Last Resort (2012) s01e05 Episode Script

Skeleton Crew

- Sam! Sam, is that you? - It's me.
I'm okay.
Listen to me.
I don't know what you've heard, but I can explain it all.
I just need to get home first.
Marcus Chaplin has been deemed unfit for command, as has his X.
Your government now considers them enemy combatants.
You guys bug out of Pakistan with a wounded man.
And a few hours later the U.
is nuking the joint? How do you connect the dots? Marcus Chaplin claims that the nuke order sent to the "Colorado" ame through the Antarctic Network.
You're uniquely qualified to do something about this.
Uniquely qualified to risk my own ass to help you save your daughter? Really think you can break that kind of devotion? Well, she's got faith.
She's in love.
Those things are curable.
The government detained me! They are lying about what happened to the "Colorado"! I am a U.
citizen, and I will not be silenced! Sedition, treason, terrorism.
Not to mention you stole a U.
warship and fired a nuclear weapon to Washington D.
To prevent American b-1 bombers from annihilating my crew, and thousands of innocent civilians! You are currently holding 141 U.
sailors against their will, 71 of whom signed a list formally requesting that they be relieved of their duties on this island.
Curry doesn't know that.
These men have families, sir.
They have wives.
They have children.
Military families who knew precisely - They didn't sign up for this! Are we still role-playing here? The mock debate was your idea.
If it's not useful It is useful.
Ask yourself, why the sudden willingness to negotiate? China's rattling her sabers over Taiwan.
And our little distraction is the last thing that this administration needs.
We have one shot to get this right.
In two hours, you'll be face-to-face with Secretary of Defense William Curry, who happens to be an extremely cunning son of a bitch.
Control your feelings, or I guarantee, Curry will control them for you.
I only have beans for two more weeks.
So if you're going to jump, please wait until I finish my cafe.
No, I'm okay.
I know.
Don't say it.
I, uh, I look like an ice cream man.
I was going to say perhaps it's true what they say about a man in uniform.
Well, company's coming.
Captain wants to put on a show, so I think this can only be good.
You'll talk, they'll talk.
They want their submarine, you want to go home.
It's not that simple.
Excuse me, sir.
Ma'am, I think you should come down here.
I'm glad you're here.
We seem to have a bit of a catastrophic problem.
I thought you said we're out of coffee.
What is it? Array 31 pegged out and took down half the northern perimeter.
What does that mean? What's he talking about? You see that string of green lights? That's our sonar array line.
It keeps submarines from sneaking up and killing you.
- Now, you see that part that's off? - Yeah.
That means that part is, uh, you know, off.
This is the X.
Man battle stations.
Man battle stations.
Possible enemy contact 26 miles from range point 42 - It's not an attack.
Hold that order.
Stand by.
Excuse me? The array was supposed to have its battery serviced last month.
I-it's a dead battery? Are you kidding me? How long will it take for you to fix? The array's 300 feet below the surface, man.
We don't fix it.
Who fixes it? The United States navy.
Should I get you the number? I'm gonna be with the captain in negotiations.
So you're gonna take the "Colorado" and a small detachment.
Diver, engineering, - sonar, weps - - Yes, sir.
Listen, we have every reason to believe that this is just a dead battery.
But the same day that Curry and his entourage arrive, we can't rule anything out.
So, you ready for your first command? Aye, aye.
Won't let you down, sir.
I know you won't.
Daddy finally let you take the car out of the driveway? Don't worry, sir.
I'll keep her out of trouble.
- So where is he? - James? I'm not his keeper.
Well, maybe you could get petty officer King a message for me.
A critical underwater sonar array has failed.
And I'm tasked with leading the repair operation.
So I need a diver - a good one.
One who's trained in trimix - Do you want to write this down? Fine.
Two of the S.
S in his unit, Fisher and Vogler, are certified deep solo.
I need James to tell me which one's best.
- You are joking, right? - Oh, look, I found him.
Vogler's never been below 250.
So Fisher it is, then.
- You don't have to do this.
- But I do.
If the U.
