Last Resort (2012) s01e08 Episode Script

Big Chicken Dinner

I'm not going to annihilate 4.
3 million Pakistanis without hearing from someone whose authority I recognize.
Our own people tried to sink us? We have commandeered the NATO early warning station on the island of Sainte Marina.
I am declaring a 200-mile no-man's-land around this island.
Test us, and we will all burn.
You've been warned.
The only two people who know you're still alive are the two you're looking at.
And that's lucky for you.
I know a couple of Navy SEALs that would love to come say hi.
Where's the fifth black op? There were four.
No, you buried four, but there were five.
My lawyer Paul Wells, he's an old friend of Sam's, and he's been amazing.
But he's a government agent sent to spy on me and turn me against Sam.
Plug it into the USB port of the car.
Every time the driver makes a call through the hands-free, you get the call on this.
Why steal the firing key? Why not reach out? Why not form an alliance? The word among sub captains for a while has been that the CIA has a sleeper agent on every nuclear sub, just in case some crazy captain gets the wrong idea.
Your sleeper will be communicating with Langley by a secure radio channel, which means there's a comm site somewhere on this island.
We look for the comm site.
We find the traitor, we find the key.
All right.
Listen up, people.
In five days, a ship will be allowed through the blockade to transport those of you who have elected to leave back to the States.
This ship will also be delivering food and provisions a whole lot better than the beans and rice we've had lately.
Yeah! We've also negotiated a 24-hour visit with your spouses and family members.
Yeah! I'll have more details shortly, but many of you are gonna see your family again.
Hey, Anders, I know it's not going home, but at least you're gonna get to see your wife.
She's not gonna be on that ship.
So what do you think? I don't know.
It seems too good to be true, no? The government is spinning every top on the table to buy some good PR.
You know they're not gonna let Christine come.
No one for Grace or me either.
Well, they want to drive a wedge between the officers and enlisted, yeah? Yeah, sure.
They cast us as the cause of all their troubles, remind them what they're missing at home.
It's a smart move, and they've got me in a bind.
You say "yes," they look good.
You say "no," you keep looking like the crazy bastard who doesn't give a damn about his crew.
That's it.
Hey, sir.
We're still down a launch key.
This thing goes sideways, we're defenseless.
Everyone who leaves this place gets searched.
We may not have one of our keys, but I'm not gonna let someone prove that to our enemies.
How's it going with our friend from the, uh, CIA? I'm the only face he's seen for six days.
And he likes to talk, so-- Okay.
Keep him talking.
See what you can find out.
A hundred years ago, we were self-sufficient.
Our culture was pure.
That's what seduced me back to this island.
There are enough provisions on the ship to feed us all for at least a month.
A month? Tani.
How much is a pound of flour going for these days? Sorry, father.
I'm not letting you drag me into this.
Do you need help dealing with Serrat? Serrat leaves my people alone.
The problem begins and ends with that blockade of ships out there.
I will do everything in my power to fix this.
You know you can't fix what you are.
And maybe your heart's in the right place, but finally, you're no better than the French when they took this island and raided it for anything of value.
That's true.
We are who we are.
And now we're here, and that might not change.
So you might have to.
This is hard for them, too.
How long do you think you can keep one foot in the water and the other on the shore? Grasshopper.
- It's shortwave.
It's very difficult to locate.
- Earthquake.
- So I can tell you it's on the island - One.
- but I can't tell you where.
- Okay.
- Two.
- Anything else I can do for you? - Hopscotch.
- No.
Just tell me - when you find out more about the signals.
- Six.
- Bookworm.
- Okay.
We have a holiday in our country that celebrates the coming together of two cultures.
Faced with great hardship, these two very different groups formed what could only be called a community as a means to survive.
And as with many of our traditions back home, we've already missed our Thanksgiving.
But tonight, in the spirit of that holiday, what's ours is yours.
Hear, hear.
So what's good here? Pretty much the same as yesterday.
Some kind of noodle.
Guess you can't really go wrong with noodles.
You don't have to do this.
Do what? Chitchat.
Turn on the charm.
Oh, that's what I was doing? "What's good here"? It's an honest question.
Look, what happened between us happened, and now we should just go back to the way things were, with you being a jackass and me trying to do my job.
