Last Resort (2012) s01e02 Episode Script

Blue On Blue

Sir, I have a missile fire order from the Antarctic Network.
Why the Antarctic Network? I'm not going to annihilate 4.
3 million Pakistanis without hearing from someone whose authority I recognize.
I got a fix on the boat who shot us, sir.
It's the "Illinois.
" Our own people tried to sink us? The "Colorado" has its own magnetic signature, which turns a $4-billion sub into a sitting duck.
Except now with the prototype I've put on board-- no signature.
We have commandeered the NATO early warning station on the island of Sainte Marina.
I am declaring a 200-mile no-man's-land around this island.
Sam? Sam, is that you? It's me.
I'm okay.
Listen to me, I don't know what you've heard, but I can explain it all.
Just please believe in me.
On your knees! I'm not gonna let you do this.
What the hell did you just do? If the current United States executive violates this perimeter, we will all burn together.
You've been warned.
Hey, dad.
So this will be the last of these for a while.
We're headed out tomorrow.
I'm excited.
We're ready.
Captain's on the conn.
Status? Heading 0-7-0 to a depth of 200 feet, sir.
Very well.
Sonar? The "Princeton" and the "Monterey" have reached the perimeter.
I'm tracking 16 other signatures, all closing on us.
We're reading some 20 other warships closing in on the 200-mile line, most should arrive within the next 48 hours.
We're preparing to test the prototype.
Keep those eyes on us.
Sophie, should we be helping these people? You have to decide that for yourself.
I won't be a part of it.
Engineering, conn.
Stand ready to engage the Perseus prototype.
Aye-aye, sir.
The prototype is tied in to every major system on the sub.
It goes down, we're done.
And with respect, sir, we should be on the phone with DC sorting through this mess before it can't be sorted out.
Attention, all hands.
This is your Captain.
There are some 20-plus warships descending on us.
These are our brothers in arms, sent now to kill us.
There will be a time to talk, but right now we show strength.
Captain, out.
Engineering, conn.
Engage the Perseus.
Aye, sir.
SSTD is still online, sir.
You just vanished off our screen, sir.
Looks like the prototype works.
They're hunting for us.
Sir, something patrolling low right outside the perimeter.
ID off those screws, it's the "Illinois.
" She's dipping back and forth across the line.
She's testing the fence.
We don't make that line real to them, sooner or later, she'll cross over to kill us.
Man battle stations.
134 on board the "Illinois," sir.
Helm, put us on intercept with the "Illinois.
" Captain, they've just disappeared.
Looks like Marcus has a new toy.
Listen carefully.
Launch transients dead astern! Evasive maneuver-- right full rudder.
Launch countermeasures now! Too late.
Torpedo is homing.
Impact in five, four Three, two Disabled warhead's a hit, sir.
"Illinois" turning away.
She's rolling over, showing us her belly.
But she'll still bite if she gets the chance.
Weapons, conn.
The next torpedo's armed.
Keep your lock.
Nav Take us back.
Yes, sir.
Do you see? The devastation could have been so much-- "Could have"? That's gotta be maybe 200 miles off the coast.
That's further than Vegas was to the Nevada test range.
And they set off a couple hundred nukes there.
Your husband and all the men and women following Marcus Chaplin will die if we can't end this now.
Now Sam is out there alone.
He's confused.
He probably wants, more than anything, just to do the right thing.
Then help him.
Sitrep, Lieutenant.
We've manned stations and patrols, but about a quarter of the crew aren't reporting for shifts.
Cortez and Brannan are still missing and assumed AWOL.
Cortez is third tour.
She's not AWOL.
We gotta start looking for 'em.
And, sir, the COB-- he's under guard in what the town uses as a jail, and he is not making things any easier.
Sailor, open the gate.
Tell her we ain't home, Red.
Sailor, I just gave you a direct order.
Sorry, ma'am.
I don't have the key.
You know, Grace, when they find you guilty of mutiny, of murder, it's not gonna be the jail cell that gets to you.
