Lastman (2016) s01e07 Episode Script

Tu parles comme un homme d'honneur

You know what? It bothers me a bit.
Owing someone money
is never a fun ride
Money matters.
But family is even more important.
You know my nephew Harry?
The other day, I sent him
to negotiate with the Fujita clan.
I told him "be careful,
"Asians are sticklers
"for good manners and courtesy"
But Harry,
he's a bit feisty, he's boneheaded
Can you feel my respect now,
You won't be surprised
to learn that the Yakuza
want to kill him now.
No, I'm not surprised.
Well, he's surprised.
He's an idiot, but he's family.
If anything happens to him,
Christiane's gonna bust my balls.
Christiane is my wife.
So it's pretty simple.
I make your debt go away.
And as a favor to me,
you protect my nephew
until things are settled
between both families.
Do you agree?
Well I mean
Bene, you agree.
Nothing happens to him,
not a single scratch
Because otherwise
we may have to kill you.
Sounds fair.
You speak like a man of honor.
So that's where Dave
did his secret work.
Richard has
a problem to deal with, right?
Yup, he's had his share
of problems since we met.
That's why daddy hid me,
I'm bad luck.
Of course not.
He meant to protect you.
You saw what Rizel
and the Order of the Lion can do.
Order of the Lion?
What do they want from me?
Well, they
It's OK! It's a friend, it's Chubby!
What's going on?
- Who are you?
- I'll explain everything.
We're live from the Stark Foundation
where Paxtown's elite has gathered
to discover
the great Kaiser Stark's latest work
We're going to party tonight!
Oh, and this is exactly my type of slut!
Hey, fuckface! Hands off!
I'm gonna punch your teeth in.
Hey, amigo.
Is there a problem?
Yeah, I have a problem, asshole
Let's relax, OK?
Hey, but
Come on,
let's not ruin our night over this.
Stay away from my girl!
All right!
That was close.
You're taking huge risks, aren't you?
Not a scratch, as my uncle said
Kill me already
We have exclusive footage
of the new trophy
for the Fist Fight Funeral Cup!
So you're telling me
Dave had a double life,
like a superhero?
And this is like his secret cave?
I guess you could say that
That's awesome!
He took it better than I expected.
He's always like that.
Did you see this hidden safe?
Did you ever try
One, two, one, two, testing
If you hear this message,
you went digging
where you shouldn't have.
So if I'm talking to you,
some Kinglet prick
or some Order of the Lion inbred,
foo bad.
In 30 minutes, everything blows up
if you don't enter the code.
You have three tries.
If it's just a guy from the club
who got trapped by mistake,
don't panic.
A text was sent to my cellphone,
I'm on my way
to get you out.
Well then,
How do I turn this shit off?
But He's dead
Yeah, it's a recording.
But how is he going
to get us out of here?
I'm getting
such a buzz from these pills!
It's so powerful.
It transcends the grotesque
formalism that emanates from it.
It's I'm overwhelmed.
It looks like Monique, doesn't it?
So this is Paxtown's elite?
Well, it's not so glamorous.
Aren't you partial to Veuve Clicquot?
Are you talking about one of these two?
I don't know much about art, but
What's this style called?
Critics call it "abstract neoformalism".
What's your take?
Looks like a bad case of hemorrhoids.
I imagine
you don't know Kaiser Stark's work.
Do you know he's presenting
the new FFFC cup tonight?
To be honest,
I don't really give a shit
Wait, wait!
You're gonna pay!
Well? Go on then!
What are you waiting for?
You're scared? You pussy!
You cocksuckers!
Hang on
Chubby, that's your name, right?
are you sure about the code?
Yeah, I'm 99% sure
You were also sure
about the previous code.
OK! So it wasn't 0000.
One more try.
we should stop entering codes now.
That sure is a great idea.
For fuck's sake
Move over!
Let me punch that other guy!
I can't let you do that.
Nothing can happen to him.
Is it a performance of some kind?
Can you stop
beating up my boyfriends?
I knew it was you!
Mister Kaiser!
Are you going to unveil that cup?
Yes, I believe the time has come.
We've had enough fun for tonight.
That's it!
The year of his birth. It has to be it.
What if it's not the right code?
Oh yeah
We won't have another try.
I'm going to get killed by my father?
What a horrible death!
Oh, it's Richard!
You're going to pay for sullying
Fujita-sama's honor.
Your grandma can suck my spring roll!
Spring rolls are Chinese.
Pardon me.
Don't get involved or you'll regret it.
Things aren't that simple.
This bag of dicks here
is ruining my livelihood.
I'd love to be in your position,
you know?
But I got a job to do.
Just like you do.
My job is to make sure
he gets back home unscathed.
If I need to choke
you with your own balls
Well, I'll do it.
You speak like a man of honor.
I wouldn't go so far,
but I hope I'm better
than this creep who's
pissing me off.
I guess it's "an eye for an eye,
a prick for a prick".
This is a Live Report exclusive!
Here it is!
The new FFFC cup!
The cup?
The cup! Of course!
That was easy.
Stop it!
I'd never heard of "an eye for an eye,
a prick for a prick".
Arigato, Aldana-san.
Our Oyabun will be satisfied.
You're a dead man, Aldana
The deal was "not a scratch".
You even got a free shower.
He worked so hard to protect you.
I used to love that as a kid.
That cup
It's from the Valley of the Kings!
The cup from the legend.
This cup can save you, Siri.
We need it.
We need to steal it.
To be continued
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