Last Resort (2012) s01e01 Episode Script


1 (Motor whirring) Hospitality, this is Tango Five.
We're four mikes out, requesting hot extract.
Hopper, stay with me.
Hospitality, this is Tango Five.
We're at the rendezvous.
Hospitality, this is Tango Five.
Do you read? Hospitality, do you read? (Radio beeps) (Beeping stops) Helm, ready for dive.
We're not gonna be here long.
Chief of the boat, you get those SEALs on board as fast as you can.
I have multiple contacts.
Something big outside the lane.
Classifying now.
Gentlemen, we have just surfaced in the middle of a highway.
Let me know if anything acts pissy.
Lieutenant Shepard, I need three good ways out of here.
Aye-aye, sir.
Sir, big boy at sea is a Pakistani Zulfiquar class frigate turning on our position.
Captain, the hatch is shut.
Straight board.
Submerge the boat, lieutenant.
Dive! Dive! Venting forward.
Venting aft.
Ahead two-thirds.
Come to 2-7-5.
Lieutenant Shepard, you have the conn.
, you're with me.
Relax, lieutenant.
We aren't actually at war.
Just make him realize how incredibly dead he'd be if we were.
(Man) Captain.
(Monitor beeping rhythmically) Thanks, chief.
They're wound tight.
Gil Langston, captain.
Thank you for the pickup.
How's your man? Needs a hospital.
We're headed towards the Eisenhower group to test a new piece of equipment.
Five hours, we'll be in range of the choppers.
That's some serious heat that came after you guys.
Anything we should know? Once again, captain, thank you for the pickup.
(People speaking indistinctly) You had to ask, didn't you? (Monitor beeping rhythmically) What the hell happened back there? Cortez, Reynolds, don't make me chase you down.
(Man speaking indistinctly over P.
) 1400 hours, day 56 of the tour, this is a meeting to allow you to inform me if any member of the crew has acted towards you in a manner offensive to yourself or to the other female members of your rack, or in a manner contrary (Laughs) To the rules and regulations of Navy policy.
But how are you how are you supposed to do sensitivity duty and you all talking about "racks"? (Chuckles) Just answer the question, Cortez.
No one has offended, bothered, copped a feel, or otherwise molested any member of my rack.
Love these weekly chats, though.
Welcome to the Navy, sailor.
(Man) No, no, no, no, man, look.
He's like, he's like (Beatboxing) (Chuckles) Stupid.
- It's a feeling, V.
It's not intellectual.
- Stupid.
No, I mean, look, you're you're from Arizona, right? - Yeah.
- Okay, I'm not even being offensive, 'cause I got a cousin from Tucson (Laughs) But it just means that you have no idea what he's doing.
I have no idea? No.
You think he's all "ho this" and "bitch that" that's not what I said.
And it's just not the case.
It's just not the Really? Are you guys still at this? X.
, permission to shoot petty Officer Brannan in the head.
Permission granted.
Closest thing to an actual engagement we'll probably ever see, and he gives her the conn? Just hands it over, like "Here you go, sweetheart.
You have fun with that.
" Yeah, nice being an admiral's kid.
(Chuckles) Yeah.
(Imitates female voice) "Oh, captain, are you really gonna let me drive the boat?" Ma'am.
(Man speaks indistinctly over P.
) X.
, captain wants to see you in his quarters when you're done.
(Equipment beeping, people speaking indistinctly) X.
on the conn.
(Man) X.
on the conn.
(Lowered voice) Your guys Lawrence and Stern, they're busting Grace's balls.
(Chuckles) I wasn't aware of the presence of those, sir.
Consider it taken care of.
Thank you.
(Knock on door) Come in.
(Door opens) (Man speaks indistinctly over P.
) (Door closes) How's Jeffrey doing? You must be proud.
Yeah, he says he's jealous of me, being surrounded by water.
(Chuckles) Guess it's pretty dry where they are.
Listen, Cameron's been tracking the fleet.
He's doing that thing that he does.
What do you know about the Eisenhower group changing course? Here's the latest surface grab.
is falling apart.
(Woman) Four generals resigned in protest, calling the president's policies reckless and irresponsible.
As the impeachment vote approaches, the embattled president (TV beeps) Ronald Reagan fires all the air traffic controllers.
And his guys come to him, and they say, "Mr.
President, why did you go and do such a thing? Everyone's gonna think you're crazy.