It's gonna be the sound of the people outside chanting for your death.
That's what's gonna drive you insane Break it down.
And knowing that your admiral daddy is not gonna be able to visit your grave.
I said, break it down.
Open it up.
She should've never been wearing those stripes to begin with.
But you put her there, and she killed one of my men.
You have everything you need, COB? I never would've believed that my friend and commanding officer would go soft when it came time to do his duty.
Oh, I know my duty.
Do you? Your duty, sir, is to fire when you're told to fire.
Your duty, sir, is to be the strong and unwavering fist of our nation.
Why'd they send the orders through the Antarctic channel? Why would they fire on us? I'm a sailor.
I don't have the luxury to ask.
No, you don't, which is why you're the COB, and I'm the Captain.
You're my friend, Marcus.
But you're no longer the captain of my boat.
That uniform you're still wearing? That's borrowed glory.
I've always appreciated your candor, COB.
Lock it up, sailor.
You all right, Lieutenant? Not really.
XO, you're gonna have to relieve me.
I'm sorry, but I'm not setting an example for the enlisted.
And it's not their fault.
It's me.
I don't know who I am here.
Well, then figure it out.
Look, we lose control here, we're all dead.
You get that? I can't fix this for you, but I do need you.
They don't believe in you? You make them, today.
That's closer than 200 miles.
Aircraft crossed the perimeter 15 seconds ago.
Whatever it is, it's big.
Working the ident.
Open hatches.
Make sure the world can see it.
"Eisenhower" is scrambling F-18s to intercept, sir.
They're asking if they can cross our line to turn her around.
ID the bird, now.
Pilot of Taiwan air 29-76, turn around.
Do you hear me? It's a passenger 747.
How close do you think it got? I don't know.
Maybe 40 miles.
A Delta Force Team could HALO down from that plane, hit the water on the far side, paddle in.
They could be here six hours after that.
They didn't waste any time.
I'll go.
I'll take a team, try and cut 'em off.
- Sam, if those are Deltas-- - I know.
If they don't think we made 'em, maybe we get the upper hand.
You stay here.
You do what you can.
I'll go.
Show strength.
Then talk.
If you're right, you'll need a second out there you can trust.
Volunteering for the mission, sir.
Hangover cure.
Drink it.
There's another at the bar.
I thought you special forces hot shots could handle your liquor.
Do you have a boat, some way off the island? There are boats, but-- Get yourself off this rock.
This whole place just became the biggest bull's-eye on the planet.
I'm sorry.
It's just This whole island is a volcano.
The stories we heard as kids, they were about lands plucked from the bottom of the ocean by a giant fish hook or tossed down from the sky by angry gods.
Telling an islander they're going to die violently is just reminding us we're home.
Shower's $10.
Didn't ask.
You will.
You saw that plane? Yeah.
I'd say you got yourself a bad case of between seven and ten special forces.
Almost certainly Delta.
So you think they'll move for us or for the sub first? My captain seems to think you might be of some help coming up with a plan here.
A plan? Yeah, a plan.
You're not coming up with a plan.
What you're working on is just a really complicated suicide.
Okay, let me get one thing straight.
I'm only here because my captain asked me to be.
'Cause me? I'd rather beat my own brains out than have you help me with anything.
So do me a favor.
Why don't you stay here and drink yourself more stupid, if that's humanly possible? Thanks for your help.
Oh, Whoo! That is good.
13 of our sailors are about to face off with something they don't understand-- Do you want to know what's the really great thing about a perfect HALO jump? It's that, before the jump, you're still stateside in your head-- rent, ex-girlfriends, car payment, whatever.
That free fall-- it cleans you right out.
By the time you rip your chute, everything's gone.
And what's left is a single-minded focus to accomplish the mission, which in this case would be killing you and your pals.
Look, the least you could do is tell-- If I had to choose sides, I'd be out there with them.
So this? This is the very least I can do.
So we think there might be some soldiers coming over the island.
Since you know this place better than anyone, I was hoping to get your help.
You know, I don't really think you get what's going on here, do you? Oh, I do.
