Last Resort (2012) s01e07 Episode Script

Nuke It Out

We're under attack.
We have been drugged.
They told me, put their drug in the water, and you would go to sleep.
They promised me my island back.
Did you kill those men out there? Your friends were already dead when I got here.
I don't have time to do it the nice way.
We made a very simple arrangement.
Everything's negotiable.
Who are you? Tell me.
Tell me! He's a government agent sent to spy on me and turn me against Sam.
I'm gonna fix everything.
You'll see, Christine.
What are you doing, Sam? Captain Butler has a firing solution on the "Colorado.
" I could kill you right now.
Do you want a war? When I was unconscious, someone took my firing key.
We now have no nuclear launch capabilities.
Lieutenant Shepard, how much longer is he gonna take? - We do what we're told.
- Cause that's worked out so well for us so far.
It's outrageous.
You almost done, XO? I think some of these guys are about 30 seconds from coming over here and getting an article 90.
Well, it's gonna take as long as it takes, lieutenant.
That's my bag, sir.
I'm sorry.
No one's exempt.
We don't know who helped those men with the BZ attack.
We know who attacked us.
Black ops with help from Serrat.
Then who stole the EpiPens on the sub? There's somebody on the inside.
You know it, and I know it.
Why don't you just let me help you? Do I have to spell it out for you, lieutenant? So I'm a suspect? You think that I betrayed the crew? I don't know.
You're dismissed.
You're pulling rank on me? I don't pull rank, lieutenant.
I have rank.
No sign of the key.
But if we keep treating them like this, we're gonna lose 'em.
The only people on board when the key was stolen were crew members, XO.
One of them is the enemy.
And until we find out who, the only people who can know about the key are you and me.
But it's been 48 hours, sir.
If the goal was to render us defenseless, then how come we're not already dead? Our Judas hasn't reported their success yet.
But once they do At least let me tell Grace.
Grace's father was hauled out of here in military custody, Sam.
Is it impossible to imagine her doing something rash? I back Lieutenant Shepard 100%, sir.
Until this thing is over, we will be ruled by fact and not emotion.
And the fact is, we have been betrayed.
We keep searching the crew.
We keep this up, we're not gonna have a crew.
Quiet! They tossed my bunk, too.
You don't see me bitchin' about somebody spittin' in my grits.
XO wants these coffin lockers open.
Open 'em up.
Now file out.
What do you got there? It's a night guard, COB, for my overbite.
Hey, Kurt Cobain.
Where'd you get this? I You been using? You've been using! You want this junk? You want this? Huh? No! Where'd you get it? The only two people who know you're still alive are the two you're looking at.
And that's lucky for you.
I know a couple of navy seals that would love to come say hi.
Who's the traitor on my boat? Here I thought you were gonna start with my name.
It's Booth.
Booth? Okay, Booth.
We know you had assistance during the attack.
We want to know who you're working with.
Come on, captain.
You must have heard the rumors.
The word among sub captains for a while has been that the CIA has a sleeper agent on every nuclear sub Just in case some crazy captain gets the wrong idea.
And whoever it is in your crew, judging from the urgency of the question, I guess they pulled it off.
Pulled off what, exactly? Their mission.
The firing key from around your neck.
I see I'm right.
So that's who you're with CIA? Hell of a feeling, isn't it? Enjoy your lunch, because I will keep you here where you can hear your breath and your heartbeat and nothing else until you give me a name.
Compartmentalization, captain.
Why would I know? You can torture me again, but I don't know a name, a face, or even a voice.
Well, maybe he's lying.
I doubt it.
But there is one other person who may know.
You should post more guards.
Why? I have nothing to fear.
You aided foreigners in an attack on this island using a military drug.
Tear it apart.
Load everything up in boxes.
Something I value greatly was taken from me during the attack.
If you can tell me where to find it or who took it, we're good.
If not, I do have 28 cruise missiles on my boat.
Cruise missile? I've been threatened with many things, but never a cruise missile.
Put 'em on the truck.
We'll open 'em later.
Search him.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Last time I was here, he was the one in control.
I like it this way better.
What are you looking at? The back of your neck.
