Last Resort (2012) s01e13 Episode Script

Controlled Flight Into Terrain

I'm concerned about the captain and the decisions he's been making.
You're talking about mutiny.
Whoever drew the short straws will be lashed.
Senior Chief Petty Officer Harold Anders, you are hereby relieved of duty.
I'll see you in hell, Sir.
What I propose is a partnership.
We can take care of this island together.
There's a future.
Maybe I'll be part of it.
There are powerful people organizing a coup d'etat.
May God help us all.
Oh, no.
The only mistake you made was being on the losing side.
Tell me from your gut that I'm wrong, because this is happening, one way or the other.
I know what you're up to, Joe.
You want to wear the big hat? Come take it off my head.
I've got Prosser and his men.
I've got Lieutenant Shepard and the sub.
Lieutenant Shepard, I need you to declare your intentions.
Fire one flare if you're with the XO.
Two flares if you're with me.
Thanks for cooperating.
Kind of perfect, isn't it, you being the one to bring the captain to me? Wes.
Been a long time.
You a bag man now, Hop? You a kidnapper? Guess we've both seen better days.
Money's good.
Where is she? Take care of her.
She didn't deserve this.
I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands.
You remember that, Marcus? Come on, Sir.
Give us a speech.
Call me a traitor.
Call me a liar.
You're quite the coward.
Ah, I didn't see that one coming.
Touche, Sir.
I expected as much from the COB.
At least he had the nerve to come to me and tell me to my face.
The rest of 'em? Opportunists, scared, impressionable kids.
But you? You don't have the luxury of those excuses.
I don't need any excuse.
I didn't want any excuse.
I didn't tell you about the mutiny because I couldn't be certain of your response.
Oh, I would've done what was necessary.
See, that's not comforting coming from the man who flogged his own men like animals and rolled out the red carpet for Zheng.
It's that or starve.
Well, then we should've starved and left.
I mean, what is-- what is this place to you, Marcus, huh? For the rest of us, this is just a stop.
For you, this is your new home, isn't it? Marcus-stan.
Population-- 1.
Lieutenant Cahill.
Captain, the EWS just picked something up on radar.
There are three warships converging on my island.
I will not accept Chinese troops here.
I thought I made myself perfectly clear.
Last night, your crew made it very clear you're not able to maintain order on Sainte Marina.
Turn your ships back or explain to your superiors why I'm targeting Shanghai with a trident.
Our countries are on the brink of a war that could be triggered by any uncertainty.
Will you be the one to tip the balance? You're threatening me with a nuclear war? I'm sorry, Marcus.
It was just a matter of time before someone called your bluff.
Cahill, I'm headed to the Colorado to engage the Chinese fleet.
- You take the rest of the men and secure the EWS.
- Aye, Sir.
If you so much as smell mutiny on him, take command by any means.
Sir, what about the XO? He's with me.
Lock the former XO in here.
Establish communications with EWS.
This is a combat mission.
They're coming, aren't they? I want a guard on him at all times.
Lieutenant Shepard, the underway watch stations are unmanned.
Sorry, Sir.
There were too many.
I guess we're gonna do it your way after all, COB.
By article 10-88 of the Naval Code, I relieve you of your command, Sir.
On your orders, the boat's been emptied.
The last watch is being sent to shore as we speak.
In five hours, we'll rendezvous with the US fleet and put this whole sorry episode behind us.
I'm gonna need your firing key, Captain.
And the one you took off the XO.
What should we do with him? Float check that son of a bitch.
You touch him, and you'll need a turkey baster to have kids.
Sir, if you'll kindly follow me.
COB just took Chaplin below.
How long to get the Perseus online, Chief? It'll take as long as it takes.
Just be ready on your end.
Your men are a bunch of mercenaries, Joe.
You know better than to trust these-- Save it.
My men may be young, dumb, and undisciplined, but at least they don't conspire with foreign nationals to sell out their country.
If you're meeting the blockade, why prepare the Perseus, COB? Who you planning on hiding from? You know anything about this? No, COB.
Keep your distance.
The little one knows karate, and the big one fights dirty.
Don't say a word.
I track three Chinese vessels on intercept with the Colorado.
I have lost contact.
Colorado, this is EWS.
Please respond.
Colorado-- Get out.
This is a secure facility.
Does Julian know what you're doing? Yes, he does.
Ah, ah.
Everything is changing today, Sophie.
Girard, apologies for the intrusion.
These are the transponder codes for three of my ships.
You'll guide them to the rendezvous point where they will meet the Colorado and board her.