Navy finds out the array line's down, They'll drop 50 guys just like you to double-tap our skulls while we sleep, so- You need a diver.
- I'm a diver.
- You volunteering? I thought you were done with these people, James.
We leave 0800.
Get your gear.
You know, that's the thing with these S.
They'll do just about anything for a thrill.
That's Curry, all right.
Looks like we got 12 M.
s with M4s.
Sir, you're not gonna believe this.
White House adviser Amanda Straugh.
It seems we have the president's full attention.
Pan left.
What the hell is Grace's father doing here? Oh, they think they're dealing with a gunman in a bell tower.
They brought an old friend to talk me down.
There's not a man among you who's not worried about his family, and how this is all gonna end.
My orders to you are simple.
Don't show these people your doubt.
We are only as strong as we are unified, and only as unified as we appear to be.
Show these people our resolve, and there's a chance for all of us to go home today.
You heard the man! Fall in! I bring a message from your president.
Any person who no longer wishes to be a party to this treasonous act, step forward now.
We will protect you.
Very well! So shall you hang.
Where's Marcus? He's waiting.
Grace is fine, sir.
I'm sorry.
We didn't expect you to be here.
She's currently embarked on the sub.
Who's in command? Sit-rep, Master Chief.
Interrogative, ma'am.
Why is there a French girl on my boat? She's vital to the mission.
Are we planning a retreat? - Do you have a report or not? - Yes, ma'am.
reports that he's crewed canoes with more men than this.
We've got our communications officer piloting the boat.
We have six non-quals spread in between weapons and engineering.
Maybe we can run, maybe we can fight, but we sure as shinola cannot run and fight.
Thank you, Master Chief.
That'll be all.
Hope you folks brought your water wings.
That will be all, C.
Grace, you can stand on that conn till the Rapture comes.
Still don't make you my captain.
Cahill, make your depth 3-1-0 feet, 10 degree down angle.
And watch your cavitation.
The fence is down.
We may have uninvited guests.
10 degree down angle, aye.
Passing the trench now, sir.
I mean, ma'am.
Either will do, Mr.
How long do you expect to hold out here, Marcus? A month? Two? Four? Of course, you're losing people left and right.
How long before the rest of these boys turn on you, break out the piano wire? Because they will.
After the monsoons.
Fields flood, starvation starts.
Did you come with an offer or not? An offer? I came to clean up a mess.
You launched a nuclear missile at your own country.
You detonated two in Pakistan without a declaration of war.
You fired a Tomahawk missile at your own - At a rogue submarine in contravention of direct orders, yes.
Direct, unlawful, unconfirmed orders.
I confirmed them! I meant by somebody with authority.
Do not talk to me about your quaint ideas of right and wrong.
We are not here because f your principles, son.
We are here because of your failure - to do your duty, to follow orders, to simply turn a key and press a button.
My God, a pair of chimpanzees could do what you conot.
You want my offer? My offer is this - treason.
Sam Kendal, Marcus Chaplin, Grace Shepard, and all officers present on the conn that day will appear before a military tribunal.
What about my crew? Seven years each in a federal penitentiary.
No parole.
Now, we are willing to forego the death penalty in light of the circumstance regarding the unfortunate death of captain Chaplin's son Jeffrey.
You want me dead, you want to silence me, you want to kill my crew? You had your shot, you son of a bitch! You missed! Look closely.
I am not a politician.
If you say my son's name again, I swear I will crush the jelly from your eyes.
Easy, easy, easy.
Easy! Easy.
Get them down.
We're okay.
We're okay.
We're okay.
We're okay.
He's not well, Sam.
You still have something to live for.
Don't tie it all to a man with nothing to lose.
What the hell happened to "Show no emotion"? You're breaking your own rules, sir.
I'd like - Sir! He pissed me off.
He pissed you off? That is the one man right now, who has the power to send us all back home! To send us to prison.
It's a negotiation! We give a little, they give a little.
- I know how it works.
- Really? 'Cause the man I saw in there seemed completely - Go on.
Say it.
I could do five years, sir.
I could do six.