I like your hair up.
I make better tips with it down.
Guys in bars like to think the girls pouring their drinks are free spirits.
That way, if they say something interesting enough, hop into bed with them.
Can you imagine such stupidity? Mmm.
I can help you bury your friends.
I don't mind.
Gotta be just me and Hopper.
Go bury your friends.
Come back.
I'll I'll close down the bar.
We'll drink ourselves stupid and fire guns in the air, whatever you like.
You're good for me.
That's a problem? Just not used to it.
Who are you? What are you doing here? Tell me.
Tell me! What is all this? We had to store Serrat's stuff somewhere.
Everything has to be searched, including your office.
You're looking through my things? You want to tell me what you were doing at Serrat's? I went to listen to music.
Is that allowed? Did you search my computer as well? Okay, if you want to search me, go ahead.
I can't stop you.
But you know I was not involved.
I don't know what you are.
Not for sure.
Well, maybe that makes two of us.
I know you're selling to my guys.
No more.
Listen, old man, you need something, you just ask.
Don't deal to navy.
The nuclear attack on Pakistan Was the terrorist threat the government used to justify it Was it real or was it just an excuse? A false flag to validate the first shot of a man who wants to be an emperor, not a president.
And your boat and the citizens of that nation paid the price.
Yeah, enjoy it, man.
You're the good guys.
But here's the twist So are we.
You killed two navy seals.
You're the good guys? We tried to avoid that.
My team was just supposed to grab Hopper while the sleeper took your captain's key.
Why steal the firing key? Why not reach out? Why not form an alliance? You may think he's some kind of chess master, but nobody knows if Chaplin is just bluffing or if he's actually insane.
Either way, it's too dangerous to let him stay parked out here with 17 nukes.
Have you seen his NSMRL psych profile? Do you know he has rage issues and borderline narcissistic personality traits? You know who else he shares those traits with? Who's that? Gadhafi, Stalin, Jim Jones.
Churchill, Macarthur, Patton.
Look, Booth, can you help get us home or not? We don't want you to come home, Sam.
The "Colorado" needs to be the symbol of resistance.
We need you to stay here, keep doing what you're doing.
But not with Chaplin in charge.
We want you.
You we can work with.
You got a funny way of working with people, Booth.
The president's not gonna last, not with you here.
Everything's turning against him.
I'm talking six months, maybe a year No, no, no.
I'm not waiting that long.
Then you can What if Christine was here? What if we brought her to you? I can make that happen, Sam.
You know, you're not my boss anymore.
I work for your brother now.
You still know what this is? We developed it for NSA domestic surveillance.
Plug it into the USB port of the car.
Give it 20 seconds for the program to migrate.
After that, every time the driver makes a call through the hands-free, you get the call on this.
Now as for getting into the car, use that.
Infrared scrambler Unlocks 99% of automobiles manufactured after 2008.
I thought you would be the one getting into the car.
I'm just bringing you your own tech, not committing a felony.
For that, I'd need a lot more money, and I'd have to clear it with your brother.
Personnel files? There were 35 crew members on board when the launch key was stolen.
You think you can figure out who took it by reading these? I think the sum of a person's life can be deduced from its parts.
The traitor must be communicating with Langley.
How? Honestly, sir, I don't know.
Finding the key is not a priority, XO.
It's the priority.
And remember, your key is a target, too.
I'm instituting a curfew on the crew.
I understand what it means to be without our launch key, sir, I do, and I am searching without rest.
But we need to start thinking about the morale of the crew here.
There's a time and place for taking the morale of the crew into consideration.
But right now, right here, there is a traitor on my boat who has put us in a position of mortal weakness.
We are searching for a key on an island.
"Needle in a haystack" doesn't even come close.
But I will continue searching until you tell me to stop.
But with respect, sir, you need to start looking at the crew, not just their files.
You know We're not the only ones putting people in the ground.
What are you talking about? That black-ops team that came after us.
Navy buried them this morning.
Four graves.
How many were on that team? Where's the fifth black op? There were four.
No, you buried four, but there were five.
One's still alive.
If that were true, I'd know.
Captain or the XO would have told me.