Julian, what are you doing? What I do best, providing a valuable service to a paying client.
You promised.
And you promised as well, Sophie.
We both promised.
Marcus Chaplin and his XO will be welcomed by my country as heroes.
He's lying.
They'll send the captain and the XO to prison and trot them out for propaganda.
Don't touch her! Ms.
Girard, please.
It's not easy, but it is the best thing we can do for Marcus now.
What happened? Fix it now.
We should have those coordinates by now.
I can't get through to EWS.
Ma'am, please get communications back online.
You know, just between you and me, Lieutenant, I always thought you were the hottest piece of ass on this boat.
What kind of grab-ass mission do you think we're running here, huh? Can anyone tell me why we're going southwest when the closest American vessel is due east of our position? We're not meeting the blockade.
Are you out of your glue-sniffing mind? That way is home, son.
Home? Oh, yeah, the people who left us starving and dying on that island, COB? Called all of us traitors? And now we're supposed to go back for what, a medal, a handshake, and a night shift at a big-box store? Do you have any idea what Zheng offered us for this sub? Enough to make every one of us richer than Jay-Z.
Who? Stand down, COB.
Let him go or we'll shoot you.
Anders? Who the hell let you on the boat? Ohh! Go after her! Move! You can't stay in there forever.
Come on, princess.
We're going to get in there one way or another.
- A screwdriver? - Yeah.
You know how I feel about uniform regulations.
Yeah, we gotta get this thing out of you.
I'm still gonna have to write you up.
All right, don't you bleed out on me.
I don't want you getting red, white, and blue all over my submarine.
On three.
Ready? One two, three.
Ohh! Ah, God! Sounds like you got a little mutiny in your mutiny, Kowalski.
I make that last turn 45 seconds, which puts our heading south by southwest.
Why? Before we left, the EWS tracked three inbound Chinese vessels.
They're taking the island.
No, they're taking the sub.
Well, yeah.
Who are you, Sam? I honestly don't know anymore.
Are you with Prosser and his mutiny? You're not? You're the XO of the Colorado? But, no, the rank's empty without the man.
The man doesn't have what it takes to lead, to see clearly what needs to be done and to do it.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
You talking about sacrifice again? Is that what they are to you, some necessary loss in the sake of your damn cause? At least I know what I stand for.
Do you? You don't mean anything, Sam.
You suffered a loss? We all did.
But you let it break you.
Oh, you ran off, let the COB twist your mind.
No, no, no, no.
Nobody broke me.
Nobody twisted my mind.
I watched you.
I observed you.
Who's the one that taught me that some orders should be refused? You did.
But God forbid it's your judgment that I question.
- I did what was necessary! - Well, good for you! Then the history books will judge you kindly, won't they? 'Cause that's what you really want, isn't it? "He was the captain that never compromised.
Sure, all his men died, but he was a great man.
" Some battles you cannot win.
Do you hear yourself, XO? No, I hear myself.
I hear myself loud and clear.
Sometimes a leader needs to lay down on his sword for the good of his people.
Redmond, Willard, Trevor, Morales-- Augustino, Cress, Stanz, Mills-- They didn't die so that we could go home in chains, our heads bowed to a lie! But what did they die for? And you disgrace every one of them - by not being man enough - What did they die for?! to stand up for their sacrifice.
This is the honor of our service.
And every single one of them believed in that.
But they didn't believe in you anymore, Sir! Don't you get that? They didn't believe in you! They were scared and confused, and they wanted to go home! And all your speeches and all your talk, that wasn't good enough anymore! Not for any of us! Captain, I'm gonna need you to come with me.
Where are you taking him? You know, you should worry about yourself.
You touch him I'll kill you.
I hope you had a real nice talk with the old man there, XO, because here's the thing he ain't coming back.
all of its officers.
Now, moments ago Robert? Two senators have confirmed that the Speaker of the House is dead from an apparent suicide I wouldn't do that.
High-profile death tonight You're late.
I thought you'd be the next face on that screen.
You're alive.
That's good.
Robert, what happened? We didn't stand a chance.
Lambs led to slaughter.
Anderson and I went to the Times.
There was this lady in the elevator with us.
Seemed like a nice lady, you know? She she killed Anderson with a razor.
Th-the doors opened, and, uh, she put the knife in my hand and she's gone.
Okay, look, I still have resources.
I still have money.
You look so good.
Robert, are you listening to me? You should get that.
Mine stopped working the moment I got in here.
Don't speak.
Listen to me, Kylie.
