Last Resort (2012) s01e10 Episode Script

Blue Water

Hawkes, we need cover! No! Why do you feel as though you can control what other people do? Aah! Now I will take the pain away.
Ladies and gentlemen, you are now prisoners of the Pakistani Navy.
Paul! You saved me.
- Christine! - Sam! Where you taking her?! No! You are no good to her dead.
Come on! I'm gonna need the Colorado to get me through the blockade.
They've taken her somewhere, and I'm gonna find her.
Three days, four at most.
If it takes a week, then-- It won't take a week.
It can't.
Now you owe me nothing, Sam, and you never have.
You understand what I'm saying? Bring her home safe.
Come on, Bullfrog.
Don't be that guy.
King? Damn, son.
I figured you for shark chum by now.
Easy, man.
Oh, that's right.
I forgot what a delicate flower you are.
You know, your friend Come on inside.
So this is what you left the party for? It's, uh, great.
Well, it beats that Mark V we spent eight days on in the Gulf.
This is why I left the party.
Wes, my friend here-- Hold on a second, okay? Sweetie, can you take Charlie for a walk? That okay with you, kid? You want to go to the park with your mom, get some ice cream? It's okay.
I mean, what the hell are you thinking, bringing him here? - Listen - Huh? I know it's a big ask.
I wouldn't be here if it wasn't important.
We need some information, and then we are gone.
You have got to be kidding me.
- You do know you're public enemy number two, right? - Yes, I do.
And you come to my house in broad daylight.
Now you want me to open up old sources? They've got my wife.
She was renditioned two days ago off the the island of Sainte Marina.
Manila's the closest way station.
Yeah, that's right.
We don't have a lot of time.
Hold on a second.
Two days ago? Look, I'm sorry, man.
She's already gone.
Oh, no.
Don't-- don't-- don't-- don't tell me she's gone.
She's not gone.
Rendition like this usually takes at least three days to arrange transfer.
That means I got about 12 hours before they throw her in some hole somewhere.
You understand me? - Yeah.
Well, good luck with that.
- Hey.
I suggest you tell your friend to take his damn hands off me.
I'm sorry if this is inconvenient for you, but they got my wife.
So if you can help us, I don't have the luxury of letting you say no.
- I have a wife, too.
- Okay.
Okay? And a kid on top of that.
Anybody find out I made contact with you, I am back on the grid.
I'm just trying to protect my family, same as you.
You really stole a US boomer? It sort of just happened, yeah.
Just look You're gonna need 10K for bribes.
And then there's cash for access, equipment, extraction.
I mean, I'm guessing you guys don't have 50 bucks between you.
Yeah, you'd be surprised what I can get my hands on.
Move the crates.
Let's go.
What do you want from me? Me? I don't want anything.
I'm just a baggage handler.
You work for the government.
They pay me, but I wouldn't say I work for 'em.
Get cleaned up before the transfer.
Transfer to where? Above my pay grade.
Once you're out of this building, you're somebody else's problem.
Do you even know who I am? I watch the news.
Six hours.
You leave in six hours.
Captain Marcus Chaplin is here now.
Captain Marcus Chaplin, I am Zheng Li, special envoy from the People's Republic of China.
It is China's understanding that the current embargo has eradicated your food and medical supplies.
The government of China considers this a humanitarian crisis, and I wish to come to your shores.
Trojan horse? We have to assume so.
Permission to come ashore granted, Mr.
US vessels not engaging.
So maybe the blockade isn't a blockade if a country like China says it isn't.
Grace, organize a contingent to greet Mr.
They may come in peace, but let's be prepared.
Yes, sir.
He'll bow slightly, and then you'll shake hands.
End of meeting.
Sorry, sir.
I learned it from my dad when he was an envoy in China.
I wasn't sure you knew the protocol.
Welcome to Sainte Marina.
Thank you, Captain.
I'm very pleased to be here.
You have a beautiful island.
Hawkes? One moment.
My sister's dead.
I'm sorry.
I'm a deserter.
I left the Lieutenant in the middle of a firefight.
You're gonna arrest me and strip me of my rank, right? So why are you even bothering to talk about her? Because I'm truly sorry she's dead.
Don't act like you care about her, man.
Don't do that.
I'm going.
Petty Officer Hawkes, stop.
Son, I'm sorry.
But you are charged with desertion and conduct unbecoming.
Petty Officer Brannan.
- Sir.
- Arrest this man.
What's your name? Charlie.
That was my dad's dad's name.
I never met him.
Say, Charlie.
