Last Resort (2012) s01e03 Episode Script

Eight Bells

Our own people tried to sink us? What do you think happens when you ignore orders? We didn't ignore anything.
We questioned.
Old Navy saying-- "Stupid will be punished.
" We have commandeered the NATO early warning station on the island of Sainte Marina.
This station, and that sub parked outside-- they all belong to me now.
We're reading some 20 other warships closing in on the 200 mile line.
Most should arrive within the next 48 hours.
Admiral Shepard, we both know the Pakistanis didn't sink her.
- Dad, it's me.
- I thought I'd lost you.
What the hell did you just do? You think I made the peace, Tani? I just ran out of people to kill.
This is my island.
If I allow your presence, it comes with certain terms and conditions.
Cortez and Brannan are still missing and assumed AWOL.
Cortez is third tour.
She's not AWOL.
We gotta start looking for 'em.
Marcus, tell them that your son got killed by friendly fire two weeks ago in Afghanistan.
What hurts us the most-- that's our strength.
That's what gets us through.
Back away! Hey, got off! Back away! Back away! - He stole from us! - What?! - Right there-- he stole from us! - Who stole from you? Parker! - It was a banana, for God sake! - You stole from these people?! - It was a banana.
- Give him a dollar, right now.
This will not happen again! Do you understand me? I'm hungry! If I want a banana, I'll take it! What you'll take is two rotations of EMI.
Report to the boat.
The rest of you - continue searching for our missing people! - We shouldn't even be here! Report to the boat.
I gave you an order.
Follow it.
So throw me in the brig.
They can't do this without us.
Ask the COB, without us, they have to surrender, and we all go home.
Here's your uniform.
Take it.
You gonna give us a pole dance now, Parker? Very nice.
Put him in the brig.
Hoffman, put him in the brig.
Right now.
Get off me! What? Last anyone saw Redman was mid-rats yesterday.
And we've scoured the island-- still no sign of Cortez or Brannan, either.
This doesn't feel like an AWOL situation.
That's because it's not.
This is Captain Marcus Chaplin of the USS Colorado.
To whom am I speaking? White House Senior Adviser Amanda Straugh.
I've been named as your negotiator.
Congratulations, Miss Straugh.
I admired your work in Kosovo.
Chaplin, the blockade is set to close by nightfall.
I think you understand the ramifications of this, as does your crew.
Unless you surrender unconditionally, you will be effectively cut off from the world.
Your boss tried to kill every man and woman on my boat, and now you expect unconditional surrender.
That's a bit of a reach, isn't it, considering the 17 tridents still in my control? Think of your son Jeffrey.
My son is dead.
And the marines hoped to give him a proper funeral.
Chaplin, there will be no burial for your son until you surrender.
His remains will rest in a Navy morgue until that time-- indefinitely.
For your crew, for your son, do what's right.
What's on your mind, XO? We got a problem with the crew.
Don't tell me you're both under arrest, too.
- We're getting full up here.
- Heard about Brannan and Cortez? And Redman.
All missing.
Crew thinks they're AWOL.
- They're not AWOL.
- For once, you and me agree, Junior.
You want to be a part of the effort to find them? You don't think I know what's going on? You're losing control.
I'm more powerful in here than out.
Yeah, I see you've found yourself a bully pulpit.
And you found a way to spite your country for Jeffrey's death.
You and I want the same thing-- me in front of a court-martial, where one of us will be proven right.
Meanwhile, here you sit, watching, while three of your own go missing and your men slowly start to unravel.
I never thought I'd see you put anything ahead of your people, Joe-- least of all, pride.
So give me your word that if I release you, you will not undermine me, you will not sabotage my people or my boat.
You will help me get back home to a court-martial, where you can be the star witness for the prosecution.
My word still good enough for you? Yes.
You have my word.
Unlock the COB! It ain't good enough for me.
I'll be watching you, COB.
Get your blouse on, partner.
It's not casual Friday around here.
Are you coming or not? Dinner's in six hours.
You think there's a bus? We have to hurry.
- Bar's closed, you guys.
- Raise.
A hundred.
Where'd you get this? Don't say I never did anything for you.
This belongs to Cortez.
Got it from a guy who works for a guy named Serrat.
Friend of the French lady.
You didn't write, you didn't call.
You didn't hang yourself with your shoelaces.
