Last Resort (2012) s01e11 Episode Script

Damn The Torpedoes

I am Zheng Li, special envoy from the people's republic of china.
And as an ally, we are very powerful.
An alliance, sir? This administration will starve us out.
You will have your supplies in 48 hours.
This is what the white house doesn't want anyone else to see.
There are powerful people organizing a coup d'etat.
They've taken her somewhere, and I'm gonna find her.
If you're with me, you're not safe.
I don't care.
Yeah, I know.
I do.
Sam! Christine! What's your status, lieutenant? King has completed the weld repairs.
First repair test positive.
We're about to conduct the deep dive test.
It'll have to wait.
I need you back in port asap.
Sir? The chinese supply ship is headed towards us unescorted.
The u.
Has sent a destroyer to intercept.
They're not gonna let her reach our shores.
Also, there's a storm bearing down.
Winds approaching typhoon strength.
The situation on the island has grown critical.
We need that supply ship to make it through.
I need you in before it hits so I can take command of the boat.
Aye aye, sir.
Alert the crew.
This will be a combat patrol mission.
All ahead flank, lieutenant.
Ahead flank, aye.
Colorado out.
I thought I might find you here.
Sam, I'm very sorry for your wife.
If I can do anything I don't know what to say.
What is it? Who do you think you are to me? I'm trying to be your friend.
You want to be friends? What do you think we should do, friend? You want You want to You want to You want to jump in the sack? You want to screw the pain away? Is that what you want to do? Okay.
Uh, I understand.
I think there is a bit more between us than that.
Let's just be honest right now, 'cause that's all I can deal with.
We're not friends.
Even right here, right now, What's going on between us, I promise you, this is not how I feel about my friends.
And I hate myself for it.
You get it? So you want to be my friend really? Really? Then you gotta leave me alone.
I'm sorry.
And, yes, I'll leave you alone.
damn it.
You going somewhere? I sent jones to find you.
You want to talk about it? No.
Look, sam, I know what you're going through.
I've been there.
I know that Captain, please.
I know that finding the right way to grieve is never easy.
But you do not have to do this alone.
God knows you were there for me.
The administration has sent a destroyer To intercept the chinese supply ship.
I'm taking the colorado out to intervene.
Our people are starving.
Everyone's falling apart.
We need the food and supplies on that ship.
What are we doing here, captain? What are we doing? I thought we were supposed to be getting to the truth So we could all get home.
Isn't that what we're supposed to be doing? We have to survive first.
How? By aligning with the chinese? How does that get us home? You see any other options, xo? There's not a whole bunch of folks stepping up to take our side.
I didn't realize we had our hat in hand, sir.
I will not allow the people of this island and our people to starve.
I didn't do this, my wife didn't die, So you could become king of some third-rate banana republic.
You're relieved, commander.
I'm way ahead of you, captain.
Have you all lost your minds? A coup d'etat in the United States of america, That is what you're talking about, correct? Mr.
Speaker, if we don't act, There won't be a United States of america.
This is executive order 188, Issued by the president, Directing a team of navy seals To assassinate dr.
Oscar nils, The u.
Weapons inspector in pakistan.
This has been verified? That is an authentic order, sir.
No, has it been verified that the order was carried out? The inspector is dead.
At the hands of the pakistanis.
No, connie.
We did it.
We killed him.
Our seals.
You're supposed to be in jail, admiral.
As far as anyone knows, I am.
I just have a few friends in low places.
We all need to walk outta here this very second, Before somebody says something they're gonna regret.
Speaker, you know I'm not generally squeamish About the preemptive use of force.
In fact, I've personally jammed Quite a few appropriation bills past you in my time.
And since politically, I straddle a line Just slightly to the left of attila the hun, You will believe me when I say, I did not get into this in order to take down My best and only paying customer.
This is petty officer barry hopper, The navy seal who received orders To plant evidence of suitcase nukes And to assassinate the nuclear inspector Who had determined that there were no such devices in pakistan.