I understand that millions of people died yesterday.
But do you understand? No, you can't.
Because you're a soldier.
You're made to believe such things are normal.
Have you even looked at the TV? Have you seen the faces-- Hey, we're the ones that didn't fire.
Do you get that? Do you get it? Me and my captain, we didn't fire nukes at Pakistan.
You know what the prize is for being such stand-up guys? Men come to kill us and kill anyone that gets in their way.
And right now our only advantage is surprise.
And I'm here asking for your help.
XO, a call's come in for you.
I thought the phones were dead.
So did we.
You should take this.
Hey, babe.
I've been trying to reach you again.
Are you okay? I know.
I know.
Things have been pretty crazy here.
And I bet for you, too, right? Christine, talk to me.
Are you okay? Sam, they'll give you full amnesty You and the crew.
All you have to do is give them the sub.
And you have to give them Marcus.
They're ready to let you come back to me.
Sam don't trust them.
Whatever they say to you, whatever I say to you, don't trust it! Just know that I love you, Sam! I love you! We knew this wouldn't just be bullets.
They'll come at you where it hurts the most.
You okay? We'll get inland and we'll set up a kill zone.
Maybe they walk right into it.
Worst-case scenario, they get wise, they kill us all.
Best-case scenario, we send a complement of American body bags home.
Either way, this sucks.
The siege of Grozny in '94.
2,000 Russians died fighting their own.
In the aftermath, generals resigned, others were tried.
But for days, they fought, brother killing brother by the thousands in the freezing cold.
And you have to ask yourself why.
Sometimes the enemy is just the man keeping you from getting home.
A symbol of the Cold War, the Ohio class submarine is one of 18 in its class designed to run silent and deep and then deliver deathly 20 bucks says we take this guy out within 24 hours.
Cruise missile.
Who's in? Hey, brain surgeon.
The "Colorado" can launch its remaining 17 nukes in under five minutes.
Your cruise missile is a slow weapon.
Takes maybe 20 minutes.
ICBM's faster, but you gotta launch it up and down.
That takes time.
And you better be 100% sure you kill her, 'cause Chaplin's got eyes now.
And once the "Colorado's" tridents are airborne, there is not a thing in this world that stops them 'cause somebody kept my daddy from building star wars 20 years ago.
So tell me exactly how you would take out that submarine? Linus.
What is my favorite deep cover mole in the Defense Department drinking this evening? - For God sake, Kylie.
- Oh, relax.
I could give you a lap dance right here and no one would notice today.
I would.
So what's your news? Your Perseus prototype? Chaplin went ahead and tested it this morning, on his own.
The "Colorado" dropped right off everyone's screens.
Kylie, it works.
Waiter, champagne.
Right away.
We're celebrating.
No, no, no, no.
You don't understand.
They will take it away from you.
They will go patriot act, they will go National Security, and they will take it away from you.
And there's nothing you can do about it.
Chaplin said it was actually the "Illinois" that tried to sink the "Colorado.
" Chaplin's insane.
Really? 24 hours ago, you would've said he was the paragon of virtue and patriotism.
Now someone ordered the "Illinois" to fire.
Somewhere that was recorded, and if you're right and they're trying to take my tech, than that order is my get-out-of-jail-free card.
I need you to get that for me.
Are you not hearing me? I can't help you anymore.
What was the name of that brunette at your bachelor party? God, she was hot.
Like, make-me-want-to-switch-hit hot, wasn't she? Was it Carole? Oh, no.
No, no.
That's your wife's name.
I thought we were friends.
We are friends.
But you're a friend I pay a lot of money to.
Linus, go find me that order.
Good-bye, dad.
I bet this isn't how you saw your weekend going.
My weekends are not as boring as you imagine.
Well, it isn't how I saw mine.
I was there.
If you hadn't killed that man, we'd all be dead.
You didn't have a choice.
It doesn't matter now, does it? Shepard killed one of us.
Sometimes in battle, these things have a way of working themselves out.
Sorry, Cam, you're too important up there.