We all have our disappointments to muster.
You're blocking my way, COB.
Am I? Stop.
Thanks for the dance, ma'am.
I don't think Julian Serrat has friends.
- Ooh - Hey.
Look, we just want to know who we're dealing with here.
She said no.
It's time for you to leave now.
Right now my people are being held in some room somewhere.
They have no say in anything that's happening to them.
They are scared.
They just want to go home.
I want to see that they do.
I'll talk to Julian.
With your captain.
- Just you and my captain? - Yes.
No one else.
That's how it must be.
I can't promise you'll be safe.
I'm not the one you have to worry about.
He's how do you put it? Uh he's sweet on me.
If you're not here by 6:00, I won't wait for you.
What kind of man is your captain? He's either a stupid man or a very disrespectful man or both.
Why won't he come to me? How many must I take? 10? 20? Can you figure it out? What is your name? Red.
Everyone on this island knows-- if you have a problem, you come to Julian Serrat.
For instance, just today a boy was brought to me, only 15-- shot in the neck.
He died in the jungle during a battle your people were in.
We don't shoot kids.
Nevertheless, he was shot.
Someone has to pay now.
Hey! Listen.
Can I talk to you? Privately? I'll make it worth your while.
Pakistan had developed several portable nuclear devices.
Our intelligence determined that Pakistani government operatives had placed those devices in the hands of terrorists, - and that they were about to be taken.
- What's going on? Preemptive nuclear war is our new official policy.
That's what's happening.
Where's the remote? - Turn it down! - Hello? and decisively.
A nuclear response was the only one that guaranteed American safe-- Yes.
I'm watching.
It's terrifying.
Why? Yes.
I know it.
I have to meet someone.
Now? If you're so worried about that hard drive, - you should put it in a safe deposit box.
- Robert, all of the tech for the prototype on the "Colorado" is on here.
The only schematic.
You think I'd entrust that to a bank? That is completely paranoid.
I know.
Don't let anyone in.
I'm not waiting up for you.
Sure, you will.
Admiral Shepard? Knock, knock.
Marcus Chaplin claims that the nuke order sent to the "Colorado" came through the Antarctic Network, not the main network.
Which is impossible, because we weren't under attack.
And who believes a trigger-happy madman anyway? Well, you do.
That's why you came.
I need to know who sent that order.
Let me just ask my friend Linus in Naval Intelligence.
Oh, wait.
He's lying comatose in a hospital because of a shellfish allergy.
I'm allergic to nothing, by the way, so if that happens, throw a flag on the play, will you? Your friend Linus was nobody, but you're not.
Your father golfs with the President, and I read somewhere where you're one of DC's most eligible bachelorettes.
Well, look where that's got me.
You're uniquely qualified to do something about this.
Uniquely qualified to risk my own ass to help you save your daughter? Who do you think I am? You're a parasite who traffics in war without ever getting her hands dirty, and this country has made you rich buying your family's weapons.
Aren't you ready to do something in return? It's the file number of the order.
Patriotic enough for you? You do care.
This will help me.
And it will help the people that believe as I do.
But you still need to ask the questions that I can't.
Make some noise, Miss Sinclair.
What did you say to him? It's not what she said.
It's what she did.
Thank you, Cortez.
This is Captain Marcus Chaplin.
He's lost a few of his men, and I told him you could help.
I was wondering when I could expect a visit from the great captain.
You and your submarine have caused a commotion in our little paradise.
We're grateful to find a harbor here.
We are glad to temporarily accommodate you.
I'm missing three crew members.
You should have come to me sooner! But you are here now.
That is what is important.
- I see I've come to the right man.
- Yes, you have.
I'm the right man.
Those people there-- their son was killed because of your interference here.
You brought violence to this island.
Now this child is dead, and this woman is in mourning.
As are we all.
I'm paying for their son's funeral.
I understand our presence here has been a burden, but there's no need for us to quarrel, because if we do, you'll lose.
A death by a thousand cuts.
That would be war with me.
A blockade surrounds this island.
I have a boat with very valuable cargo.
And I'm so concerned about this boat, I can't think about your missing crewmen.
We have the means to get what you want if you have the means to return my crewmen.
They will stay with the body all night.
At dawn, we will prepare the boy for burial.
You have a debt to these people that I have paid.
But before dawn, you must bring me what you owe me.