No need for things to get weird.
Right, 'cause this isn't weird at all.
Look, I thought you were with the girl from the bar anyway.
What's her name? Tani.
She's nice and she really seems to like you.
It's been known to happen.
Sophie tracked the comm site.
Looks like the sleeper's used it twice in the last three days.
That's one time too many.
Whoever it is must be feeling the heat.
What's Booth offering? Nothing yet.
- You trust him? - Nope.
- Good.
Stay on him.
- Okay.
Get hungry enough even a Hoo-Ah bar tastes like damn foie gras.
You ever have foie gras? Like someone took a prime filet and turned it into butter.
Best foie gras I ever had was at this little bistro in Macao.
The Chinese positively love their French food.
Damn, Kendal.
I thought we were past all this.
Listen, Booth, that radio site, it's active.
Whoever stole our launch key is talking back to home.
You want to guess what the orders are gonna be? Don't much like guessing.
One, they bomb us all to hell and be done with it.
Two, the sleeper gets desperate and me and Marcus each get a bullet behind the ear.
And you-- you starve to death, forgotten out here.
Three-- You trust me.
We work this thing together.
You sit there and you talk platitudes, you tell me I'm the man for your job.
You haven't given me one single thing I can actually use, not one.
And that's fine.
I get it.
I get it.
You want to be in control.
You want to play your hand tight.
But right now, you've given me no reason to trust you.
You're still just a killer waiting for the moment you talk me out of those cuffs.
You gotta make me trust you, Booth.
Come on! Come on! Ahh! No.
See, I haven't pulled my cards yet.
I'm gonna So you didn't come up last night.
Where is he? Get him! Can I help you gentlemen with something? Wait.
They're the law on the island.
What happened? That's him.
- Whoa.
No, no, I-- Oh, no! - Wait, wait, no.
Don't hurt him.
Get off me! Get-- Whose side are you on, putaika? I didn't do anything wrong! Help! Help! Hey, lower your weapon right now! Lower your weapon! Lower your weapon! Who wants to tell me what's going on here? They're saying your man took Erita into the jungle and raped her.
Tell me that's not true.
I didn't do it, captain! I swear.
She's lying.
According to local laws, he'll be punished by caning-- a hundred cuts.
If he survives, a brand will be burned into his neck as a permanent mark of the crime he committed.
- A brand? - Oh, my God.
You can't let them do that to me.
Cut him down.
This is not your affair, Captain.
This is an island matter.
Cut him down! We have laws.
This isn't right.
Might is right.
You may have your laws, but I'll have my man.
You don't believe a rapist deserves to be punished? I do.
But I don't accept that's what he is, not without proof.
I don't know this woman, and I haven't heard her accusations.
I have.
She speaks the truth.
Well, that's an opinion, and for all I know, this is all a concoction of Serrat's.
We do not subject our people to summary judgment and punishment without due process.
Our system has worked for hundreds of years.
It doesn't work for me.
Hal Anders is a member of the United States Navy.
He'll have a trial under my rules.
You try that man under your rules, no one on the island will believe the verdict or believe you to be less than a tyrant.
That's a disappointment I'll have to live with.
We agreed on a military-style trial.
Seven member jury-- three from the Colorado, three from the island, one neutral.
It'll take five votes to convict.
I don't know, sir.
I think he should be tried on the Colorado by his own people, no? Once he stepped foot off this boat, it got complicated.
You know that.
He knew that.
This island needs to know that we're not afraid of the truth.
And if Anders is found guilty, we'll do the punishing.
So who's the seventh juror? I already spoke to Sophie.
Sir, you know Anders is the only one left who's rated to work the reactor, right? I'm aware of how valuable he is.
I did two tours in the nukes.
I can hold it down for a while.
And after that? You really want to be stuck down there if something goes wrong? I want Anders not to have done what the woman says he did.
What if he did? Let's give him the benefit of the doubt.
How do you think Christine was? She was pissed.
The angrier she is at us, the more grateful she'll be when you come through for her.
Tell her you pulled some strings.
You're getting her on that boat.
Tell her she's getting to see her husband.
She'll trust you with anything after that.
They're setting him up to be your white knight.
Do they really think women still fall for that? I'll be right back.
- Sorry.
- What? Sam.