And this is him carrying out those orders, Which were then followed by a nuclear first strike.
General ashland, mr.
Speaker, you both know me.
I really don't care about anyone other than myself.
So if this got me pissed off, What should it do to upstanding, civic-minded men Such as yourselves? You're sending me a ship unescorted? The supplies we promised.
I warned you the u.
Response would be aggressive.
Now if china isn't willing to defend its vessel, why do I need you? Well, you were willing to take on your country You misunderstand me.
I didn't join with you at great cost To any hopes I have of ever going home So that you could send me a ship With little chance of ever reaching my shores.
What would you have my country do? Be of use to me.
Back up your words and protect your own vessel.
And start a war with the u.
? We're willing to help, captain, but there are limits.
And why should we help you more than you're willing to help yourself? If the u.
Stops this ship, maybe sinks it, It becomes the aggressor on the international stage.
If it lets it through, china becomes a great humanitarian.
And it also wins.
You played this very well.
Thank you.
Except that you've given me nothing.
Even in the face of threats from your nation, I offer you food and aid.
What other nation would even dare? Life on this island is what I offer you.
What happens out there is what you give me in return.
You want a confrontation with the u.
? For how many years has the u.
Been seen As the guardian superpower of the world, The rational center? Your administration can no longer claim that role with any credibility.
Please understand me.
I won't be a proxy in your fight.
A proxy with a nuclear arsenal.
There are worse things to be.
Be careful, mr.
There's still a very dangerous game you're playing.
I've swapped chess pieces with the u.
For many years now, captain.
I'm not talking about the u.
Officer on deck.
At ease.
This is chaplin.
Where's my transport? Captain, the colorado is still 20 minutes from port.
We'll send a jeep for you as soon as they're close.
Copy that.
It's crazy out there.
Where you coming from? There was, uh, some trouble with the launch.
I took care of it.
You got anything back there to warm me up? Right there.
There's where our mission parameters changed.
I was ordered to plant evidence That pakistan posed an imminent nuclear threat to the United States.
I carried out that order.
What do you want me to do? Tomorrow at 1200 hours, Army units out of fort mcnair Under the command of general macavoy, will shut the city down All bridges, tunnels, no one in or out.
At the same time, the eads, Under general ashland, will enforce a no-fly zone over the capitol.
And once those two objectives have been met, A marine force recon contingent under general reid Will take the white house.
And there they will place the president And the vice president under arrest.
Now, mr.
Speaker, you will have already called a joint session of congress, And there you will outline the case against the administration And announce that you, as third in the line of succession, Are assuming the presidency.
How's the xo doing? Must be horrible to lose someone you love.
I was at sea when I heard.
My first command.
A helicopter plucked me out of the adriatic.
I took a transport from cyprus.
And the first thing I saw when I got there Were my two boys.
Now I've been in combat.
But I've never seen fear in anyone's eyes Like I saw in the eyes of my sons that day.
'cause they knew.
So My wife's illness was the longest continuous period of time That we ever spent together.
And the truth is, I was more married to the navy than I ever was to her.
I was a better father to the men under my command Than I was to my own sons.
I was given a blessing, but was Too foolish to fully know what it was.
I don't have any kids so Maybe I don't know what I'm talking about, but If you heard me talk about someone The way that you just talked about yourself, You would think that I was the biggest bitch walking.
I didn't have to stay at sea.
But I wanted to make captain.
My eyes were open.
I knew exactly what I was doing.
Just like I know now.
My eyes are open.
The last launch is ready to depart.
Jeep's waiting.
That's our ride.
You said there was something you needed to discuss.
You're a beautiful woman, sophie.
Been educated in the finest parisian schools.
You're accustomed to the finer things, Yet you maroon yourself on this island in the middle of nowhere.
This is where my work is.
This is where you choose your work to be.
You're running away from life.
I don't propose to know what pain it is you are running from, But here you are.
