Lastman (2016) s01e25 Episode Script

Je suis désolé

In the wormhole hypothesis,
the bottom of the hole
created by bending
the space-time continuum is a door
to another part of the universe.
And the way out of that tunnel
How did you get hold of this?
What's important is what's inside:
A way of getting
to the Valley of the Kings.
"The cup, forged by the hands of Gobniu,
"the Kinglet of Fascination,
"will guide
the traveler towards the Valley"
Where's that cu cu
This cup, Charles, is
out of our reach.
What do you mean?
I was saying
The cup that can show us
the way to the Valley
is in the Valley of the Kings.
That's stupid.
I know, but
we'll ask help from the cup's maker:
What do you mean by that?
If we can't get to the cup,
the cup will come to us.
What was that all about?
I'm sorry.
Sure thing, Jayce!
We want
fo get a reaction from the champion.
Here he is!
Richard? Just a word
Ri Richard? No?
He must be worried about his partner
who left the arena in bad shape.
It's not an understatement,
and we sure hope he's all right.
Don't stay here.
Get in the car.
I I think he drugged me.
It doesn't matter.
But I'll need your help, Arumeri.
Of course
Whatever you want.
That was Rizel.
Quick Richard, what did you see?
Boats, a port
and lots of houses on top of a cliff.
Nillipolis Island?
Gobniu, ye cursed Kinglet,
Forger of the Cup
Ye wandering soul
Banished from the Valley.
And sent to Limbo
Are you with us?
Gobniu, are you with us?
- You're the one moving it.
- No I'm not!
What's this shit?
R A..
Who's Raghan?
- OK, it's not funny anymore.
- What are you doing?
Did you see what
that thing looks like?
I gotta bounce, guys.
Come on! We can't quit now,
we're almost there! Charles?
And now
It's straight ahead.
- Hello?
- Chubby?
Just kidding! I'm not here.
Leave a message!
Call me back, I'm getting worried.
Hey sweetie?
Do you want to lick a meat lollipop?
I fo forgot something.
Charles, you're making a mistake.
He told me what to do.
Is this what's going to cure me?
Howard knows what he's doing.
Right, Howard?
Are these scribblings part of the
thing that can cure Siri?
"Woe betide those who stray too far
"from the warm breath of Queen Iguana.
"Such is the will
of the clement and forgiving gods.
"In spite of sin, in spite of woe
"The voice of the Just can bring back
"the most barren of hearts."
N-nothing's happening?
I think it actually worked.
What's going on? Howard!
I don't know.
I I don't understand.
I can feel
the blood flowing in my veins.
Howard! The flipbook!
What are you waiting for?
Stop it!
I like you Richard,
I'd hate to have to kill you.
How can you do this to us?
You promised
You know what happens to people
who've been possessed, Richard.
If she has to die,
she can do so for a great cause.
Dave and you never wanted
to see the truth.
The truth
I'm surprised the word
doesn't burn your mouth, Howard.
Where's the baby?
Wrong answer.
In the body of a newborn
you will find the key
Where's the key? Where's the baby?
My brother.
Pardon me?
My brother has Siri.
You piece of shit!
I'm sorry.
To be continued
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