You've put yourself in grave danger.
Top drawer in the bedroom.
Go there now.
Dad? Kylie, do you recognize my voice? Yes, Sir.
Your father has assured me that you can be trusted.
Unfortunately, your country needs proof.
Do you understand? Yes, Mr.
He wants you to kill me the man who nuked Pakistan.
Stop drinking.
Get your things.
You don't have a choice.
I'm not gonna do it.
Here's what's gonna happen They want some sick proof of your loyalty? They're gonna get it.
You're gonna shoot me.
And then you're gonna go out there and you're gonna destroy every single person who made this happen.
And you're gonna do this for me.
You're insane.
Nothing would make me do that.
Yes, you will.
Tani, what happened? My brother discovered prospectors on our land.
When they wouldn't go, he sent them running.
They came back with guns.
They beat my brother.
Where are they? Do you still think you owe me something, James? Yeah.
Yeah, I do.
The prospectors are working for Zheng.
If he goes away, they go away.
Oh, hell.
Where are Lieutenant Shepard and the COB? Locked in the torpedo room, if you must know.
Welcome to your mutiny, Sir.
So glad you could join us.
Now please fasten your seat belt - and return your tray to its stowed position - Aah! - you son of a bitch.
- Ow! I told you I'd see you in hell.
Hey, go get that torpedo door open, huh? Wait a minute.
Give me the keys.
Sit down! Chief, Chinese on the line.
This is the USS Colorado.
We're headed to your position although we don't have your exact coordinates right now.
As you can see, we've taken Chaplin prisoner.
There are seven of us running the boat.
The rest of the crew has disembarked prior to our getting underway.
Is there anything you'd like to add, Sir? The moment you touch this submarine, you've committed an act of war against the United States of Am-- If you give this boat to the Chinese, you start a war.
You can sail the Colorado to the blockade-- Man, there is nothing else for you, is there? Is that why you are so damn loyal to a country that hates you? I'm not like that, Sir.
I still have a lot of living to do.
Maybe not as much as you expect.
You see? That's what I like about you, Captain.
No matter how hard you try, the thug always shows through.
Which one of you knows how to operate this station? I can.
I mean, I know the basics.
Make it work.
I think we got it, COB.
You hang in there, and drinks are on me once we get topside.
I'm on the wagon, remember? Right, sorry.
Screw it.
It's a date.
Just make it something brown from Tennessee.
We can just pour it through the hole.
Perseus coming online.
Stand by.
They're gonna kill him, aren't they? No, that's not the plan.
Come on, Kowalski.
There is no plan.
You trust Hawkes to come up with a plan? Hey, shut up! What is it? Zheng promised you all a good deal, is that it? Even you, Kowalski? Which you personally confirmed, right? I mean, you would have to be a first-class moron not to-- You really want to shut up now.
Ugh! Chief, we're losing reactor power.
Perseus is going offline.
Mess to conn.
The XO kinda got away.
Kowalski, he's in engineering.
Brannan, keep things moving.
We'll have power back up in a second.
Wallace, let's go.
Lawrence, come here.
All right, I need you to shut off all unnecessary Lawrence? Lawrence, what's going on up there? Go, go, go, go.
Lawrence is down! The captain's escaped! Where the hell is Brannan? Kowalski, check level one.
Wallace, you're with me.
Captain, I can hold 'em off.
Find the XO.
- I'm right behind you.
- Thank you, Brannan.
Hey, Wallace! Why don't you tell 'em why you cried like a baby all through boot camp? Go, Sir.
Go! Because your girl was shacking with your sister, huh? True story.
Captain, get down! Oh, no.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Josh why'd you do that? If you have to ask He's dead, Captain! How many more? How many more?! Sam.
Prosser's broken ranks with the mutiny.
He and Grace are barricaded in the torpedo room.
Anders is running the show up there now.
I scram'd the reactor, got the Perseus offline.
I think I can get control of the planes and the helm from here.
How'd you get free? Brannan.
He was your spy? Yeah.
Anders shot him in the back.
Communications? We can hear pretty much everything.
Nothing long range with the antenna rolled in.
Can probably blast out to the EWS.
They'll take the Colorado apart.
Not in any visible way, but they'll learn her inside and out before they hand her back.
I'll scuttle her before I let that happen.
This can't end with the Colorado in enemy hands.
What, you think I need convincing? This is the Colorado XO to anyone at the EWS.
Please come in.
This is the Colorado XO to anyone at the EWS.
Please come in.
S-Sam, it's Sophie.
I can hear you.