Big Navy hero sweeps you away from your drab little life.
You can be a real stuck-up bitch at times, can't you? I know.
I'm working on it.
Secretary Curry, when she's on that ship, I need you to promise me she'll be safe.
Excuse me, Paul, but I'm not gonna promise you anything.
This isn't about just one woman.
It's about the future of our country.
I thought you believed that as much as we do.
I did.
I-I mean, I-I still do.
Okay, now listen, there's a woman-- Kylie Sinclair-- name ring a bell? Yeah, daughter to the Sinclair weapons fortune.
Why? Christine hasn't mentioned her? Not yet.
Look, I gotta go.
I'm here.
And so he is.
Wait, wait, wait.
Take this.
Take this.
Please tell me it's good news.
Were you able to get me on that boat? I couldn't get you cleared for the trip.
Really? Went as far up the chain as I could, but they shot it down.
They just don't want you on that ship.
I wish there was something I could do.
Oh, Captain.
You going somewhere? Uh, no.
It's, uh, just busy work.
Trying to keep my mind off of the I'm low on food and provisions.
I'm low on crew.
Tell me you didn't do this.
Tell me the woman's lying, and I will do whatever is necessary to protect you.
You give me a Bible, and I will swear on it.
I did not do this, sir.
Okay, chief.
Same time tomorrow? Oh, sorry, Lieutenant.
Come on in, Grace.
You've heard about this, uh, situation with Anders? Yes, sir.
Okay, I want you to handle his defense.
I'm just not sure I'm the right person for the job.
Uh, well, you've put in time on the honor committee at the academy, which is more than the rest of us.
Understood, sir.
You just give him the best defense you can.
- Surprise.
- Don't move! MRE spoon makes a pretty good bump key.
I could've been sipping tequila on a beach in Antigua three days ago if that's what I'd wanted, but it's not what I want.
Trust me now? I know where the site is.
I can take you there.
You know where the site is? I can put you on the horn with people a lot more important than the two of us.
I'm gonna ask them what I need to, Booth.
You work with 'em, Sam, they'll give you whatever you want.
No more tricks.
What's he doing here? Captain.
I imagined your fingerprints would be all over this.
Just never thought they'd be so visible.
Whatever your quarrel, Erita has asked that Mr.
Serrat speak for the prosecution.
Julian has always been good to me.
And he's not afraid of you.
Are you quite sure of that? I wish only to see justice served.
Let's go inside.
I've found that the open air is quite conducive to honesty.
Do you not agree, Captain? Do you understand why we're all here? I asked him to go for a walk.
I just wanted to talk, you know? It's true, we started kissing.
But he started acting strange, telling me I should cut my hair, that he liked women with shorter hair, which was weird.
Like he thought he was my boyfriend.
I-I mean, you've seen her.
She could've gone off with anyone she wanted to.
She chose me.
Then we started kissing.
He grabbed me, kissed me hard.
I told him "no.
" I tried to run, but he chased me.
After he caught me he held me down, started tearing at my clothes.
I'm not denying that we had sex.
We did, and it was nice.
I couldn't move.
I just laid there waiting for it to be over.
When I started putting my clothes back on, she said that I owed her 100 bucks.
She didn't say anything about that.
Why would she? All she has to do is say the word "rape," and I become a monster.
Now where's the justice in that? I didn't ask for this.
Now Libya-- that was hell.
12 days of soul-searching madness.
I heard it was hard getting Gadhafi on the throne, but you shoulda seen us trying to get him off.
How about you? Any visible scars? No, North Koreans don't like to leave marks.
Yeah, at least not on the outside.
I've been thrown in the hole in 16 different countries.
Well, I guess 17 depending what you call this place.
You get caught a lot.
You ever think about a different line of work? Ah, the price of doing business.
Beatings I can take.
The body bounces back.
But sensory dep-- blindfold, nose closed, ears plugged-- Okay, okay, you made your point.
One-way ticket straight to the inside of your head.
Hard to go back to the wife after that.
What, you're married? Yeah, for a couple of years back when.
Irreconcilable differences.
It wasn't her fault.
She didn't know what she signed up for.
Know what I mean? Yeah.
You sure as hell do.
The main pump is reading more than 400 degrees.
You're under attack and need full power.
