Law & Order (1990) s14e04 Episode Script


In the criminal justice system, the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups the police, who investigate crime, and the district attorneys, who prosecute the offenders.
These are their stories.
John? Croissants from La Bergamote! Almond.
I'll be in the kitchen making some coffee.
- Who found her? - Margot the lady that works here found the D.
, called it in.
You mean the maid? Uptown folks call 'em "personal assistants.
" Anyway, she's pretty shook up.
We sat her down in the living room.
Is she the owner? Margot said she never saw her before.
Place is owned byJohn David Myers.
That the song guy? You can take a tour of his Tonys in the den.
Well, do we know who she is? Carrie Gunderson, if she belongs to the pocketbook we found in the front hall.
Half a dozen stab wounds defensive wounds on her forearms and hands.
Did Margot say when Myers'll be back? Oh, he's here.
Upstairs bedroom? You're gonna love this.
Myers? Mr.
This could run longer than his last show.
He went to the theater last night a premiere Half Past Dawn.
You went with Ms.
Gunderson? He went alone.
He never mentioned her.
I never saw her before.
No offense, ma'am, but this might go a whole lot easier if Mr.
Myers answered the questions.
John didn't kill that girl.
You were here? No.
But I've worked for him for 12 years.
He's a good person - a good, sensitive, caring person.
- So you don't know.
I met her at the show.
We went toJoe Allen's for the party after.
I never saw her before.
But you, uh, got to know her pretty well? We had too much to drink.
We made love.
I fell asleep.
He has a lawyer.
I'm gonna call.
Detective You should see this.
What are these, props for Camelot? They're real.
That one belonged to General Custer.
This one was Aaron Burr's.
Myers is a collector.
Weird hobby.
John has a sense of history.
Get 'em all down to Forensics.
! It looks like mud.
Was this here yesterday? No.
We worked here all day.
I would have noticed.
Besides, Sally was here.
She cleans every afternoon.
And is this always unlocked? The alarm wasn't on when I came in.
So, when Myers and Ms.
Gunderson get done sweating up the sheets, he passes out, she comes downstairs for a nosh And shocks the hell out of a burglar.
Why would a guy with a crib like this forget to turn on the alarm? I guess he had other things on his mind.
After a fun night of vodka and sex, she bled out between 2:00 and 3:00 a.
There is some slight bruising here on the outside of her hips.
Rape? No, I doubt it.
The hip bruises may mean that she was on top.
Go, Rodgers.
Eight stab wounds to the chest and abdomen makes me think this guy was making a statement.
What, "Hi, I'm pissed off'? No.
One or two thrusts is pissed off.
Eight without-hesitation wounds is uncontrollable rage.
Why, John David Myers, huh? In college I played Maggie in Out to Lunch.
I know where he got the title.
Well, put it this way.
His piano stool's missing a leg.
Honestly, this dude didn't look like he had enough rage to swat a fly.
Any of these do the deed? Well, as far as I can tell, no.
None of the incisions match.
Forensics ran Luco on the lot.
None of them had any traces of blood.
Tell me again why you don't want to slap the chains on Mack the Knife? Well the M.
Says the killer was filled with rage.
This girl said, "Yes.
" That would make most dudes happy.
Yeah, but not the guy she said "No" to.
You're saying she was someone else's target? Whoever broke in went through a lot of trouble just to walk away empty-handed.
He could have followed her and Myers home.
All right.
Keep someone on Myers while you find out what you can about the girl.
- That was Gunderson? - Yeah.
First name Carrie.
Mmm, sorry.
She's not here.
She could have been somebody's guest though, right? Sure.
Somebody likeJohn David Myers? Leave it toJohn.
You know, I've been sending him these invites for the past, I don't know, three years.
Not even an R.
My heart nearly stopped cold when his assistant called my assistant and said that he'd be coming.
What, he's not a big party person? You know the boat pond in Central Park? John went skinny-dipping there once with Miss October.
Nothing like a midnight swim.
Only it was after lunch at Sardi's.
John wasn't what you'd call shy.
And then, just like the Russian Tea Room, he's gone.
He doesn't answer calls.
He doesn't show his face in public.
So, no openings, no parties.
The biggest shame of all is he hasn't written a note of music.
This is Carrie Gunderson.
Was she with him at the party? Sure.
She was with him.
Not what he used to bring.
How so? She kept him from taking that last martini.
And she's not a regular on the party circuit? I never saw her before.
Oh, my God.
Was Carrie involved with John David Myers? In her dreams.
Did he do this to her? Lisanne, the way this works is, we get to ask the questions.
I didn't know Carrie all that well.
Oh, right.
She just lived here.
I was looking for a rent check, not a best friend.
My last roomie moved to L.
- I met Carrie at an audition six months ago.
- She was an actress? One of the great unemployed.
She didn't seem like JenniferJason Leigh in that movie, so, what the hell, you know? Carrie went to the premiere of a play, uh, Half Past Dawn? Yeah, I know.
It was my ticket.
- One of my regulars gave it to me.
- That's quite a tip.
Why'd you give the ticket to Carrie? Why not? I hate musicals.
Carrie was crazy for them, especially ones written by Connors and Rourke.
Let me ask you this: Carrie's boyfriend Who Mark? They broke up about a month or so ago some big passion play.