That's not much time.
Yes, I know.
I wish you had come to me sooner.
Serrat didn't give you much time.
Will you be able to do it? We have to.
Good luck with everything.
Uh, good-bye.
I'm awake.
We're almost there.
You didn't tell me it'd take this long.
I had no idea you were so fragile.
I can't believe this is where you live.
My mother came here a lot.
Yeah? Is she as much of a ball-buster as you? Not anymore.
She died.
I'm sorry.
Me, too.
What about your parents? Are they still alive? Yep.
That's it? Just "yep"? Yep.
Crew looks good.
They know what's at stake.
Can't say I like the idea of being a bagman for a drug lord.
And I don't like the idea of a war on two fronts.
I don't recall giving you permission to speak freely, COB.
Sorry, sir.
I'm a little rusty.
Crew, this is the XO.
We all know what we're about to do, and we know why we're doing it.
Brannan, Cortez, and Redman are all counting on us.
Let's go get our people back.
XO out.
You're approaching the ships in the blockade, sir.
Engineering, ready the Perseus prototype.
XO, it'll take a moment to power up.
You're gone, sir.
Screens are clear.
The "Colorado's" disappeared.
Helm, 0-6-0, ahead full.
Cameron, set a clock.
We have nine hours to sunrise.
I need a favor.
I need your senator to requisition a time stamp on order 998.
Came through the Antarctic Network to the "Colorado.
" You mean the thing Chaplin talked about on TV? It's a Cold War relic.
It's only supposed to be used if someone hit DC with the big one.
Please? Please, please, please? I-I'll, uh I'll work on it.
Thank you.
Hey, Robert, make sure it goes through the senator.
Don't do it yourself.
Approaching the blockade, sir.
Captain, I hold 2 destroyers.
5,000 yards on each side.
XO, we're gonna have to pass in between them.
Perseus is offline.
Sir, I have a sonar location on you.
They can hear you.
I repeat-- you are not masked.
Engineering, conn.
Get the perseus back online now.
Aye, sir.
Conn, engineering, sir.
All systems back online, sir.
You're off the screens again.
Any movement on the destroyers? Holding position.
Looks like we got lucky.
Helm, ahead flank.
Diving officer, make your depth 600 feet.
Proceed with the mission.
Let's get that cargo on board.
Watch yourself.
Here you go.
Cargo on board right on schedule.
Last man down.
Hatch secured.
Lock them up in supply.
Don't open them.
Aye, XO.
What's in 'em? Three lives.
So you just left civilization and never looked back? Yeah.
At first I thought this place was just my heritage, but it turned out to be my salvation.
Others of us weren't so lucky.
Most people don't have the courage to do that.
They talk about it-- just live off the grid or have a clean start or whatever.
You actually did it.
- And next week, Aitu becomes a man.
- Right.
There's a-- there's this ritual.
It's awesome.
And after that, I can apprentice.
What? Manu agreed to take him on.
That wasn't the plan.
- We'll talk about it later.
- No, we'll talk about it now! What did you say to him? He deserves to have a life.
- I like my life.
- You don't know the difference! Tani, he changed his mind.
No, you changed his mind! You won't stop, will you? How many lives in this family do you plan on ruining? My daughter storms off, the sun comes up.
It's expected.
Thank you for your hospitality, but I'm gonna dance with the one that brung me.
Good night, sir.
Engineering, conn.
The Perseus is draining my power.
Sir, it's starting to burn through circuits.
We don't shut it down, it's gonna shut us down.
Turn the damn thing off.
- Diving Officer, make your depth 1,000 feet.
- Yes, sir.
We're gonna have to do this the old-fashioned way.
- XO, rig for silent.
- Rig ship for silent running.
Secure all fans.
Rig ship for silent running.
Captain, four stop on fire control.
- What the hell, Peterson? - COB, stay here.
- Moore, get back to the engine room.
- I got it.
Old Navy saying-- "Don't let the COB sabotage the sub.
" Prosser, keep a lid on it.
Keep a lid on it.
Gentlemen, stow this problem, or we're all gonna be dead in about one minute.
Am I clear? Clear, sir.
- Approaching the blockade.
- - Noted.
Destroyer turning on our position.
- Breaking the perimeter.
- Helm, all stop.
Yes, sir, all stop.
- Diving Officer, take us down another 300.