" And Reagan He points out the window of the Oval Office toward Russia, and he says, "That's right.
That's exactly what I need that bastard to think.
" Uh, what are we celebrating? You see, everyone knew Brezhnev was crazy.
Hell, he invaded Afghanistan.
The problem was, nobody knew if Reagan was.
And if there's one absolute truth to being the man with your finger on the button, that's it.
They have to think you're crazy.
(Chuckles) Here's to being 500 feet under and half a world away from it all.
(Clinks) (Chuckles) Ahh.
Will Frears is looking for a second at Naval Command, Virginia.
I recommended you.
You can take a week with Christine once we get back and make the move.
Marcus (Chuckles) Whatever you think you owe me, Sam, you've paid a hundred times over.
You have a wife.
Go home.
Take a desk.
Start a family.
(Door closes) Chief of the boat.
Listen, Grace, um Lawrence and Stern, they'll be pulling latrine duty for a week.
I just hope you understand, it's not about you being a woman.
I just haven't earned their respect.
Well Two weeks latrine duty for both of them, and, C.
, you address me by my rank or ma'am, not my first name.
Lieutenant Shepard, position report.
1,012 clicks south west of Sri Lanka, sir.
Crossing the equator in (Beeping) Oh, crossing now, sir.
(Ritchie Valens) Para bailar la bamba para bailar la bamba se necesita una poca de gracia una poca de gracia para mi para ti y arriba, y arriba y arriba, y arriba First time crossing the equator on a warship, Gracie? Whoo! Por ti sere yo no soy marinero yo no soy marinero, soy capitan soy capitan soy capitan bamba, bamba bamba, bamba bamba, bamba bamba para bailar la bamba para bailar la bamba se necesita una poca de gracia (Beeping) Una poca de gracia, para mi para ti Y arriba, y arriba Sir.
Battle stations.
(Alarm blares) Sir, I have a decoded missile fire order from D.
Emergency Antarctic Network.
Antarctica? (Dial clicks) Authenticate the order.
Fire order, authentication code Victor-Zulu-Zulu-Charlie, Mike-Yankee-X-Ray-Whiskey- Zulu-Delta-Delta-Kilo.
The order's authenticated.
I concur.
Sweet mother of God.
They shouldn't be using the Antarctica network.
They would only do that if If the main one was taken out by a full strike.
Weapons conn, we have an authenticated fire order.
Spin up missiles one through four.
Weapons, this is the X.
I concur with the captain.
(Beeping) Helm, come to heading 0-2-0.
Come to missile firing depth.
(Man) Conn, weapons.
Targets locked.
Missiles spinning up.
O Insert your key into the firing station.
We're both thinking it.
Go ahead and say it.
Why the Antarctic Network? They'd only use it if D.
command was gone or it was rendered inoperable.
Captain, let's just take a look.
Communications, roll out the antenna.
Get us something to look at.
Sir, we're cleared to fire.
Ever put on one of your favorite launch, where she was joined by some (cheers and applause) Get me national command.
(Chief) Sir, you break radio silence, we're in direct contradiction to procedure.
Get 'em on the horn, Chris.
(Buzzer sounds) U.
"Colorado" command, this is National Command.
This is captain Marcus Chaplin, U.
" I have an authenticated fire order through the Antarctic secondary network.
Requesting confirmation of the order through the standard E.
Captain, you have an authenticated fire order.
I'm aware of that.
Now send it through the proper channel.
Why aren't we firing? It's a direct order, sir.
Captain, are you refusing the order? Listen, whoever the hell you are, I don't have a declaration of war and I see no reason for this order to come through a secondary channel, which we all know was designed only to be used in the event that D.
command was wiped out.
But I'm sitting here watching "Hannah Montana," so I'm not going to annihilate 4.
3 million Pakistanis without hearing directly from someone whose authority I recognize.
Get me someone I can talk to.
"Colorado" out.
(Beeps) (Door opens) (Woman) The U.
S "Colorado" Ohio class nuclear submarine, 150 men on board.
Actually, since last year, nine enlisted women and two female officers as well.
It makes its own air power.
It's got four mark 48 torpedo tubes, 28 tomahawks, and 18 trident nuclear missiles, which can basically wipe out anything, anywhere, anytime.
God, I love it when you talk military hardware.
Yeah, I know.
I'm good, right? Mm-hmm.
(Laughs) But see, the "Colorado" has the same problem you do.
