Last Resort (2012) s01e12 Episode Script

The Pointy End Of The Spear

1 Marcus Chaplin will never fire on a US Navy ship.
Fire one.
No, belay that.
Do not fire.
You disobeyed my order? When I'm on the conn, my word is law! I did this for you.
COB, you know we wouldn't make a move without your go, but terminating the Captain's command may be an option we have to consider.
Everybody, say hello to the XO.
Marcus isn't dying.
I need to know everything.
Welcome to the deep end of the pool.
Senior Chief Petty Officer Harold Anders, you're hereby relieved of duty.
If it were up to me, it'd be a lot worse.
I won't have an admitted rapist walk free on my boat.
I'll see you in hell, Sir.
Did they send you here to kill me? Yes, Sir.
I have enemies, Cortez.
I am not one of them.
You'll no longer be at the mercy of the United States.
At the mercy of the current administration.
Don't ever confuse my nation with its current ruler.
There are people, powerful people, who are gathering right now, organizing a coup d'etat.
Tomorrow a marine force recon contingent will place the President and the Vice President under arrest.
Now, Mr.
Speaker, you will announce that you are assuming the presidency.
This is really happening, isn't it? Do you really think we're making it better? The sex? The world.
I mean, we're we're gonna Orchestrate a coup.
You can say it out loud.
It's the saying it part that worries me.
If you're gonna get Maudlin, then I'm going to Breakfast Barn.
Our meeting's not for another three hours.
And you can stop pretending that I'm the only one who's nervous.
I'm not nervous.
I've been having sex in a random hotel room all night because the thought of sharing a wiki page with John Wilkes Booth, that really does it for me.
We're not shooting anyone.
Not today.
All it takes is for one thing to go wrong.
We're really gonna do this, aren't we? Yep.
We are today.
The only reason I fired on a US Navy vessel was to protect the supplies, to feed my people.
I'm not your ally, Zheng.
Ally, friend-- whatever you call it, Captain, I see the beginning of a new change.
Something in the air.
You forced me into a dangerous PR stunt.
I fail to appreciate its subtleties.
Well, you provided for those in need.
And today a new supply ship is out there waiting to unload.
And right here, celebrations unfold for you.
This has nothing to do with me.
It's an island holiday-- the festival of Sun and Moon.
Well, you know your island well.
You've been buttering my bread pretty good this morning.
Do you employ the same strategies in your meeting with Mr.
Serrat? Well, different strokes for different folks, Captain.
What's he after? That would be telling.
There's only one big dog on this island, Mr.
Zheng, and you're looking at him.
Don't make the mistake of trying to play both sides.
Make your choice, now.
The soil here has tested very rich in some rare minerals.
Serrat wants my help in exploiting those resources.
- And you promised him what? - Nothing.
As you pointed out, only one of you has nuclear teeth.
Perhaps you and I can discuss a partnership.
Panning for gold, Mr.
Zheng? Compared to these minerals, gold is cheap.
I'm talking about economic freedom, the end of want.
So far, you've only ruled here by threat of violence.
How long can fear be the only currency you possess? All right.
I'm listening.
You need to eat.
I'm sure you haven't had anything in days.
- I eat.
I'm fine.
- Do you sleep? Sophie, please.
Because you don't seem fine.
I'm fine.
Look, if you want to talk about your wife or anything-- What, you want to talk about Serrat? You want to talk about that? Are you living with him now, is that it? Yes, but it's not what you think.
It's more complicated.
It's more complicated.
The man is a killer, Sophie.
He is scum of the earth, okay? And you're letting him show you off like he owns you.
- Is that what you want? - I know what I'm doing.
Where you been for the last week? I was, um, at my father's with my brother.
Had a few things to sort through.
Is everything all right? Yeah.
Well, no.
It will be.
I wasn't expecting you to still be here.
Are you kidding? It's the closest bed to the only bar in town.
I'm, um, I'm leaving.
I'm actually here just to-- to pack a few things.
I'm leaving the island.
Why? I'm taking my brother back to Australia.
A lot's changed.
It's not safe here anymore.
Because of all us cowboys.
Because of all you cowboys.