Play now with your friends.
Good job, kid.
How long have you been married? Uh, two years.
We've been married two years.
But I've been away most of the time we've been together.
- Mm-hmm.
- Ah, that's the life of a sailor.
That's one of the reasons I got out.
I mean, God knows, it hasn't been easy, but-- but every time I look at her I know it was worth it.
How'd you guys meet? I was at a Navy bar with some guys out of Miramar.
This group of USD students come in.
Big guys.
The minute they walk in the door, you just-- you know it's gonna go wrong.
And they got this, uh, they got this girl with 'em.
And I just-- I can't stop staring at her.
Of course, it does go wrong.
You know people yelling, throwing punches.
In the middle of it, I walk right up to her, and I say, "hi, I'm Sam.
Sam Kendal.
" And she stops me.
And she says, "yes.
" "Yes, Sam Kendal, I'd love to.
" Oh.
That's pretty good, that.
You know, she didn't ask for any of this.
I mean, marrying me, she's been-- been dragged halfway around the world, kidnapped, scared out of her mind.
Look, Sam, I I said I'd get into this.
I mean, I'll set up a meet.
But you gotta do something for me.
You gotta promise me that if this thing goes sideways, you get caught, you were never here.
I promise.
Christine Kendal.
Somewhere between Sainte Marina and Sydney, she disappeared.
No, not "got lost.
" Disappeared, as in "Black Bag Disappeared.
" Oh.
Oh, now you're just gonna lie to my face? She was on the boat, you son of a bitch.
Caroline, hi.
I just got off the phone with Bill Simms, who you're gonna fire by the end of the day.
So I'm trying to track down a passenger-- I'm not here to hurt you.
Aah! I told you, I wasn't gonna hurt you.
Please, please, please, please! I have a lot of money.
- No.
No, st-stop.
- I can get you a lot of money.
My name is Navy SEAL Barry Hopper.
I was picked up off the coast of Pakistan by the USS Colorado.
I think you know what happened next.
What do you want? This is the helmet cam video of our mission in Pakistan right before we nuked it.
This is what the White House doesn't want anyone else to see.
It's yours for some of that money you mentioned.
This will be the start of the formal negotiations.
I took the liberty of removing this from your stateroom, sir.
It's the last one.
Thank you, Lieutenant.
Not easy being the XO, is it? No.
It takes time to earn that kind of trust.
Yes, it does.
What are you hoping to get out of this meeting? Good to see you, COB.
I didn't realize I'd given you six days off.
I had crew out looking for you.
My apologies, sir.
It couldn't be avoided.
Had a little trouble with some of the locals.
It took me a couple of days to sort it out.
I look forward to hearing about it.
Lieutenant, bring the COB up to speed.
No need, sir.
I, uh, I know you got a representative of the People's Republic up there.
And, uh, if he flies a flag on that shack, it becomes Chinese soil.
Where you been all this time, COB? Uh, forced walkabout.
Clears your mind.
You should try it.
Ah, Captain Chaplin.
Thank you for the accommodations.
They are more than generous.
Uh, we're stretched a little thin for creature comforts, but I hope it'll suffice.
Thank you.
Your mayor stopped by earlier as well.
The title is self-awarded.
He's a local thug with delusions of grandeur.
I recognize the species.
Allow me to present this gift to you.
This was my grandfather's go board.
Do you play? I'm more of a chess man.
In chess, the victor is the one who annihilates his opponent's armies.
In Weiqi, or go, victory goes to the one who can control the most territory with the fewest armies.
A better game for our times.
I'm aware of what I stand to gain by your presence here-- Protection.
Any country that attacks us attacks China.
It legitimizes us.
You'll no longer be at the mercy of the United States.
At the mercy of the current administration.
Don't ever confuse my nation with its current ruler.
Well, one can only be a reflection of the other.
In return, China garners international prestige.
China legitimizes the rogue captain and by doing so, attacks US credibility.
I become a puppet with a nuclear submarine.
China couldn't make you a puppet even if we wanted to.
You're a powerful symbol the world over.
A symbol of what? My wife and I at Hoover dam.
She loves the Grand Canyon, but for me, this-- This is stunning.
Great and audacious, humbling in its ambition and heart.
You are that symbol.
After the events of Pakistan and your actions against Indian imperialism, to the many who question where the heart of America lies, it's felt.
Perhaps it lies in you.
There's a problem at the prison.
It's Hawkes.
Another minute, we'd have been digging a hole for you.
Is that what you really want? Son, I know what happened was a terrible thing.