You sure about that? Let's go, King.
Sir, did any of the black ops survive the BZ attack? No.
Why do you ask? Just thought it was relevant since you're searching for BZ, sir.
You advanced rapidly.
How was it, specifically, you ended up on my boat? I always assumed it was because you asked for me.
Maybe my father pulled some strings.
I really don't know, sir.
I like to think I'm best qualified, that I proved myself.
Thank you, lieutenant.
Sorry, lieutenant.
I What's in the backpack? Nothing, ma'am.
You know the captain's implemented a curfew? Yes, ma'am, but we'll be back by then.
It was just gonna be me and a couple of girls, blow off a little steam before lights out.
I'm sorry, ma'am.
I should know better.
You didn't see me.
Uh Lieutenant? What is it, Cortez? You doing anything right now? Hey.
Oh! I warned you.
You tell your Friends Your boss And your kids Don't deal to the navy.
Next time, these go in your head.
You can stop pretending to check your twitter, Ms.
The admiral isn't coming.
Who are you? Forrest.
I'm a friend of his.
And a friend of yours now.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Admiral Shepard is in jail, and not the kind where they have visiting hours.
Do you know Amanda Straugh? White house senior advisor, loved scotch, died last week in a plane crash over the Pacific.
Not exactly.
Straugh was shot and killed during negotiations on Sainte Marina.
The president has a problem.
He says this woman's body is at the bottom of the ocean.
If this photo were to show up on the news, millions would know he's lying about it.
They might start wondering what else he's lying about.
Wait, wait, wait.
I thought we were talking about the best lies we ever pulled off.
I don't have any of those.
You are looking at a straight-A, never cheated, never got in trouble.
Sad, but true.
Okay, all that was a lie.
What about you, Lieutenant Shepard? Yeah, they don't make 'em more straight-A than you.
Well, I'm relaxing.
Yeah? Then start looking relaxed, lieutenant.
Oh! Ooh! Ouch! They're just mineral samples.
You and Serrat have the same vials.
You were at his place sharing I don't know what.
I don't have to answer you.
Yes, you do.
Or what, you'll hurt me like you hurt that man? That wasn't me.
Oh, come on.
Hey, what are you doing? Look at this.
No, turn it off.
No, no, no.
What are you doing here? Does it look like I'm enjoying this? Okay, turn it off.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Does it look like I want this? Sam.
Everything's gonna be different now, I promise.
Stop it.
What's this? I always find my way back, don't I? Well, before I went into the academy, I, I took the SAT's for someone else.
You know, the girl The girl was really smart, but she just couldn't take tests.
You know, she had this anxiety disorder, and her family had no money, so if, uh, she didn't get a scholarship, she couldn't go to college.
So I copied her ID and took the test.
I think the statute of limitations has passed.
To the statute of limitations.
Can I ask you something, Cortez? Yes, ma'am.
What happened with Serrat? You were locked in that room with Red and Josh for days.
What happened? I know what everyone thinks I did.
But I didn't.
I promised him I'd be his eyes and ears if he'd let us live.
Tell him what was going on with the sub.
A few hours later, he killed Red.
Deal was off.
Would you have? Been a traitor? I had a dog When I was a little kid, and one day, it turned on me, bit me.
My dad Shot it.
Said once a dog turns on you, you never trust it again.
Only thing to do is put it down.
Same with a traitor.
Christine, what would you like the American people to know about your husband? The administration keeps calling my husband a terrorist.
But then why were they trying to negotiate with him? And why are they keeping those negotiations such a secret that they had to lie about Amanda Straugh's death? You're making some very serious allegations.
Does this look like a plane crash? Amanda Straugh was shot by one of the government's own people, and the White House is trying to cover it up, just like they are trying to cover up the truth about my husband and the USS "Colorado.
" Who did this to you? Who do you think? All right.
Listen up.
Fall in.
Everybody, fall in.
Tighten it up.
Let's go.
Lock it down.
Stop your bellyaching and fall in here.
So the junior LT sees this little boy sitting on the sidewalk Playing with a pile of manure.
The LT asks the little boy, "What are you doing playing with that manure?" Little boy says, "I'm building an NCO.
