Lastman (2016) s01e05 Episode Script

Des carrés dans des carrés

The warm breath of Queen Iguana
blows everywhere.
Cut the crap!
Are you able to save Siri?
Save her? But
She's already been saved, Mr McKenzie.
What's all this, Dave?
My dad's talking to a serial killer.
"The Heart Snatcher",
a nutcase
who ate his victims' hearts.
He visited him in prison
a few weeks ago.
- His name's Eric Rose.
- Yeah.
That's the guy
Why did he think
that psycho could help you?
It must have something to do
with this list.
Yeah, that list
It's super weird.
Then again, what isn't?
Eric Rose's name is on the list.
What do all these people have in common?
The names of Eric Rose's three victims
are there too.
The crossed-out names,
they're all dead people!
Well, I guess
I can do this now
OK, Siri's been saved?
Let's say I want to "unsave" ” her.
OK? You're a Kinglet,
you have to know how to proceed.
you don't even know what Kinglets do.
I'm just trying to understand.
Visits are over!
Rose, I'll take you to your cell.
I believe it's time to say goodbye,
Mr McKenzie.
I'm afraid
it'll be the last time we meet.
What do you mean by that?
Your execution has yet to be scheduled.
Mine hasn't,
but yours
We need to go talk to him!
Squares inside squares.
Wait here.
The convict's on his way.
Are you sure you want to be here?
Is that your stomach?
How could it be empty?
We ate an hour ago!
I saw a vending machine in the hallway.
How are you?
Yeah, hi
I'm a friend of Dave McKenzie's.
Poor guy.
I read about his death
in mysterious circumstances, right?
How did you know about this?
If one breaks Queen Iguana's eggs,
one gets bit.
OK, I have another question
Who's the iguana?
And that list?
What is it?
Your name's on it!
And your victims' names too!
Hold on
Who gave you this list? Was it Dave?
Hey toothpick!
I ask the questions.
I bought enough for both of us
Guard, we're done here.
We only talked for two minutes!
That girl. She'll die next.
OK. Shut up now
I'll pick up the candy, kid.
You have until midnight
to sign up
for the Fist Fight Funeral Cup.
Once again, it raises
the thorny issue of fighters
who can't read or write.
Mr Bill Day is their spokesperson.
Yes I am.
'Cause they don't write good.
Yes, that can be a problem
You just need to sign it,
I filled it up for you.
You're the only guy in the club
who's good enough.
Yeah, right
Did you see me fight Sleazeball?
I got my ass handed to me,
and if he hadn't slipped
She's coming to.
You scared the hell out of us!
Are you OK now?
Yes, I think so I'm sorry.
I had a nightmare,
but I feel better now.
What kind of nightmare?
I saw squares
Squares inside squares
That's not too scary, is it?
Breaking news!
Live from Paxtown's high-security prison,
from which Eric Rose,
aka The Heart Snatcher,
just escaped in circumstances
that are still hard to explain.
We have extremely graphic footage
of the scene,
but as journalists
it's our job to show you his victims
scattered everywhere
Blow me down!
This world will die soon, Siri.
Your enemy has changed the moon's orbit.
In a few hours, it'll hit us.
My enemy?
Yes. Someone you know very well.
I know where he is.
He must be stopped.
Take a left.
Are you sure your magical GPS
OK, I'm taking that back.
- I
- Are you OK?
What did that madman want from me?
What did he do to you?
My wall fell down, he came in.
He looked at me.
He looked disappointed
and he left.
Laura Liones.
She's on the list.
What's that toothpick up to?
We got to keep going.
He's close.
I can't come with you beyond this point.
Why do all the houses here
look the same?
I'm having trouble tracking him down.
There's too much energy
in the same place.
What energy? Can you hear yourself?
What fucking energy?
Why don't we let
the cops do their job, huh?
Listen to me when I'm talking to you!
This is a quiet neighborhood.
Do you know a woman
named Laura Liones?
We don't want any trouble.
He's getting to all the people
on the list.
That's what he's up to.
He got the wrong Laura Liones earlier.
Talking about Mr Toothpick
What the
Don't move from here.
You didn't answer me earlier.
What's with this list?
Yeah, you don't feel like answering
This spear's name is "Despair".
Take it.
I know who you are
I know these tears
In his eyes. My despair.
I know who you are.
What's happening to you?
Hang in there,
we're off to the hospital!
That's not the type of thing
we learn about during training.
Get used to it. This is Paxtown.
What did Loomis say?
someone ripped his heart out, and
left with it.
Someone ripped
the Heart Snatcher's heart out?
It looks like it.
To be continued
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