Last Resort (2012) s01e09 Episode Script

Cinderella Liberty

In five days, a ship will be allowed through the blockade To transport your spouses and family members.
(all cheering) They're saying everybody's leaving from dc tomorrow.
He wants you.
So what are you willing to do about it? Christine: I kissed you.
I need to see my husband So I can tell him that it's over.
Someone took my firing key.
We now have no nuclear launch capabilities.
So I'm a suspect? We are defenseless without our firing key.
You guys bug out of pakistan with a wounded man And a few hours later, the us is nuking the joint? How do you connect the dots? James: Why did we kill that guy? Hopper: Orders changed.
Who changed the orders? They change all the time.
(static crackling) We have liberated the package And are secure at safe one.
Waiting on command, then headed your way To rendezvous zulu after dark.
(radio chatter) You're gonna make me a star, hop.
Recording you in action would only encourage our enemies.
Says the guy sitting on his ass.
How much longer? I'm almost done uploading the report.
File's huge.
Our nuclear nerd must have been pretty thorough.
Roger that.
I'll tell 'em all to hold tight.
So can we go now? Soon.
Nervous? In pakistan, helping americans Can be a little hazardous to one's health.
So, how soon? (chuckles) kamal.
(speaks urdu) We'll check the perimeter.
He's right, you know? It is dangerous, what they're doing.
Well, I'll be sure to give 'em a medal when we're done.
(chuckles) yeah, ribbons and medals Are merely the trappings of valor.
This This is the actual moment that it happens.
You have your swords, But I have my report, the pen.
And today the pen is mightier.
It declares to the world No stray nukes in pakistan, No need for your government to intervene.
No war.
You're going to have a drink with me, soldier, a celebration.
Today the warrior made the peace.
Hey, hop, drinks are on the doc.
(banging noise) (banging noise continues) (people speaking indistinctly) Hey.
When does the family boat arrive? Any time now.
It feels like christmas.
You can feel the anticipation and excitement From the families on this deck To see their loved ones growing stronger by the minute.
The last of our military escorts peeled off As we crossed marcus chaplin's famed 200-mile perimeter Around the island of sainte marina, Where chaplin and the crew of the uss colorado Staring out there won't make it show any sooner.
(huffs) I know.
It's hard to believe that he's right there.
Reporter: Still a threat to the world at large.
Today, the arrival of Man: General pranav bhatnagar of the indian army Moved his battalion without warning last night into kashmir, A territory which has been the main source of strife Between india and pakistan for over 60 years.
With pakistan's ability to The families have been transferred from the nimitz to the envoy.
They'll be here soon.
A lot of the crew have been asking If these will be conjugal visits, sir.
Yeah, I'm sure they are.
(chuckles) They'll, uh, have a half an hour on the open water With a boat that's mostly a flat-top, So let imagination reign.
(laughs) Ms.
Girard, what's her status? Inbound, 30 miles out, sailing smoothly at 15 knots.
Should be here in (alarm blaring) Kendal: Something wrong? I'm not sure.
It's an audio signature, but it's coming through the sonar arrays.
Kylie: Hello? Hello, this message is for sam kendal.
Hello? (clears throat) This is sam kendal.
I don't have much time.
We're illegally using a government radio frequency.
My name is kylie sinclair.
My company built the perseus system on board your sub, And I've recently become friends with your wife.
She told me to remind you of a guy You almost got into a fight with in pacific beach.
You said his face looked like a toaster.
I'm listening.
You picked up some navy seals off the coast of pakistan, correct? That is correct.
We have reason to believe that everything the government has done Has been to cover up that mission.
The helmet-cam footage that your seals still have Is the best hope any of us have for exposing the truth.
You need to get christine the memory card From that helmet-cam footage.
I'm sorry.
Even if I can get the memory cards, How am I supposed to get them to her? The government made a last-minute addition to the envoy boat.
Christine is on it.
What do you mean christine's on the boat? I know it's a lot, sam, but please trust me.
You need to find that card and you need to get it to christine.
Man: We got disconnected.