And now you are wasting yourself, Mooning over this married naval officer.
You don't know what you're talking about.
I know you.
I care for you, very deeply, more than you know.
And I know you care for this island.
And you worry about what will become of it.
Open it.
I believe the greatest gift is the gift of truth.
Julian Stop, please.
I had someone else run the soil test.
This island is worth a fortune in rare earth elements.
You lied to me, sophie.
Julian, if you exploit those minerals, Everything you love about this island will be destroyed.
This is my home.
What makes you think I would destroy this island? Look, the situation will change.
The americans will leave, And things will return to normal.
And when they do, Why live in the nato housing When you can live in a villa on the coast? I can provide for you comfort, security, Opportunity.
Oh, julian You look as though you just ate a beetle.
Don't worry.
I'm not talking about love.
I know you don't love me.
What then? Every man has a weakness.
You are mine.
And I accept you where you are.
Thus, what I propose is a partnership Based on mutual affection.
We can take care of this island together.
You can be my conscience.
and I will reward my conscience With whatever her heart desires.
Who knows? In time, you may find That you feel for me the same way I feel for you.
Bon appetit.
No more public rumbling.
No more breaking the rules.
We do this right.
Find the men we need, and then when the moment's right, we take over.
Why don't we just take him out? Be done with it.
What? No.
No, no, no.
Hell, no.
We are not doing that.
That is not what this is about.
Well, keeping him alive only makes things more complicated.
Y'all think about bin laden.
Double tap, dumped in the indian ocean.
He's out of sight, out of mind.
Wallace, our captain is not a terrorist.
No? Well, what the hell is he? Stealing a sub, launching a nuke at d.
C Hell, he's out there right now starting a superpower showdown Over a boatload of damn rice.
Rice? No, it's not In south carolina, we call that a terrorist.
Cob, you know we wouldn't make a move without your go.
But terminating the captain's command May be an option we have to consider.
Everybody, say hello to the xo.
Oh! Oh! Ohh! Might I suggest a white flag? A temporary parlay so I can get the mud outta my butt crack? Let's go get some cover.
Sonar, report on the destroyer's position.
It's the u.
Patrick lawrence, sir.
Bearing 2-2-9, range 18,000 yards.
Very well.
Lieutenant cahill, get the destroyer's captain on the line.
Aye aye, sir.
Patrick lawrence, this is the u.
How copy? Over.
This is the u.
Patrick lawrence.
Captain evan thorn.
It's good to speak with you again, captain.
Do we know each other, captain? Annapolis.
I was at a lecture you gave some years back.
It was the "men will do anything if their cause is just" speech.
You are one hell of a public orator, captain.
That's very kind of you.
You know, I've read everything you've ever written On wartime naval code, And although the circumstances might suggest otherwise, I must confess, I'm a bit of a fan.
That's very flattering, and I hope we can find A peaceful solution to our conflict today.
As you know, I have a chinese merchant vessel En route to sainte marina carrying supplies Vital to the well-being of my crew And to the local civilians.
I want to make it very clear That any action on your part to impede its progress Will be taken as an act of aggression and will be met in kind.
Aggression? Your boomer versus my destroyer? We both know you could blow me out of the water And never even break a sweat.
Then shall I regard your presence here today As nothing more than a respectful protest? No, captain.
My orders are to stop that supply ship.
But this isn't about hardware.
It's about what I believe and what you believe.
And most importantly, it's what I know about you.
And what is it you think you know about me? Marcus chaplin will never fire on a u.
Navy ship, ever.
This is a humanitarian mission, captain thorn, and I I don't care what kind of mission it is.
As far as your government is concerned, The chinese are aiding an enemy of the United States.
This is an unarmed civilian vessel.
I have my orders.
That supply ship never gets to sainte marina, period.
Lieutenant shepard, intercept range Of the patrick lawrence to the supply ship? He'll be on her in approximately 22 minutes, sir.