I wish I could stay, but I can't, and I know you can't leave.
I'll go.
You don't have to say that.
You know, I want to go with you wherever you're going.
Tani, I'll go.
If you want.
State-of-the-art scrambler I borrowed from the company a while back.
Very handy when you're dating a bullfighter against your father's wishes.
Well, if this communication is intercepted-- Don't worry.
As long as you can get Chaplin on the other end, you're good to go.
He'll be there.
A friend of a friend is helping me out.
All right, Cortez, I'm here.
I've cleared the room.
Where's my mystery guest? I don't know, Sir.
I was only told it was vital to bring you here for this.
You're the last person I expected to see.
Well, I apologize for the extreme security, but I think you'll appreciate the effort once I explain the situation.
Why aren't you in custody for killing Amanda Straugh? Marcus, listen, friends are gathering.
A patriotic force will depose President Bolton at a joint session of Congress today.
- Now what we need from you is-- - Arthur, you know that I've had nothing but tricks and traps thrown at me.
How do I know there's not a gun to your head right now? Well, you don't have to trust me.
Just watch.
Now certain facts have recently come to light, like what really happened in Pakistan and to your boat.
The truth is coming out.
And once it does, it'll be time to bring you home.
Sir? You do want to come back, don't you? I would like nothing better.
All right.
Well, get ready to make a statement later today, because when this comes to a head, the world's gonna want to hear from you.
Asia is a powder keg, so bringing you and your nuclear missiles happily home is gonna ease a lot of tension.
Just wish us fair winds.
And following seas.
So I'll check in on the military stations.
But essentially the pieces are already in place.
Now we just let our little revolution out into the world and see if she can stand on her own.
This is insane.
I'm not a revolutionary.
I'm just a gun salesman.
I mean, I'm a very good gun salesman, but I'm just a gun salesman.
Stop it.
The woman who accosted me in the DOD Rotunda, worrying about her weapons system, that was a gun salesman.
But the one in front of me now-- Forrest is missing.
And I don't mean, like, overslept.
No one knows where the hell she is.
Okay, but that could be anything, right? Forrest's job was to get your flash drive to Speaker Buell and present it on the floor of the House with him.
Now Buell's already on the fence.
So if we don't get him some backup-- I know.
I know.
I know.
I'll do it.
- No, absolutely not.
- Just relax, okay? They like me at the House of Representatives.
I spend a lot of money there.
I need to sit down with the XO.
Sir are you sure you can trust him? What do you know that I don't? Sam told you that the CIA wanted the Colorado to be the resistance.
But they didn't want you in charge.
Just him.
All he had to do was take command of the sub.
That was their offer.
You're overstepping, Cortez.
His wife was just killed.
You know how that changes a man.
Sir-- Wait for me in the jeep.
Why are there never any sports on TV here? It's always weather or seayaks.
Drink? No.
I'm okay right now.
Thank you.
I want you to do me a favor, Sam.
I want you to have a drink with me, man.
You gonna eat that? I've seen that look before.
It doesn't usually lead to good things.
You want to drink? Let's drink.
Now you're talking.
To all those who never make it home.
And there is nothing, absolutely nothing, worth half a damn as simply messing around in boats.
And to Christine.
That's the supply ship.
Looks like their crew made out okay.
Captain, we had no sonar contacts.
Nothing on radar.
A fuel leak may have ignited.
Captain Chaplin, I've just spoken to my superiors, and I'm afraid my government will need a full accounting of that event.
Well, we're trying to determine the cause of the explosion right now, Mr.
In the meantime, Lieutenant Shepard will form and oversee a recovery team.
Let's get any food, any medical supplies, anything useful and intact, - out of the water and stowed away.
- Yes, Sir.
Marcus, if security becomes a problem, China's offer of assistance may, by necessity, evolve.
To what, exactly? I'm sure you'd agree, we have the right to defend ourselves.
No, I wouldn't agree.
If you'll excuse us, Mr.
Look, I know you're going through a lot lately, but if you're gonna drink this early in the morning, brush your teeth before you report.
It was like the 4th of July out there, man.
Oh, it was so It was beautiful, COB.
