Last Resort (2012) s01e04 Episode Script


Back away! We shouldn't even be here! Without us, they have to surrender, and we all go home.
You really think you can break that kind of devotion? Well, she's got faith.
She's in love.
Those things are curable.
Hopper, stay with me! Gil Langston, Captain.
Thank you for the pickup.
- How's your man? - Needs a hospital.
We gotta leave right now! Ohh! Gil! I need a place to keep my friend until I can get him home.
Your captain reneged on our deal.
One of you must pay for his failure.
I will let you choose who.
Don't do this! We had a deal! Okay, him.
Take him.
No! No, no, no, no! - Red, I'm sorry! - Josh! Cortez! There's one more! No, there is not.
You were late.
- He killed Red? - What are you gonna do, Sam? We can't keep asking more of them.
The one thing we have out here is our loyalty to each other.
That's it! New contact bearing 0-9-7.
Range-- 4,000 yards.
Battle stations.
Lieutenant Shepard, you have the conn.
Torpedo in the water bearing 0-2-7.
Torpedo evasion.
Deploy countermeasures.
- Time to impact? - Torpedo five seconds to impact.
Prepare for impact.
Impact in three, two Explosion close aboard-- Port side! Flooding in the torpedo room.
Come on, let's go, let's go, let's go, let's go! Firing point procedures, tubes one and two.
Prepare to fire.
We have a firing malfunction, ma'am.
Left full rudder steady, 3-2-9.
- It's jammed.
- Conn, XO cannot secure flooding.
Torpedo room report.
30 seconds, maybe.
Recommend emergency blow.
The recommendation is surface to repair.
We're not going anywhere.
Maintain order depth.
Secure the flooding.
Get ready to fight.
Are you sure you wanna do that? In combat, a ship on the surface is a dead ship, sir.
Conn, torpedo room flooding has stopped, lined up to de-water with drain pump.
Flooding in torpedo room is secure.
Drill concluded.
Keeping this boat moving was a gutsy call, Lieutenant, but the right one.
Well done.
But our crew is another story.
What the hell's he got us drilling for, anyway? Firing against our own damn people.
Our own people just tried to kill us, you stupid hillbilly son of a-- Hey, hey-- Hey, cool it, Wallace! All right! I'm sick of you, Jonesy! One more, and you're gonna have to throw with me, son.
Aye, COB.
You may not have faith in your captain, but you damn well will have faith in me.
You will execute your duties for the chief of boat.
- Aye, COB.
- Aye, COB.
Emergency action message, sir.
DC's giving us a firing order? It's not a firing order, sir.
Read it, Lieutenant.
"The Department of the Navy article 32 has been scheduled in regards to criminal charges against Captain Marcus Chaplin and Executive Officer Samuel Kendal, relating to acts of treason and terrorism against the United States.
" Well, that's not possible.
I've-- Okay, look, like I've told the last four people, all of my payments are current.
There's-- Wait a second.
and Sam Kendal, Executive Officer of the USS Colorado have been officially indicted today by the Department of the Navy.
It's been just five days since the Colorado fired one of its 18 trident missiles, detonating it 200 miles off the coast of our nation's capital, where tensions remain high.
White House lawyers say the legal move paves the way for Chaplin and Kendal to be stripped of their rights as American citizens, and even allows for the two men in charge of the USS It's seaman Redman, sir.
Don't go there, Josh.
You had no choice.
You don't have to worry about me.
- I want you to set up interviews with-- - Already done, sir.
Sitting down with Brannan and Cortez today.
I need to talk to the Captain.
- You're way out of line here, Anders.
- I need to go home, sir.
I have family issues I need to attend to.
I'm supposed to be on the downhill run of a 3-year enlistment, and now all of this? I gotta go home, sir.
This is hard on all of us, but the XO is correct.
If you need to speak to me, you will do so through the proper chain of command.
- Lieutenant, escort the chief out.
- Yes, sir.
I didn't sign up for this.
None of us did.
And I'm not the only one, sir.
He is right about that, sir.