(static crackles) Your wife, she's on the boat? Yeah.
She'll be here in a few hours.
It's not good, but it's hot.
(indistinct conversations) They look at me, And all they see is that crazy lady from tv Or the wife of the man who's holding their sons and husbands hostage.
I see a courageous woman on the verge of starting a new life.
Christine kendal.
I'm rena kapur.
I'm a reporter for czn in london.
My client has nothing to say.
I believe your husband and marcus chaplin Are telling the truth, and I'm not the only one.
I just want them to be heard.
Come on, christine, let's go.
There are people out there who believe in what they stand for.
Christine! I can handle reporters on my own, paul.
(chuckles) yeah, I know.
I remember.
I was actually looking out for her.
Maybe you packed your baseball bat.
(snickers) How are you gonna tell him you're leaving him? I don't know yet.
What's wrong? Sam kept secrets from you.
I don't want that.
And what I've been doing here, I, uh I have a son named daniel.
I haven't seen him in a very long time.
I'm sorry.
I just don't think you understand What people are capable of to get somebody back they love that much.
(chuckles) Yeah, paul.
I do.
You think it's a trap? Well, sure.
Not only do they have a reason To bring my xo out to that boat, They have the means to influence his actions.
I don't have to go.
Sure you do.
But just know that whatever you say to me from that boat I'll consider to be under duress.
(alarms blares) sophie: Oh, something's wrong.
Do you see that? What? This is the signature of the envoy boat.
And here is another one just beneath the surface.
So it's not one vessel but two.
One directly beneath the other.
What's happening? (gunfire) (screaming) Ladies and gentlemen, You are now prisoners of the pakistani navy.
At least what is left of it.
I ask that you do not make any sudden movements And do exactly as I say.
There's a message coming through.
Pakistani officer: Captain marcus chaplin of the uss colorado, I have taken this boat and with it, The families of your crew.
I must speak to you in person.
Fall in! I need a tactical strike team ready By the time that man boards my sub.
Every sailor with advanced weaps training, step forward right now.
This is what we do, captain.
We leave in five minutes.
Where's cortez? Where's the cob? Cob hasn't shown for duty, sir.
We can't wait for him.
Fall out! (door slams open) (indistinct murmuring) Captain, where is your passenger manifest? I don't have a manifest.
This is a mission of mercy.
(screaming) Manifest.
I can I can get it.
Listen to me, he'll use the manifest to choose high-value hostages.
We can't let them see you.
I can help.
(speaking urdu) (sighs) Xo.
Where the hell you been? Sorry, sir.
Yeah, well, sorry's not good enough right now.
You understand me? Yes, sir.
I'm here.
I'm ready.
Where are the memory cards? Don't know.
You don't know? I got a call today from somebody Very well-connected in the states.
Seems to think the footage from those helmet-cams Might explain this whole mess we're in.
You want to tell me I'm wrong? You don't think we got something more important to do right now? Oh, I know what we have to do.
Believe me.
So we're gonna go and we're gonna save those hostages.
And if and when we come back, You're gonna give me those cards.
I want a mission plan in 10 minutes.
This is our op, sam.
Not yours.
It's my sub and it's my wife.
You don't want to take orders from me, You can swim back to the island.
Hop Where are they? They're safe.
I buried 'em with gil's body after the bz attack.
And you didn't think I needed to know that? You do now.
He's clean, sir.
Nothing on him.
Admiral safir ahsan.
Captain marcus chaplin.
Captain on the conn.
Length, 560 feet, 42-foot beam, Displacing 18,750 metric tons.
Admiral ahsan, whatever you may think, I assure you, this sub, me, my crew, And the innocent people you're holding on this boat Had no part in the bombing of your country.
My country? A country, sir, has borders.
A country has an army.
A country does not tremble on its knees While its nuclear arsenal is locked down By the allies of the United States.
We didn't fire on pakistan, admiral.
We refused the order.
Yes, I know.
That's why I'm here.
Man: Sir.
(woman screams) No.
No, no, no.
You have two minutes.