We set her right amidships at the waterline.
Cracked her spine like a body slam off the top rope.
Stow that crap.
This isn't halftime at the homecoming game.
You guys want to get back to the States, you need to shut up, focus up, and get it done.
Did you get eyes on the XO? Saw him talking with Chaplin and the fortune cookie.
Think Kendal's still with us? I don't wanna think.
I wanna know.
Well, it ain't gonna matter who's with us unless we secure more guns.
Way ahead of you, sailor, as usual.
Eah bo.
Eah bo.
Master Chief.
The COB.
You're walking.
Your feet must be killing you.
I need to talk to you.
You're a very courageous man.
You have no fear.
But of course fentanyl is good for that.
If you need some more to keep the fear away, - just talk to Armand.
- No, I'm good.
Let's you and me talk about making the sub and everyone on board disappear.
I have heard rumors.
Discontent amongst your men.
Cut the crap, jocko.
You want us gone.
I want to be gone.
You have guns.
I need 'em.
And how do you propose to pay for these guns you say you want? By getting the USS Colorado out of your business, permanently.
You interested? You're late.
I'm sorry, Sir.
It was hard to slip away.
You should've warned me about the supply ship.
I didn't know.
Prosser keeps the big things to himself.
He gives me smaller jobs to do.
I'm supposed to get the key to the Colorado's armory.
Well, that's not gonna help.
The sub's firearms are no longer accessible.
I switched out the locks.
Where's the XO on this? He didn't tell you? The XO walked in on a meeting, and they chased him.
Sir, I think I think Prosser knows about me.
I mean, he looks at me, and I swear to God, he can-- I would get that out of my head, son.
You were brave enough to threaten my sub with a grenade.
You're brave enough to save her.
What, are you insane? I'm telling you, the Chinese are just looking for an excuse to get into it.
You blow up their boat, you hand it to them.
Let 'em come.
I'd prefer an honest fight.
Joe, you're gonna get everybody killed.
No, you are.
First on that list is Marcus Chaplin.
Look, maybe you don't want to lead, and maybe you just don't want to lead this way.
I sure as hell can't fault you for that, but this is gonna happen.
So let me talk to him.
Let me talk to the Captain then.
More talk isn't getting anybody home.
Then time, COB.
I need more time then.
You got four hours, XO.
Make 'em count.
Half these things don't even have labels.
And I can't read half of them anyway.
At least the tide's coming in now.
Listen I'm concerned about the Captain and the decisions he's been making lately.
I think we need to do something.
You were on board when he fired on the Patrick Lawrence, yes? He was protecting the supply ship.
But if you hadn't intervened, would Marcus Chaplin have killed everyone on board of a US Navy vessel to protect a Chinese supply ship? The US was trying to starve us, kill us.
He didn't have a choice.
Surrender is a choice.
Going home and facing the music, it's a choice.
Article 10-88 provides for the relief of a commanding officer by a subordinate-- You're talking about mutiny.
Grace, we are on a bad course, heading into dangerous water here.
Well, it's still mutiny, and it's the Captain.
I know.
But I don't see another option.
Do you? Oh, excuse me, miss.
I think you dropped this.
Oh, my God.
Thank you so much.
That's my lucky $2 bill.
I'm gonna need that back.
Hopper, what are you doing here? I found Forrest.
She's dead.
Traffic accident.
"Accident" accident or murder accident? Not sure, but I thought you'd want to know before going inside.
What if I get in there, and they're all just waiting for me? Badge.
Oh, yeah.
Um I I must have left it in my overcoat.
I'm so I'll see you later.
Keep it.
Sweet, sweet salon Across the border, we still sing your song like my mother, forever home and we pray for the day you will raise up strong you are Sweet, sweet salon across the border, we still sing your song like my mother, forever home and we pray, we pray, oh - You seen King? - My friend, smile.
There's going to be a party.
- Get in.
- I'll drive.
In a few hours, an attempt will be made to remove President Bolton from office.
What do you mean? A coup, led by Admiral Shepard and others, intends to depose the President, making it possible for me to surrender the Colorado and for us all to go back home.
