Lastman (2016) s01e22 Episode Script

Il a une sale gueule ton bernard l'hermite

Bill is still standing,
technically speaking.
Oh my!
This fight couldn't end soon enough.
The audience is cringing
Tell me when it's over.
Gemini seems to have totally recovered
from his broken arm.
I have no doubt about it now.
He's the champion
of the Order of the Lion.
Do you think he works for Rizel?
If he wants the cup,
it's the only way.
The referee blows the whistle. K.O.
I don't know
if you can call it a "nice" win.
Yeah, it was pretty ugly.
Leave me alone.
- Oh my god!
- Did you see it?
I sure did! A huge rat! There he is!
Damn it!
- So Gemini's a Kinglet?
- Probably.
The Order of the Lion wants him
to bring them the cup.
That explains
why his girlfriend vanished.
We have to find out
who that Kinglet is even the odds.
You'll die if you go.
He'll kill you.
Come on, guys!
We'll win that cup!
What an ugly-ass hermit crab.
Watch out, he's armed!
Only the Just will
A dozen bullets hit him!
We got him bad!
Yes, but you killed the main suspect
in the kidnapping
of Gemini Kross's wife.
No, detective,
with all due respect, he survived.
Pardon me?
It wasn't mentioned in your file?
With all due respect.
Hello Tomie? I fucked up bad.
I'm still the world-class champion
in fucking up nice things.
You're right to hate me, Tomie.
The semifinal's in 5 minutes
and I don't feel like hitting anyone.
I just wanted to tell you
Your message box is full.
Please delete some messages
Everything OK, Tomie?
Should we get back to it?
Yeah. Let's get back to it.
Message box full.
Aldana always seems
to stay level-headed
However, today's the semifinal!
It's nice to feel close to your coach.
What happened?
- You ate the dust.
- What?
Damn How many rounds did I last?
It's OK, Duke beat Fowler.
Tessman is tougher.
It's been eleven rounds now
Get us to the final!
Give it everything you've got!
Now or never, Duke! Go get him!
It's an incredible victory by Diamond!
Kross! Rayden! Aldana!
And Diamond!
We'll see you in the final!
Don't you think it" a bit much
for a single rat?
It's a big one though.
Nobody's watching
the defendant?
Are you afraid he'll run away?
The third guy over there.
If he assaults you, just yell.
From body to body
faceless chaos
he is everybody
he's a passenger.
From body to body
From body to body
Is that what you saw?
Oh no!
I can see
you still have feelings for me.
Sorry. I came up here
because they didn't let me in.
Give me one reason not to push you!
You think it's all forgiven now?
You're a real asshole.
I've never been so humiliated,
and I work for Milo Zotis.
Do whatever you want.
Forgive me,
seek vengeance, whatever.
You decide
Aren't you fighting tonight?
That's why I needed to talk to you.
Without you,
it seems like all my rage is gone.
I could
send you a message before your fight.
There it is.
He's "connecting" to him".
What you see here isn't Gemini.
It's just his shell.
OK I get it.
An ugly creature
that switches bodies.
Like a hermit crab changing shells?
That's the gist of it.
His name is Arumeri,
the Body Snatcher.
Well, that's an ugly-ass hermit crab.
How do I beat him?
That's where it gets tricky.
If he connects to you guys,
he'll have access to your entire body
and organs.
That's not an answer.
How do I beat him?
That's horrible!
We have to do something!
I thought you hated rats.
Stay strong.
You'll feel much better soon.
Vitamine K inhibits
the effects of strychnine.
But it depends on the
What a cute little rat!
Let me take care of it,
or what you saw will happen.
I'm sweating now, Jayce. I'm sweating.
I'm nervous, it's so tense.
Yes Karl! It's that day of the year
when you shed those extra pounds.
Tonight, four survivors
are fighting for victory.
I heard there'd be some
kind of surprise before the fight.
I can't wait!
I just can't wait.
Siri, can you give me my towel?
Siri, don't you ever
leave your flipbook behind.
- Wait
- Siri!
Chorum, no
If you devour me, Chorum,
there won't be any match.
No victory! No cup!
We don't care about the cup, Richard!
You'll die if you fight him I saw it.
She's right.
I'll kill you.
We're finally there
Can you believe it?
You promised a surprise, Jayce.
Here it is: It's singer Tomie Katana.
Tomie Katana recorded
a special song for Richard Aldana.
Less than a minute
In the ring and in the sack.
One uppercut
And you lie on your back.
No stamina.
On the ring or in the sack.
You're a bad lay
Getting out of my life.
Out of my life.
Out of my life.
To be continued
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