What do you want? Yesterday an indian general named pranav bhatnagar mobilized his armed brigade.
In a matter of hours, he will cross the border Out of kashmir, into my country.
Grace: Sir.
With our military fractured, our nuclear weapons seized, Pakistan has now nothing that would pose A sufficient threat to make this butcher turn back.
Yes, but we do.
Yes, you do.
You will fire one trident d-5 nuclear missile at those invaders, Or my lieutenant on that boat will be forced You cannot begin by killing innocent civilians.
One minute.
And don't lecture a pakistani about innocent civilians.
I need more time.
Sir, my parents are on that boat.
Everyone on the conn will keep their thoughts to themselves.
(chanting in arabic) What? What is he saying? (gunshot) (people screaming) No.
You have 30 minutes until the next.
Lieutenant shepard, cahill, lock down the conn.
Essential personnel only.
I want you to know that I despise this.
It goes against everything that I am, As a seaman, as a muslim, as a father.
You have children? Islamabad.
My son malik was at school north of the city When the strike happened.
I also lost a son.
But there's always hope.
And when they told you about your son, Did you hope then? I need to make some calls.
You have 29 minutes.
Lieutenant shepard, you have the conn.
(gunshot) (people screaming) Man: Oh, my god.
The captain's not just gonna let 'em kill our families, is he? Your brother, The kid hasn't seen much action, has he? No.
No, kamal should've been something different.
But what are you going to do? We can't always be choosing our paths.
Hmm? He has family just like I do.
You're ex-military.
Not ex.
Just in between assignments.
And your command is okay with that? My brother and I, we've done jobs together before.
Transport in and out of afghanistan, Security details with contractors in iraq.
We're fine.
Our doctor down there, He thinks he's changed the world.
He's also been drinking.
The doctor, my brother, very similar, you know? They both like to believe big things.
Not you? No.
I am a soldier like you are.
(faint radio chatter) Order's in.
Check the route.
Meet you back in five.
Now look.
I want you to understand, You and I did something important here.
It is a good feeling.
Almost as good as beating you at gin.
(laughs) Are we clear to leave? Soon.
Yes, sir.
(exhales) I have the materials.
Recording on.
Man: We need a full show, soldier.
Discovery, description.
You're performing for the united nations now, son.
This one's for history.
Petty officer first class barry hopper.
Despite substantial pakistani military resistance, We have uncovered portable fissionable material.
These are compact, mobile nuclear weapons, Or suitcase bombs.
Our attempt to exfil dr.
Nils was unsuccessful As he was killed by pakistani military What are you doing? Hop, where did you get that stuff, man? Not now, james.
New orders.
Hop, what's going on? Captain, You get us within 300 yards, We lock and scuba out the forward escape hatch.
Come off to the back of the boat, and work our way up.
Take out the marks on the perimeter For one of us to get a clean shot.
We think there's 12 men on board.
We've seen worse.
We have less than 30 minutes until the next deadline.
30 minutes ain't gonna cut it.
Either you talk him down, or there's another body.
We're wasting time.
Let's go, then.
Yeah? I'm gonna try my best to make sure This doesn't come down to you and the seals.
Hey, I got the easy part.
You got the hard part.
You gotta talk that man down.
Christine's on board.
A lot of wives are on board.
(sighs) Here.
Good luck.
Good luck.
So what do I need to know? You want me to jam six months of seal training Into five minutes? Look, I know how to fight and I know how to pull a trigger.
Besides that, I am willing to do anything that I have to.
What else is there? We'll get her back for you, man.
I have to do this.
You don't.
So thank you.
(chuckles) are you kidding? I wouldn't trade this for the world.
Thank you for signing for this, Otherwise I wouldn't have had anything to wear.
I didn't.
It was the maid.
In fact, I'm a little surprised to see you here.
Well, dad always says, "family comes first.
" Yeah.
He does say that.
Doesn't feel good, does it, Being the one on the outside, Struggling to measure up to your big brother now? Aw.
Would you look at that? I forgot my violin.
Fortunately, you already have the tune memorized.