But I don't want to lose any more lives than I already have.
What can I do for you? You can surrender.
That's it.
I sincerely hope you feel better.
Why wasn't he on suicide watch? We've never considered suicide watch.
We barely have enough people to guard them as it is.
We're not equipped for this.
Uh, no, sir.
We now have 25 prisoners that we have to maintain, and frankly, the active crew is starting to resent the prison population.
These guys don't have to work for their rations.
So the way they see it, they're getting a free ride.
- You getting all this, COB? - Yes, sir.
I leave for a week, and we become the USS Leavenworth.
A third of the crew thought they'd be going home last week, and when that fell through, they started acting out.
So, Lieutenant, you and the COB find a way to deal with our disciplinary problem.
Understood? - Yes, sir.
- Brannan, with me.
Need a word, COB.
Hey, COB.
I said I need a word.
Listen, while you've been on vacation, I've been doing three jobs.
- I need you AJ squared away.
- Oh.
What's wrong? I can't let him see me like this.
Ohh! That's a lot of money right there.
That why you came to Manila? I came to help you, you ungrateful bastard.
I got 'em all over-- Manila, Jakarta, Kabul.
You know, you take down a kingpin who's been running drugs for 30 years Before you remand the cash Hmm.
Take a little for yourself.
It's not stealing.
It's insurance in the unlikely event you become an inconvenience to your country.
So you thinking about cutting out after we find Christine? Yeah.
Yeah, I am.
I'm not like you and Wes-- You know, family men.
For me, family was, uh, mom taking the empties out the back door and dad turning up the TV to drown out the sound.
I signed up for the Navy when I was 17 on a fake ID.
A year later, I'm in the 46-hour hell week, mud caked over every inch of my body.
I'd just finished a 10-mile run, and now I gotta carry a log the size of a telephone pole over soft sand.
And I remember thinking to myself, man this is the best fun I've ever had in my life.
No, I get it.
I do.
I get it.
There's this place in Bali room service 24/7, jacuzzis on the balcony, 2 infinity pools-- one 30 feet above the other.
You tell me, you get Christine back, you're not thinking about ditching, too.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Here you go.
This is the guy? Oh, trust me, if it's in Manila and on the shady side of the street, he'll know who's walking there.
Thank you, brother.
I owe you one.
Hey, listen, you stuck your neck out for me.
Thank you.
Hey, my advice? Get her out and don't look back.
You shouldn't have split nines.
Well, what's a few grand between friends? I'm still feeling lucky.
Actually I'm looking for some foreign action.
I don't think I can help you with that.
American game.
The exclusive kind.
No game like that here.
I'm playing a hunch.
You know what we came here for.
So I'm gonna put money on the table.
I'm gonna put more money on the table.
And I'm gonna keep putting money on the table till somebody notices and starts to wonder what exactly it is I'm paying you for.
You understand me? There is an old abandoned warehouse in Sampaloc, a few miles from here.
I think you will find a good game there.
How many players? Four.
All Filipino.
Save one, an American named Franzen.
Be careful with him.
He cheats.
Nice doing business with you.
That guy-- he recognize you? I don't know.
Why? You know him? Long time ago.
We got a location.
What do you want to do? Sam? Sam.
Put it on.
Put it on.
Put it on.
Put it on.
Let's go.
Are you okay? This is so strange.
It is strange.
I saw you.
I saw you on the ship with Paul.
Sam, nothing happened.
That was all just an act.
It was the only way that I could get to you.
Things got a bit more complicated, but Sam, I love you.
Only you.
Everything that I did was to get to you.
You have to believe that.
Okay, okay, okay, okay.
I believe you.
I believe you.
I believe you.
You don't have to say anything more.
I believe you.
I literally dreamed of what this moment would be but in my dreams, you're walking through the front door of our home.
I know.
And we weren't on the other side of the world, and it wasn't this hard.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
Come here.
It's okay.
It's okay.
I love you.
I love you, too.
You're awake.
As astute as ever, Lieutenant.
You took advantage of me.
I understand.
Well, you can rely on my discretion.
It never happened.
Don't worry.
No one knows you're here but me.
Are you gonna tell the captain about this? You gonna tell me what's going on? A few of the local bad guys-- they jumped me.
Their idea of fun was to hog-tie me and throw me in a ditch on the other side of the island.
It took two days without food and water to wiggle out.
I'm not proud.
But if you feel the need to burden the captain, that's-- that's your prerogative.
Report tomorrow, 0500.
Oh, God.
Perhaps your America is not America anymore.