Bring second pump online, flush for cold while reducing power 80%.
- Your captain needs full power.
- He can't have it.
We melt down, we're going nowhere.
The auxiliary pump is reading 500-plus degrees.
- Shut it down.
Full stop.
- You're under attack.
Not my problem.
It's 40% over redline.
Gotta stop.
You think I can really get nuke rated this fast? Uh, nuke rated? No.
But being able to keep us going when we have to? That's the goal right now.
Because if we lose Anders, every life in the sub is gonna be in your hands.
You can trust me, sir.
Can I talk to you, sir? Hey.
He's lying to them, telling them that I don't want to go.
You ready for it all to start making sense? Mm-hmm.
The life and times of Paul Wells.
So your Paul is one lonely guy.
Grew up in the suburbs.
After Annapolis, went to Georgetown Law.
Started working at a big firm, and then in 2007, gets a job practicing family law.
That's when he met her.
She's gorgeous.
She was his client.
Came to him for her second divorce, which should've been a clue, but no.
He got her a fat settlement as a wedding present.
A year later, she gave him Daniel.
Nine months after that, she took Daniel away.
No warning.
Just takes the kid, hops on a plane to Sao Paulo.
He hasn't seen or spoken to his son in two years.
That's terrible.
This is a man who falls for the women he saves.
Right now that's you.
So that kiss the other night probably lodged itself right in the middle of his needy little heart, where it's growing-- No.
I'm not saying you have to sleep with him-- Good, because I'm not going to.
I'm saying, you have an opportunity.
To exploit a heartbroken father's loneliness? Every day this guy comes here and makes a choice.
Every day he chooses to lie to you, to manipulate you, to try and destroy you and your marriage.
That's what this guy is.
Nothing more.
Now we know what he wants.
So what are you willing to do about it? How far up is it? Another six klicks.
But it's straight up.
The jeep's useless from here.
Let's camp here.
Get an early start.
Your, uh, your foie gras rations for the day.
So, um how long you been married, Kendal? You read my JSOC file.
Just making polite conversation.
I've been married two years.
You been at sea, what, all but six weeks? That's right.
Gonna be a while before you get back now, huh? I'll get back.
Always loved fire.
That's purity right there.
Beauty and death.
They tied my hands behind my back.
He sat me down on a plank.
Couple of bricks underneath.
Who ever knew sitting on a board could hurt so bad? After I don't know how long it was they came in, they took the plank away and made me kneel on the bricks.
That when they put the gun to your head? I'd get through it thinking about my wife.
The way her hair hung down over her face when she was doing the crossword.
What gets you through now, then? Same thing.
My wife, she, uh She has this She answers "yes" before I finish asking her for something.
It makes her sound like a bit of a pushover, but she's not.
It's It's trust.
It's belief.
I don't know.
These women, man make us doubt everything we know.
And then when you least expect it They get you through hell.
Yes, they do.
And tomorrow you get a step closer to yours.
You'll go home a hero.
Probably throw you a damn parade.
Thought you guys didn't have heroes.
We don't.
But we sure as hell know how to make 'em.
Every coup d'etat needs a story.
Every story needs a face.
Marcus Chaplin wasn't gonna be that mug.
Believe me, Marcus doesn't need a parade to tell him who he is.
Not by a long shot.
You still haven't made up your mind, have you? What if I told you, you're saving his life? Hey, Booth if you wanted him dead, he'd be dead already.
The agency has a bad history with martyrs.
We're downright terrified of 'em.
But we'll make 'em if we have to.
He never tried anything? Anders? Hell, no.
He was one of the good guys.
As opposed to the rest of the frat boys on this boat.
Somehow there's just never enough space to get by them in a corridor.
And the hands Why don't you report it? Nah.
You report it, you become a problem.
Best case, you get transferred.
Worst case, you get transferred someplace worse.
But Anders-- he kept his hands to himself? He's my department chief at the reactor.
He never tried a thing, but he's been different lately.
Probably 'cause of his wife.
What happened with his wife? Got the "dear John" family-gram ten days into the tour.
She filed for divorce.
She's pregnant, too.
Yeah, stone cold.
Couple days after it happened, I caught him looking at me.
Not really sexual.
It was more What? I don't know.
Like every woman from now on is only gonna make him think of her.