Oh, listen, Derek west from the defco group is gonna be here tonight.
We are looking to broker a very big deal with his investment firm.
And coincidentally, I'm told he has quite a crush on you.
Lead him on a little, will ya? For the good of the company.
Woman: Rena kapur from our affiliate in london, Reading terrorist demands from the deck Of the peacekeeping boat to sainte marina.
Indian president singh spoke to the un Curry: Tell me you're not seriously considering launching against india.
Secretary, if I don't comply with their demands, 40 of our loved ones will be killed Right before our very eyes.
These are american military families.
This is why you don't hijack a nuclear submarine And try to conduct rogue foreign policy.
These are innocent americans.
Are you going to do anything at all to help them? I have a seal team an hour out.
It's the best I can do.
These hostages don't have that much time.
It's the best I can do.
Then you had better tell india That marcus chaplin has no idea what he's gonna do.
Their general should stand down.
Colorado out.
I've been on the phone with dc, And they will pressure bhatnagar to turn back.
Please tell your friends that I do appreciate All their efforts on behalf of my country.
But until I receive confirmation about Lieutenant cahill, hail the envoy boat, raise the bridge.
Call up your man and tell him I need one hour.
Captain, you do not understand.
There is a reason why I'm here And my lieutenant is in charge on that boat.
He's a man capable of terrible acts.
A mechanism that will not stop Until the result is achieved, The removal of indian forces From my sovereign nation of pakistan! You're not a nationalist.
You're a terrorist.
Am I? And what does that make you? Take the damn mic! I don't have the power to stop him.
Only you do.
Lieutenant shepard, take us to launch depth.
Grace: Sir? Aye, sir.
Helm, all ahead two-thirds.
Dive 5-degree down angle.
Proceed to launch depth and hover the boat.
When my country was hit, I was devastated.
I couldn't move.
I would lay on the floor and think What could one man possibly do In the face of all this power? But then I heard a voice.
And there you were, Standing before that camera, Standing against all injustice.
You, marcus chaplin.
You saved me from my own cowardice.
And I knew then That one man can change the world.
Grace: Launch depth, captain.
Weapons, conn.
Open missile doors.
Where is the other key? With my xo.
You want to see the second key, you give me half the hostages.
As I explained, there is no bargaining.
How do I know he's not going to kill them all after I fire? You give me half the family members Off that boat as a show of faith, And I will give you your missile.
You say you're not a terrorist.
Prove it.
Very well, captain.
I will try.
(speaking foreign language) (speaks foreign language over radio) What did he say? He's stubborn, but, uh (people screaming) (screaming) I told you! There is only one way to stop him.
You must fire.
You must fire, captain.
You have to fire! Oh, my god.
What the hell is he waiting for? Is he gonna let our families die Rather than fire on some other general? Hey.
There's gonna be some kind of rescue on the way, right? We do our jobs, keep it together down here, And the captain can do his job up there.
No one else is gonna die.
Xo, we are running out of time.
What's your status? On board.
No contact yet.
James: Looks like it's mostly the guys on deck.
Make sure that starboard corridor is clear.
You copy? Yeah, copy.
I got three on the deck.
Just took one out, portside corridor.
I've got one bogey down on the bow.
One left up top starboard, but it's messy.
Sam? I've got two in the starboard corridor Heading towards the main deck.
What are you doing? Out of the way, kid.
No, you can't No! We are five klicks from home.
You don't understand.
We're almost home! (indistinct conversations) Hello.
Drinks? Yes, please.
Derek, you remember my sister kylie.
Dad, you remember derek, My fraternity brother at georgetown And a partner at the defco group.
Good to see you, son.
Let's get some drinks.
That's not gonna end well.
Why do you say that? The government isn't gonna lift a finger to help marcus chaplin.
He put himself in bed with terrorists, He'll bury himself with this, And our boys in washington will let him.
Our boys? I don't think our boys want to see Their own constituents have their brains blown out on national television.
Those are not our men in arms.
They're traitors, plain and simple.
You're very sure of yourself.
