Lastman (2016) s01e23 Episode Script

Le laisse jamais te toucher

To those of you who just tuned in,
welcome to this very special event!
Today's match is between
this season's very best fighters.
Rayden is starting
opposite Duke Diamond.
They're moving towards each other.
We'll soon know who the new champions
of the FFFC are.
Don't ever let him touch you.
What a cross!
He straight up didn't see it coming!
This is how Duke Diamond greets people!
Go, Duke!
I'll be back.
It's her.
Good old Chorum.
It shouldn't be too hard
to control a kid.
Watch out. He's never been
so powerful as he is today.
When I'm done with him,
he'll be gentle as a lamb.
One round!
Rayden didn't even last one round.
The real fight can now begin.
Rizel isn't available.
Tell him Howard McKenzie
has a deal for him.
Don't ever let him touch you.
Wow! Great advice!
Go, Duke!
You're Tallulah's friend, right?
Do you have any news from her yet?
No one has found her yet, right?
Maybe it's because I killed her.
What are you saying, you bastard?
Looks like I struck a nerve.
It's a submission attempt
by Gemini Kross.
Wanna taste her lips?
You're heartbroken.
What are you doing?
Gemini will win. The cup is yours.
We could share it.
You have the treasure map,
I have the key.
No key, no Valley.
You're offering the girl?
I'm offering Chorum.
You're offering something
I already have, Howard.
Hello Chorum.
That's what he's targeting!
The arm Gemini Kross
broke two years ago.
It looks like a good strategy.
Look, Diamond
is literally folding
under Gemini's blows.
What are you doing?
Let me go!
Shut up, you maggot!
Let them go!
Oh my! Diamond is taking a beat-down.
Not yet, he can still handle it.
Where are you?
I will find you eventually.
Chorum, my darling,
I know you're here.
Your name is Chorum?
Chorum, son of Thorgrim,
great vassal of King Veuvrier I.
A king?
The King of the Valley.
What's happening? Where are we?
Where's my squire?
Knock knock!
Who's there?
Where are you my darlings?
I heard you.
You brats!
There's nothing here.
What do we do now?
We'll have to go back
and fight.
We'll never win.
We don't even have a weapon.
If you are Chorum, you're the weapon.
The whole world's afraid of you.
I could see that when you possessed me.
You're a Kinglet,
the strongest of them all.
I was growing impatient.
I'm not afraid of you.
I have a great power.
Go on, time to transform! Eat her!
How do I do it?
You're just a kid.
Of course you can't remember.
Come with me!
I promise I won't hurt you.
I'm Chorum the Devourer!
You will become Chorum the Devourer.
In the meantime,
you're just a little brat.
As for you,
you'll soon be forgotten.
What should I do?
I am Chorum!
You're powerless against me.
I'm Time itself!
You know what I do with Time?
I eat it.
Diamond is taking a beat-down.
Go, Duke!
Not yet, he can still handle it.
You need to tag in.
Duke will die!
Richard Aldana bursts into the ring!
Let me go!
Shut up, you maggot!
Let them go!
Your Kinglet seems
to be in a tough spot.
It's just a small setback.
Chorum can't get away from her.
Are you sure about that?
You were saying
you knew how to control Chorum?
To be continued
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