Lastman (2016) s01e24 Episode Script

Encaisser et pas mourir

One step forward, two steps backward
It's an interesting dance.
You're dragging it out
But we both now how this will end.
You Kinglets
all have a weak point:
You're all
giant douchebags
Stop moving.
Duke didn't put up such a fight.
Let's see Where
am I going to weaken you?
Get off me, you scumbag!
That one's for Duke!
You'll be with him soon.
And that one's to shut you up!
Take the punches and stay alive.
It's brutal.
Oh, they look angry.
I don't know what's up,
but these two fighters
don't like each other at all.
What Duke started I'll end it.
I just need to take the punches
take the punches
and stay alive
Siri controls him now,
it's a fair deal.
You'll have the cup soon,
and I'll bring you the girl.
We set out on this adventure together.
Yes, it makes sense
to finish it together.
I admire your ability
to land back on your feet.
Well. Let's enjoy the show
while we're waiting for my victory.
Our victory.
Do you hear that?
In 30 years,
I've never heard such a loud punch!
It must be deafening for Aldana!
Hopefully he knows what he's doing.
He knows he's being used
as a punching bag.
Come on! Give me a right cross.
An eleven-year-old girl with fair hair.
Don't worry,
we'll make an announcement.
Is that the girl you're looking for?
I need you.
- Rizel thinks I'm on his side.
- OK.
I can't explain it all,
but you need to trust me.
Rizel plans to kidnap Siri.
We need to take her
somewhere safe.
Do you want more?
You've already lost.
It's like an open bar night, I'm numb.
Now you die!
The punching ball punches back!
Did you see that?
It's Aldana's strategy:
Getting Gemini
to block punches
and hit with his right arm,
which suffered a fracture two years ago.
It's starting to pay off.
but Aldana is taking the punches.
The referee chimes in
The fight is coming to an end.
You think that'll stop me?
- You got a big booboo.
- You shut up!
He doesn't look like he wants to quit.
It's the rules.
As long as they want to fight
and they're able to, they fight.
It's what makes this sport so beautiful.
Look, I'll be OK!
Come see daddy,
I'll kiss it to make it better!
The bell rang! One more round!
There will be another round.
Who would've thought that possible?
Duke's at the hospital!
Isn't that enough?
I injured his arm.
Keep it up
and you'll end up in a wheelchair.
Block his punches, dammit!
I never taught you to be this foolish!
No more risks, I promise.
Let's go!
Let's finish this!
Hang on!
I'm sorry.
Come on, you piece of shit
try your gross Kinglet trick again
You can't kill me, you idiot!
I don't care!
What happened, Jayce?
Did you see what happened?
I know you enjoy being punched.
Gemini Kross, the machine gun!
He doesn't feel the pain
in his arm anymore.
Saved by the fucking bell
What's happening to me?
What did you do to me?
- How do I beat him?
- That's where it gets tricky.
If he connects to you guys,
he'll access your entire body
and all your organs.
Isn't it a bit much
for a single rat?
It's a big one though.
We have to do something!
Vitamine K inhibits
the effects of strychnine.
Go, Richard!
Finish him off!
I second this, Karl!
I second this!
What a final!
Careful, I'm hurt
How's Duke?
Stable. He's no longer in danger.
How did you pull it off?
I have no idea, but
congrats Well done!
It was all thanks to Chubby.
Isn't he with you?
He's coming.
I saw him a second ago.
Congratulations Richard,
you were incredible.
What was that all about?
To be continued
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