With all due respect, sir.
If this doesn't work, there will be no "up there.
" Full complement ready to go, sir.
Careful out there.
Don't get a sunburn.
You don't need this or this or this.
This will get you shot while you're busy trying to unstrap it.
You got your rig strapped right.
Doesn't mean you're ready for what's out there.
There is a place they will have to go through to get here.
I'll show you where.
That's all.
Aiding and abetting a terrorist enterprise, aiding and abetting known terrorists, sedition, treason, aiding and abetting an attack on the homeland-- and this isn't just your husband.
After that stunt, this is now you as well.
Read between the lines.
You think you know him? You don't.
You just know the easy parts, the parts he wanted you to see.
I know Sam better than anyone.
You sure? I'm not gonna talk about that.
I told you I'm not gonna talk about it so we're not talking about it.
What is this? There were 18 of you taken prisoner.
When was this taken? What is this? Seven men under your command didn't survive.
What the hell is going on? That has to weigh on you.
I was surprised you showed.
So am I.
These men you're ready to fight, they might as well be your brothers.
Hey, you know, I get it.
You don't like killing, you don't like war, you want us to all just get along.
That's what anybody thinks that's never had their back up against a wall.
Who do you think I am? I've seen what your wars do.
And there's always some other way.
Yeah, I used to think that, too.
I was wrong.
What happened to change your mind? Thank you for showing us this spot.
You should go now.
Can you check my weapon for me? I want to make sure it's ready.
Thank you, ma'am.
I feel much safer now.
You just let them go off alone.
It's not my business.
Here on Sainte Marina, sometimes a family breaks apart-- a marriage goes bad, a debt goes unpaid, a small war starts.
Don't worry.
I'm not gonna break out the patchouli.
But here when this happens, a man is selected and marked to make the peace.
The marks are an honor.
Do you deserve them? It would be 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning when they would come.
They'd drag us out of our cells.
They would march us out into the yard.
Together? Mnh-mnh.
There would be a table and gun.
One bullet.
They'd make you load the gun.
They'd spin the chamber and put the gun to your head.
That sound Your husband was a captive of the Democratic People's Republic of North Korea for over 17 days.
No, that's not possible.
Marcus Chaplin went off the reservation to force his release.
Put his career on the line.
Sam just tell you that was a regular deployment? Why does a man lie to his wife? I don't know.
Well, Marcus had him lying to you, to everyone.
And if he's capable of that, what else could Marcus get him to do? You think that's the only lie your husband ever told you? I don't know, okay? Why don't you tell me? Because I don't know what this is.
I lost seven of my men.
You want their names? Look, it happened.
I'm over it.
Could we move on, please? That's your husband learning to lie.
Deputy Secretary of Defense Curry, it's good to talk to you again.
It's Secretary now, Captain.
Well, I'm glad the last 24 hours has been good to someone.
You know, we have a lot of frightened people here.
You have a team of Delta on my island.
I want them gone.
We got about 1.
6 billion muslims deeply pissed at us.
We're trying to de-escalate this situation, not make it worse.
There are no Delta on your island.
So who can shoot? I mean actually hit something.
I suppose I can.
Ah, hell.
Guess I can, too.
When this starts, they're either gonna fall back or try to make it to cover.
You do not let them.
You got it? Good.
XO, we're all set up here.
How long do you think we have? Probably an hour or more, but be ready.
Must feel weird, killing one of your own, especially like this, without them knowing it's coming.
Hey, Hawkes, we're gonna need every gun we have.
So if you're gonna shoot me in the back, maybe you could wait until we're done here.
We've got the whole thing ranged.
If they come, we'll take 'em.
XO You gonna get married someday, Lieutenant? 'Cause these men are coming, and only one of you gets to have a future.
I plan on being at that wedding.
I'll make sure and invite you, sir.
Go, quick.
Captain, they're here.
If we're gonna find another way out of this, it's gotta be now.
You're on your own for now, Sam.
I can't help you yet.
Secretary Curry, tell me again how you have nothing on my island.