(Both laugh) Big sexy boat like that, it has its own magnetic signature, which turns a $4-billion sub into a sitting duck.
Except now with the prototype I've put on board, no signature.
The Navy is already drooling over this thing.
And after tomorrow's test, they're gonna want lots of them.
That is where your senator comes in.
Who can say no to you? (Laughs) Mm.
(Cell phone chimes) Oh, don't you (Muffled voice) dare.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
(Normal voice) You can't be serious.
What's "472 Chaplin"? Is that an address? No.
Tell me you don't have another meeting tonight.
Trust me, Robert, there is nowhere I would rather be, and nothing and no one I would rather be doing, but I've gotta go.
(Mutters) Hey, this (door opens) This is your apartment.
(Door closes) (Buzzer sounds) Captain Marcus Chaplin.
(Man) Captain, this is Deputy Secretary of Defense William Curry.
We met about a year ago at a CSG2 event.
Do you recognize my voice? I do, sir.
Although, why isn't the secretary himself or the president on the line? Captain Marcus Chaplin, you are relieved of your command under section 472 of the naval code.
Please pass me to your first officer.
This is "Colorado" X.
Sam Kendal.
Lieutenant Commander Kendal, as of this moment, you are advanced to Captain of the Boat.
You have an authorized fire order, do you not? Affirmative, sir.
Lieutenant Shepard, take the firing key from Captain Chaplin and insert it into the firing computer.
Curry, this is the acting Captain Sam Kendal.
Request that you send the order via the regular E.
channel, sir.
Okay, Captain.
Stand by.
(Beeps) Line's dead, sir.
(Langston) What the hell's going on here? Why is the crew talking about you refusing orders? Chief of the Boat, remove these men from the conn.
I'm not going anywhere till I see those orders.
You have no authority here.
This is my boat.
So get your ass off this conn now.
You heard the man.
There's no way we're not seeing that order.
They are not your orders to see.
I thought you SEAL boys were supposed to be smart.
Bullets and submarines don't get along so well.
That's okay, Captain.
We don't miss.
(Alarm blaring) Sir, I have inbound cruise missile on our position! Oh, my God.
20 seconds out.
(Chaplin) Emergency deep! All hands! Emergency deep! Emergency deep! - (Chaplin) Right full rudder! - Grab on to something.
Ten seconds out.
Point us at the bottom.
Hold on! Here it comes! (Whistles) (Booms) (Indistinct shouting) Bring us up! Negative! Control surfaces are nonresponsive.
Rebooting the system.
(Kendal) All hands, we have water in the boat! Evacuate forward compartment.
Seal auxiliary engine.
Seal sick bay.
Hey, sick bay? Hopper.
- Wait! Hold sick bay.
I'll do it on-site.
- We're back online.
- Emergency blow.
- Blowing tanks.
Bottom approaching! 50 feet! 40.
We're going in.
All hands, brace for impact! (Rumbling) (Alarm blares) (Rumbling continues) (Grunting) (Metal creaking) (Both panting and grunting) What about an extraction team? Too deep! We're 1,500, maybe 1,600 feet down! Hull's only rated to 1,300.
(Creaking continues) We gotta leave right now! We're right behind you with Hopper.
(Clanks) Ohh! Gil! (Creaking continues) Come on! Help me close this! (Both grunting) (Water rushing) (Squawks) (Woman) I never felt like he could be my hero (Women) uh-huh he's the man for me he's the man for me oh, heaven help me, we will be, yeah (British accent) We're not having a malfunction of our equipment here.
No, excuse me.
We're looking at a clear missile signature.
Yes, I understand.
(Beeps) But we're a NATO early warning station.
Your regulations require (european accent) Look, the acceleration here.
That's an American tomahawk.
It's a tomahawk.
Yes, one of your missiles was in the air in the vicinity of India and Pakistan, which could lead to a nuclear power shooting back at you, and that's you know, not good.
(Door opens) - Bastards.
- Focus on the target area.
Go back into the record, everything for the past hour.
Give me something I can take to NATO command.
Julian, I know the rest of this island pretty much kisses your ass, but you can't just waltz in here.
There's no gate in this world, there's not something somebody wants won't unlock it.
- Happy birthday.
- (Laughs) Oh.
Thank you.
But now you need to go.
Uh, how much? It's a gift, Sophie.
Someday, you'll give me a gift.
(Classical music playing) (Knock on door) (Music continues) (Sighs) Boat's damaged.