" LT runs back to company H.
, gets his section chief, who asks the little boy, "Son Why are you playing with a pile of manure?" Little boy says, "I'm building an NCO.
" Chief goes and gets the COB, who goes back to the little boy.
"Hey, kid, what are you What, what "What are you doing playing with that manure?" Little boy says "I'm building an NCO.
" "Why are you building an NCO?" Little boy pauses and says, "Because, sir, "I don't have enough crap to build an officer.
" What do you get when you breed a west point cadet and a groundhog? Six more weeks of bad football.
How come the army football team doesn't have ice on the sidelines? The guy with the recipe graduated.
That's right.
Heck, yeah! That's right.
Now listen up.
Listen up! Listen up! Listen up! I know we've put you through a hell of a lot lately.
And all I can tell you It's for a good reason.
But I hereby order you To enjoy the 1991 army-navy football game.
Spoiler alert The crunchies don't win.
There you go.
There you go.
There you go.
But look.
Look, look, look, look, look.
You are the best crew an XO could have the honor of leading.
Thank you, and I appreciate it.
Navy! Navy! Sir.
Brought you a beer, if you want it.
Thank you.
You should go back and watch the game with the crew.
I just I just wanted to state, for the record, that I'm with you, captain, all the way Whenever you need me.
Cortez, thank you.
But you should not seek me out alone.
There's an order and a morality that we both have to follow.
Well, it seems like everything's changed, captain.
Not everything.
Understood? What do you got there, Sam? Oh, boy.
Are you kidding me? Sure.
I mean, the guy you got in there killed two of my pals.
So why not let him enjoy a cold one? I need to know what he knows.
Yeah, that makes three of us.
Stand down.
Let us do what we do.
When we're done, we got a nice resting place for him out in the jungle.
Listen to me.
I've been working him.
I'm building trust and I'm close.
So right now you gotta back off and let me finish what I started.
What do you think he knows? I think he knows how to get us all home.
Come on, King.
This guy's an amateur.
Let's go.
No, Hop.
We fall back.
XO's got this one.
For now.
How are you sleeping? Not good? Wonder how your wife's sleeping? So what, JSOC gave you the download on Christine, and now you think you know me? No.
They gave me the download on you North Korea, the gun to your head, the click.
I know you can't stop blaming yourself for those seven men who died so you could make it back home.
Now Marcus has landed you in prison again.
Yeah, it's beautiful, but Let's be real about what it is.
How much are you willing to give that man? Your sleeper will be communicating with Langley by a secure radio channel, which means there's a comm site somewhere on this island.
Find that site, you'll have him.
Now You ready to start helping yourself? If we were to do this, how would we do it? Simple snatch and grab.
Marcus will be kept out of sight, but treated well while you run things here, forcing a change of guard at the White House.
Then the new administration arranges for amnesty For all of you.
That fifth black op is alive.
Your captain and your XO are keeping him locked away.
Bet you always raised your hand first in class, didn't you? No, stop! Don't come near me.
Everybody keep away from her! Snyder, you need to stay calm.
It's on a timer.
How much time is left? I don't know.
Take it off.
Just take it off of me.
I can't.
It's wired to the buckle.
You gotta stop shaking.
I'm trying.
Try harder.
Hey, calm down.
It's okay.
We got you.
How much time is left on it? Plenty.
Just take it off of me.
Okay, okay.
What happened? Hey, nothing.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Grace, I need eyes.
Now I gotta get that red wire without touching the yellow.
Can you keep the lead away? The yellow lead.
Time's up.
Are you out of your mind? I have White House lawyers calling me about this interview you taped today.
You did the exact opposite of what I told you.
The reporter said that maybe it would help.
The reporter's gonna say whatever gets her the story! And where the hell did you get this picture of Amanda Straugh? Somebody put it in my mailbox.
Somebody put it in your mailbox? What is wrong with you? Stop yelling at me! You don't get to yell at me.
I am doing the best that I can here.
Do you understand how much pressure I am under? I am all alone here, and my husband is out there somewhere, about to get killed at any second.
You're right.
It's my fault.