But a reckoning may come, and you will find the measures and the compromises you make may no longer be temporary.
I believe in my heart, that one day I will drive that sub into Kings Bay.
I'll walk into the Pentagon and declare, "I am captain Marcus Chaplin of the USS Colorado, and I'm here to clear my name.
" I believe this is temporary.
And if it isn't You would go mad.
It's a tricky game.
You caught me.
Here is my offer.
I'll give you food, supplies, anything you need.
And in return? Your jail is filled.
Your men are starved, cut off, attacked.
You will agree because we offer the only solution to your problem.
And as an ally, we are very powerful.
Nothing in return.
Everything is in the acceptance.
I cannot accept.
I wonder, Marcus, what will become of you.
I met this kid today.
What was Charlie like? He was really smart, really polite, but tough, you know? I mean, if you gave him a hard time, he would be more than happy to give it right back to you, you know? Sam Kendal, age 9.
Yeah, I guess so.
I hadn't thought about that, but, yeah.
- Mm.
- If we had a kid, it would probably be a lot like that, wouldn't he? Hey.
Look at me.
What if we disappeared right now? Just dropped off the face off the earth, just the two of us.
Maybe the three of us.
How is that possible? I don't know.
But we would figure it out together.
You could do anything.
You could paint all day if you wanted.
I could build ships for millionaires.
We would figure it out.
Look, I have been trying to do the right thing for so long now.
Tried to be the best sailor.
Tried to be the best XO.
But I'm just I'm tired.
I'm tired.
Let's do it.
I propose a truce.
I could supply everything you need.
I know plenty of pirates willing to risk the blockade.
They already have.
If you and I were on the same side, Captain, just think of what we could accomplish.
I grew up with men like you.
Call themselves "the mayor," act like a friend to the people, say they'll protect you.
So I disgust you? You know, I grew up with men like that, too.
So why are we different? Because you became a sea captain? You think you are noble.
You are just a uniform.
Take that away, and you will see what you truly are.
You want to see what I truly am? My offer is still good, Captain.
Good night.
You needed me, sir? Mr.
Serrat says that he will bring in all manner of pirates and our cup runneth over.
Zheng of China wants to give us aid and is willing to risk a confrontation to do so.
This is where the, uh, XO usually jumps in to provide another perspective, provoke debate.
Um, sorry, sir.
Sorry I'm not him.
I've had too much to drink, Lieutenant.
You can stop with the bug eyes.
So you've been dying to say your piece.
Say it.
There are always strings attached to any offer.
An alliance, sir? What kind of message does that send? How does that help to get us home? And-- and how does it help to clear our names when we do? We're not a sovereign nation, therefore it wouldn't be an alliance.
Stop lying to yourself.
This administration will starve us out.
They'll bleed us dry.
They will watch men and women die of infection before they move in.
Is this worth starting World War III over? World War III has already started.
The bombs that hit Pakistan did more then destroy a nation.
Restraint is failing.
And the question is, Lieutenant, do we skitter around the edges, gathering crumbs, or do we plant our flag? I'd like to hear your position.
I said what I believe.
It would be a mistake.
Thank you, Lieutenant.
Everything set? Wes will give us a ride out of town tomorrow.
I'm headed to Central America.
I'm thinking Costa Rica.
You make up your mind? I don't know.
I heard Bali's nice.
What is it? Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
What? What's wrong? That guy from the casino? I met him in BUD/S.
He's a strange guy, even by SEAL standards.
He gets bounced from the Navy, he goes into business for himself-- mercenary work.
That's what he's doing here in Manila.
Kendal US have put a bounty on your head.
- How much? - $5 million.
And that's the big-time, brother.
I never got more than a couple hundred grand myself.
Sam I know this guy.
He's vicious.
He fights dirty and he does not stop.
And it would be one thing if it were just him, but there are gonna be a hundred more guys like him trying to track you down wherever you go.
- Put 'em in the brig.
- Yes, ma'am.
Hey! Stop.
Stop! See that these men get medical attention immediately.
- Where's the COB? - I-- Where is the COB?! Last I saw him, he was at the prison.
Sir, it seems like some of the-- Enough.
Lieutenant Shepard, go to the prison.
Have all the prisoners draw straws.
Two shorts.
Bring all the prisoners and have the entire crew fall in at 1600.
Understood? Yes, sir.
Oh! Okay.
You're gonna have to stop doing that.
That hasn't been anywhere unsanitary, has it? $6 million, transferred to an account in the Caymans.
Half tomorrow, the other half in three days.
