last one of them boys shot guns, every last one of them.
But where they at right now? Your daddy in jail doing time right now.
Do something positive.
You know, a lot of people wait till it's too late.
Maybe this is God way of showing y'all, "Here goes something right here, man.
" Take advantage of it.
CORTEZ: I wouldn't even be in this school if my daddy was out.
Like, I think about my daddy every day.
I want to see him every day.
I want to be around him every day.
The first time I started disliking my mom is the first time she put me in the hospital.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Could you do me a favor? If you see this child, could you please call this number? She's my daughter.
She's been missing for a week.
You are my mom, but I don't love you like that.
We gonna go to the police station.
We need her on the Amber Alert.
You know what a mentor is? - No.
- He be somebody like me.
We protect them more than we do anything.
We protect them.
WOMAN: From what? Themselves, their family, their surroundings.
Themselves first.