He's not the only one.
We got a serious morale problem.
Everybody just wants to go home.
So maybe we let them.
Maybe we give them the choice.
You're looking for volunteers? Every member of this crew has already volunteered twice-- Once when they joined the Navy, and again by signing up for submariner duty.
I think you overestimate how many of them will stay, sir.
Given a just cause, will they raise their hands again? I believe they will.
And if we can't trust them to stay, what can we trust them to do? We were all held in the same room with our hands behind our backs.
As the deadline approached, Serrat would check in more often, reminding us that our time was getting short.
And once the deadline passed, he said that what was about to happen was our commander's fault.
We begged, but he took Red away, and we heard four gunshots.
Were you ever separated at any time for any reason? So neither of you spent any time alone with Serrat? No, sir.
You did good.
What'd you think, I was just gonna roll up in a ball and cry? "To the crew of the USS Colorado, given our circumstances, it is only right that you should each have the choice whether to remain under my command or to be honorably dismissed.
Those choosing to leave will be required to continue executing their duties until such a time as safe transit back to the United States can be arranged.
" "Captain Marcus Chaplin.
" Come in.
I can't do my job if you keep me in the dark.
I'm the XO of this boat, and I respectfully insist that you inform me of any decision that will radically affect the disposition of my crew.
I thought my feelings on this subject were pretty clear, - as were yours.
- You've made your decision, and ll see that it's carried out.
But you shouldn't have put me on my heels like that.
I need to talk to you for a minute.
What are you planning on doing with the body in my refrigerator? I'm sorry.
It's just-- It's been there for a week.
I know it must be hard, but your friend deserves better.
Hop's waking up.
He's not doing so good, man.
What are you doing here? Look, I'm not sure if you noticed, but most of the hospital staff have abandoned ship.
If you want, I could have one of the corpsman come up from the boat and have a look at him.
It's bad, James.
I need help.
Okay, buddy.
Hospital's out of morphine.
Someone raided the supply cabinet.
You wanna talk to someone on my team, you talk to me.
Stay away from my guys, especially Hopper.
You ever ask yourself why the Illinois tried to blow us out of the water 30 minutes after we picked you up? Well, your captain disobeyed a direct order.
You think that might have something to do with it? Hop.
Hang in there, buddy.
I'm gonna get you fixed up.
Viper, stay with him.
Hey, I'm about to lose my crew.
And if I'm gonna convince them to stay, I need to know what this is really about.
You guys bug out of Pakistan with a wounded man, and a few hours later the US is nuking the joint? How do you connect the dots? Fish, let's roll.
Keep her away from him.
Had this fixed an hour ago.
I'm just double-checking the riggings.
It's good to keep busy.
Keeps the mind focused.
I get it.
It does.
You saw the "Stay/Go" list? - Pretty ballsy move.
- Yes, it was.
Listen, Cortez, you hold a lot of sway, especially with the female enlisted.
We could use your help.
Listen, if I didn't know we were doing the right thing, my name would be on that "Go" list, right up there with the others.
So I get you the whole female compliment up on your "Stay" list, all of a sudden the boys think twice about turning tail? You didn't hear it from me.
When I ran the theory past him that his SEAL guys got us shot at, seemed like it rang his bell.
That's interesting.
Stay on him.
Yes, sir.
So we've talked it through the crew.
We're gonna lose three-quarters or more.
If that happens, we're not gonna have enough - to safely man a shift.
- Gun! I'm fine! I was acting on orders.
- From who? - A higher authority than you.
Higher than your captain? He's not my captain! He's the enemy, just like you.
You don't like your situation here, there's a "Stay/Go" list.
Why don't you just sign up and leave? Because those were my orders.
- How long you think this is gonna last - Sit-- anyway, XO, huh? Who were your orders from, huh, Wallace? Huh? Who were they from? You guys are all dead.
All of you.
If you wanted to go home, Josh, after what happened You don't get it.
I'm not leaving anyone behind.
Not again.
Americans volunteered after 9/11, all the way back to Valley Forge.
