Lastman (2016) s01e03 Episode Script

Tu sais, moi, les moustachus...

Last name, first name, occupation.
Lando. John.
As for my occupation, well
I'd like to go pro
Taylor, Brando.
Everybody calls me "Chubby",
because of
you know.
I'm no boxer, well I wish I were, but
Dave knew
he wouldn't make me a champion,
but I was happy at the club.
He took me under his wing.
I was like his right-hand man,
his assistant.
He was my friend.
Max Mounds. Professional Boxer.
Did you notice anything
strange at the club lately?
Someone who may have held
a grudge against Mr. McKenzie?
Against Dave?
Honestly, I can't see how
He was the most upright guy
I've ever known.
I'm not the only one
he helped out here.
Do you realize the things
he did for the community?
You can't think
of any suspicious behavior
from his family? At the club?
No. Nothing.
Nothing I can think of
Nobody from
the club could've done that.
Dave's murderer is still on the run!
Why don't you move your butts
and go track him down?
Last name, first name, occupation
Aldana, Richard.
I'm a part-time interior decorator,
and I must say
this room has pretty bad feng shui.
You think that's funny, Aldana?
Your buddy's dead.
We know that Dave McKenzie
had connections in the Mob,
they could've held a grudge
against Dave or his club.
Hey! What the hell?
More like "heaven",
it's a strip club, dude.
So if you're not
here to try pole-dancing,
clear out of my building site.
How about you rebuild your face first,
Mustachioed dudes aren't really my thing.
Two rhinoplasties in two weeks!
It's the second time
he disrespects us, uncle.
Calm down
Harry, does the club belong to you?
You do know that I'm the one
who deals the hand around here.
My condolences for Dave McKenzie.
He was a beautiful soul.
He had what it takes
to become a champ.
But business is business.
Why shouldn't I give the club
to my nephew?
But it belonged to Dave
You guys are just a bunch of losers!
- You
- Holy Father, this club
has a long history,
it's a boxing mecca
And this guy wants to turn it
into a strip-club. Please don't.
I was distracted,
deal them again.
Va bene cosi,
we're gonna play by the rules.
Who's your best boxer?
I am.
So it's quite simple,
in two days,
we'll show up with our best boxer,
and we'll handle the issue on the ring:
The winner gets the club.
I find this fair.
How is it fair?
It's our home, our club
Bene That's how it's gonna be.
They never fed you at school?
What do we do now?
Well, now that Dave's killers
were barbecued at the school,
I think you're safe. That's a start.
But until we find out more,
we'll say you're my niece, OK?
Listen Siri,
you need to tell me a little bit more
Who were these masked nutcases?
What exactly did they want
from you and your dad?
I don't know.
"I don't know"?
You knew they were in that church.
I already told you:
I had a nightmare.
That's how I knew.
So do we have to call
the tooth fairy to help us?
Very funny
Why don't you go back to the cops?
Perhaps they'll find something.
Yeah, right I'll be like:
"So thanks to a kid
whose dreams come true,
"I found a psycho who killed
my buddy with lightning bolts
"but I killed him
by setting fire to the building!
"Does it help?"
Come on
Everything will be OK
Guys, we can't give up now, OK?
The FFFC championship
is around the corner.
But our club's future is at stake.
We have to fight.
It's what we do,
it's what Dave taught us, right?
- Yeah!
- He's right!
We know how to weather the blows:
We're boxers!
I want to see the Cup over here,
in Dave's club,
where he wanted it to be!
For Dave's sake!
Yeah! For Dave!
So what do we say
to those assholes who want our club?
I'm sorry.
Where the hell is Aldana?
It's not a day-care center.
The McKenzie case?
Hold on
yup, the case is closed:
Settling of scores
between drug traffickers.
That's all you could come up with
to avoid doing your job?
I'm sure your friend was a nice guy,
but he had a hefty criminal record:
Illegal weapons,
strong links to a murder case.
Honestly, narcotics
had been trying to nail him for a while.
They wanted to catch him red-handed.
Now that he's dead,
it's won't happen.
That's such bullshit!
Dave is neither a killer nor a dealer.
It doesn't make sense.
That's why
you're a boxer and we're policemen.
And that's a good thing, right?
He's turned into a war machine.
If he's fighting,
the club's in good hands.
U V ur ni, You can't leave
your niece here Richard.
And could you get your stuff
out of the steam room?
Max will need it
before tomorrow's fight
Go on!
- Hey, kid
- Richard
You can't go
through people's stuff.
I thought I'd find answers in dad's
Dave's stuff.
But there's nothing interesting,
except for that one thing
Here you go:
"Richard Aldana: No fundamentals.
Boneheaded. Disorganized.
"But has enormous talent.
"This asshole could make it
to the top with a bit of work.
"Will he ever work on his boxing?
That goddamn"
OK, I got it
That old bastard!
Good old gramps.
He did take a lot a notes!
Funny thing is, I think he liked you.
The other boxers' entries
are much shorter.
You must've liked him too.
Mustachioed dudes
aren't really my thing
"John Lando. Promising
"Added another 5 kg
of muscle in month"
"PED testing urgent"
Has anyone seen Richard?
Do you have a gift for me too, Lando?
Dammit, Richard, stop!
So it was you?
You were dealing behind Dave's back!
It's not me, I swear!
It was Max Max gave it to me,
it's his drugs!
Don't you dare!
Max is about to fight to save the club!
That's the thing,
the fight is fixed, asshole
Do you really think
Max can make it without Dave?
Zenkova promised to handle
his career if he goes down.
You can't go through people's stuff.
But that doesn't apply to assholes.
A hidden compartment.
Go on, Max! You're the best!
Go get him Max!
You're the best.
You're the best, Max!
Go Max!
You're gonna beat him!
Go! Beat him up!
Do it for us! Beat his ass!
Are you Max Mounds?
Can you please show us your locker?
What's this about?
I've got a fight
You can't do that!
Come on guys, do something!
I'll have to ask you to stay put.
It's just a follow-up on a lead we got.
Look at this, guys
That's worth two years of wages.
It wasn't me, I don't understand
Don't worry,
what matters is we understand.
OK, take him in.
What was I saying, uncle?
Losers! We win by forfeit!
Ladies, please haul
your fat asses out of my property.
Nobody forfeited, dickhead.
So, my dears,
are you ready for that match?
Where's your stupid champion?
Well, well, well,
who's this?
I was already stoked
about closing this club down
but you're the cherry on the cake:
I'm gonna own you, Aldana!
Sorry for asking,
but have we already met?
Let me jog your memory, motherfucker!
You got bigger
over the past decade, right?
Are you still mad at me
for what happened?
I'm gonna kill you!
To be continued
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