Where are you getting this? - I spoke to Admiral Shepard this morning.
- Admiral Shepard? And what if it's another trick, Marcus, huh, another government trap, what then? I don't believe it is.
You know, we got real problems going on here, right here, right now.
I don't think it's that wise to be pinning all our hopes on some pipe dream.
Do you? I know what Prosser and Hawkes are up to.
What are you up to, Sam? What I'm asking for is a few hours before you condemn me, too.
These last ones are crap.
Let's just forget 'em.
Those guns are fine pieces of American craftsmanship.
It's the idiot who doesn't know how to strip it or ship it that's the problem.
Why don't you just worry about your own load, shakes? Whoa.
Should I try that with my weapon? Break it down and do it right.
We need every weapon we got.
Well, now ain't that cozy? You fellas going steady again? It's not what you think.
Prove it.
I need more time.
Forget it.
That song done played already.
I'm in.
I'm in.
I just-- I-I need to secure the right people.
I need to secure the sub.
If we don't have the Colorado, it's not gonna happen.
Ball drops in two hours, peanut.
You try to cross me or turn rat in any way, I will loose the wolves on you.
And it will get real, real messy real fast.
Thank you.
Hey, King.
I've been looking for you.
I need your help.
Right now? I kinda got a date.
Hey, hey, it's important.
Take this.
If something should happen to both me and the Captain, I need to make sure the people on this list don't take control of the Colorado.
Make sure how? Your COB's the first name on here, Sam.
If this goes the way I want it to, you can tear that up.
And if it doesn't? If it doesn't, I need someone I can trust that's gonna look after the ship and the crew.
If you're not that person, you say it now.
Sellicks Beach.
It's in Southern Australia.
You'll like it.
Steep cliffs dropping down to big white sandy beaches.
Lots of boats.
Good fishing.
Plenty for you to do.
It sounds great.
Really nice.
- What's wrong? - Nothing.
There's just a lot going on here, and XO wants me to make sure that-- It's okay.
I understand.
I'll wait.
It's about to get bad here, Tani.
Really bad.
I don't want you to be a part of it.
I'll go inland to my father's with my brother, wait till it's over.
It's never over, okay? Not for me.
Then leave with me.
Look, you don't understand who you're talking to.
I'm not the guy you go to for the dream life on a white sandy beach.
I'm the guy you go to when you need a throat cut.
So take your brother and go.
What the hell happened? You said you wanted to go with me.
Now I'm saying I'll stay with you.
Yeah, that won't work.
I'm not gonna just leave you here.
Why not? I left you.
I slept with Grace the second your back was turned.
Now if you think that's worth staying for, you're a hell of a lot more desperate than I thought.
I'm an idiot.
What the hell was I thinking? Enter.
Petty Officer Cortez informed me you needed your summer whites.
Thank you, Lieutenant.
Anywhere is fine.
You're a lot closer to your academy days than I am.
You still have your reef points memorized? I'm trying to recall the John Paul Jones quote on the qualities of an officer.
I can find out.
I know how it starts.
I'm just trying to work through how it ends.
- Yes, Sir.
- Wait.
The XO does he seem like himself these days? Yes, Sir.
He yes.
I bring you blindfolded to the edge of a cliff, Lieutenant, and I tell you to jump, that it'll be okay and you won't be hurt.
I'd jump then, Sir.
You can feel the wind on your face.
You can hear the roar of the ocean below.
Your senses tell you that you're on the edge of a cliff.
I trust you, Sir, with my life.
Why? I haven't always trusted you.
Your cross to bear, Sir.
"He should not be blind.
" Qualities of an officer.
Just found it.
"He should not be blind to a single fault in any subordinate, though at the same time, he should be quick and unfailing to distinguish error from malice, thoughtlessness from incompetency, and well-meant shortcoming from heedless or stupid blunder.
" I'm afraid you're gonna have to miss the party tonight, Lieutenant.
I've got new orders for you.
Petty Officer King.
You got two factions gearing up for a cockfight on that island.
You got your bet down, Lieutenant? If anything happens, there isn't gonna be a winner.
You got that right.
You ask me, both your Captain and your XO.