- Yes, sir.
But do it gently.
Sir, you've got two destroyers headed your way.
Sir? Sir? They'll have alerted the blockade.
Gentlemen, we have the entire fleet to contend with.
- Depth? - 1,300.
You hear that? She always moans a little at 1,300 feet.
That's her G-spot.
Destroyer still approaching aft.
- Deeper.
- Yes, sir.
You going for the record, Captain? Oh, she'll take it.
Yes, she will.
She's passing directly above us.
Depth charges in the water! Helm, ready ahead flank on the pop.
Make your course 1-8-5.
Second destroyer approaching aft.
More charges! Wait for the pop.
All ahead flank, right full rudder! Steady! 1-8-5! Get us around now! Contact bearing 1-4-4.
20 knots.
Aegis cruiser.
Helm, all ahead flank.
Diving Officer, 20 degree up-angle.
Contact! She has friends.
Multiple, on the same heading.
No, four.
Depth charge in the water.
Full rise on the planes.
Get us up.
Maximum bubble.
All stop.
Dead in the water, XO.
- Confirm that order.
All stop.
- All stop.
Aye, Captain.
They're right on us.
Nobody moves.
Contact's passing.
That's a standard 3-charge pattern.
You'll hear it-- one, two, three.
They're not coming back, sir.
XO, take us back to the beach.
Sonar's acquired us.
Destroyer coming about on our position heading 3-3-9! Helm, steer course 3-2-0.
Ridge at a range of 2,000 yards, closing fast.
That's a wall, sir.
Right up to the surface.
No, it's a canyon.
They'd be crazy to come after us.
You sure about the clearance? Even if we fit, we can't hide in there forever.
We're not gonna hide.
We're going through.
Sir, they have us acquired and ranged.
- Closing on us for another pass.
- This is gonna be tight.
Rig the boat for sound collision, no alarms! Steady as she goes.
Tani! You gonna sleep here or what? Maybe.
Sorry your dad didn't hate me more.
That was the idea, right? Bring the invader to dinner? Yes That was the idea.
You know, in high school I was the go-to guy for girls looking to piss off their fathers.
- He doesn't seem that bad.
- Oh, shut up.
I'm just saying, I don't know what you worked out with your brother, but he seems pretty happy here.
You know, it's really none of your business.
My business is about 9,000 miles away.
So what is this place? She's buried here.
I brought her some ginger candy.
It's kind of I don't know, a way of saying hi, I guess.
You know, he's not a good man, my father.
When my mother got sick, he convinced her she should be treated here.
You know, traditional medicine and all that nonsense.
Didn't want to take her back to Australia So she went along.
Always appeasing him.
She was in a lot of pain at the end.
I was waiting for Aitu to be old enough to get him away from here.
Look Tani, just 'cause he's staying doesn't mean you have to.
Hello, Robert.
Do you know who I am? - Y-yes, of course.
- Well, good.
Then this won't take long.
Robert? Robert, are you here? Why were you the one the girls would bring home? I guess they thought they could fix me.
Did they? Only one came close.
- What was her name? - US Navy.
But we're going through a bit of a rough patch at the moment.
She showed you the world.
World ain't all it's cracked up to be.
Do you hear that? That's where Aitu will come for his ritual.
What does he have to do? Hey! Whoo! Congratulations.
You're a man.
Yeah? What does that make you, then? My mom used to bring me here.
It was our little secret.
It's only supposed to be for the boys like most things around here.
That's the thing about this place.
The best things never last for long.
We should go.
It's a long walk back.
Sit-rep, Master Chief? Prototype fried the starboard switchboards.
Reactor's at one-third.
Vital systems are on auxiliary.
And you can forget about any nav.
We're trying to reboot, but Sam, if you can raise Grace, get our position.
If we can't get through, we're gonna have to wait this one out.
Lieutenant Shepard, Lieutenant Shepard, come in.
- I'm here, XO.
- Can you get a fix on us? Not accurately, sir.
There's too much interference.
We're blind down here, Lieutenant Shepard.
Lieutenant Shepard, are you there? Over.
We lost her.
Sam, it's Sophie.
I know where you are.
Uh, I've got that area charted.
What is that? You just need to know how to read it.
I think I can get you out.
Listen carefully.
- What's your depth? - 175 feet.
- Speed? - 9 knots.