Captain thorn, you have 20 minutes to turn your ship around Or prepare to receive fire, period.
Colorado out.
You keep doing that, you're gonna pass out.
What are you doing here? I tried to get off when your captain got on, But he wasn't wasting any time in his big rush off to war, so here I am.
He's seriously thinking about firing On an american destroyer.
Well You had to figure the shooting was gonna start sometime.
If you're not prepared for that, what are you doing here? I know people on the patrick lawrence.
Friends, sailors, just like you and me.
If we fire The payload on these mark 48s There'll be nothing left of the patrick lawrence but dna.
One punch.
That's the design.
The navy's not big on nonlethal options.
What? Your guys back there, they're talking full-blown mutiny.
Sounds like to me they're headed towards a good old-fashioned hanging.
Is that where you are, ready to murder your old friend? hold on.
I'm just a bachelorette shopping for my mr.
Right way out of this suck hole.
You gotta remember, I was there when he released you from the brig.
I was there when you stood there, You looked him right in the eye, And you promised you wouldn't work against him.
Yeah, and he promised me he was gonna get himself And the rest of us back home.
Instead we got a chinese ambassador in our backyard, And he's ordering takeout for 8,000.
What the hell happened to you? Stepped on a jellyfish.
Or a blowtorch.
Or a blowtorch? How you managing the pain? Oh, don't worry about me.
I got my stuff under control, unlike some of us.
What does that mean? That's the problem with you, xo.
You joined up because you had nowhere else to go, or maybe you were lost, And you thought the military could sort your way out.
But you're not a patriot, not at heart.
My country, right or wrong, is that you, cob? Yes, sir.
But you never thought you'd be tested.
You thought you'd just get your promotions, Raise some rug rats, retire fat.
Never have to say what your country really means to you.
But you do now, xo.
You gotta decide.
We have a plan, A way to avoid bloodshed, or at least too much bloodshed.
I'm listening.
I've got munitions training.
I could rig one of your torpedoes, Remove 80% of the payload.
So if we're forced to fire, We can send the destroyer home in a sling, not a coffin.
The clock's running down.
Get her done.
The patrick lawrence is reaching firing range, six minutes.
I won't wait for you.
Munitions training? Yeah.
A little.
Captain on the conn.
Battle stations.
Torpedo room, conn.
Report status of torpedo modifications.
In the works, sir.
You have four minutes, 38 seconds.
Roger, sir.
Patrick lawrence maneuvering into range.
Captain thorn, I repeat, I'm prepared to do what I have to do.
I'm talking to the man who bounced a sailor For failing to hold salute for the arizona.
That's going way back, captain.
The same man who, a short time ago, Refused to fire his nuclear missiles Because he didn't have the proper line of communication.
You're not by-the-book, captain.
You wrote the damn thing.
So firing on your own? No, that's a line of self-betrayal You're not ever gonna cross.
You have to be absolutely sure of that, captain.
I've done my homework.
That's why they sent me.
"they"? Who are you taking orders from? Do you even know? Last I looked, uncle sam was still writing the checks.
What if our government isn't our government anymore, And my cause is, in fact, justified? Don't pull that political head trip with me.
I know who the enemy is.
The problem is, for the first time in your life, you don't.
No, the problem is, You think the man you're talking to Is the same one whose lecture you attended.
He's not.
Turn your ship around, captain.
Request denied.
We've got this drill during bud/s training.
We lay in the ice-cold surf for what seems like forever, nonstop.
The sun goes down, moon comes up, Sun comes up again, we're still in the water, arms locked.
Feels like you're gonna die.
Sounds fun.
No, here's the fun part.
They sit coffee and doughnuts on a table Just in sight of the surf next to a bell.
That way, when you're ready to quit, You just stand up, walk over to the table, ring the bell You seals never get tired of telling this story, do you? Uh, is that Yeah.
Don't drop this.
The point is, I could tell who was gonna ring that bell Before we ever got in the water.
I could see it in their eyes.