We got casualties.
We don't know who hit us or if they're waiting up top for a second shot.
We got 150 lives at stake here, and the man best equipped to lead us out of this mess is sitting in his room chilling out to Mozart.
I need your help.
They need your help.
They have a captain.
(Music continues) You.
(Music continues) (Clattering) (Rumbling) (People speaking indistinctly) Captain on the conn.
We're clear, sir.
All ahead, dead crawl coming to 0-9-0.
Thank you.
Something else? Well, a lot of the crew's been wondering what happens next? This is (Clears throat) this is the acting captain.
The "Colorado" has been returned to operational status.
We lost 12 souls in the attack.
There will be time to mourn them later.
The officers of this vessel will eventually appear before the proper authorities to explain our actions.
Till then, let's get somewhere safe so we can all see our families again.
Everybody do their job.
Son of a bitch.
I got a fix on the boat who shot us, sir.
It's the "Illinois.
" Our own people tried to sink us? What do you think happens when you ignore orders? We didn't ignore anything.
We questioned.
You don't hit your own people for that.
This is insane.
We can't hide from the entire U.
Navy forever.
(Chief) The Lieutenant's right.
We need to surface and wave the white flag.
And what if they use that flag as a target? We don't know what their orders are.
All we know is that there's something seriously wrong in D.
, so we're leaving this party.
That's your damn plan? To run? To where? For how long? That's enough, C.
! Go make your rounds! Old Navy saying "The stupid will be punished.
" Are you challenging my authority? I'll repeat the question.
Do you acknowledge my authority or not? I do.
(Footsteps approach) We get shot by an American boat? The "Illinois.
" How did you know? Helm, come to 0-8-3.
The captain was relieved of duty.
Man your station, Lieutenant.
Not on orders from you, no, sir.
Chief of the Boat, remove Lieutenant Cahill from the conn.
Now! You all know this is wrong.
Captain has the conn.
Captain has the conn.
Grace, I need you to plot a course.
I think I found our oasis.
Nice speech.
(Woman) Well, anyway, Sam's underwater for two more months.
Why have I been taking business classes if I don't have the guts to start a real business? (Knock on door) (Dog barks) Mom, I gotta go.
Emma's coming over.
We're going to talk materials and pricing.
(Telephone beeps) (Hinges squeak) No.
(Man) Pentagon sources say a Pakistani warship fired without warning at the Ohio class nuclear submarine U.
"Colorado" as it was conducting (Woman) Admiral Shepard.
I think you'll want to talk to me.
It's about the "Colorado," sir.
Do I know you? Kylie Sinclair from Sinclair Dynatronic.
We had a prototype on board the "Colorado.
" I'm sorry about your daughter, sir.
We've been attacked, we're at Defcon 2, and you want to talk about your toy? We both know the Pakistanis didn't sink her.
No matter what you're telling the American people.
What? It took me a year to get my system on the "Colorado," and I am not gonna wait another year.
So if you want me to keep quiet, you put my equipment on the next boat that goes out.
You get the hell out of my face.
A friend in Navy intelligence sent me this text "472 Chaplin" - five minutes before the "Colorado" was hit.
- What friend? Naval command was processing a 472 protocol removal of Captain Chaplin.
You had a rogue captain of a nuclear submarine.
And with 18 tridents on board, no one was gonna take any chances.
So you sank your own boat sir.
You son of a bitch.
You sank your own daughter's boat.
You didn't know? (Woman) Sir? We need to go now.
(Blows air) (Sighs) (Woman) I know it's selfish, but don't go.
Go awol.
(Chuckles) We'll go on the run together town to town, hiding out, living off the land.
- What, like Bonnie and Clyde? - Bonnie and Clyde Minus all the bullets at the end.
(Chuckles) Right.
I'll be back in four months.
(Voice breaks) Oh, I love you.
(Sighs) "We'll appear before the proper authorities to explain our actions"? Then what? (Sighs) Depends who really sent the order.
Well, I've been down in the crew's mess, and they're all looking at me, and I don't know what to say to them.
You don't say anything.
You show them how to be strong.
If you had told me to, I would've turned that key.
Thank you for not making me.
(Keyboard keys clicking) (Woman speaking indistinctly on TV) Better than sex.
Well, you're having the wrong kind of sex.
(Chuckles) (Chuckles) (Man) In breaking news, Pakistan has attacked and sunk an American nuclear submarine Do you see this? They're lying.