Are swimming in some choppy waters.
I didn't ask you.
Excuse me.
Now I got a list in my pocket of who to take out if things go sideways ugly around here.
I know you didn't ask me, but I'm pretty sure that's murder.
I told you before, I see the right stuff in you.
Time's coming when you might have to step up and lead these people.
If it does, I'm with you.
Um you look really nice.
Uh, I need to talk to you about something really important.
If you see anything strange on your monitors, especially concerning the Chinese, I need you to come talk to me right away.
- Okay? - Sure.
I mean, before you talk to the Captain.
Now you and the Captain No one believes in anyone any longer.
I know it's a lot to ask, but for now, you need to trust me.
That's the problem here.
Everyone wants trust.
So many secrets.
So many lies.
I wish we could just say what we mean and be honest with each other.
Well, believe me, so do I.
I know you're in a lot of pain, but it won't last forever.
There's a future.
Maybe I'll be part of it.
Speaker Buell, sorry.
I just ate some of those.
It's disgusting.
Dried goji berries.
First Lady's idea.
She's into clean foods.
I don't even know what that means.
You have it? You ready for this? - No.
- Me neither.
But it is our moment to be brave, Ms.
- I'm sure our founding fathers felt the same way.
- Yes, Sir.
As George Washington said to his men before they got in that boat, "Men, get in the boat.
" That was supposed to be a joke.
Is everything okay? Of course.
I'll see you out there.
The Sun and the Moon.
The Moon and the stars.
Life and death.
Death and resurrection.
The Sun gives us life and light.
The Moon watches over us at night, protects our darker natures.
To the lights, my friends.
To love, to nights, to wickedness the little death, la petite mort.
To us, to them from me to you.
Let's have a good time! I seem to recall giving you a job.
COB, look, the Captain switched out all the locks on the weapons, all right? You got a lot of quit in you, son.
Or maybe you're just having second thoughts.
- Petty Officer Brannan.
- Sir.
Dismissed, Brannan.
You're really putting on the dog for 'em, aren't you, Captain? You do know they eat dogs in China, right? I know what you're up to do.
No, Sir.
You have no idea what I'm up to, Sir.
Let me see your arms, Joe.
Let me see the holes you been dumping your life and loyalty into.
My eyes are open and clear, Sir.
You gave me your word that you wouldn't undermine me or sabotage the sub.
And you gave me your word you'd get yourself and my crew back home.
How's that going? I helped you once to beat addiction, Joe, in Port Zayed.
And I'd help you again if you let me.
Rock steady Sir.
You want to wear the big hat, Joe? Come take it off my head.
"For those who said that I was false of heart, that my actions marked me as a traitor, I ask that in the light of this new day, we set aside recriminations.
I wish nothing more than to return to the land I love and surrender the Colorado to" Anything yet? Just regular news so far.
I'm warning you, your life's in danger.
You need to withdraw.
Your warning sounds very much like a threat.
Does your Captain know you're warning me? We have an arrangement, he and I, regarding my prosperity.
Things change.
Arrangements can fall apart in a hurry.
Ah, which is why you're supposed to have more than one arrangement, Commander.
There's no profit in impossible love, ma puce.
No future.
Only great pain.
Why do you torture yourself? She's with me now.
Captain says he has something you might be interested in.
President Oh, God.
Here we go.
Members of Congress, and fellow Americans, tonight we meet at an urgent time for these United States of America.
A time when the seeds of an undemocratic totalitarian regime are being nurtured by secrecy and lies.
Those secrets, those lies, die here, tonight.
Sonar, new contacts? Nothing to report, ma'am.
Spencer, get me an updated ship status report.
Where the hell is Costa with my below-decks inspection? Call coming in via EHF voice, ma'am.
This is Colorado.
Gracie? Dad? How did you manage-- I can't talk long and I can't say much.
Are you okay? I'm fine.
I'm fine.
I just, uh wanted to hear your voice.
It's so good to hear from you.
Well, it's a-- it's a big day.
People will be talking about this one for a long time.
What's happening? I remember another big day-- the day you were born.
It was the best day of my life.