Do you think that he raped that girl? I don't know.
She hangs around the bar, chatting up the guys.
She works at the buzzard's nest.
Well, that's one way to put it.
Hal's not the only one she's been with.
She was with me, too.
And it wasn't for free.
You gave her money for sex? No, not money.
Food, magazines, you know whatever's lying around.
She was more than happy to take it.
When he came to me with this information, I thought it was important to share with both parties.
Sir, Richmond and Anders are friends.
They came up through the-- I thought you wanted to get to the truth.
Your job is to provide an American serviceman with a vigorous defense.
Just because she may have slept with Richmond, just because she may have accepted gifts afterwards, doesn't mean she wasn't raped.
If it's relevant, use it.
Sir, I know that Anders is your bull nuke.
So when it comes to keeping the reactor online, he's your number one, he's your only one.
So I can understand your desire-- I do not like the implication, Lieutenant.
Sorry, sir.
Just tell me this isn't gonna be Navy justice as usual.
Tell me we can do better.
Be the best at your job, Lieutenant, and the rest will sort itself out.
Yes, sir.
They were gifts.
I didn't ask for any of it.
Well, he said they were payment for sex.
What is this? I'm the one you're asking questions about? What about Hal Anders? I'm asking about him, too.
Are you? Ask him if he ran down any other girls if he pushed anyone else to the ground, tore off her clothes, and held her down? Will you ask him if he'd ever done any of that? Because that's what he did to me.
Christine? Leave them off.
You sounded strange on the phone.
Are you, uh I have to see my husband.
I told you, I've done everything I can.
I know you miss him, but you-- That's not it.
I need to see Sam so I can tell him that I'm leaving him.
But I have to tell him in person.
Otherwise he'll never believe it.
He'll just He'll just think that it's another government trick.
I thought you loved him.
I kissed you.
That was, uh-- I know what it was, and so do you.
And I don't like it and I am not proud of it, but But it was real.
So I need to see my husband so I can tell him that it's over.
Top of the world.
You realize anything in or out will be encrypted? Guess I'm just gonna have to trust you then.
Just so we're clear, you ask the question, you're working for them.
Who's the sleeper agent? Intel just for you or Chaplin? Guess I'll just have to trust you.
I guess so.
All right.
It'll take a minute for the backup singers to transpose the lyric.
You know, I met Gadhafi.
He was one crazy mother in the end.
But before-- you'd never think it now-- but he was humble.
I'm sorry.
Did you say he was humble? Yeah, he was, like he'd been given a sacred calling, and it was his burden in life to answer.
No, that's more delusional than humble.
Nah, wasn't like that at first.
He really thought he could change the world.
Then the world changed him.
The world changed him, huh? I don't know, Booth.
Sounds like he was a nut job right from the start.
Nice to believe that.
All the bad people in the world are nothing like the rest of us.
They got a defective gene.
Daddy didn't love 'em enough.
But that ain't the case.
Bad people are just decent folks who've had a taste of power and wanted more.
Take your captain, for example.
I know you don't want to hear it, Sam, but Marcus Chaplin is one spoonful away from going the way of the Gadhafis of the world.
I know what you're doing and you can cut the crap, okay? You don't know the man.
Not even close.
Are you kidding? It's what we do, Sam.
We go into countries, we stir things up, then we pick someone.
Someone from the military, someone with leadership skills, and the righteousness to think they make up the rules for everyone.
Sound like anyone you know? Baseball.
Do me a-a favor.
Say my name.
- Come on, Booth.
- No.
My real name.
John Stosur.
Why? Please, Sam.
John Stosur.
I haven't heard it out loud in 20 years.
I was wrong.
They won't give up the sleeper.
Asset's more important to them than you.
Aah! The Americans believe that this is the first trial we've ever had on this island.
No! But we've had many trials.
- Yes! - Many! Trials that began when they first came here.
We've had to share our streets with them.
We've had to watch our children starve because they won't allow in boats.
We've had to spill our blood because they won't leave.
We've had to give up our peaceful lives for their war.
Can we really hope to find justice here? No.
Can we really believe that this girl-- our sister, our daughter, our own-- can expect to see the man responsible for her rape punished for his crime? No.
I don't believe there is justice here.
