Lastman (2016) s01e16 Episode Script

Paramètres mon cul

Richard, can I talk to you?
Give me a second.
Hey, we're training here!
Go play somewhere else.
This isn't daycare!
Sorry about that.
See you later.
Is there a problem?
You can talk to me.
Yeah, I wanted to know
What was my mother like?
That what's on your mind?
You look a lot like her, you know.
Yeah Of course I do.
Parameters my ass.
Oh my!
The Killer Osteopaths!
They brought a new twist to the sport!
They're mind-bendingly scary!
He just tied that guy's spine
into a knot!
It's for his own good.
He can't feel pain anymore.
I've got a cure for these sickos.
Wait, how did he paralyze him?
See that right here?
Hitting that nerve paralyzes
the muscular chain.
We don't have time
for medical training
so we'll hit them and that's it.
But how the hell
do we block that?
How do we protect nerves?
You have plenty of nerves
and the guys will paralyze you.
You'll need to beat them anyway.
Defend yourselves!
Think outside the box.
- 4,3,2
- She's about to hit us, right?
I think so
Good. Enough for today.
The Killer Osteopaths!
Who will be their next patients?
Diamond and Aldana!
Kiss your skeletons goodbye, guys!
See you tonight
for the back massage!
It's a PaxSport exclusive!
We need to talk
Leave me alone.
I know what you are
That's because you're like me
You're a Kinglet.
I used to be scared too.
I just want to help
Help with what? A cure?
- You're joking, right?
- A cure?
We're not sick.
We have a huge power in here.
You need to learn to control it.
Excuse me,
am I interrupting?
I understand the situation may seem
I'm an ornithologist
Actually I'm no pro,
more of a bird-watcher.
I spotted a brood of Arcadia pigeons,
you can check for yourself!
Where do I look for the pigeon?
Where are you?
I can't see you guys.
Hurry up,
the match has started.
I'm sorry, I forgot to warn you,
Siri went for a walk in the park.
Is there a problem?
no, nothing special.
OK, I got to go.
I got to go take a beating.
Good, let's do that.
- Where are we going?
- Don't worry it's nearby.
Make yourself comfortable.
You live here alone?
You'll see, people like you and me
don't need anyone.
I guess you don't have parents.
Yeah, you could say that.
Do you want to see my power?
I'll show you.
That's awesome!
Where do these powers come from?
Do they make you sick?
What are you drawing now?
An abominable monster.
His name is Chorum
And I'll kill him.
Seventh and likely final round.
Aldana beat the first Osteopath
but the second one "got his back"
That's very tense
Neutralizing your nervous system
paralyzed your entire body.
Contemplating the spasms
in your muscles brings me joy
because each one of them
is the pathetic expression
of your will to win.
That's right, smart ass.
You're only standing because I let you.
I ignored your feet
for sheer entertainment,
but I can defeat you with one digit,
and that digit
is coming for you.
- I think I've seen him before
- Oh yeah?
It's late. I've got to go.
You haven't seen the best part!
Friendship between Kinglets
doesn't exist.
In a way, it's because
we love one another so much.
- What?
- Richard? Are you still in pain?
What the hell
Who is it? Tomie Katana?
Are you guys going through
a rough patch?
- Where are you?
- Is that her?
Is it Tomie?
Where's Siri?
She's not far, I can hear her,
she's not far
You can hear her?
Now, Chorum, show yourself!
What the hell?
So that's the Great Devourer?
I'm really impressed.
Go on Die now.
What now?
Will you stop moving?
What are you doing?
Finish him off!
He's just a kid!
No, he's a Kinglet.
This is what happens
to those who oppose
It's over, Siri.
It's all OK now
It's all OK?
And what was all this this
Yes, that's what happens
when a Kinglet kills another Kinglet.
Wait, what?
That's what she is?
A Kinglet?
And you knew about it?
What about Dave? Did he know?
Dave isn't my father.
It's a bit more complicated than that
there are lots of parameters at play
Parameters my ass.
Now I want the truth.
To be continued
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