Lastman (2016) s01e09 Episode Script

Cerveau jaune

Want some close-up?
Oh, shit
Did it just come through?
Yup, and the heart's missing.
- Who's this?
- Our main suspect.
We've already issued a warrant.
So the Heart Ripper's a woman?
Why not? Don't be sexist.
Hey! She's easy on the eye.
17 overdoses in three days.
Come in!
I had the pleasure
of being woken up by the mayor today.
I was overjoyed.
He told me about how fucked
I was about to get.
So, fuck the procedures.
Fuck ethics.
I want fucking results!
My contacts from the Holy Father
claim that the product
doesn't come from them.
My ass!
Chief, I'm gonna say
what all of us are thinking
We really need river rats.
Let me finish!
We could put little cameras on them
This is bullshit!
You think I didn't notice
what you're doing?
Are you fucking with me?
The meeting room!
I hear a call for help.
- Follow me!
- No!
Yellow brain.
All I know is we need that cup.
It's the only way to cure the girl.
Great! Go on then!
Put some shorts on
and go beat up all those beefcakes!
He's lost an arm.
With all due respect.
Siri! We're eating!
That said, Richard,
signing you up would be hard.
Why do we care about that cup?
We already have your potions!
They work!
The serum doesn't cure her.
It only alleviates the symptoms.
We really need you to win that cup.
But it's too late to sign up now.
Richard, do this! Do that!
Enough of this!
Well, perhaps I could try to
I want you to sign up Richard today.
As I mentioned earlier
Be my guest!
You decide what I do with my life!
That kid is such a pain!
She's not even my daughter, dammit!
I'll see what I can do.
Do you think
you're the only one
sticking your neck out?
What do you think Dave
and I have been doing?
No idea.
No one ever tells me anything.
Well, I'll show you.
Do you have a suit?
What are we doing here?
It's obvious who's responsible
for the police shootout.
A Kinglet did it.
We find the Kinglet who did it,
we neutralize it,
we take its heart.
We take what?
It's really complicated to make serum.
The main ingredient
is a Kinglet's heart.
And you find those inside Kinglets.
It just dawned on me
that you're the Heart
You stepped on my foot.
Agents Winner and Cosmatos.
Federal Police.
I didn't ask for anything either.
Richard does have a bad temper.
But it's obvious he cares for you.
there's nothing I can do for you.
The deadline to sign up
for the competition has passed.
One of your bosses could perhaps
I'm exhausted and I don't have all day.
There's no way I can help.
Have you tried bread crust?
She's teething, isn't she?
Let her chew on some bread crust,
it works.
Then you can finally relax.
There's always a way.
our boss died from a bullet wound
On the other hand
What the hell is this shit?
Never seen anything like it.
They all had this unknown drug
in their system.
Actually, we've seen it before
Clients with that drug in their brains
have been piling up here lately.
That's also
what the meeting was about.
Kinglet of Intoxication.
Let's share our leads.
The cases we're on may be linked.
She's my main suspect
in the Heart Snatcher case.
She was at the scene.
I was telling my colleague
it has to be some kind of dealer.
I'll tell my boss we're teaming up.
are you sure your boss
is no yellow brain?
There's nothing I can do.
It's past the deadline.
I'm the boss,
but I'm still accountable
So who's your boss?
None of your business.
Who let you in, anyway?
What a cute pooch
Yes. His name is Shnoopy.
Daddy's little Shnoopy.
How can you not know
where to get that drug?
You've got to know the dealer.
That drug killed eleven people today.
He's big, too big.
The Iguana is too big.
Bigger than the Universe.
The Iguana is the Universe.
Are you OK, dude?
Tell me more about the Iguana.
I'm listening.
I'll kill you! All of you
Take it easy, dude
I'm not angry with you.
Can someone please
tell me where he buys his candy?
So what did you come here to talk about?
Well, at the FFFC,
I've been told that
you're the one who runs the FFFC.
Are these your kids and your dogs?
They're his best friend's kids and dogs.
He always asked
the Holy Father for favors.
And as his best friend,
he'd oblige.
One day,
he just ran out of favors
So the Holy Father fed his kids
to the dogs.
What the hell is this shit?
I think we've found the dealer.
There's more of them behind us.
Back up or I'll shoot!
To the subway car, quick!
I'm pouring my heart out to you,
that's what I'm doing.
Your words have touched my soul.
And now I'm sorry
I was excessively harsh
to my best friend.
All right.
Tell Richard Aldana to come and see me.
Maybe we can find a way to sign him up.
We're being overwhelmed.
We need to target Alvarius.
The glowing woman!
Three bullets left.
The heart! Aim for her heart!
I know, I know
That's right, asshole.
I can't see anything.
Did you get her?
Time to go get that heart.
We've got competition.
You were dropped off
in front of the ER.
Dropped off?
By the two feds?
There were no feds.
I contacted them,
they never sent anyone.
Who were these two bozos, then?
And that woman?
It's probably not the perfect moment,
We finally got
the sketch of Eric Rose's killer.
That motherfucking sicko
To be continued
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