Lastman (2016) s01e04 Episode Script

Sors de ma mère

Hey sleazeball!
Beat him to a pulp!
This is my club! Mine!
Hang in there, Richard!
Hang in there, Richard!
1,2, 3
I'm gonna kill you!
Oh, yeah!
Give it to me!
I'm gonna kill you!
Get out of my momma!
Get out of my room!
Get out of my mommal!
It looks like it's family time.
Oh, fuck
My window!
Holy shit!
Kill that motherfucker!
You're dead, motherfucker!
Stay where you are!
I love to do bare-ass running,
it's my thing.
It's important to have a hobby.
It's a bit chilly today, isn't it?
You must be real popular
in the neighborhood, smart-ass.
I'm fine. I run fast.
And when they catch you?
Your wiener will scare them off?
Can I stay another 15 minutes?
Make yourself comfortable
Yeah! Go, Richard, go!
You're a shitty boxer, Aldana!
Even I could beat you!
He's right. I'm crap.
- Want some more?
- Hey! Ho!
Do that again
and you're out of the ring!
You're doing fine!
He could've killed you,
but you're still standing.
Give me water
It's nice to take the punches,
but you need to use offense as well.
It would be easier
if he stopped hitting me.
Keep your footwork in check!
Come on! Use your hips!
Too damn soft!
It's too hot in here, coach
Hey, wanna put some gloves on?
No, I'm good,
I've sweated enough just watching you.
Why is it so hot?
We have a heating problem.
For real?
You don't mind if I crash here?
Are you in trouble again?
Why won't you start training seriously?
You could handle yourself.
You remind me of my social worker.
She had the same stache.
- You lazy-ass kid
- You sound like her too!
Hey Chubs! Where are you going?
I'm going to fix the boiler room.
Nobody fiddles with
my goddam boiler room!
It's not a job for amateurs.
I wouldn't want you
to blow up the place.
Hi coach! Hi faggots!
Damn, it's so hot in here!
That's where you were hiding,
you little shit?
Yeah I love it,
it's as hot as your mom's booty.
Cooper! Not here!
And you're late!
Go put your gloves on!
Wait till we're alone,
I'll show you
I'm getting winded faster than him.
Dodging him won't be enough.
I need to find an opening, an angle
A well-placed punch.
I've had enough
That's enough for today.
Honestly, you could do better.
Cooper! Your turn!
You're just a shrimp, Aldana.
I'd rather be a shrimp ball
than a sleazeball
He got burned!
Hey! Not here!
You heard the man, sleazeball
Nobody calls me that,
you bunch of faggots!
You're all pussy-ass boxers!
Go outside to calm down, Cooper.
Don't you ever talk to me like this.
I'm your only real boxer.
Some guys have offered me
good money to box for them.
Go for a walk.
Think about your life,
we'll talk later.
I've made my decision.
You can all go fuck yourselves!
We'll miss you sleazeball!
I'll make you spit
your teeth out of your ass!
All right, I love you too!
He's obsessed with butts, isn't he?
But he was right about one thing:
He was my best boxer.
You guys played too much video games.
You got to do it right
Whenever you're ready.
You won, Cooper.
Now, go away and leave him alone,
There was oil on your ring, gramps.
Well, Cooper had seen it, you didn't
So? I could do better?
That's an understatement.
- At one point, I almost
- I don't think so.
Yeah, me neither.
It's over
Sorry Dave, I lost your club.
It's so hot in here, Dave.
We really got to fix that boiler room.
Hey, sleazeball!
1,2, 3
What happened?
He had him goddammit!
Did he twist an ankle or something?
Hey, you piece of shit!
Get up! Up! Lift your fat ass!
- Well done, Richard!
- You won! Hurray!
Hey kid,
you suck at business,
you suck with women.
At least try not to suck at losing.
Nice one, Richard! You won!
You won!
Do you know
how to fix the boiler room?
You think I'll break it?
No, but it could blow up in your face.
Really? That could happen?
Let me do it
Are you sure
I shouldn't call a professional?
Don't worry,
there's no mystery to it.
You can go now, I'll handle it.
That's what I was saying,
"there's no mystery to it"
To be continued
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