- Stop it! - If it gets us back home, and no more people die, I could do it! Is that how you want this to end? It's not what I want, it's what I can get.
Who taught me that? And what did I teach you about honor? You know I will follow you all the way down if you ask.
But the apology you want is not coming, sir.
That is the United States of America in there! And they do not apologize! Pay close attention to your air reserves.
And watch the tether.
It's our only communication.
If you lose the tether, maintain your depth.
If the current drags you up too quickly - I get bent.
My joints explode.
My brain embolizes.
I've seen it.
This isn't my first rodeo, okay? She don't know what a rodeo is, kid.
- Oh, we have rodeo in France.
- Nah.
Horses, cows, cowboys.
There's no such thing as a French cowboy, lady.
French is the opposite of cowboy.
Cowboy is like Will Rogers, John Wayne, Clint Eastwood.
Robert Duvall? Now you're getting it.
Duvall is French.
You take that back.
We're coming up on the array now.
I want everyone sharp, at their stat - Tell me that's not the drill you're using.
It looks like a jackhammer.
The bolts in the battery casing are 10 inches long.
Get him a wrench, C.
A wrench? I'll suck down my first tank before I pull the first screw.
You rev that thing out there, and any sub within 10 miles is gonna put a Mark-48 torpedo in our ear hole, and we'll all be dead.
Why wasn't I told about this? It's the job of the captain to review all the mission assets.
I was assigned this mission half an hour ago.
Use the drill, but make it quick.
What? You need to think this through, lieutenant.
You let your ego drive the boat, people will get dead.
You said Grace wouldn't be charged, along with Marcus and Sam.
And we'll reduce the charges against your daughter when you convince the captain to accept our terms.
I've known Marcus for 30 years.
He will stand on principle.
Nothing I can say is going to change that.
I have a message from Captain Butler of the "Illinois".
He believes he's found a gap in their sonar array line.
How long before he finds the "Colorado" and sinks her? Those are American sailors on that submarine.
Some say they're criminals.
Now I won't enjoy giving the fire order, but when the time comes, I will give it, just as you would.
So convince your friend to settle.
All right, I'm on the array.
Secure the tether.
I'm starting the clock.
Vis 100 feet.
Can't see the boat.
We're right below you, James.
Proceed with repair.
First remove the bolts from the battery casing.
Damn it.
Who heard that? Who didn't, ma'am? We have noise propagation above and below the thermal for 15 miles.
All right, people, it's a party, and we just became the pinata.
Petty officer King, as fast as you can, please.
Are you trying to get us killed? Unbelievable.
Kendal says you have an offer? I want a trial for me and my officers.
Secret court-martial can certainly be arranged.
You misunderstand.
I demand a public trial in a civilian court cameras, jury, amnesty for my enlisted men.
You really have lost your mind.
Y-you said he was serious, Kendal.
And only after you've agreed to those terms will we discuss the six navy S.
S I picked up off the coast of Pakistan.
Must be all this ocean air.
I'm famished.
Shall we break for lunch? Lunatic thinks this is a game.
The "Illinois" is through the perimeter.
Two 688i's inbound.
Hunt her down.
I want to know the moment you find that sub.
James, check your pressure.
Copy that.
One more bolt.
James, you need to hurry.
Maybe they didn't hear it.
Maybe they're in another sector and they didn't - New contact - 2 688-class subs bearing 0-7-1, Range 16,000 yards.
16k? They're too far away.
With a little luck, we'll be outhere before they fi - New contact - Virginia class.
Much have come out of our baffles, ma'am.
It's the "Illinois.
" She's close.
You gotta dive the boat, lieutenant.
No! He's still outside! Active sonar.
She's looking for us.
Dive the boat now.
Quiet! I know what I'm doing.
He's dead if we dive! Contact coming about.
Heading 1-4-9.
Helm, left full rudder! Emergency deep! take us down, Mr.
James, cut the tether.
James? Do you copy? Cut the tether.
What? Are you nuts? I'm as good as dead if I cut that.
Don't do it! No! Passing test depth.
Did he cut loose? We're at 1,400 feet, Sophie.
