Lastman (2016) s01e08 Episode Script

Nous allons te démembrer

So this is the cup
you designed for the FFFC.
that was
the pretext for this exhibition.
Let me show you my earlier works,
they're all quite appalling.
Mister Stark
It's true.
Look at this
What a lack of inspiration.
In those days,
I wasn't yet
How shall I put it?
Possessed by art.
Oh, your first success!
This is what really launched
your career a decade ago.
Now let me show my ultimate masterpiece.
Do you like it?
I'd love to be a part of it.
You're already in it, my dear.
It's marvelous It's
It's unbelievable.
I never felt anything like this
We will dismember you.
What's this all about now?
Trust me, for god's sake!
we need that cup to cure Siri!
How are we gonna
do that with these armed guards
carrying it
to the gallery downstairs?
Hi guys.
A gallery? OK,
it's a good thing you're on location.
I'm on my way.
I know how to sneak in.
I had to chase
a sword-wielding psycho,
I owed shit-tons of money to the Mob,
I got shot at by masked nutjobs,
so I really need a break now.
You wanna steal
a stupid cup from a museum,
go for it!
But I really need some sleep now
we need you.
I can sneak into the gallery,
but I need a partner.
I could be your partner.
After all, why not? OK.
I need to go home to fetch an eye.
- A what?
- An eye.
You promised
me you'd visit the gallery
Pardon me
May I buy you coffee
or are you keen to die in a car crash?
What do you think?
I don't know why,
but I like that one
Well I don't know why either,
but a bishop
just bought it for 250,000 dolls.
Thanks, I feel wide awake now.
You inspire me, Richard.
Would you like
to be in one of my works?
Yeah OK
At your age,
you must be aware that legends
are just a bunch of lies.
You may have heard the lie
about the magic cup
that allegedly cures every illness.
Don't drop it Ever.
There is no magic cup, of course,
there's no such thing as magic.
What I'm trying to say
is magic doesn't exist.
Come here, it's this way.
The model
is like a raw material to the artist,
much like grapes
are a winemaker's raw material.
Something's off
Are you following me?
You're my grape, Richard.
My sweet little grape.
It's time for the interview!
I'm afraid
I must leave you for a bit, Richard.
Something's really off
Sorry, boss
I see.
Turn off the main power supply
for the whole building.
You're absolutely right, Richard,
something is off.
There you go, that's much better.
Don't you move anywhere,
I'll be right back
to finish that sketch.
I know it looks crazy,
but there are other worlds out there.
One of them is The Valley of the Kings.
Thousands of years ago,
demon-lords waged
war against each other over there.
These demons were called "Kinglets”,
evil creatures
that were eventually defeated
and sent to Limbo,
until some idiot
freed them a decade ago.
They reincarnated in our world,
in the bodies
of random people from Paxtown Stop!
Take a right.
So is daddy's list
a list of Kinglets?
Your dad and I have been tracking
these demons down.
The ones that are left
are the most dangerous.
Remember Rizel?
He's one of them.
And that's his eye you're carrying.
We're now in the lair
of one the most evil demons,
Gobniu, the Kinglet of fascination.
He's able to make crowds
yield to his sick mind.
He also forged the magic cup
we're looking for.
Does he look like this?
That's his true form,
but Gobniu
has taken on a human appearance.
Kaiser? Are you back?
Richard Alone at last
What's going on? I'm scared
That's normal.
What's happening between us
is so intimate, profound.
For fuck's sake,
what the hell is going on?
Now who's this?
Hello, little sister
Look at the beauty of these bodies
That's just the beginning.
Pretty soon,
millions of you will partake
in my masterpiece
- Help!
- It's marvelous
She'd make a great sculpture.
I'd rather go
for a more spontaneous approach.
Truly creative work, not mere mimicry
I know.
We will dismember you.
- We will dismember you.
- What do you think, sweetie?
For fuck's sake!
I've never seen anything so beautiful
That hurts like hell.
For your sweet face,
I was thinking of
red as the dominant hue.
Artists are immortal, my dear
The cup!
Don't touch it!
Those who can
haven't been named yet.
Hey, dickheads!
Let her go!
It's too beautiful.
Oh shit
Are you back with us?
Hey, how did you do this?
Their heart is their weak spot,
one heart between the 7 of them.
The cup, Siri! The cup!
I think we can't take it.
Steal the cup?
Only Champions are allowed to own it!
You can't murder Art!
You wanna bet?
Ok, let's go.
Are you gonna take the damn cup?
Are you blind?
We can't steal it.
We'll have to earn it on the ring.
Robert? Can you hear me?
We're about to let them in.
Is it OK with you?
Robert, I'm talking to you.
To be continued
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