Marcus thinks he's George Washington now? Maybe the Captain is aware of something that you're not.
Well, if he asks the men if they want to go home, the only answer he's gonna get is, "Where's the boat and how many bags can I take?" You don't get it, do you? He's done the calculations.
He's consulted with the military gods he adores so much, and he knows he's lost 'em.
If you put your name on that "Go" list, this thing is over.
Don't do it.
Hell, I got front-row seats to the end of the world.
You think I'm missing that? Besides, I'm gonna paddle you, Kendal, and Captain Chaplin right to your treason trial.
Count on it.
XO on the conn.
I need a word.
I'm sure you've heard about the attempt - on the Captain's life.
- Yeah.
Is he okay? He's fine.
I want to keep it that way.
I need to know about any messages-- Radio signals, coded communications, anything that might have come through the boat's channels the last few days.
Something you want to tell me, Cahill? Marcus Chaplin has been deemed unfit for command, as has his XO.
Your government now considers them enemy combatants.
Your orders are to terminate command, using lethal force if necessary, and seize or scuttle the USS Colorado.
May God fill you with patriot zeal, and bless this endeavor.
When did this come through? I received it yesterday.
It's the Secretary of Defense.
I-I didn't know what to do.
You're dismissed, Lieutenant.
We've been through the family-grams.
Five other crewmen, including Wallace, received the same message.
We've put together a detail.
We'll detain them all for questioning.
Well, they'll be questioned, but no one's getting detained.
It's not a crime to receive a message.
Well, what about not reporting it? A-at least let me take them off the duty roster.
We can't have them on the boat until we know where they stand.
But I expect the crew assembled and ready to drill-- Today, as scheduled.
We can't guarantee your safety.
Let us get you a ride to the boat.
You can be on board before the muster-- Grace, you're gonna want to learn to recognize when the Captain's made up his mind.
We muster at 1600, and I'll board the way I always have-- with my crew.
You gonna be able to get this off the island? Uh-huh.
I'm not gonna ask how, am I? No, you're not.
Do I look okay? You look good.
Whenever you're ready.
Hi, babe.
This is the only way I could get you a message.
But it might be the last message I-I can get to you for a while, so there's something you need to know.
"global markets in rare earth minerals, key components in everything from cell phones to advanced weapons systems, is predicted to explode in the coming years, yielding hundreds of billions of dollars in profits.
" There you have it.
Your science, your chemicals.
Everything your boyfriend said you needed.
I can't do this now.
But your boyfriend, the geologist, he was so enthusiastic about all of this when he persuaded me to spend so much of my money to run tests.
And then he ran away.
Now there is a debt, Sophie.
And debts are paid.
My men are nearby.
And that helps you how? A lot of hospital workers got off this island.
You know what I think? I think they paid you in morphine for their tickets out.
Now I got a friend that needs that joy juice more than you do.
Of course.
Whatever you like.
He'll be lucky if someone doesn't take another shot at him.
Crew, atten-hut! At ease.
He thinks he's bulletproof.
No, but he wants them to think that he is.
Ten-hut! Right face.
Forward march.
is ongoing and equipment space Uh, the Captain's list-- Stay, go-- - It's a load of crap, right? - Sorry.
How do you mean? I'm the senior nuke-rated chief on this boat.
He's not gonna let me go home no matter what.
You think he's gonna trust some PO3 to run his reactor? Lucky me.
I'm indispensable.
This universal condemnation for what is coming to be called "The Bolton Doctrine," the preemptive use of nuclear force.
Meanwhile, China conducted naval drills off the coast of Taiwan, which-- There must be someone you can talk to, dad.
And what would I ask them? Well, after everything you have done for this president, for his administration, why would they steal the very thing we built for them? They could have asked.
You're taking this too personally.
Too personally? Someone got the man that I was sleeping with to steal the only specs of a multibillion-dollar system.
That is our money.
So you're damn right I am taking this personally.
Let it go.
I'm not gonna let it go.
What do they want with it? Why would he take it? Because I told him to.