That was the American tomahawk.
(Buzzes) (Alarm beeping) Call command.
Command, this is NATO listening post, Sainte Marina.
We're reporting two tracks originating in the Indian Ocean.
Are we shooting at Pakistan? (Beeping continues) It's real.
Oh, God.
(Beeping continues) Can't you do anything? (Voice breaks) No.
It's too late.
Oh (Cries) (Beeping continues) Sir, major shock waves on low frequency.
Those are nukes going off near Pakistan.
The fight's started.
It's not too late to get into it.
Sir, assault teams are ready.
Let's grab some sunlight, people.
(Rumbling) (People shouting indistinctly) Come on.
Get 'em out of the streets! Get back! Get back! Get back! (Indistinct shouting continues) You speak English? Where's the hospital? The hospital? It's over there.
(Indistinct shouting continues) James, take care of Gil.
We got Hopper.
(Indistinct shouting continues) I need a place to keep my friend until I can get him home.
(Motor whirring) $1,000 U.
cover it? (Exhales) Rest is to start a tab.
Best scotch you have.
(Man speaks indistinctly) Get down! Get down! Get down! Get down! (Man) Nothing over here! (Man) All right.
We're clear.
Clear! (Man) All clear! Who are you? Talk to me, Cameron.
Same interface as the "Colorado," same software.
Get us eyes and ears.
- We're clear.
- I don't know where you think you are, but this station belongs to NATO.
(Chaplin) No.
This station and that sub parked outside, they all belong to me now.
(Telephone rings) (Ring) Admiral Shepard's office.
Arthur, it's Marcus.
Grace is right here.
Dad, it's me.
(Cries) (Sniffles) I thought I'd lost you.
Dad You always told me, honor before all.
So when you learn what happened I hope you're proud of us.
Arthur, we got fire orders on the Antarctic Network.
When we asked for confirmation, the "Illinois" shot us up, damn near killed us.
The White House said it was the Pakistanis.
We're at war.
(Door opens) Arthur, are you there? (Clicks) I couldn't help but notice an increase in tourists today.
Afraid I need to ask you your intentions towards my beautiful little island.
My only intention is to get fall-down drunk.
Although you may have noticed the guy invading the place.
And when does this man plan on leaving? Wild guess up until about an hour ago, you ran things here drugs, guns, girls.
Whatever it is, it's no match for the boomer floating in your harbor.
You're done, friend.
I understand there might be some, uh, cultural differences here, so I'll translate.
When someone where I'm from calls you "friend," they don't consider you one.
This is my island.
If I allow your presence, it comes with certain terms and conditions.
Is that clear friend? He's first.
He's the only real shooter in your bunch, so the first bullet's his.
Big fella's probably gonna need two in the chest to make sure his fat ass goes down, so two he gets.
And while dopey over there fumbles for his gun in his back waistband, grumpy gets one between the eyes, and so does he.
You, though Snow White You I'm gonna shoot clean through the neck.
And that way, as the blood is gushing out your choking throat and you desperately beg me for your life, you won't be able to make a sound.
Or (Chuckles) You could leave me in peace to enjoy my drink.
(Huffs) Americans Such confidence.
(Telephone rings) (Ring) (Answering machine clicks) (Woman) Hi, you've reached Christine and Sam.
Please leave a message.
(Beeps) (Kendal) Christine? Are you there, baby? It's me.
Sam? Oh, my God.
Sam? Sam, is that you? It's me, baby.
It's me.
I'm okay.
Listen to me.
I don't know what you've heard, but I can explain it all.
I just need to get home first.
You were right, baby.
I never should've left you.
No, no, no, no.
None of that matters.
Just come home to me, baby.
I will.
I'm gonna get back.
I'm gonna make it up to you.
I promise.
Just Please believe in me.
Please remember how much I love you.
I love you, too.
Whatever they say about me, you d Sam? Sam! - Is this normal? - No.
Where's the power? (Chains tinkling) (Man) All their systems are offline.
It's myself, Seaman Stern, and the C.
Yes, sir.
They are blind.
I don't know for how much longer.
No, no need, sir.
It's our duty.
Step back, Lawrence.
Put the gun down, Sam.
I swear, I'll shoot you both.
You cut the power, you called command, and you told them we'd be blind.
We're all dead anyway.
You just don't know it yet.
Now get on your knees.
On your knees! I'm not gonna let you do this.
