Lastman (2016) s01e26 Episode Script

C'est la dernière fois que je vous le demande poliment

Siri, can you hear me?
I know you're in here!
Fight it!
She can't hear you.
Let's team up against him.
Are you in?
All I want is the kid.
To kill Chorum, the kid must die.
I don't care about killing him.
Let me through.
After eating your heart,
I'll send your corpse to the other side,
if it pleases you.
OK. I've got no other choice
I'm going to whoop both your asses!
It's the last time I ask you politely.
Oh, shit!
OK! You there!
No shit!
Gobble up the whole Universe then!
But let me return to the Valley.
Is that all you have to say?
Hey, dickheads!
Give me Siri back, goddammit!
It's the last time I ask you politely.
A metal pole?
Excellent idea.
It could drag on forever.
You're too slow to hit me.
I won, you dolt.
Your heart is mine!
Yeah, excellent idea, dickhead!
It's called a lightning rod.
He's too powerful.
Stay with me!
Rizel's heart,
that's what he wants, Richard
Stop him from getting it
Siri, if you can hear me,
try to get me outta here!
I'm powerless against him
but there is a way there's a
What do you plan to do?
Hush. Do you want him to find us?
Well done, ninja.
All the Kinglets are connected.
Chorum can feel my presence,
I can feel his
We'll save some time.
I'll just devour your planet.
Do you have any idea what Siri meant?
I'm talking to you!
What are you
Hang on!
I can't do this, Siri
What's up, douchebag!
Hang on tight!
It's a bumpy ride.
I did it
Bye, Siri.
Hey, I'm talking to you!
We have very little time.
Listen carefully
There's only one way.
What about you?
It was nice knowing you.
No, wait
No I can't do that, Siri
That's it!
One punch and "goodbye everyone"
That's right, Karl,
as the champ hasn't been
seen in public since that punch.
I bet he's nursing an epic hangover!
Have you ever suspected that
there are other worlds out there
and that the world you're stuck in
is just a squalid dead end?
What if, behind what we call reality,
there were a passage?
Would you be ready
to go to the other side
to drink in the sweet truth
and to let your eyes burn with the
spectacle of the Universe's very fabric?
I, Howard McKenzie,
am the first man
to cross to the other side,
to explore the only real world,
all the other worlds
being mere shadows of this world,
the Valley of the Kings.
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