Lastman (2016) s01e17 Episode Script

La famille, c'est toujours compliqué

It's always complicated with family.
In the wake of King Vevrier I's death,
Raghan the Clairvoyant,
who had his eye on the throne,
challenged the heir's legitimacy.
The vassals started fighting
over the empire's lands,
which brought in the era
of The Dark Ages of the Kinglets
Show us that book, fag!
No, no, please!
Look at this!
A pair a tits!
Do they make your little dick hard?
You touched me!
This is what you get:
Get your dirty hands off my brother!
Fuck you!
Fuck, I'm bleeding,
I'm going to tell Sister Angela.
You McKenzie brothers are dead!
Are you OK?
Oh no, don't tell me
you're still obsessed with that crap?
The Valley of the Kings is real,
and we can go there.
A cup can get us there
Listen to yourself.
Do you realize
you sound out of your mind?
Get real!
It's just books.
And this is real life.
Grow up, dammit!
Do you promise
to stop your bullshit?
I promise.
Your prison without bars
prevents you from flying.
What a dire situation for those in exile.
My Valley is waiting for you
Pure and protected.
Under the breath of Queen Iguana.
Breathing life into her bosom.
Beyond it lies the cold, cold night
Nothing's happening?
Ha! I think it worked.
The Kinglets were vanquished
by Theodore the Legitimate.
Their souls were condemned
to wander in Ether for eternity,
beyond the breath of Queen Iguana.
Before he disappeared,
Raghan cursed the Valley,
promising to come back from Ether
and to shed rivers of blood.
Dave McKenzie wins
the fight by knock-out!
Do you like losing money?
I don't.
So when I see my ten-thousand-Doll
champion get beaten,
it gets me thinking.
What's your name?
Dave McKenzie, sir.
Powerful, fast hands
You're built like a lumberjack,
but you're methodical.
Look, Rocco,
he had a little something.
But you have a big something.
In a week, there are qualifiers
for the regional tournament,
I want you to be the champ.
What about my contract?
I don't look serious to you?
It's Dark Age magic.
I'm not sure what I did, but
I brought a demon
back from Limbo.
He's here in Paxtown.
You don't have to believe me
but you really
have to leave the city until
No, no, no,
I'm not crazy.
I know what it looks like, but it's real.
We really had
a shitty life growing up, right?
Dad, mom, the orphanage.
Being broke.
We always pulled through.
But now I'm done.
You're sick, Howard.
Dave, I swear
You're sick.
You need help,
and I need some space.
- What's this shit?
- Let's go.
Howard, no!
The names of the chosen ones
Give me their names.
Start the car!
Are you ready to chop down trees?
- Yes.
- Are you OK? Did you sleep well?
I'm fine. It's just my brother
It's complicated.
It's always complicated with family.
But it's what's most important, right?
Where were you?
Two fucking weeks!
I thought you were dead.
I found him, Dave.
The guy Raghan inhabits,
his name is Alan Passtel.
I know how to kill him now.
We have to aim for the heart!
That's why he didn't die last time.
What are you saying?
You're talking about killing people!
We don't kill people! Howard?
Evening, Howard.
Raghan The Clairvoyant.
Pleased to meet you.
I never had the opportunity to thank you
for freeing us from Limbo.
- Us?
- Yes, us!
All the Kinglets who'd been
banished from the Valley.
What do you want?
What do the Kinglets want?
Good question So many things.
We want chaos,
our blood tribute
from the Valley of the Kings
But above all, what we want
is to devour other Kinglets.
By the way,
I have a little favor to ask you.
Since you uttered the incantation,
you now know which miserable shells
my peers inhabit.
I don't know a thing.
Even if I did,
I wouldn't tell you, you monster.
Don't worry, I don't need you to talk.
Oh no, it's gross!
The heart!
Aim for the heart!
I got him!
It's a forfeit win!
We'll teach McKenzie some respect.
Drop it, Jean-Michel.
It's family.
It's complicated.
Stuck in Limbo,
the Kinglets kept knocking
at the realm's door.
But Queen Iguana's
guards stood before them.
- What are you doing?
- It's a baby.
It's not a kid!
It's not even human. It's a demon.
You know
there's only one thing to do.
OK. I'I do it.
There must be another way.
Find it.
You piece of shit!
For years, I've been looking
for a way to save you,
to prevent him
from eating your soul.
And it's working, isn't it?
It's only temporary, yeah, but
Do you want to meet them?
Let's go home.
To be continued
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