Maybe you will prove me wrong.
We'll never know what happened that night.
We'll never know because there is no evidence.
No witnesses.
No physical proof.
No cuts or bruises to indicate a struggle.
And without evidence, it's just her story against his.
We do not take away freedom, we do not injure, lash, brand a man because of what one person says.
We're better than that.
There is no evidence.
Just a word a woman said.
A word does not make a man guilty.
It happened at the academy.
I had brought a cadet before the committee for misconduct.
It was one of his friends.
He wanted revenge.
He got it.
Grace, I'm so sorry.
I reported it to the master chief.
And he told me that as an admiral's daughter, I should think about how it would be perceived.
That it would be my story against his, and that no one could win if I brought charges.
So you dropped it? I had to see the man who raped me every day until I graduated.
Erita was raped.
When I talked to her, I could see what she was going through.
And that is something that I have tried to never think about again to never feel again.
But I recognized it.
I knew it.
What happened? Verdict's in.
Not guilty.
Get down! Come on.
The EWS is secure, - but there's crew pinned down in the bivouac.
- Okay, radio back.
I don't want any shots fired into that crowd.
Got it.
Captain, uh, I think you should know how the jury voted.
Two of the crewmembers and myself thought he was guilty.
One of your crew and all the islanders voted not guilty.
I-I don't know why.
Serrat rigged the jury against himself.
He wanted this to happen.
Don't worry.
No one's coming through those doors.
Not tonight.
This was supposed to be my last tour.
I should be home right now.
Hear you have a baby on the way.
No, she left me.
Four months pregnant, and she meets some other guy.
If only I could've talked to her, I could have made her see things straight, but he Ohh.
No, she's gone.
And now, uh - Now what? - Now this.
These people burning up their streets, screaming for my head.
You just wanted to go home.
That girl coming on to me in front of everybody And you kissed her because you thought that's what she wanted.
She did want it.
Well, it's not your fault-- I know it's not my fault.
He won't let me go home.
He won't let me see my wife.
And by the time Erita told you no, it was too late to stop.
I would never do something like that.
But you did.
She told you to stop.
She said it with a smirk.
You raped her.
This is the captain's fault! He won't let any of us go home.
Okay? This is his fault! Not-- Secretary Curry, I finally got her to come around.
She said she'll only go if I go with her.
Making sure he stays close to you.
Listen, Paul, I'm gonna need you to dig up a little something.
Navy SEALs, they wear helmet cams.
The cams record onto encrypted chips.
Christine's new friend Kylie Sinclair, she has access to tech that can read them.
Look, if this woman's so dangerous to you, why don't you just-- Yeah, just mention it to Christine in passing.
I want to know how she reacts.
So you'll reach Sam, tell him I'm coming? Yes.
Just be careful.
You, too.
Um I don't usually make female friends.
Honestly, I tend to think of other women as the competition.
You know, to be crushed.
I'm just saying.
Don't strain a muscle.
I like you, too.
Thank you.
These old boards are pretty moldy.
You should probably replace the whole floor.
Just take me a day or two.
You wouldn't have to shut down for long.
You can't keep one foot in the water and one on the shore.
What? Thank you.
For what? Just thank you.
Just need to get some more lumber.
There's a window to get to the sub.
Let's not let it close.
Let's go! Sir? As captain of the Colorado, it's my obligation to issue a discharge based upon immoral conduct.
Senior Chief Petty Officer Harold Anders, you're hereby relieved of duty and ordered to be taken into custody.
What the hell are you talking about? They found me innocent.
No, they found you not guilty.
We both know you're not innocent.
You will be afforded my protection on the submarine, but it won't be as a crewmember or as a guest.
It'll be in handcuffs and confined to solitary till you can safely be handed over to American authority.
You sanctimonious son of a bitch.
I won't have an admitted rapist walk free on my boat and mingle with my crew.
You're not putting me in cuffs.
That's the only way you're stepping foot on my boat.
Relief boat gets here in a day.
You think I can't survive until then? Hey, I won't calculate those odds.
But it's true, on this island, you're an acquitted man.
You're free to make your own choices.
You're just gonna let him do this? If it were up to me, it'd be a lot worse than handcuffs.
I'll see you in hell, sir.
In the jeep.
Let's go.