Those terrorists wouldn't be ransoming lives for nukes If marcus chaplin hadn't stolen United States property.
So what would you propose? Blow the boat, blow the sub, Cut their losses, and be done with it.
If not, every week, we're gonna see something else just like it.
One man can't be responsible For the well-being of people everywhere.
No, it should be left to people like us, right? You said it first.
Man: Indian president singh spoke to the un security council earlier today, Saying, they are taking swift and decisive action to defuse the situation.
As of this moment, satellite images Still show general bhatnagar You are indian.
I'm british.
I was born in london.
That doesn't change your blood.
Turn that on.
I have a new message for india.
Indians are not welcome in pakistan.
No, please.
I'm not the one you want.
I'm not the one you want.
Christine kendal.
She's the one you want.
She's the wife of the executive officer on the uss colorado.
If you take her, they'll do whatever you ask.
She's right.
I'm christine kendal, and you don't want them.
I am all you need.
(whispers) I'm so sorry.
Give me this.
Here, journalist.
This will make you famous.
He makes a move, I am taking him out, so be ready.
James: Hopper is not in position.
You go now, everybody dies.
That is the wife of my executive officer.
Let your man know if he kills her, He loses any chance of turning back bhatnagar.
He won't listen.
How do you align yourself with such a monster? He's not a monster.
We were both sons of poor fishermen in lasari Who have learned the harsher realities of the world.
What he's already done, what he's about to do, only a monster could.
If you don't launch, she's dead anyway.
If bhatnagar crosses into pakistan, they all are.
Stand here.
Hopper: Almost clear.
Coming into position.
Need 60 seconds.
Wait! Wait.
Don't shoot.
Who are you? My name is paul wells.
I can help you.
That general in india you're worried about, I can make that go away with just one phone call.
Oh, really? Just how will you do that? I'm an attorney for the United States government.
I work directly for the people responsible For what happened to your country.
They will listen to me.
Okay? Just let her go and I'll call them.
I can get you what you need.
The american government wants to help pakistan? By all means.
Grace: Xo, come in.
Sam? This is king.
The general is about to cross into pakistan, If that happens, he will kill them all.
You need to move now.
We do not have position.
Okay, just let me call my superiors, And we can make your demands to them directly.
Hopper set.
James: Fish, where are you? Fisher: Not set.
Paul: I can help you.
The us government will put pressure on india, And that general won't have a choice.
Trust me.
(screaming) Paul! Paul! Paul, hey.
(groans) hey.
I'm sorry I lied to you.
No, no.
No, that doesn't matter.
Just Just hold on.
Okay? There's a man in dc.
Lucas bender.
I just want you to be okay.
You saved me.
Thank you.
Officer: Get up.
Okay, people.
Acquire targets.
Five minutes.
You're running out of time.
This will happen unless you launch.
You have to fire that missile.
I can't.
I'm not asking you to perform this savage act for me.
This is not vengeance, marcus.
This is salvation for my nation.
No, I mean, I cannot.
Captain, ready to launch on your order.
Four minutes.
Awaiting your orders, captain.
Xo and king are tied up in engineering.
They can't help us.
(chuckles) How large is bhatnagar's force? How many men? How many? If it helps you sleep better, Hundreds, not thousands.
Weapons, conn.
Spin up missile four.
Set condition to 1-sq.
Get up.
Now! Stand here.
James: Okay, we go on my mark.
Hold on.
He's on the radio.
This is captain marcus chaplin of the uss colorado.
I'm prepared to launch.
I'm watching.
No, you mistake me.
My missile is not aimed at general bhatnagar.
It's aimed at your hometown of lasari.
What are you doing? I'm putting your family in the cross fire, And his.
You have two minutes to release all the hostages safely Or I will launch on lasari.
There will be no further negotiations.
Fisher: Fish, set.
This is our shot.
On my go.
Cahill: Washington on the line, sir.
This is chaplin.
Curry: Satellite shows your missile doors opening.
What the hell are you doing? Do not fire at india.
Tell them not to cross into pakistan.
Colorado out.