Sorry, Sam.
You've always put too much faith in the old man.
Oh! (Sophie gasps) What the hell did you just do? (Exhales) (Electricity whirs) (Cameron) The power's back.
What have we got, Cameron? Whoa.
Two birds heading our way.
B-1 bombers.
15 minutes out.
Get everyone back to the sub.
Bombers seven minutes out.
All crew accounted for except two.
We're short Brannan and Cortez.
Find them.
Prepare to dive.
Delay that.
We're not leaving crew behind.
And hiding in the ocean is not gonna stop them from bombing this town and all the people in it.
We need to change the game.
(Switch clicks) Weapons, conn.
Spin up missile one.
(Man) Conn, weapons.
Missile one is loaded and ready.
Coordinates set, sir.
(Keys jangle) On my mark.
Three, two, one.
(Alarm dings) (Rumbling) (Missile roaring) That's not good.
(Roaring continues) Bombers four minutes out.
This is captain Marcus Chaplin of the U.
" You have two bombers bearing down on our position.
In response, we have a bird in flight toward D.
I'm sure you're reading it.
This is Curry.
You're bluffing, Marcus.
Initiate missile destruct immediately by order of the President of the United States.
If those bombers aren't turned around within two minutes, you have my word, that missile will detonate.
"Colorado" out.
(Monitors beeping) (Cameron) Bombers one minute out.
Still coming.
They're not turning around.
(Chuckles) Attention all hands, this is your captain.
Despite our best efforts, an attack is imminent.
We won't survive it.
It's been my honor to have served with each and every one of you.
There's no one else I'd rather be with right now.
(Cameron) Missile passing over Indiana, sir.
Prepare to destruct missile.
(Clatters) (Cameron) Bombers 30 seconds out.
Guess that desk job will have to wait.
I wasn't built for desks anyway, sir.
On my mark, initiate missile destruct sequence.
Three, two Wait! The bombers are turning back! (Pants) "Colorado," this is Curry.
Bombers have disengaged.
Initiate missile destruct now.
Too late.
You missed the deadline by 90 seconds.
Captain, put your key in and initiate missile destruct sequence now.
If they don't think we'll back up our threats, we'll be dead in a week, along with everyone else in this town.
They need to understand, I'm a man of my word.
Marcus please.
Have I ever done anything other than what was in the best interest of this boat, this crew, and our nation? (Roaring) (Booms) (Beeps) We have a good detonation, 200 miles east of Washington.
That distance, no one will be hurt.
But I'd say we got their attention.
I'm captain Marcus Chaplin of the U.
" A short time ago, my submarine was ordered to fire four nuclear I.
s at Pakistan.
These orders came through a secondary, less secure network.
(Door opens) With millions of lives at stake, I requested confirmation of the order be sent through the normal and proper channel.
In response, an American attack sub, the U.
"Illinois," fired on us and left my crew for dead at the bottom of the Indian Ocean.
You little bitch, Grace.
It's "You little bitch, lieutenant.
" From our submarine, we have watched as the fabric of trust between government and its people has been torn.
And when this boat dared to question why a nation without the capability to directly harm the homeland was to be destroyed, elements of that government tried to kill the 150 volunteer sailors on my boat.
(Man) Sir, the intel is wrong! We We killed the wrong people.
(Curtain rings clatter) And then these same elements continued on their course (Knock on door) A first strike It's open.
We have all borne witness.
We have commandeered the NATO early warning station on the island of Sainte Marina.
From this facility, we can see the movements of all the world's militaries.
We are in control.
I am declaring a 200-mile no-man's-land around this island, effective immediately.
As for myself and the men and women of the U.
"Colorado" You see that? We love our country.
That was my fault.
I made that happen.
We would gladly die for what it represents.
(Voice breaks) It was me.
It was me.
It was me.
What did I do? But we do not recognize or obey a government that tries to murder its own.
If the current United States executive or any other nation violates this perimeter, we have 17 more nuclear missiles aboard, and we will not hesitate to unleash fiery hell down upon you.
I give you my word.
Test us, and we will all burn together.
You've been warned.
Cut it.
(Camera beeps) Just crazy enough, sir.
Repair crews found it.
She's not easy to lose, is she? Thank you.
What happened to the country I grew up in? They've made it all a mess.
We could do better, right here.
Start from scratch.
Everything we did was to stay alive long enough to get our names cleared and to get home.
Maybe this is home now.