You're talking about the captain.
He's not a bell ringer, grace.
He'll see this through to the bitter end.
The question is - Lieutenant shepard, - I need that torpedo now.
We're close, sir.
Exact time? Report now.
Two minutes, sir.
You have 60 seconds.
Periscope depth.
All head one-third.
Lieutenant cahill, how much time? Patrick lawrence will be in firing range in 30 seconds, sir.
I will carry out my orders, captain.
20 seconds, sir.
Captain thorn, this is my final warning.
You want the world to think you're a madman, but I know you're not.
Testing that theory would be a fatal mistake.
I am testing it.
Prepare phalanx gun.
Patrick lawrence has a firing solution locked on chinese vessel.
Fire! Patrick lawrence ordering chinese to heave to Or the next barrage will be broadside.
He's gonna sink her, sir.
She's steady on course.
She's not turning around.
Lieutenant shepard, make tubes one and two fully ready in all respects.
Mark 48 adcap war shots.
Sir, we're close.
One more minute.
Patrick lawrence coming around again, sir.
In one minute, that supply ship And everyone aboard her will be dead.
Sir, we'll be loading tube three With the modified torpedo momentarily.
Make tubes one and two fully ready in all respects.
Firing point procedures on the patrick lawrence, Tube one primary, tube two backup.
solution ready, sir.
Lower all masts and antennas.
Make your depth 200 feet.
5-degree down angle.
We have a firing solution.
Fire one.
Belay that.
Do not fire.
Oh, son of a bitch! Modified torpedo ready in tube three, sir.
The modified torpedo is ready to fire, sir.
Tube three, sir.
Fire three.
Fire three.
Torpedo in the water! Rig ship for impact.
we have detonation, sir.
Have one screw out of commission.
Sounds like That's it.
Her hull's holding together.
Captain thorn, if you retreat now You can get your men back home safely.
You have ten seconds.
I promise you, the next one will put you at the bottom.
Sir Contact turning on new heading.
She's bugging out, sir.
Lieutenant shepard, a word.
You disobeyed my order.
No, sir, I You delayed carrying it out.
Yes, sir, I did.
When I'm on the conn, my word is law! I understand.
Do you? Because I need to know that next time And mark my words, there will be a next time My orders are to be carried out, My exact orders, without hesitation.
I hear you, sir.
But you are sailing in some uncharted waters.
And believe it or not, I did this for you.
What if he's right? Obviously the administration's off the rails.
They're selling out every value you swore to protect.
You want me to have a come to jesus That's fine.
You, too.
What if he's right? What if you're fighting the wrong fight? Being holed up over here while the fighting's going on over there, That doesn't work for me.
So what are you gonna do, kill marcus to get home? Is that it? That's not gonna happen.
Not on my watch.
But you gotta be honest with yourself.
Marcus is different.
I've known him for 20 years, And marcus 2.
0 is a guy I don't even recognize.
Yeah, you're damn right he is.
He's adapting.
He's adapting to his environment.
He's dealing with the situation.
He's not adapting.
He's shaping it.
Flogging his men.
He's in bed with the chinese.
Men like marcus live by a set of rules.
And when those rules break down, The man breaks down.
Those boys back at the roadhouse, They just want to be back home.
They want to walk their dogs, screw their girlfriends, go to tailgate parties.
You're his friend.
Hell, he loves you like a son.
Forget everything else that I've said And tell me from your gut that I'm wrong And his way is the right path for those men.
My nation is calling me, and he's not letting me answer the call.
And maybe you can't decide.
Maybe that's not who you are.
But I'm asking you to stay out of the way.
Because this is happening, one way or the other.
The secret service involvement will be clear.
Our agents will quietly contain the press pool.
All nonessential personnel will be vacated from the west wing.
I'll get you in, and you do what you have to do, But the president will be treated with respect.
The dignity of the office will be preserved.
Any of your boys get any ideas, go off book, they'll be pushed back.
