Lastman (2016) s01e21 Episode Script

Oh non...

Howard McKenzie, drop your gun!
I thought
you were kicked off the force.
It gave me enough time
to solve my case.
Follow me and do as I say.
Go! Go! Go!
"Serum delivery postponed."
What the heck is Howard up to?
Oh no
Police! Nobody move!
On the floor!
- Lie down!
- On the floor, now!
The Heart Ripper
he assaulted me.
You're not allowed
to carry anymore, Mendoza!
I can't cover up for you anymore.
you should check this out.
Take that scumbag away.
You're hurting a kid now,
what a wonderful father figure!
Dave would've never done that.
Oh, poor Richard.
I can feel his teeth.
He's devouring my soul!
Why me?
Stop him, Richard!
I'll die because of you!
Richard, don't listen to her,
it's the demon talking.
You weren't even able to save my father.
You let him die alone
like the shithead you are!
Leave me alone! Leave me alone!
Mister Elfman?
Your lawyer bailed you out.
Come on, there were two bodies! Two!
What kind of evidence
do you need?
We've been tracking
that rapist down for so long!
There are no signs of assault.
The coroner says they died
from natural causes
Come on,
two simultaneous heart attacks!
Does it seem natural to you?
The third one was about to die too!
Listen, lieutenant.
Monsieur Elfman
does enjoy having fun,
but no crime was committed.
He's a very generous man, you know.
Some people just don't belong in jail.
Come on, don't take personally.
Some people just don't belong in jail.
That's how it is.
So that guy's linked
to all these cases?
How did he pull it off?
For all these years?
We're talking dozens of corpses!
Look Daniel,
it's not a simple serial killer case.
It's much more complicated.
I know it sounds crazy, but
Is there a problem?
"I'll finish
what I started the other night."
Goddammit, Monica!
Hold on!
No one will believe your story.
I don't even know
why I'm following you.
It's because you know
we can't count
on your corrupt and inept bosses.
Because you know I'm not crazy,
and that I'm a good cop.
Well, I hope you're right
on both counts.
I'm thirsty
What are you doing?
I'm in love with you, asshole!
Don't you understand?
It's so pathetic!
Shut up!
Siri! Don't let him take over!
Stay strong!
Howard will bring the serum, and
You guys are really stupid aren't you?
By feeding me
the hearts of my peers,
you're only making me stronger.
What are you doing?
And this doll, Siri?
What's her name?
What about this? Remember this?
Freeze, asshole!
What's happening?
Oh no Oh no!
I know who you are Heart Snatcher
I also know you're doing
all this for Siri.
The hearts are for her.
She's a monster
like him
Is that it?
- Answer me!
- Yes!
Dad gave it to me.
I have it.
I have your serum.
We don't need it anymore.
- What?
- You thought you were helping me.
But it only made me sicker.
No Siri, you need the serum.
No, Howard,
I don't need it anymore.
To be continued
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