Because when the president asks you to do something, you do it.
You just handed over our family's future, - a future that-- - No, I protected our family's future.
You're just too stubborn to see that yet.
I worked my ass off on that project.
You did a wonderful job on Perseus.
But Pakistan is in ruins, our government condemned by our allies.
There are a lot of nervous powerful people in Washington right now, so we are going to sit this one out.
You just have to trust me this time.
- Always.
- Good.
That's my girl.
You're a hard man, Hop.
It's gonna feel better real soon.
Now, buddy, I need your help figuring out this mess.
We may be here a while.
Who knows how safe things are gonna be for us back there? No, I got to get back.
I got to I got to get home.
Listen to me.
Why did we kill that guy? Orders change.
Who? Who changed the orders? They change all the time.
Lieutenant Shepard, you have the conn.
Attention all hands, this is your Captain.
We don't drill to be good.
We drill to be perfect.
We will commence torpedo attack scenario once again.
The clock starts now.
Christine, it's me-- Paul.
- I've been trying to call you.
- Yeah, I turned my phone off.
It's been ringing nonstop since the indictment.
That was always coming.
Navy's cut off Sam's pay.
Credit cards were canceled.
I have no savings.
There's no gas in my car, no groceries.
How does this happen? One day everything's normal, - and then the next you can't even eat.
- Look.
I got $217.
Take it.
Okay, you're proud, that's good, but you're gonna have to learn how to accept help when it's offered.
My mom-- she's not well, and she has no money, so she can't just come, and Sam's parents are no help.
- My sister-- she's got the kids, so - Yeah.
There's no one.
I know.
I know.
Listen to me.
You're gonna be under a microscope.
Everything you say, everything you do-- it's gonna be relentless and vicious.
You're gonna be unbreakable.
And I'm gonna be there every step of the way.
Okay? You're not alone.
Come on.
Kendal, what do you think about your husband's actions? What the Christine! No.
No! - Mrs.
Kendal, over here! Over here! - Get off my property! Get off now! Do you consider your husband to be a terrorist? Do you feel he's a traitor?! Come back inside.
Kendal, why won't you make a statement? Leave me alone! Why are you watching me?! Why are you lying about my husband, you cowards?! Come out here and call me a traitor to my face, you liars! Why aren't you reporting about them, huh?! The government detained me! They're lying about what happened to the Colorado! I am a US citizen, and I will not be silenced! I want the truth, and you should, too! Hi, babe.
You're gonna see some of the crew coming home soon.
I'm not gonna be one of them.
I just--I feel it in my heart that I have to stay and see this thing through.
I know it.
I know, I know.
I get patriotic.
Turn that off.
I've always known that.
He's a true blue, this one.
You promised to send that, not watch it.
And I almost did.
Just think the fun I would have missed.
It's meant for his wife, not for your amusement.
You realize, of course, that he's not talking to you.
Tell your sweet sailor his message will be delivered.
Now what news do you have for me? If the minerals were there, this test would be green.
I took many samples.
Sophie, please don't mistake my affection for you for weakness.
It's a big island.
Keep looking! Flooding in the torpedo room is secured.
Drill concluded.
We shaved ten seconds off our time.
If this were the real deal, there's every likelihood we'd all still be alive.
It's not time to pop champagne, but there will be ice cream on the mess decks.
Well done, Lieutenant.
Thank you, sir.
- Nav, take us home.
- Aye, sir.
Can I help you, Mr.
Brannan? Petty Officer Brannan, step off the conn.
Grenade! I'm taking control of this boat, sir.
Set a course for the blockade, where you will surrender to naval authorities.
- You two, come with me.
- Yes, sir.
- Find the COB.
- Aye, sir.
Josh, take it easy, son.
Everyone off this conn.
I want this deck cleared now! - Helm remain stationed.
- Yes, sir.
Full stop.
He's threatening my boat, too.
And my men on it.
Josh, I know you went through hell when you were captured.
But whatever's going through your mind-- Don't take another step.
I'm standing right here.
Whatever's going through your mind right now, this is not the answer.