Two seahawks inbound, sir, half a mile out.
It's their seal team.
Kamal? (groaning) These people didn't deserve this.
(groans) What about my people, my brother? Did they? (gunshot) Sam? Hopper: We got company on board.
Sam! Christine! Fisher! I'm sorry, man.
New orders.
She's my ticket home.
What the hell are you doing, fisher? Where are you taking her? No! We gotta go.
You are no good to her dead.
Come on! Us navy reporting situation secure.
All terrorists killed or captured.
Sir, look.
General bhatnagar's retreating.
Close our missile doors.
Yes, sir.
Let me know when the xo and our seals are back on board.
Aye, sir.
And prepare to hand over Admiral ahsan to naval authorities.
Man: Yes, sir.
Man: General bhatnagar has been relieved of his command Following what the indian government is now calling "a rogue charge "towards the sovereign nation of pakistan.
" It appears that marcus chaplin was content to allow The slaughter of his crew's families, And that only action by the us navy seals Prevented an even greater I thought I might find you here.
Hi, dad.
You look just like you did when you got back from your prom.
(chuckles) Found you here, just like that, over a tub of ice cream Instead of out partying with all the other kids.
Said you realized that you didn't actually like your friends.
Remember what I told you? You said I didn't have to like 'em, But I would need them.
What kind of advice is that? Was I right? That doesn't mean you say that to a teenage girl.
Anyway, I have friends.
A friend.
(sighs) Dad, I'm not cut out like the rest of you.
You're better.
We make weapons, kylie.
You think I don't wrestle with that? So the fact that you still care about that That means that I can trust you.
Dad We play the long game, kylie.
You're never out.
You're just recalculating.
I didn't take your firing key, sir.
You just found it.
That's right.
It was hanging in plain sight.
You don't believe me, put me on a lie detector.
If I could Well Then you're just gonna have to trust me.
Aren't you, sir? There's a cia plant, a mole, on my sub working against me.
It could be anyone.
Could be you.
But if it isn't, Prove it.
Find out who they are.
(sighs) Okay, so we dig it up, and then what? I'm done.
What happened on that mission in pakistan, We gotta come clean about it now.
Well, that's easy for you to say.
It's not you on that helmet cam planting evidence.
It's not you getting the orders That led to two nukes and millions dead.
It's not you they are after, man.
They are after both of us.
So what are we gonna do about it, huh? Just shut up and die like good sailors? All right.
We'll do this your way.
But after we get through this, I'm getting as far away from this as I can.
I'll try to do something right every day.
And I'm never looking back.
(shovel thuds) Bar's closed.
Any word on christine? Remember that guy from the photo? He was there.
Ah, it wasn't like that.
He, uh (huffs) He got himself killed protecting her.
How you doing? I'm tired of getting my ass kicked out here.
Oh, yeah? How tired? You stopped a war from happening today.
I tried to stop them from killing our crew's family, From killing christine.
Look, you're a world player now.
(sighs) Hell, you're your own country.
17 nukes and a microphone.
What more do you need? Me, though? I'm just a guy that couldn't save his own wife.
And I'm not cut out for whatever this whole thing's turning into.
I'm leaving the island.
The family boat docked.
Christine wasn't on it.
They've taken her somewhere, and I'm gonna find her.
I'll need the colorado to get me through the blockade, I'll need a boat to take me to where I'm going, But I'm going.
If she's willing to come back here, I'll bring her, but I'm going.
I'm sorry I couldn't get her.
You did more than I could've asked my closest friend.
I owe you one.
You might be taking that back in a second.
Three days before you picked us up off the coast of pakistan, My team was given orders to rescue an exfil nuclear inspector.
Oscar nils.
Come on.
I got you.
(grunting) Come on.
Come on.
Let's go.
Do you copy? Gil, we're bugging out.
Hopper's hurt.
He's hurt bad.
Enact emergency exfil plan.
(motor whirring) Hopper! Stay with me.
Hospitality, this is tango five.
We're at the rendezvous.
Hospitality, this is tango five.
Do you read?