If he's attached, he's dead.
Now be quiet.
Cahill, all stop 1500 feet.
Hover the ship.
Let's make like a hole in the water.
Ma'am, I'm tracking two - make that three contacts pinging actively at staggered depth.
Search pattern.
They got us covered.
We move now, we die.
Half the Middle East is up in arms.
Riots in Bahrain, Oman, U.
China's navy is amassing around Taiwan.
And my voicemail is full of congressmen bitching about $8 gas.
Maybe next time you guys nuke a country, you'll think it through.
Well, it happened.
And now it's up to people like you and me - responsible people.
What do you want? Marcus Chaplin's wife died of cancer.
One son K.
in Afghanistan, the other son ran off to save the whales.
Hasn't talked to Marcus in years.
When a man loses everything, all he has left is his cause.
So ask yourself - Is his cause still the same as yours? I'll see you inside.
Look, I make deals, Sam.
That's all I do.
And the man I see - I can tell you he doesn't want one.
What he wants is martyrdom.
Watch him.
You'll see.
Oh, I-I never thought we'd use those weapons.
Not again.
Now that we have, I don't even know why.
Two days ago, 81 countries moved for a formal condemnation of the United States on the floor of the U.
In D.
, I have almost half of the former joint chiefs ready to forcibly remove this president.
And they're all counting on you to hold fast on this island until the time is right.
To be part of the story that doesn't fit - the living, breathing symbol of the lie.
I've wanted to be a lot of things, Arthur, but a symbol was never one of them.
Oh, yeah? Well, we don't get to choose our fate, do we? If I have a chance to bring my people home today, I may have to take it.
Yeah, well, I want my daughter home, Marcus.
I do.
But I don't know, what that home is becoming.
No, I don't need a reservation.
That's my table always, right there.
Uh, that table's reserved.
I know it's reserved.
It's reserved for me.
I would like to speak with Rogelio.
I'll wait.
Excuse me.
So you sleep with me, and then you steal my hard drive while I'm in the shower.
That makes two times you screwed me, and I'm still not sure which was more disappointing.
- Hi, Mimi.
- Kylie.
Catch a powder, or I'll erase you off every guest list in the city.
Mimi Vanderholt? The girl is an accessory to her own handbag.
You just don't know when to stop, do you? I'll stop when you make this right.
Help me get my data back.
Why can't you just play along like everyone else? Because it turns out everyone else is a backstabbing hypocrite.
You were a backstabbing hypocrite.
I liked that about you.
What happened? It's too late.
You're out.
You just went from being us to being them.
I'm gonna miss you.
Excuse me? Get your hands off me.
Could you come with me, ma'am? Now.
This way.
They're lying about what happened to the "Colorado"! I am a u.
Citizen, and I will not be silenced! I want the truth, and you should, too! They ever gonna stop showing this nut job? Why aren't you reporting about them, huh? The government detained me! They are lying about - It's never gonna stop, is it? No.
That's what makes it so hard.
I know what it's like to find out the person we love isn't who we thought they were.
What is this? What does this mean, "potential buyer"? The government has 32 e-mails that are encrypted between Sam and Marcus Chaplin, detailing their plan to defect to China and sell the "Colorado.
" That's insane.
Sam would never do - We can lose somebody and never know.
They go away, they come back, some part of them doesn't return.
Some part that they kept secret, - maybe even to themselves, until the moment- - Stop.
Please just Just stop.
Sam was different when he came home from North Korea, wasn't he? Used to do this when I was a kid.
Cape fear.
My daddy was a crab man.
I find that hard to believe.
What, that I come from humble folk? That you were ever a child.
You know, I think you like me more than you let on.
No? Well, I like you.
I think some part of me even admires what you're trying to do here.
Carving out your own little piece of the world.
Is that what you want? 'Cause I could give that to you.
You know what I want.
God, you're a stubborn man.
You want your day in court.
Do you have any idea what's happening out there? You got the ball rolling, Marcus.
It's all up for grabs now-- Alliances shifting, frontiers opening up.