Do you still have active sonar? Yeah, we do, but it's very dangerous.
I know, but do it anyway.
Cameron, one ping on the fathometer.
Down 50.
Dive to 225.
Yes, sir.
We're at 225.
- Speed? - 10 knots.
You'll turn soon.
I'll tell you.
Which side? Starboard.
I think you may scrape.
Which side? Starboard side? Yes.
Turn now-- - 10 degrees.
- Turn 10 degrees starboard side.
Yeah, that's what that sounds like.
Almost there.
Dive to 300 feet.
There's a small craft leaving the island.
Failing system procedure bravo 3.
It's okay.
I know who it is.
Okay, we're at-- we're at 300 feet.
Level off.
Stay at 90 meters.
I mean, uh, feet.
Uh, 300 feet, sorry.
No, that's okay.
That's fine.
Another ping.
Another ping? You said "once.
" I never said "once.
" Turn port 20 degrees.
Okay, there's not much room.
Yeah, this sub doesn't really corner all that well.
Then we'll have to be careful.
You're almost there.
Rise to 120 feet.
And nothing else.
Just, uh waiting.
That's okay.
I'm used to it.
Me, too.
We're clear.
We're on the other side.
- All right, bring us up.
- Aye, sir.
Helm, all ahead flank.
Make your course 1-9-1.
We're headed back to the beach.
Yes, sir.
Your captain reneged on our deal.
One of you must pay for his failure.
I will let you choose who.
- Now hold on a second-- - Okay, then you choose! Don't do this! We had a deal! - You made a deal? - I had a deal with your captain.
Quickly, before I lose patience! Don't put this on us.
Don't play games.
- Let's talk about this! - Okay.
Then this is how we will talk! Okay, him! Take him.
- What? Please! - I'm s-sorry, Red.
- I'm sorry.
- No! No, no, no! - I'm sorry, Red.
- Please! Josh! Cortez! Red, I'm sorry! Please! Don't do this! Cortez.
I could kill you right now.
Do you want a war? There's one more! No, there is not.
You were late.
Let's go.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Have you heard anything? Uh, no, not yet.
They're-- they're doing the switch right now.
You missed your ride.
I always pick the wrong ones.
This new year's, I made a resolution to give up bad men and cigarettes, and a week later I was smoking in bed next to Guttman.
This is normally where I'd make a joke about dating French men, but I'll let it go.
We'll find a way to get you out of here.
You don't have to be responsible for everyone, you know? It's kind of what I do.
Why did you become a soldier? Well, we're not soldiers.
We're sailors.
But, uh, I was a bit lost early in life.
The water was more forgiving.
Does your wife-- she also likes being on the water? No.
Uh, look.
I just wanted to come by and thank you for what you did.
It seems like every time I see you I'm thanking you for something, but I know you had a chance to leave, so Thank you.
De rien.
That means "you're welcome.
" Okay.
Well, literally it means "it's nothing.
" It wasn't.
He killed Red? Yes.
Okay then.
What are you going to do, Sam? Hold off the entire US Navy on one side and fight an insurgency on the other? Do not make the mistake so many others have.
Gunmen in the bushes.
A bomb under every vehicle.
- We'd bleed out in a fight.
- We're bleeding anyway.
What do you think's gonna happen when they know we let some island thug execute one of our own, huh? - What happens then? - He gave us a deadline which we did not meet.
We can't keep asking more of them.
The one thing we have out here-- the one thing we have out here-- is our loyalty to each other.
That's it! Now we have to tell them they don't even have that? No country, no home, and now not even the faith that their death would mean something? That we'll just allow them to be murdered? My son is lying unburied in a Navy freezer as the price for not capitulating, so please don't tell me about faith and vengeance! We will respond to this affront at the time and place of my choosing.
We can't just get stuck here, Marcus.
Can't do it.
This is not like before, Sam.
We're not helpless here.
The time and place of my choosing.
Thank God you're here.
They took it.
They took it all.
It's okay.
It's okay.
What happened in there? Deadline passed.
Serrat hauled Red out and shot him.
Red had been giving him lip earlier, so I guess he was an easy target.
I'm sorry you had to go through that.
We did the best we could.
Forgive me, sir, but no one blames you for what happened.
Maybe you should have one of those.
We'll get home, we'll bury Jeffrey right.
21 guns at Arlington.
We'll do it right.