Lastman (2016) s01e14 Episode Script

Vas-y, chante un truc pour voir

It's such a beautiful day,
but I suspect everyone
will be staying in
This fight will go down in history!
Yes, today's fight
will take place in a prison,
since one of the fighters,
Richard Aldana,
is suspected of being a psycho-Kkiller.
- That should be interesting!
- Cashmere?
Where are you, kitty?
The guys facing Aldana
and Duke Diamond
are also known as psychos
But they roam free.
Brothers Jean and Zero White
seem to have
lots of friends in the audience.
Yes, they're active members
of the White Supremacy Party.
Enough about politics.
Lets focus on this noble sport.
Duke Diamond
seems rather lonely without his partner.
What the heck is Aldana up to?
Come on, sing us something.
It won't make people dance.
Your fans want thrills,
not this wishy-washy crap.
I don't know why I let you listen to it.
Let me tell you what your fans want!
We make the beat bounce,
this bounces too.
What an asshole!
Hey! Where are you going?
Are you a doctor?
I need a few staples
I'm no surgeon, I'm a dentist.
It's his job.
I love you, little bzz
Look at it like oversized gums
If I'm not on the ring in 10 minutes,
I'll be locked up for life.
Oh, look, it's Tomie Katana,
Richard Aldana's new girlfriend.
She's a real hottie!
Lucky guy Watch out!
Come up here!
I'll make you sing!
Take your clothes off!
Show us your cunt!
Hello people!
Is this
the micro-penis support group meet-up?
No anesthesia.
I need to be able to focus.
I'll stitch up your intestine.
No spoilers. I like to be surprised.
All my problems float away.
People smile in the distance.
We can't hear anything!
The birds when they fly
fly away with my past.
Soaring in the sky.
That's how.
All my worries intertwine.
In the stars far from here.
That's how.
My worries intertwine.
In the stars far from here.
Another one!
Thank you.
Sing us another one, Tomie!
We told you
it's history in the making
Oh! Look who's here!
Oh my!
This is why Aldana's late.
He looks badly injured.
Cheer up.
You won't have to fight!
I'm happy to take on these Nazis.
You know what?
Sounds good to me
Smells like monkey shit around here.
Did you eat at your mamma's, boy?
Making Duke angry
is never a good strategy.
Your turn, scumbag!
I'll make you unsubscribe
to Nazi Magazine.
Brenda Taylor? The producer?
I just saw you on TV.
Would you like me to sign you up?
That's sweet, but I'm under contract
with Milo Zotis
Never heard of him. Look darling,
contracts can be terminated.
You could come and work
with the very best
Think about it. Take your time.
I'll give it to you,
your song wasn't that bad.
But imagine a bouncier beat
and shaking that upper-body a bit
Oh, my! What are they doing?
This is the epitome of savage!
That goes against
the spirit of the sport!
So, what now?
FFFC rules are very clear:
A match stops
once one of the teams is defeated,
whatever happens.
Aldana seems to be aware of that rule.
But is he "physically able to fight"?
Stop it now!
You organized the fight,
tell him to stop it!
You don't get it?
That's what people want to see.
Oh yeah? Well,
Brenda Taylor called me earlier.
Never heard of her.
She never heard of you,
what does that mean?
She's the best producer
in the business, and she wants me.
So you stop this bloodbath,
or I'll go work for her!
It's my event,
my earnings,
and remember: I own you too.
I'm not stopping the match
and you shut the fuck up.
I owe you something.
Tomie Katana.
Get the contracts ready.
Aldana needs to stay down,
he's getting slaughtered.
All my problems
float away
Soaring in the sky
far from here!
You're just stupid, huh?
All my worries
Is that what you want?
How does it go again?
That line about birds, right?
Are you fucking with me?
Aldana blocked it!
What's wrong with you?
The birds
your face!
I think he's trying to say something.
Is he giving up?
He does!
White threw the towel!
Aldana wins the match!
What we just withessed was unbelievable!
Oh no
Richard won.
I have a counter offer.
Wanna hear it?
If I say no, you'll leave me alone?
Sure. I've always played fair.
Come on in. Let's talk.
Answer it. We got plenty of time.
- Brenda?
- No, let go of me!
- Brenda?
- Come on, sing us something!
I don't sing. I'm a producer
No! Not the
So about your new contract,
I'm ready to make a few concessions.
Mendoza speaking.
This is a joke, right?
Careful My belly
Don't you ever leave me again! Ever!
- I'll try
- No! You need to say it!
I'll never leave you
Someone got you out.
I've been fired.
But we'll meet again
I know
you're deeply involved in this case.
Are you OK?
Yeah. Now I'm OK
To be continued
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