They're calling us traitors.
Everyone thinks I'm a coward.
No one thinks that, son.
I'm taking back this boat and returning it to my country, or I will die on the bottom with it.
Either way, somebody's gonna call me a hero.
You know, I don't think you and I are that far apart, really.
We couldn't be farther apart, sir.
Really? What are you doing right now? You're standing up to authority.
Let's go.
No, XO, you can't do this.
He's messed up.
He's not thinking straight.
We can't just kill him.
- He's one of us.
- That grenade goes off on the conn, we lose the controls, we're all dead.
- Don't-- - Hey, I want to get him out of there as safe as I can, but he has taken it out of my hands.
Our country was founded in protest, under the moral obligation to stand up to authority when it acts against the best interests of our nation.
I swore to defend my nation! No, you swore to support and defend the constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.
That is how you defend your nation.
You disobeyed a direct order.
You stole a nuclear submarine a-and fired on our country! I guess it sounds pretty bad when you put it like that.
They tried to kill us, Josh.
And if we hadn't fired that nuke, they would have succeeded.
Now, I grant you, it's pretty damn hard to fathom what's right or wrong here, but we do need to decide.
What do duty and honor dictate we do? How do we best uphold the oath we took? Now I've answered those questions for myself, but you need to decide, Josh.
Everyone on this crew needs to decide.
That's why there's a list up on the mess decks.
It's not stay or go.
It's a declaration.
What do you really stand for? It's okay if you want to sit down.
You-- you're twisting everything up.
I-I just wanted to be in the Navy I saw in the damn commercials, you know? - That's all I ever wanted.
- Look, Josh, I get it.
When I was a kid, we moved to a pretty rough town.
But there was always the chesapeake.
And I'd look out there and I'd see those ships.
And I knew that was my way out.
The Navy saw more in me than I saw in myself.
Gave me everything I have, made me into the man I am today.
So what I've done, the choice I've made-- It's like I've betrayed my brother.
But it's the only choice I had.
No, it wasn't.
You didn't have to choose that.
You didn't.
Josh, what's going on, man? Talk to me.
Oh, God.
It's my fault.
I did it.
And he's dead because of me.
You talking about Red? Don't come near me! I swear to God! Brannan, hold out the grenade and do not move! Just get back, damn it! Stand down! Stand down! The pin's out! Lower your weapon.
I want to speak to Curry.
I want to talk to the Secretary of Defense.
XO, open the channel.
Petty Officer Brannan would like to speak to the Secretary of Defense.
And that's just what we're gonna do.
Stay with me, Josh.
We're almost there.
How we doing on that call, Sam? - It's coming online now.
- Put it on the speakers.
This is Secretary of Defense Curry.
Who am I speaking with? This is Marcus, Bill.
I'm here with Petty Officer Josh Brannan, who has taken control of the boat.
Sir, I'm taking the boat out to the blockade.
I request instructions.
What's your current situation? I'm on the conn.
I have a grenade.
Are you acting alone? Is there resistance? I'm alone.
There's an armed party on the conn, but my grenade is live.
Sir, what are my orders? You're four hours out from the blockade.
It's too far.
You'll never hold them off that long.
What do you want me to do sir? - Blow it.
Sink the boat.
- Lower your weapons.
Brannan, I want you to confirm that you have heard your orders.
Yes, sir, I heard you.
Sink the boat.
Josh, there are 120 souls on this boat right now.
Curry and the others want this whole mess to just go away.
They want to bury it at the bottom of the ocean.
Our mere presence is forcing hard questions to be asked back home.
I am trying to bring the truth out into light.
But I need your help.
Ship is secure.
I can't help you anymore, Admiral Shepard.
I'm sorry.
Why the change of heart? I'm taking the long view.
Oh, yeah? Which is what? The US under martial law, with you sitting on a Hamptons throne somewhere letting the peasants eat cake? Yeah.
Look, you could have told me this on the phone.
- Why are you here? - The order.
It doesn't exist.
It's wiped clean.