Tell me how I'm imaging my XO is going up against an armed contingent.
And if I think you're lying to me, then I'm gonna have to - leave this in the hands of a higher power.
- Excuse me, sir.
Wh-what do you want me to say, Marcus? Yes, we sent Delta? No, we didn't send Delta? Does it really matter what I say? Hold your fire.
Hold your fire.
Sir? I have the shot.
Sir? I'm coming out to talk! I am unarmed! I repeat, I am unarmed! I'm coming out to talk! Do not fire! Sir What are you doing? We got you ranged from both sides.
You are in a kill zone.
I just want to talk.
We are all Americans.
At least some of you gotta be wondering what you're doing here.
I don't even know what I'm doing here.
There it is again.
They're essentially beaming it through the water from their base to the team and then using an ultra-low frequency.
Who is beaming it through the water? They are.
All I know is, none of us has to die today.
Sam, they're not Deltas.
They're Russian Spetsnaz.
Sam, do you read? Ah, hell.
Three went back! Two forward! We got two but-- Grace, they flanked us to the top of the hill you're on.
You gotta get up there.
We're already on our way.
But we're pinned down, Sam.
There is no way up.
We're not gonna survive like this, Lieutenant.
I need you to take that position out.
Do you hear me? Hawkes.
Hawkes, we need cover.
No! Turn that down, sailor.
Sir? You heard me.
Turn it down.
Marcus Chaplin.
This is an unexpected honor.
Viktor, you have a team of Spetsnaz on my island, dropped off the back of a Taiwanese 747.
You're running support off a Ukrainian container ship 50 miles beyond my perimeter.
And it might not be your mission, Viktor.
But someone in the Kremlin is making a play for my submarine.
No one would want to attack.
I'll sink the ship, Viktor.
And then I'll target the Sevastopol base where your two sons are stationed and I'll turn it to glass.
Grace, I need to know right now, can you take care of that position or not?! I'm sorry, Sam.
I'm sorry.
Russians are signaling, they want to talk.
Get Curry back on the line.
Let him hear everything, but mute that son of a bitch.
Marcus, many people are asleep here.
It's not easy.
That's okay, Viktor.
I've got all the time in the world.
Radio's dead.
Everybody listen up.
On my go, you're gonna get to the truck and get the hell out of here.
One of you guys go down, you just keep moving.
On my go.
We're gonna do this.
Do you hear me? It's not more than 25 yards.
Do you understand me? I can't.
I can't.
I'm sorry.
I can't.
Viktor, what is that kid's name on your boat back in the day? The one who got so freaked out under the ice.
You and I called off the Cold War for an hour so you could get him topside.
That's called trust.
Ah, Nikolai.
Admiral's son.
Marcus, just between two old warriors, let's say for argument's sake we had our people there.
Maybe you could surrender your submarine.
Maybe then nobody would have to be hurt.
Viktor! This is Secretary of Defense Curry.
You put a play in motion? This is our conflict.
Unless you want to start World War III, you pull those men back now.
And I thought you were a man of your word.
I didn't give you my word, Viktor.
But I'll let you work out the ramifications of trying to steal a U.
sub with SecDef Curry.
I did the math.
We dated two years.
Married one.
Yet, we have actually only spent 124 days together.
You did the math? Who are you, Sam Kendal? We're gonna be okay.
What do you want? I just want you.
XO! You don't have to do this.
Go, go, go, go! Don't die.
Not today.
Don't die.
Yeah! XO, are you there? XO.
Remaining Russians have bugged out.
We lost five.
Grace is wounded.
But she's gonna be okay.
We have two prisoners.
We're coming home.
Probably a waste of time.
You really think you can break that kind of devotion? Well, she's got faith.
She's in love.
But both those things are curable.
Then cure her.
Okay, I'm here with her now.
All right.
Christine My name is Paul Wells.
We've been trying to find you.
Do you remember me? You're Sam's friend.
Yes, from college.
Look, I'm a lawyer, okay? The government has radically exceeded its authority here.
