Lastman (2016) s01e15 Episode Script

Je suis le passager

Should I call your doctor?
I feel better already
Hello, it's Richard.
Leave a message
I won't listen to after the beep
When he was in prison,
we knew where to find him.
he could be waiting for us
Let's hope so!
It's the most important
day in my career.
- Sorry!
- No, I'm sorry
My bad.
See you tomorrow, Steven!
Yeah, bye.
For the Just!
Only the Just shall be saved.
I'm the passenger.
I have an appointment
with the Master.
He's being held up.
Please be patient.
That monster's controlling me
He's a monster too!
Let go of me!
It shouldn't be long now.
Hello, it's Richard.
Leave a message
I won't listen to after the beep
My friend Dammit!
My friend gets us to meet
the best coach in the FFFC
and you don't turn up?
Who do you think you are?
Fuck that shit!
- Maybe he had a problem.
- He's the problem.
thanks for what you did, Tallulah.
Come on Duke,
you and me are family,
you've always wanted to be the best.
I was trying to impress you.
Gemini! Rayden!
Gemini, I love you!
I love you too, Gemini
Hi, Duke.
You wanted to meet Bennett?
Is your partner here?
- He
- Duke Diamond and Richard Aldana?
Kriss Bennett can see you now.
Yes, brother Steven.
Here's what I found out about
Gemini Kross: He's never alone.
He's got a tight schedule
with training sessions,
business meetings,
and rare moments of privacy.
Give me the details.
He's dating a woman
named Tallulah Wood,
a liberal teacher from
a working-class family.
Their relationship
is strictly monogamous.
Brother Steven, this is Arumeri.
You shall blindly obey him
and anyone else
who utters these words
"I am the passenger".
Steven, I've selected you
to complete this mission.
Gemini Kross must fight
for the Just and win the cup.
The cup, Steven,
is our only ticket home
to the Valley of the Kings.
Keep your guard up,
Where's your partner?
He's late, but I
I can't waste
my time with amateurs.
Good! Switch!
- But I'm
- Alone.
The FFFC is all about teamwork.
This is the way out.
Don't give up.
You're qualified,
that's pretty sweet!
You'll go far, Duke!
You have what it takes.
aside from a fucking partner.
I hope for his sake
we don't bump into him
For fuck's sake!
OK, relax,
listen to him first
Hi guys!
- Sorry I'm late.
- I got to go.
You'll never guess
what happened last night!
Leave us now.
So where were you last night?
Hey, you're sexy enough
but you're not my wife, all right?
I said I was sorry.
Sorry man. Let's move on.
Where's Arumeri?
I'm the passenger.
Who did you call pathetic?
You, you pathetic loser!
You piece of shit!
Hold on, dammit!
Your friend! Damn!
Who are these guys?
They're problems.
We're moving towards the target.
It's going as planned.
Come on Gemi,
I only need five minutes
I miss you.
We're being followed.
These guys are shooting at us!
I'm so jealous!
Don't let anybody in, Steven.
- Who's this?
- Just kiss me.
Only the Just shall be saved!
Only the Just shall be saved!
Only the Just shall be saved!
Only the Just shall be saved!
Only the Just shall be saved!
Have you seen Gemini's girl?
are you?
I'm the passenger.
What did you do with the girl?
Remember what Rizel said?
You blindly obey.
I'm tired.
Escort me.
We need to see Gemini!
Why? You want an autograph?
It's that dude!
- What do we do?
- You stay behind me.
Gemini, Tallulah's in danger!
Gemini, what's going on?
Watch out! He's armed!
Only the Just shall be
I don't know.
A ransom perhaps?
That woman set up the trap.
We secured the area.
Nobody saw her leave.
Don't worry, we'll find her.
I can't believe
Tallulah could do this.
You, your footwork sucks.
And you won't
have a helmet on the ring.
But you work well as a team.
Kriss Bennett.
If you want to learn how to fight:
Be here at 7:30 tomorrow
both of you.
Wait, that's the coach?
You should've told me
the coach had boobs!
To be continued
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