If they're worried Chaplin is gonna use my prototype against them, who better to figure out how to help them defeat it than the people who made it? Instead, the president personally called my father, had him get my boyfriend to steal the Perseus drive from me.
There's a gyroscopic positioning system built into the prototype.
It began tracking data the minute the Colorado left port.
But when Chaplin tested it, it transmitted all that data back home just like it was supposed to, which is now also on that drive.
They didn't want you to know where the Colorado was - when it was attacked.
- No, that's not it.
They don't want anyone to know where the Colorado was before the attack.
I've been asked to attend a meeting at the Pentagon tomorrow.
What for? Well, they won't say, but it's a-- It's a meeting with the new Secretary of Defense-- Curry.
Just so you know, I'm not allergic to shellfish, either.
Well, look at you two all dressed up.
Hey, it's been fun, man, but it's time to go.
- We have a boat.
- Let's grab Gil's body and Hopper, and get the hell out of dodge.
No, Hopper can't travel yet.
No way.
Better odds than staying here, man.
Yeah? 'Cause you know what's waiting for us back home? - 'Cause I sure as hell don't.
- Half their crew's about to bug out.
We'll grab Gil and be out of your way.
You won't.
I did three tours with Gil.
We went through buds together.
We made each other promises.
He stays with me.
Take this outside my bar! You're paying for the damage.
Ahh! Uhh! Don't get up.
Uhh! Hell with it.
Much of the area is still underwater in the wake of the late September deluge.
2,500 homes have been flooded Hey.
You fell asleep.
You feeling better about all this? Yeah.
Screw 'em, right? You worked very hard on Perseus.
I'm very proud of you.
But the game has grown.
The stakes are out of your league.
Get yourself to bed.
met by mostly cheers across the country today, but Christine Kendal, wife of nuclear submarine XO, lashed out at reporters tonight in front of her Maryland home.
Why are you watching me?! Why are you lying about my husband, you cowards?! The government detained me! They are lying about what happened to the Colorado! I am a US citizen, and I will not be silenced! I want the truth, and you should, too! Enter.
No, leave it open, please.
Sir I have to talk to you about Josh.
What we went through with Red.
I'm listening.
It wasn't like we said.
Serrat made us choose who would die.
He asked me first, and I wouldn't do it.
Then he put his gun on Josh.
He picked Red.
If he hadn't, it would have been all three of us.
Red was screaming right up until the gunshots.
So you let a time bomb fester on my boat.
I was worried about him-- What the crew would think of him.
It's a nice spot.
In the morning, the local girls come down, they dive for oysters.
Brown skin, bikini tops.
It's a damn fine "Good morning.
" Don't think you'll tire of that too soon.
And when the sun gets low, it lights up the water all pink.
Ah, it's just spectacular.
It ain't Arlington, though.
You deserve Arlington.
You won back a lot of hearts and minds today, sir.
Still, we're losing a lot of good people.
Maybe if I'd made a better speech.
XO, please speak with our engineer.
My name's been moved.
Guess I'm not going anywhere.
You were right.
You're too important to let go, Anders.
So for now, you're stuck with us.
The Captain and I both appreciate your service.
You're lucky you didn't break anything.
- I bend, I don't break.
- Oh.
- Tough guy.
- Mm-hmm.
This could really use a stitch.
I know.
Don't bother.
It's gonna scar up nice.
You loved him, didn't you? That's why you fought for him.
He was my brother.
I wanted you to see this so you would understand.
For centuries, this island wasn't-- wasn't noticed by the world.
No wealth, no importance.
So it was allowed to remain beautiful.
I guess we changed things a bit, didn't we? Mm.
You are the power on this island now.
So you have the responsibility to care for it.
If, uh, something were to happen to me-- What are you talking about? What's gonna happen to you? Look at it.
It's magical.
And it's yours now.
Whether you want it or not.
Listen, I'm sorry, but I don't want to be here.
Oui, je sais.
I know.
You're like me when I first arrived.
This place was exile.
But not anymore.
There are things here worth more than you can ever imagine.