Is money really the only thing you care about? What about your SEAL team? What about the crew of the USS Colorado? Half's for me.
The other half's for James King so we can both be ghosts.
And you're an odd one to cast stones.
Half tomorrow and you can see the rest.
And if you think it's worth the other half, it's all yours.
You'll get it.
- Just leave me-- - Time to go.
Kylie? Kylie, look, I know you have no reason to trust me right now, but you have to listen to me, please.
Who's this guy? Someone I would like you to kill.
Seriously? No.
Look, you just passed two traffic CCTV cameras, and there's an ATM across the road.
In about five minutes, there's gonna-- Would you just shoot him? Would you stop saying that to someone who's actually carrying a gun? Petty Officer Hopper, I am trying to save your life, both of you.
There are people, powerful people, who are gathering right now, organizing a coup d'etat.
No, those happen in third-world countries, not here.
It's gonna happen here, and you two could be the tipping point.
Please let me show you.
Or this could end for all of us right now.
You must be Wes.
- Yeah.
- Thank you for everything.
Oh, I didn't do anything anybody else wouldn't do.
I don't think so.
We should get going.
Come here.
- Look - No.
It was just a crazy dream.
I managed to get ahold of your friend Kylie.
There's a private plane waiting for you at the airport in Silay.
Wes is gonna take you to the airport.
Wait a minute.
I thought you were both going.
Change of plans.
You're gonna drive her to the airport.
And Sam's going back to the island.
If you're with me, you're not safe.
- I don't care.
- Yeah, I know.
I do.
The plane's gonna take you to Geneva.
Here's the address of an apartment we've arranged for you-- Look, I'm not going to Geneva, Sam.
You can't go back to the States, can you? Can you? 12 hours and 27 minutes-- that is how long it took between the Navy knocking on our front door and the phone ringing and your voice being on the other line.
Okay? 12 hours of me not knowing if you were dead or alive, and all that I could do was wait-- sit and wait.
I can't sit like that, Sam.
Okay, I know.
I don't want that for you.
I don't.
I want you to have a life.
A real life with a husband and kids-- a life.
- Sam, I have one.
- No, you don't.
I have one.
And I can wait for the rest, okay? We'll have that when we can be together without having to look over shoulders-- really, really together.
Come here.
I love you.
Okay? I love you.
You be safe.
Okay, look, I don't know where anybody's going, but it has gotta be now.
- Come on, Christine.
- Go, go, go, go, go! Go, go, go, go! Sam! Aah! Hey, cover me! Cover me! Come on.
Let's go! Let's go! Sam.
You hear that? Those cops are not our friends.
We stay here, we die.
Sam, she's gone.
We gotta go.
Do you understand? Come on! From theft to assault to desertion, all of you have committed crimes which have put your fellow crew members in danger.
We no longer have the resources to feed you, to house you, to guard you.
In short, this ain't working.
Prison is a luxury we can no longer afford.
And let me assure you, gentlemen, just as there are no atheists in foxholes, there are no prisons on the battlefield.
And as beautiful as it may seem, that's where we find ourselves today, on the battlefield, fighting for our lives, our honor, and I believe our nation.
Lieutenant, the prisoners drew straws? Yes, sir.
Whoever drew the short straws will be lashed.
The rest of you, to a man, will return to your duty.
There are no criminals on Sainte Marina, only crimes and their punishment.
As of today, there is no brig of the USS Colorado.
Am I understood? Sir, yes, sir.
I regret that it's come to this.
Who drew the short straws? Who drew the second short straw? Sir.
I was never punished for putting the sub and the crew in danger.
I would like to volunteer.
Master-at-arms, dispense the punishment.
I'll do it, sir.
I'm the only one that should do this, and you know it.
Do it right, Joe.
Yes, sir.
Step up, sailor.
Our two nations are beacons of the first world, yet millions languish in our prisons.
Your choice today was perhaps the more humane one.
If I take your assistance you'll be poking the United States in the eye, and their response will be aggressive.
If you do not take our assistance, who knows what greater lengths you will have to go to? Today it was lashings.
What measures might tomorrow bring? Does China really care about any of that? No.
China does not.
You will not be allowed aboard the Colorado, ever.
You will have your supplies in 48 hours.
And I'd like to remain here, with your permission.
You have it.
You gotta be kidding me.
You're gonna have to eat, Christine.
You may be here a while.
Look, I'm not a bad guy.
Okay? I didn't plan this.
I'm just doing what I have to to take care of my family.
You understand? Come on.
Come on.