But that all stops now.
Come on.
Let me take you home.
All right, lock 'em up.
Oh, hell, no.
They killed five of us, man.
Yeah, five.
Five of our friends, five of our people.
These guys get wasted.
Hey, hey, hey, hey! Put your weapon down right now! Red, that is an order! Put it down! An order? We're on a damn island, not a sub.
So excuse me if I'm not even sure what an order means anymore! I know you didn't ask for this.
I know you're all scared and you're wondering what we're doing here and how you're gonna get back home.
And now you've lost friends and you have bloodlust in your hearts.
Vengeance might give you some satisfaction, but let me remind you who you are.
You are the American crew of the Ohio class ballistic missile submarine "Colorado.
" Your rank is what it says on your collar.
You salute the sailor above you and you expect the same of the one below.
And your final duty is to say "how high?" When I say "jump.
" Are we clear? - Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.
Are we clear?! Yes, sir.
Now as Americans, there's no debate about the fate of our POWs.
Lieutenant Shepard, secure the prisoners.
I know what you did.
Try it again.
I'll still be here.
Marcus! Tell them what you told me when we were still pals.
Tell them that your son got killed by friendly fire two weeks ago in Afghanistan.
Go on.
These young people have followed you into a hell they'll never be able to climb back out of.
For what? Because you wanted payback on the country that took your son away from you?! Tell 'em the truth, Marcus! Tell them what they're really fighting for! You know me, Joe.
All of you you know me.
One more for me.
One more for the lady with the, uh, face.
You think I came to thank you? We lost people.
I thought you might want to know their names.
I got my own list a lot longer than that.
One of these days, you're gonna have to decide what you believe in.
What did it feel like? It's a hell of a buzz, isn't it? You may not know it, but you did something today.
Peace maker.
You think I made the peace, Tani? I just ran out of people to kill.
The so-called "Pledge of Allegiance" swept through congress today as legislators lined up in support of the President, even as international condemnation mounts for the attack the White House has called "necessary and unavoidable.
" Oh, finally.
I did my part.
How about They said it was an allergic reaction to something he ate.
But by the time they got to him, his brain had been without oxygen for ten minutes.
So how could that be an accident? It's your fault, isn't it? You smiled and promised him so much money.
You know, he used to say, "You should see her.
It's like nothing can touch her.
" It's true, isn't it? Nothing touches you.
I hope you die alone.
We've got two teams looking for Brannan and Cortez.
If they're out there to be found, we'll find them.
I think it was July deployment.
You're due any minute for general inspection, and, man It's not good.
Cam's got some new sonar display that's not even working.
The cook, he's got, like, 200 cans of stew that exploded in the mess and the smell The smell is everywhere.
And here comes the captain.
Here you come.
Everybody's freaking out because the place is a complete disaster.
Except instead, for two hours, you're all smiles and back slaps.
You told some story about fishing off the back of an LA class attack sub.
Finally, it's time to put to sea.
I find Christine and I say good-bye.
Yeah, you'd been married three weeks? I join you on the bridge, and you got this big dumb smile plastered all over your face-- totally undignified.
And Jeffrey's there on the pier.
He's home from his first tour.
He's there to watch his old man pull out to sea.
Give me your dumb hand, sir.
I can't imagine what you're going through.
But I am your friend.
And I know who you are.
And I trust you.
They find what hurts you the most and they try to break you with it.
But that's where they miss.
What hurts us the most, that's our strength.
That's what gets us through.
I'm excited.
And I know you of all people, you get that.
I'll tell you stories on the other side.
I love you, dad.
Hi, dad.
I hope you never have to watch this.
I wish that I had let you know me better.
If I had, then you would know how scared I am.
But you would also know that I'm not gonna run from this.
That's not who I am.
I love you, dad.
You've indicated that you're not going to tell your wife about this.
Why is that? The whole time I was there, Christine's what kept me alive.
You want to know why I'm not gonna tell my wife? 'Cause she's the one good thing I got left in this world.
Maybe this way, I get to keep that.