You're moving the third fleet towards Taiwan.
Will it be enough? Suddenly you could use the ships you've got blockading my island.
All you have to do is give me the chance to tell the truth in open court.
We are reshaping the face of this planet, and you want to stand on a soapbox and plead for the truth? You think that makes you a hero? It doesn't.
It makes you a fool.
Because in the end, the truth is gonna be whatever we say it is.
And this place, you, these people are gonna be a little footnote in a story about how a broken nation, asserted itself in the cause of freedom and became a great empire once again.
What you did to Pakistan Do you ever wonder how history will judge you? God It's so beautiful here, isn't it? Sir, are you honestly taking a nap right now? Well, Curry knows that delay heightens tension in one's opponent.
Anxiety begets uncertainty.
You really should breathe, Sam.
I'm breathing.
I am breathing.
I'd like to keep it that way.
It gives us time to doubt the possibility of our desired outcome.
We doubt, we settle for less.
And when exactly do we say yes? What's our bottom line? You know what it is.
I want to hear you say it.
To go home.
They're coming.
What is it, Arthur? Something's up.
There's a lot of radio chatter, and Straugh's on the sat phone.
My daughter's out there.
Your daughter has become a very capable officer, Arthur.
She can handle it.
My apologies for the delay.
I have with me here an offer.
Very well.
Your President was feeling generous.
He has authorized Don't react.
The E.
reports three fast attack submarines circling Grace's last known position.
If they've found her - If they had found her, we'd already be dead.
Are we boring you, captain? Yes.
But I'm listening.
He's got nine minutes of air left.
Still searching active sonar, ma'am.
They bounce a ping off our hull.
They're gonna come down here and punch our clock for good.
It's just a matter of time.
I know the score, C.
Thank you.
James is still up there.
He could be alive.
If we make a break for James now, there's a good chance those attack subs hear us.
I can't outrun them.
We wait for them to bug out.
You think you can decide who lives and who dies? You're not God.
On this ship, I am.
And if anyone else has a problem with that, you're more than welcome to step outside.
Ever blown the tanks on a boomer, Mr.
Cahill? Not from this depth, ma'am, no.
You'll do fine.
Just watch your bubble.
There'll be some debris.
Debris, ma'am? If we can get this boat up to firing depth, we show them our teeth, we force them to back off.
Chief of the boat, you tell your men to ready torpedo tubes one through four in all respects.
You can't shoot it out with fast attack submarines.
Do you need me to repeat the order? No, ma'am.
What's happening? Captain's got sand in her swimsuit, so we're all headed to the le gran rodeo in the sky.
You runaway bastards probably can't hear me, the battery packs are going in now, so you know, you're welcome.
I'll just be here waiting for my ride.
That is really good.
You don't have to say that.
No, I mean it.
Really, that's really good.
Who taught you to cook? - My wife.
- You're married? I'm not.
I just can't bring myself to say the "ex" part yet.
- Sorry.
- That's all right.
Two years ago.
Had to learn how to feed myself.
Learn how to do a lot of things, actually.
It's surprising how much you can come to rely on someone.
When Donna left, took me a long time to remember who I was.
It's strange, you can fall so far into a person that you just sort of disappear.
You kind of become the space around them, and when they leave it's like, "Well, now that she's gone, do I even exist?" You know? I could stay the night if you want.
N-not like that.
I-I just meant in the guest room - If-if you - You can't ask that.
Yeah, I know, I I'm sorry.
Uh You'll be all right here? Okay.
I've tried to help you here.
The president's given you an honorable way out.
This president doesn't know the meaning of the word.
Be careful, sir.
You are dealing with people's lives.
In fact, I imagine our presence here has become rather inconvenient for him.
For all of you.
Our president currently enjoys a 68% approval rating, so - I'm sure he does.
George Bush I won Desert Storm on 28 February 1991.
21 months later, he was voted out of office.
So don't talk to me about polls.
I want my trial.
And who do you think's going to believe a traitor? Oh, I have hard evidence of the whole sordid thing - from my new navy S.
No, you don't.
