Lastman (2016) s01e11 Episode Script

Attention quand ça clignote

Where are we going?
You might have guessed
that you weren't alone to sign up late.
And you don't have a partner.
So I'm about to meet him?
Certo You could say that
I can't talk right now.
I'll call you later, OK?
It's very simple.
There are three of you.
And to fight in the FFFC,
I only need two of you.
That's one too many, correct?
So you guys hop onto the platform,
and you work it out
so there's only two of you left.
Watch out when it starts flickering.
At the bottom of the ocean,
there's a secret cave
teeming with sharks.
They come there in droves to hunt
You wolfed down
all the Giga Puddings 10 minutes ago!
You're not my dad, OK?
She needs more structure.
Here's some shocking news
from the Heart Snatcher case.
Since Eric Rose was found dead
with his heart ripped out,
two other heartless corpses
have turned up,
including the psychoanalyst
Kenny Madison.
Was Eric Rose
the victim of a copycat
or of Paxtown's real Heart Snatcher?
The police
seem somewhat embarrassed
But I won't comment
on an ongoing investigation,
you f♪♪♪ing
sh♪t-stirring journos
Siri, can you hear me?
She needs more.
We'll have to find some more.
Can I help you?
No, I'll be fine.
We better not leave her alone.
Remember that name: Tomie Katana.
She's more than just boobs,
she's also a great singer!
Believe me:
She's gonna make it big!
You know Milo,
my favorite music is the sound
of coins and banknotes.
OK Nobody wants to die, right?
So I suggest one of you opts out.
That would be disappointing
for the viewers.
You get a 10,000-doll bonus
if you get someone out of the ring.
Give us a good show!
Give us a good sports performance.
It'll be 2 on 1.
I suggest we both team up
against that one guy.
Are they even allowed to do that?
Are they allowed to
I hope he'll last more than a minute,
or it could be bad for business.
Hello, Paxtown police.
May I come in?
Hello, why are you here?
We've had
breakthroughs in the case.
I just need to ask a few questions
and take new samples.
It won't be long.
It's been weeks
since that psycho attacked us.
There can't be much to sample.
On the contrary.
Laura? Have you seen my
Get out!
- What happened, Laura?
- Call the police!
This is Paxtown's Police Department.
What's this horrible
Hello? Sir? Can you hear me?
It's your wife,
she did that!
Nonsense! How could I
Stop this now!
I can't do anything. Free me.
Shoot! It's another psycho,
like the other one!
I'll count to 3.
You're threatening the wrong person,
If you kill me, you're doomed.
Shut him up!
Look at her!
She knows what's going on,
can't you see that?
Shut up, you psycho!
Do you feel it inside you Laura?
Can you feel Crucifer calling you?
Get out of here. Leave me here
Something's wrong?
What's wrong is we have to kill her.
It's all going to be fine
my love.
Are you OK?
Wanna bring in
other friends to help you out?
I forgot to tell them
to watch out when it blinks.
They got the message now.
Hang on, we'll get you out of here!
Stop! You're gonna Kill him!
Will you let go of my partner, asshole?
He's not your partner yet.
Move over, Diamond!
What are the odds now?
500:1, Diamond loses!
Isn't it the one you bet on?
No, I went for the chink.
Drop him and get done with it!
Don't you want the bonus?
I'm not an assassin, asshole!
Eric Rose was looking for your wife.
Shut up!
- What are you doing?
- He could die!
We've got to help.
We can't let him die
I'm telling you to stop!
It's not Laura!
It's me Laura
You didn't have a choice.
You should stick
to the music biz.
Sports aren't your thing.
It was a nice match, guys.
Bravo and welcome to the FFFC.
Nice? We almost died!
- Do you have a beer?
- A beer?
I had enough fighting for today.
The competition is on, now!
Don't act like my dad.
If we team up,
you'll have to
I love it
when friendship wins in the end.
it's from the switchboard.
You got to listen to this.
This is Paxtown's Police Department.
What's this horrible
Hello? Sir? Can you hear me?
It's your wife, she did that!
Nonsense! How could I
Three voices, two corpses.
- This means the third one is
- The Heart Snatcher.
To be continued
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