And I can't guarantee what happens after that.
We'll place the president Look, I gave you what you asked for.
I want the rest of my money.
It's time for me to hit the road.
So that's it then? You're just gonna take the money and run? Yeah, pretty much.
I know a kill zone when I see it.
- No, no.
Forget it! - No, forget it.
You're out of your mind.
Are any of you even listening To what's being said here out loud? This is treason.
It's a little late, tom, to be getting cold feet.
Now, general, you're in this whether you like it or not.
Go to hell! You should've gotten this together before you called.
Don't be an ass, tom.
Stand aside! Here.
How did you get involved in all of this? I found out what the senator was up to.
Confronted him about it, and he, uh Slid a gun from his desk, handed it to me, And told me to make a choice.
The scariest moment of my life.
I'm a daughter of the american revolution.
I was the, um Junior miss liberty in the fourth of July parade.
This is really happening, isn't it? This is happening in large part because of you.
Because of what you did, We have a chance to make things right again.
Sir, it's me Cortez.
Come in.
The bible, sir? Mmm.
It relaxes me.
May I read you something? Please.
"blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness, "for they shall be filled with the spirit of god.
"and blessed are those that are persecuted for righteousness' sake, "for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
" That's beautiful, sir.
To me, it's about choice.
Choosing to do the right thing Even though you are alone in that choice, And not letting fear of the unknown cloud your thinking.
Fear that, when the path becomes too hard to see, We run back to what we know, Even if what we know is broken beyond all repair.
Did they send you here to kill me? Yes, sir.
Then here we are.
Time to choose.
When the cia first approached me, I was finishing up college, Looking at a mountain of student loans.
I was already going into the navy 'cause they'd picked up some of the tab.
Langley was offering me a second paycheck For something they said would never happen.
A nuclear sea captain going rogue.
I never wanted to be a spy.
I just wanted to do my job well.
From the day this started, I didn't know what I was supposed to do, Who I was supposed to stand by.
Who I believed in.
I've made that decision.
I have enemies, cortez.
I know.
But I am not one of them.
Now that we looked up each other's skirts, What do we do, Beat each other to death? I'm ready.
Marcus isn't dying.
I need to know everything.
What the plan is, What the crew is thinking, Everything.
Welcome to the deep end of the pool.
Mayor, how can I help you? I have a gift American bourbon.
Small batch.
Thank you.
Are you not at least curious as to how I acquire such things? That doesn't require very much imagination.
Yeah, perhaps not.
Either way, I am the man who gets things done on this island.
I am confident that marcus chaplin Is the man in charge of sainte marina.
Well, you might think so.
You might think that you are here for political reasons, But you are mistaken.
You're here for me and what I have to offer you.
You see, there's more to this island than you can imagine.
Trust me.
I can give you a billion reasons why.
Just give me one.
Rare earth elements.
The oil of the future.
Take this sample.
Test it.
I'm sure you will be very pleased.
Ha! Sam.
Are you all right? Yeah, I'm okay.
I'm okay.
Look, I, um Can I say something? Yeah, of course.
You americans make fun of the french.
We're always on strike, we missed rock 'n' roll, Jerry lewis.
But, you know, we're not, um I'm not scared about difficult feelings.
I don't need the people I care about To be happy all the time or clear Or know what they want or don't want.
It can be a mess.
We like messy.
Well, if you like messy, I'm your guy.
You're making fun of it, but I'm not.
I am your friend.
You can't stand seeing me.
It doesn't match.
It's okay.
Sophie, are you coming? Do you know this french saying from edith piaf, "je ne regrette rien"? No.
Good to see you, xo.
Good to see you, too, sir.
You okay? Look, I don't blame you for what happened to christine.
I want you to know that.
You want to talk about it? No.
I'll let you know when I do.
I missed you out there today.
Thing got pretty hairy, didn't they? Well, the decisions are not gonna get any easier.
I need my right hand back.
You want me back, then I'm back.