You should have killed those S.
s when you had the chance.
Amnesty for your crew and junior officers.
You return my submarine, my S.
You and the X.
plead guilty to a violation of Article 92.
Two years protective custody.
- Sir, can we take a break and discuss - No.
18 months.
- Captain.
- I want a public trial, Mr.
That's never gonna happen.
So be it.
I'll invite the cameras here and try you and the president in absentia.
Coming? Did you ever give a damn about getting home? Sam, if you have objections - Maybe you have nowhere to go, but I do.
And so does your crew.
And, what, you're just gonna let them all burn for the sake of your damn truth? My truth? My truth?! Sam, new offer.
Get my boat back, and I promise you and Grace Shepard will never see the inside of a prison.
I will guarantee your safety in the country of your choice with your beautiful wife.
Don't let him drag you down with him, Sam.
Doesn't get better than this.
You got a deal.
You put that in writing, you got your sub back.
Let's get out of here.
Come on! Let's go! This is the Captain.
My father once told never to bet more than I was willing to lose.
By now, you all know my intentions.
I mean to engage our enemy and put this vessel in harm's way.
Every life on this boat will be at risk.
It's more than I'm willing to lose.
But I'm not betting on this boat, I am betting on you, because you sailors are a sure thing.
Carry on.
Here they come.
2,800 yards to target.
Cahill, all ahead flank on my mark.
20 knots.
- 22 knots.
- We're cavitating.
- What does that mean? - That means company's coming.
Cahill, up angle, 30 degrees.
Contact, bearing 1-1-7, range 5,000 yards.
She's coming about.
- On your horse, Mr.
- Aye, ma'am.
23 knots.
Come on, girl.
I need you up here, C.
New contact, 4,100 yards! It's the "Illinois.
Bearing 2-1-3.
Ma'am, she's acquiring.
You provoked me.
You wanted me to react.
To get the best deal.
To get you and Grace home.
I was under the impression that we trust each other.
I trust your instincts, Sam.
Curry was never gonna go all the way unless he could split us.
Negotiation is theater.
I had to be certain your emotion would be read as real.
It was real.
I know.
Secret executive order number 1349.
I trust you'll find it to your liking.
We do not care where you go.
We do not care what you do.
But if you breathe a word about any of the events of the past week, this agreement shall be void, and so shall you.
Can you abide by these terms? I can.
You shall be remanded immediately to our custody for court-martial.
I'll go willingly.
I ask only that I be allowed to address my crew.
Of course.
- What are you doing? -This offer has expired.
- What?! - Mr.
Excuse me, where are you going? We had a deal! - What the hell just happened? - I don't know.
Captain Butler has a firing solution on the "Colorado.
" Awaiting your order.
Kill her.
Kill her now.
Captain Butler, Amanda Straugh.
Authentication 0-1-2-2-- hold your fire! Hold your fire! come on.
Come on! "Illinois" is standing by.
Awaiting confirmation of fire order.
We have the shot now, ma'am.
Ma'am? "Illinois" Closing.
3,000 yards.
Dive, 30 degrees up angle! Helm right full rudder! Shake that son of a bitch.
Coming about 30 degrees off our starboard quarter.
He's got us dead to rights, ma'am.
Distance to target? - 1,400 yards, ma'am.
- We're not gonna make it.
At least we won't die dry.
- 1,300 yards to target! - Why haven't they fired? - Mechanical failure.
- On both ships? Well, maybe they don't want to hit a girl.
- How did you ever stay married? - Stayed deployed.
Maintaining 1,200 yards.
Both contacts still back there! Nobody's this lucky.
Somebody bought us time.
Let's not waste it.
Open doors one, two, and three.
Aye, aye.
Doors open.
Closing on target.
Ma'am, we got a shot.
Ready torpedoes.
On my order.
Ahh! I need a radio! Get me a radio! Captain Butler, this is secretary of defense William Curry! I order you to fire! Fire! Torpedoes away.
Target acquired.
Ma'am, "Illinois" just opened her doors.
She's gonna shoot.
"Illinois" Torpedo in the water! - Went active right out of the gate.