I should've kept an eye on you.
I'm sorry.
It's just, um It's all just starting to get to me The empty house, the sleeping alone, except I can't even sleep because the damn faucet won't stop dripping.
Hey, hey, calm down.
It's all gonna be fine.
Why don't I take a look at the faucet? I'm gonna need, uh, long-nose pliers for this.
I got a tool kit in the trunk.
What? Wait.
I'll be right back.
Look I'm sorry that I disappointed you today.
You are the only one that's left that's fighting for me.
I don't know what I'd do without you.
No, no.
I, I'm sorry.
Was it just me? I don't know.
But it can't be me.
Look, I'm having very confusing feelings right now and Can you just be patient with that? Of course.
You were good.
So were you.
What? Been wondering what that looks like.
Onetime thing.
Thank you.
Where is he? Where am I? I don't think you know what you are looking for.
Bring him.
I presume you are looking for the man who strapped a bomb to one of your people? I just heard.
You see? I caught him for you.
I came for you.
Uh, me.
Yeah, yeah, you could take me, but the people won't allow it because I'm their friend, and they love me.
And they know I have done nothing.
This is the man responsible for your bomb.
It's sad.
He thought it would impress me.
Tell him.
It was my idea.
I did it.
Just me.
You should be grateful I brought this man to justice.
I will deal with him appropriately.
I will.
This man has admitted to the attempted mass murder of my crew.
Try me again, and I will be your judge, jury, and executioner.
Someone's calling him.
This is Curry.
What do you have? What the hell's going on? Somebody put the photo in her mailbox, which means you've got a leak in the White House, so you can stop blaming me for not keeping her in line.
And look, I don't want to do this anymore.
Do you want to see Daniel again? Of course I do.
He's my son.
All I'm saying is, you've got her in an impossible situation.
What do you expect her to do? Let me throw her a line.
Just stick to the plan and don't get too attached, Paul.
The parameters can always change.
I'll check in later.
Everything that happened was crazy, right? They drugged us.
The BZ affected us all.
I'm sorry.
Only an American would apologize for a kiss.
I'm not working with Serrat.
I am paying a debt my ex-boyfriend had.
Serrat paid him to test the soil here for rare earth minerals.
That's what the samples were for.
This island It is worth a lot of money.
I wanted you to know so you would not think I lied to you.
But I need you to promise me you will keep it secret, and not only from Serrat.
From everybody.
I can't promise you anything right now.
That can be your choice, but Now you know that I will not lie to you.
That's my choice.
All right, easy now.
Easy now.
God Hey.
Your men are prisoners on this island.
Why are you so angry about them paying me for a few hours of escape? Why do you feel as though you can control what other people do? Why are you so afraid? I've lived all over the world.
I've seen many men like you.
You have a thirst, I think.
What is your particular poison? Heroin? Cocaine? No.
For you, something more exotic.
Apnoea? Oxy? Fentanyl? Ah.
The eyes don't lie.
Your pupils just went like this, my friend.
I kicked that I kicked that a long time ago.
End of story.
Oh, yeah.
You know, for someone like you, the story never really ends, does it? This is a powerful painkiller, yes? I know pain.
You recall my mother? I haven't had the pleasure.
Ah, but you have.
She's with one arm.
Yes, yes, surely, surely you noticed her.
Yes, I think.
You see, when I was a boy, some men came to my village.
They wanted to take me into the bush with them.
My mother tried to stop them.
Get 'em away from me! She was only 12 when I was born, so she was my mother, but she was also like my sister.
The men, they said to me, they said, "you go take this machete now, eh Bo.
"You're going to chop off your mother's arm "or we will kill her.
" Can you imagine? That was my first day as a soldier.
God! Now I'm going to take the pain away.
This is for when the pain comes back.
You know it's you, you know it's you So we're executioners now? There's no other option.
Have your conversations with Booth borne fruit? Well, he claims that whoever the sleeper agent is has a comm site on the island to communicate with their handlers.
He also claims that we're the resistance to what's going on back home.
Maybe he's right.
We stop looking for the key.
No more rousting the crew.
We look for the comm site.
We find the traitor, we find the key.