Sophie, we've lost control of the Colorado.
Mutineers are driving the boat out to meet the Chinese fleet.
Yeah, I know.
Zheng has taken control here.
Can you call Washington? I'm not sure.
Yes, perhaps.
Okay, I need you to tell them what's happening.
Tell them we can give them a target if they can hit it.
I need them to strike the Colorado, Sophie.
What? Y-you don't have to do this.
How will you get off the boat? Sam? I know this is unfair of me to ask, but this is what I want.
And this is what needs to happen.
Do you remember the last time we talked like this? Only this time, I am not lost.
I know where I need to go, but I cannot get there alone.
The rest will have to wait.
Okay? Okay.
The captain and the XO are in engineering.
Kowalski's dead.
Why are we speeding up? We lost vertical control.
Well, get it back.
Chief, we're receiving incoming EHF from EWS Sainte Marina.
Lawrence, what the hell did you do to this thing? I didn't do anything, man.
It's jammed.
You guys, shut up! Captain Hal Anders.
Colorado, this is Sainte Marina.
US air command confirms strike.
Tracking your signature now.
Return control of the Colorado to Marcus Chaplin or you will be destroyed.
What? No, no.
No, no, no.
They-- they're too late.
No, we get command of the boat, and we'll beat 'em there.
There's no way they touch us once we're with the Chinese.
What is that? Two American F/A-18 attack aircraft.
How? How did they know? Sophie! Your captain and your friends are on that ship.
Help me speak with them.
I can get my people to protect them.
Otherwise, they will die.
I know.
You're kinda gettin' a Little handsy there, Lieutenant.
I missed the sensitivity training.
That dimwit should know better than using an arc welder while we're underway.
Like the USS Bonefish, electrical fire.
The CO, the OOD, the helmsman, the radioman-- they were all below deck.
All four of 'em died.
From the fire? Otto fuel from the torpedoes.
You see, when it burns, you get yourself cyanide gas.
Attention, my dearest ex-bosses.
Stop messing with the submarine, or so help me, you're both be dead.
Copy that, conn.
So are you.
He's trying to get under it.
He can't, not with a belly full of air.
We got helm disabled.
On my second tour on Hamlin's boat, the Nevada, I touched the wrong lead, and I got 10,000 volts through the chest.
My heart stopped beating for 65 seconds.
You never told me that.
And I saw myself in the corridor of a hospital.
Right outside the room where Jeffrey was born.
And Angela's inside, and she's screaming and crying, and I go to help her.
And instead, I'm walking on to the conn.
It's my boat now.
I'm captain.
And just outside I can hear all the things that I'm missing.
I hear Jeffrey's graduation, and Angela laughing with the boys my family going on without me.
And I keep waiting to feel regret.
I keep waiting for some realization of all the terrible, selfish choices I've made.
But it never comes.
Death is-- is more forgiving.
I'm on the conn of my boat, heading out into stormy seas, and I'm at peace.
Yeah, laugh it up, XO.
No, I envy you, Marcus.
I really do.
Even at the end, you're right where you want to be, aren't you? What's it for you, XO? What do you want? I want revenge.
I don't need Krishna, I don't need Buddha, not even Jesus to show me my path.
Mine is clear.
I find the ones who made this happen.
I balance the scales.
That's pretty dark, XO.
Remind me to recommend you for a psych eval.
A psych eval? Me? Well, forgive me, but you fired a nuke, no? Well, it was a strategic move.
A strategic move? Okay.
Really? Is that what it was? Let me get this straight.
Uh, you fired a nuke as a warning, but I'm the one that needs my head examined? - Is that it? - That's right.
Hey, uh, Anders.
Anders, you still up there? You know in another minute I'm gonna have control, and then I'm gonna dive the boat, and then I'm gonna-- I know, I know.
You're gonna kill us all.
Very scary stuff.
Since you're a world-class psychopath, I want you to decide something for us.
Who's crazier, me or the captain? Shut up.
Shut up! Oh, Anders, don't be like that.
Come on.
I'm asking you, who's the biggest nut job on the boat, me or the captain? Shut up! Open up the hatches and spin up missiles five through eight.
Target? Hey, Chaplin, I have both keys-- little trick I learned-- and I'm gonna fire a missile to your hometown of Dundalk, Maryland.
Maybe that'll back off those attack aircraft.
Damn it.
At least they had the decency to fill the bar.
You know what? I am sick of your fatalistic crap.
When did you ever give up? We are gonna get out of here.
Okay? We're gonna get out of here together.