- Where are my fish, C.
? Seven seconds to impact.
Five Four Three Two One.
Left full rudder, up angle 20 degrees! Take me into the debris, Mr.
Cahill! Left full, up 20, aye! Chief Pitts, where are those torpedoes? Tracking wide, ma'am.
It's lost us.
Helm all stop! Emergency blow all main ballast tanks! 600 550 450 Secure the blow! Mind your bubble! 300 200 feet.
Approaching firing depth.
Sonar, contacts? Are they tracking? Negative, ma'am.
It worked.
We left them down there circling the plume.
Level off.
Open my missile doors.
Stand by for E.
Attention to all forces in the area of Sainte Marina.
This is the captain of the S.
" As you can see on your satellites, our doors are open, and we have four nukes spun up and aimed at D.
Kindly remove your forces from the 200-mile perimeter.
Thank you for your cooperation.
I have a gun.
Sorry about the pop-in.
Only way to dodge the news vans out front.
- Who the hell are you? - Kylie Sinclair.
I believe the administration set your husband up, Mrs.
And if you're willing to help me, I can prove it.
You want some coffee? Any sign of life? No, ma'am.
I used to drink with this senior chief at Subic named Disco.
We must have hit every hooch hole in Olongapo, till one night Disco fell in with this little honey-ko, from the boom boom bar.
And I'm not talking some 4-day marriage.
I'm I'm talking actual, factual love.
That's beautiful, C.
End of liberty, Disco was flat broke, and honey-ko was gonna cut him off, but I'm a romantic.
So I tell Disco I'll give him 10 bucks for every minute he holds his head in the koi pond.
Cost me 50.
Is there a point to this story? Point is, he was a navy S.
There! Did you hear that? Uh, ma'am I think maybe Tapping? Very faint, but Yes! That's morse code.
50 feet.
- Port side, 20 degrees.
- On that heading! All stop.
Stand by to retrieve.
What's he saying? You don't want to know, ma'am.
So what is it you do, exactly? It's what I did that matters.
I put a very unique piece of equipment on Sam's submarine, and I believe this equipment recorded information that certain powerful people would like to keep very secret.
So where is it? Stolen by a secret cabal as part of a government cover-up.
Trust me, I know exactly I believe you.
Good, because I intend to flush every one of these rats into the light.
But here's the thing.
My, um, access is a bit limited at the moment.
So that's where you come in.
What do you want me to do? I want you to make some noise.
I know how frightening this must all be for you.
All right.
I wouldn't ask - I said all right.
I'll do it.
But I want something, too.
My lawyer, Paul Wells - He's an old friend of Sam's, and he's been amazing helping me through all this.
- Okay.
- But he's a government agent sent to spy on me and turn me against Sam.
How do you know? Because the other woman always knows.
The truth is, I've shared my husband every single day of this marriage.
Sam Kendal is in love with his country, for better or worse, in sickness and in health, and he would never betray her.
Not for money.
Not for anything.
Not even me.
"Colorado" reports mission accomplished.
Ship and all hands in good condition.
Ready to anchor.
I clocked you at six minutes past reserves.
How did you do that? I just told my body you'd left it for dead.
It was a tough call, King.
I'm glad you're back.
How tough? Ten-hut! Officer on deck! They tried to sink the sub, sir.
They broke the 200-mile line.
Yes, they did.
So how are we gonna respond? We're not.
A senior white house adviser was killed here today, sir.
The secretary himself took a bullet.
No, he didn't.
Curry knows the game.
Never admit to being attacked unless you're prepared, to pay the price for your response.
So this never happened, and they were never here.
What are you gonna tell Grace about her father? How would you want to hear it? Straight up and quick.
The four and nine missiles were fired from China's Hunan Province Captain on the conn.
landed in their target area off the coast of Kaohsiung.
The remaining missile almost flew over Taipei's airspace before landing Please give Lieutenant Shepard and me the conn.
Grace, this is about your father.
We're closing early.
I was hoping you'd say that.
You were gone longer than I Drink it while you can.
revised by Kelzi.