Lastman (2016) s01e12 Episode Script

Pourquoi ce type me frappe?

In my very favorite dress.
Blinded by the spotlights.
Just a regular gal who's dancing.
Just a regular gal who's dancing.
See you soon
Wake him up for me, please.
I think he wanted to say something.
I need time to get the money
Makes sense,
it takes time to launch
a singer's career.
OK. I'll give you time.
You can pay us back in
I don't know
Three days? Is that OK with you?
I sang to another empty room!
Give us two minutes, will you?
What did we agree on? Three days?
So you got three days
to pay me back or we kill you.
It seems fair to me.
I'm sure you agree.
Why is this guy hitting me?
What's this horrible
Sir? Can you hear me?
It's your wife, she did that!
Nonsense! How could I
I read your report on
what happened at the station.
It's full of holes.
Someone reads my reports, at least!
I couldn't write everything down.
The Heart Snatcher did it.
Aren't you a bit obsessed with him?
Who is that guy?
He dies, he comes back as a woman
It doesn't make sense!
Except if there are more than one.
What are we looking for?
Fans of ancient Aztec sacrifices?
Tell me
when you're done fucking with me.
OK, all right.
No, wait.
- OK, now I'm done.
- Thank you.
I know it's strange,
but these random people
who've never met
are committing the same crime
using completely different M.O.'s.
- Still with me?
- Kind of.
All we have is one suspect's portrait.
Nothing's certain.
But we do know
this mysterious stud is involved.
Our advantage
is Richard and me are psyched!
We're gonna kick both their asses!
Richard Aldana,
do you agree with your teammate?
I What was the question?
Your opponents,
Ali et James, are the favorites.
What's your strategy?
We fought hard to get here.
So we're gonna bring the house down!
Right, Richard?
You were great.
You didn't talk too much.
That's good!
You don't seem psyched
Gotta be psyched, bro!
Because the fight is on!
Focus on the cup!
It's the goal.
You can do it.
The entire club supports you.
Richard, I need fo take a leak.
Go on! To the lockers!
Shower! Warm up!
Psyched! Psyched!
Good luck.
OK Thanks.
It's not like I'm stalking you.
I earn extra cash as a round girl here.
I saw your picture
on the posters, so I thought
Are you OK?
You know that dream where you have
a violin concert to perform
and you realize
you never learned to play?
Everyone's looking at you, on stage,
holding a violin,
and now you realize
you're not wearing pants.
You are almost naked!
Ali Noél! James Easton!
Duke Diamond
and Richard Aldana!
Ring 7 in three minutes.
Want to know how to deal
with stage fright?
- Yeah.
- I'd like to know too.
Beat him!
Don't even try, Milo
I can't process your bet.
Everybody knows you're washed out.
I'm getting back on track
and there's money to be made.
I'm such a winner
my dough brings me luck.
Yeah, I don't know
You want a guarantee?
Look at that girl over there.
If I lose, she's yours.
Think of the money she could earn you
in a blowjob bar.
You'll get the 15,000 back in 3 days.
We're on the same page
15,000 on Ali and James winning.
Dammit Milo
I can't say no to you.
Richard Aldana and Ali Noél
are going to open the fight.
Everybody knows Al,
but we've never heard of Aldana.
I don't know
what he was up to last night
but he doesn't seem
to have his head in it.
Let's wait and see what his teammate
Duke Diamond can do
Can you please turn the sound off!
Oh, no
Where are you hiding, asshole?
Motherfucking asshole
Oh my!
That dude should've stayed
in bed this morning!
Don't worry,
he'll be back in his bed soon enough.
Tag out! Richard!
Tag out!
He didn't even land a punch
What's his name again?
Who cares
On to the next fighters!
The other team also changed it up.
Have fun.
Duke Diamond is focused
182 pounds
Oh no! I can't believe it!
That was incredible!
Let's see what happened on the replay.
Look at this
Boom! Double whammy!
It's way too risky.
He's totally defenseless.
If that missed,
he could've lost bad.
But he got results.
Well played.
I wonder
what Diamond plans to do now.
He can't pull off the same move!
It's too dangerous.
He'd surprise everyone
if he actually tried it again.
The crowd wants more.
He's knocked out! K.O.!
Two K.O.'s in the first round!
Ali Noél can be proud of himself!
Aldana's worried
he's about to be punched again
People tell me you've been betting
the money you owe me.
Who are you fucking with, Milo?
Not me, I hope
I was going
to win and to pay you b
I've always said:
"Milo has lots of potential"
Come on, cheer up
I'll lose
I'll disappoint them
What an idiot!
What am I doing here?
Why is this guy hitting me?
Why do all these people
want me to fight him?
Why is it always so complicated?
Two guys in a square
That's simple.
And what I'm doing here
is also simple.
it's the only simple thing in my life.
The only thing I do well.
I'm gonna beat your ass!
What a fight!
What a comeback!
It's amazing! Amazing!
It could be the birth
of a great champion!
Richard Aldana!
We'll remember that name!
Aldana! Aldana!
The crowd already knows his name!
Nothing personal.
I'd had it with you hitting me.
I heard the cops have come
to arrest Richard Aldana.
Does he know?
Richard, there are
We're arresting you
for the murders of Eric Rose,
Alexis Milan, Gib Johnson,
Rick White, Clara Bailey
To be continued
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