You've always been so special to me, Grace.
A gift from God.
And, uh, and now you got the conn.
I couldn't be more proud.
Well, I love you, dad.
I'll get home.
Well, just remember that, uh, everything happens for a reason.
And God gave us duty and honor to show us where to go and faith to carry us there.
- What is happening? - I gotta go.
We'll talk again soon.
But as I discussed my plan to expose the warp in our political system What the hell is going on? After many hours of thought and meditation, I've made a decision to stand up and take responsibility.
Oh, no, no, no, no.
To admit my failure and shortcomings to America.
I and those who plotted with me Oh, no, no, no.
are a sin on the soul of this great nation.
Oh, God.
Forgive me, and may God help us all.
Oh, no.
He shot himself! Oh, my God.
He shot himself.
Sinclair! Come with us, Miss Sinclair! Come on! Get in! Dad? I think we should probably talk about all this.
Don't you? following breaking news-- Speaker Conrad Buell has died.
This is according to a report about minutes ago by the Washington DC Police Department to all of its officers.
Immediately after confessing to being a co-conspirator in a failed coup attempt, Speaker Buell took his own life on the Senate floor as the cameras rolled.
This would make this the second high-profile death tonight.
Allegations-- So what now, Captain? What do we do now? We need to get a handle on this, um, this mutiny situation.
No, Sir.
They're not gonna give up their weapons.
They want to go home.
To what? Nothing's changed.
Sir, I can't hold them off any longer.
I can't do it.
Not like this.
Well, if we take care of Prosser, all the rest are gonna fall in line.
No, Sir.
Not anymore.
You fired on a naval vessel.
You're making deals with the Chinese.
They have lost faith.
It is over.
We need to go home and we need to face the music.
No, what we need to do, XO, is to think clearly.
Sir, I'm trying to save your life here.
Save your own.
I'm willing to answer for what I've done.
Are you challenging my authority? You asked me for more time.
I gave it to you.
It's over! Oh, XO, you don't want to do this.
I have to.
Per Navy regulation 10-88-- I hereby-- No, you're overplaying your hand, Sam.
Stop now.
We can walk back from this.
I've got Prosser and his men.
I've got Lieutenant Shepard and the sub.
Let's do this quietly and no one needs to get hurt.
Oh, someone always gets hurt, Sam.
That's the nature of mutiny.
Colorado, this is the Captain.
This is the Colorado.
Lieutenant Shepard, I need you to declare your intentions.
Fire one flare if you're with the XO.
Fire two flares if you're with me.
Do you copy? Copy, Sir.
I love it.
To the Sun, Moon, and stars.
Yes, yes.
Yes, yes.
Who wants some more? Yeah, yeah, here we go.
We'll give you some more.
The Captain and the XO up in the bar drinking together? Well, I reckon you're right, son.
If it looks like a rat and it smells like a rat, then, by golly, it is a rat.
The Captain's men are gearing up.
Way ahead of you, Marcus, as usual.
Let's go.
An extensive list of co-conspirators is now coming to light, including several former joint chiefs of staff and the disgraced Admiral Arthur Shepard.
Your name is not on that list, if that's what you're worried about.
Look, I know what you did.
Or tried to do, rather.
And I understand your motivations.
Heck, I admire the effort.
You do? Sure.
If Buell and Shepard and the others had actually pulled this off, you'd have been right up there at the top and on the inside.
Protecting your family, your family's business, and your country-- you bet I'm proud.
The only mistake you made was being on the losing side.
I want you back running the company, Kylie.
I have a few loose ends I need to tie up.
Justin will drop you off wherever you need to go.
Oh, and, uh, I'm gonna need that flash drive.
I don't have it.
I gave it to the Speaker.
Well, that's disappointing.
That's gonna require some fixing.
What does that mean? Do you trust me? Always.
Okay, then.
I'll see you tomorrow, sweetheart.
I love you.
Holy crap.
Is that It's Air Force One.
Thanks for cooperating.
Kind of perfect, isn't it, you being the one to bring the Captain to me? Kind of got a poetry to it.
Go to hell, rapist.
Don't make me hit you, Grace.
At least not yet.