Lastman (2016) s01e13 Episode Script

T'es choupi Aldana

Come on, Heart Snatcher!
Be my guest.
I can't wait to show you the infirmary.
That's sweet to come and visit me.
Hey! Wait till we're gone
before you start screwing.
You're a cutie, Aldana
Richard never did anything.
He's innocent.
Look, Siri.
Aldana isn't your problem anymore.
What's important now
is finding your real parents.
My "real parents"?
I couldn't find you anywhere
in Paxtown's records.
Dave McKenzie wasn't your father.
We'll try to find your family.
My father is my father.
That's nonsense!
In the meantime,
we found you a foster family.
I'm sorry.
I checked their file,
the Esperanzas are good people
and are used to kids.
Sorry, madam,
I'm looking for
the museum of fine contemporary arts.
Go up that street,
turn right and go there.
No, not that way! Over there!
Let's go.
- Hello Siri!
- Welcome!
We'll take good care of you.
What's wrong with you?
She usually loves everyone.
Are you OK?
I'll be fine
That's for you.
I wouldn't be here without you.
What happened?
Did you sample your product?
No, man,
compared to what they give you here,
- Zenkova's stuff is like aspirin.
- What they give you?
We get out early if we act
as guinea pigs for the doctor.
They give you pills
They call it Sector.
Pills that turn you
into a fucking zombie?
I dunno
If that's what they're for, it's working.
I'm happy to do four years
instead of eight.
You, to the infirmary!
And you, to the parlor!
I thought it was on Monday!
Some guy had an allergy.
An allergy? Have you seen my face?
I can't go back.
- You do what we tell you
- Leave him alone!
Hey, Heart Snatcher,
what kind of voltage
would you prefer?
Hi. Looks like you're having fun
Yeah, there's a great array
of fun activities here.
So Well
Since that pic was published,
my record sales rocketed.
You're a singer now?
I've always been a singer,
but now I'm successful.
Listen to me
I can get you out of here.
We just need people to believe
we're dating.
For the publicity.
Yeah right!
Serial killers are off the hook
if they're hooked up.
I believe you've already met?
Milo Zofis.
He's my agent.
He can get you out.
According to FFFC rules,
you and Diamond are still competing.
Milo can set up
the next fight in this prison.
- If you win, you get out.
- Really?
And how does Milo do it?
With a magic wand?
Precisely. In Paxtown,
it's called a checkbook.
OK. But on one condition.
I had a girl under my care.
A deceased friend's daughter.
I've been taking care of her.
- Can you do that?
- As long as he wins
you're innocent, right?
Did you kill all these people?
Only Eric Rose.
He was trying to cut my head off
OK Put your hand up here.
Nice one, lovebirds!
Candid pic at the parlor
and now online.
Win that fight and you're out, Aldana.
It's already up to 5,000 likes!
Trisha, did you go through my stuff?
No. Why?
Did you lose something?
Can you I help you find it?
That's not my cell, is it?
A new volunteer for you, Eleniak.
This boxing assassin asshole
knows people in the right places.
He has an FFFC match tomorrow,
and if he wins,
he gets out, just like that.
That asshole will be free!
That's a good volunteer you found me.
I'm good.
I feel better now.
There you go
Just like this Good.
Hey, Aldana!
It's a nice high, isn't it?
I've got a match
Let me go
You must have been hungry
Oh my god!
How did that get here?
You're not doing it again, are you?
I didn't do anything.
What a bunch of assholes
You're a cutie, Aldana!
- But it's no use.
- Look Max,
I don't feel bad
about getting you locked up,
but no one deserves
to be treated that way.
I love you, you know that?
Leave me alone! Get out.
I was worried about you.
You were saying weird stuff in your sleep.
Give me my medicine back.
That's how you hope to steal my parents?
Pretending to be sick?
Are you crazy?
Mom! She's crazy!
Siri? Is everything all right?
What's going on?
It'll pass
Siri? Let me in.
Leave me alone!
Hey! Where's Aldana?
How can you look at yourself in a mirror,
you scumbag!
I'll let you know
that this pill is a miracle of science.
With Sector,
we'll soon be able to cure the dead.
The centipedes!
They're getting in my mouth!
Come on Say "aaah"
You're at it again?
Free me! Free me!
Me! Get me out!
Me, please!
Everyone get out!
Move it!
Come on!
Thanks for everything, Richard!
Hurry up, man!
You're gonna miss your fight!
Do you hear them?
So many flies
So many flies
To be continued
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