So take it, and we will walk out of here with me as your hostage, okay? Go.
Do it.
No offense, but if I-I thought it would work, I wouldn't hesitate.
But you're not worth anything to them.
Not until you prove you are.
There's still a way for us to bring the fight to them.
One way.
I told you, I'm not gonna do it.
You can be the one to bring it all crumbling down.
I can't do it alone.
- You have to.
- I can't.
You have to.
Make them all pay, Kylie.
Make them all pay.
That's the missile doors opening.
Another minute, they'll be cleared to fire.
Well, we still have rudder control.
Do you know where we are? I've been tracking our course changes.
In one minute, hard to starboard, we hit the outer shoals.
I think the COB's dead.
They got us in a hard turn.
Coming about to starboard.
Put me on an open channel.
I want the whole world to hear this.
To who it may concern, this is the USS Colorado.
We see your attack aircraft approaching.
I'm 30 seconds away from improving the state of Maryland so back the hell off! You hear me? Wallace.
Man your key.
Hal Now.
Was it worth it? Mr.
Zheng, we had a deal.
Yes, and so much good that will do either of us now.
I promised my masters a submarine.
And now I shall return in disgrace.
I could have given you everything yet you choose a dead man.
It breaks my heart.
Mine, too.
Come on, Sailor.
Just one more.
I don't want you to be a killer anymore.
Not for me.
Not for anyone.
We've got to go.
We gotta go.
Come on.
The Chinese are still converging.
Our guys are gonna get here first.
We got maybe 15 minutes.
Hull's compromised.
Even if we get off this shoal, we're not going anywhere, Sir.
Captain, XO, we're ready at the main hatch.
We'll be right there.
We gotta go, Sir.
I can still dry fire a Mark 48 and blow the sub.
No, no.
No, we-- we-- we have two bombers that are gonna take care of that.
You don't know that.
Someone strikes a deal, and things change.
Excuse me? I'm not leaving her empty, Sam.
What are you talking about? Sir, we have to get out of here.
We have to leave right now.
All right, you want to do this? Let's do this.
No, this is my house.
Well, it's my house, too, damn it.
This is not a decision you get to make on your own, Marcus.
It's not the same for me as it is for you, Sam, 'cause I'm home.
Do you see? Right here, I'm home.
Hmm? Those sailors that died, they're my family.
But for you, life is still out there.
Oh what the hell is out there for me? You tell me.
What the hell is out there for me? You said it yourself.
You need revenge.
But that's not what this is.
You're not done fighting, Sam, but I'm all out of moves.
So I'm asking you as my friend I can't do this with you here.
You know I signed up 'cause I didn't know what else to do.
You know that.
I was just looking for something.
I was looking for something, I was looking for anything anything to believe in.
I didn't know what to fight for.
But I do now.
They will know what we did.
They will know why we did it.
No regrets.
It's been an honor, Sir.
My-- my captain was a man who-- who liked a good fight.
Maybe too much so.
'Cause, uh, what he started, it-- it changed everything.
Thank you.
Safe travels, Sailor.
Come on.
What's going on, Kylie? I need you to do something for me.
Give this to the reporters.
Tell them everything you know, and what's on this drive will do the rest.
What reporters? Those reporters.
But what are you g-- He was a man who inspired others to act through action, through instinct.
He made me better than what I knew I could be.
He made me stronger.
Christine, Christine, Christine, Ms.
Sinclair indicated you had information for us about the Colorado.
I do.
I have a story to tell you.
I'll just say that he-- he didn't want to be a hero, that's for sure.
I mean, and certainly not a revolutionary.
That's just that's not who he was.
No, that won't be necessary, fellas.
She's one of us.
We have a very special guest visiting us this evening.
But he had the guts to say no.
He said no, and the world changed, a president fell.
But you're asking for who he was, and I'm not sure I-I-I can tell you that.
I'm not sure anyone could really.
Was he crazy? Yeah, maybe he was crazy.
Maybe just crazy enough.
There's gonna be investigations.
There's gonna be hearings.
Someone's gonna decide what really happened, but we didn't go to Sainte Marina to prove a point.
We were just trying to survive.
But survive right in our hearts.
Marcus would have a speech here about what's worth defending.
I'll just say, we were fighting to get home.
Mom, apple pie-- if that's what it is to you, fine.
Not me.
Maybe it's a woman.
Someplace you know you belong.
Maybe you don't know what it is until it's taken from you.
But we're back now.
We're home.
And I can't speak for the rest of 'em, but I'm staying.
Excuse me.
I have another question.