I didn't really want to hear about it.
- Am I supposed to be shocked? - No, not if you did it.
Believe me, I may have thought about it more than once, but I haven't even seen her in maybe three weeks.
Where were you on Wednesday night? In the backseat of a Lexus on the way back from Baltimore with two friends.
If you want their numbers I can Yeah, we do.
Hey, man, I'm ain't the most sentimental cat in the world, but if somebody I was seeing ended up getting stabbed in the belly eight times, I would at least want to know the who-what-and-where of it all.
That's because you didn't know Carrie.
Look, I-I don't want to sound like a jerk, but that woman was one royal pain.
I'm a sucker for juicy details.
I met her at the gym.
She's pretty hot and we start going out.
Look, I'm just looking for a good time, right? After three or four dates, she's rearranging my furniture, correcting my grammar.
I swear every sentence out of her mouth started with "You should have.
" I told her we were done.
It turns into World War III.
- Calls me prehistoric a pig.
- I've been there.
She threw a mirror at me, split my lip open.
My neighbor called the cops.
We're both sentenced to therapy anger management to be exact.
What a joke that is.
You know her shrink's name? I'm sure it's in the court papers.
Nobody's mindin'the store? Sounds like they're in flagrante.
Might as well get comfortable.
It could be Sybil in there by herself.
Excuse me? Police.
I can see that.
I'm in session.
This'll just take a minute, Doc.
Uh, talk among yourselves.
We need to make this quick.
Okay, Carrie Gunderson.
As you can tell by the empty chair in there, she's not here.
That could be because she's dead.
She was murdered Wednesday night.
My God.
Who Well, that's why we're here, Doc.
Did she mention anybody in her life who was giving her trouble? Even if I could help you, I couldn't.
I'm sure you know anything that anybody says in that room is privileged.
You'd protect a guy who stabbed your patient eight times? I have to go.
My ex made me see a shrink.
Now that was money well spent.
Twice a week I'd get on the couch, tell him how the head of the orphanage used to get a kick out of beating me with his shoe.
That sounds like Oliver Twist.
It is.
Ed, there's one of them.
Excuse me, aren't you in Carrie Gunderson's therapy group? You're the cops.
Cyrus told us about Carrie.
It's unbelievable.
Did Carrie ever talk about anybody that might want to hurt her? Not really.
Did she ever mention having trouble with her boyfriend? She talked about the guy she had the fight with.
Mark, I think it was.
Anybody else? Well, there is this one guy in the group, James.
- It's pretty obvious he had a thing for her.
- Was it reciprocal? I doubt it.
Which one is James? He hasn't been here all week.
Maybe he's been cured.
I don't think so.
James had a court-ordered twice-a-week for 12 months.
He assaulted his boss.
Stabbed him a few times with a Sharpie.
I don't understand what the hell I'm doing here! My boss agreed not to press any charges.
This isn't about your boss.
You missed therapy this week, Jim.
I'll pay the fine.
Funny guy.
Carrie Gunderson missed it too.
That's good.
Split us up.
First one that cracks gets a stay-out-of-group free card.
She's dead.
What? That's right.
And since you had the hots for her Who said that? What you gonna do, James? Stab 'em eight or nine times? Hey, that thing with my boss got blown way out of proportion.
I stuck him in the leg with a Sharpie.
No big deal.
If you stuck him once, maybe.
You know what this is? I'm sure you'll tell me.
It's what's called your "yellows.
" It's like a "what you did to who" and what the cops did about it.
Listed here are three assault complaints.
All those charges were dropped.
They were, man.
But you gotta understand where we're coming from.
You crushin' on Carrie, she ends up dead.
Where were you Wednesday night? I went to a movie.
Let me guess.
That's right.
Come on, James.
A smart guy like you can do better than that.
It started at 10:45 at the Clearview in Chelsea.
Okay, okay.
There was this old guy sittin' next to me.
I talked to him.
He got a name? He had a bag from Urban Angler, place on 26th Street? I like to go out for stripers.
So, while we were waitin' for the movie to begin, I asked him what he bought.
He showed me this new surf-casting reel, a Shimano.
What the hell? I've been fishing around for a new hobby.
Shimano's top of the line.
We're lucky if we sell one or two a week.
I'm surprised you sell much of anything in the middle of Manhattan.
More fishermen per square mile than most places actually.
More people per square mile too.
You should try it.
It's good for the nerves.
It shows, huh? This would have been on Wednesday.
I did sell a Shimano surf caster that night.
Customer's name is Josiah Winthrop.
I can give you an address.
Bought that reel for my brother.
Thing should last him till he's 80.
How old is he now? Kid 73.
Later that evening, you went to the movies, Mr.
Winthrop? Sure did.
Too hot to go home.
Don't got no air conditioner.
Yeah, man.
What's up? Did you see this man when you were there? Right.
He play one of the dead guys? No.
Not in the movie, in the theater, sittin' next to you.
He said you two talked.
Fella sittin' next to me.
That's right.
Did he stay for the whole movie? Yes, he did.
Showed him that reel I bought for my brother.
Thing should last him till he's 90.
That reel's getting better all the time.
It's our boy, Beck.
The devil is in the details gentlemen.
I'm guessing that's a good thing.
Um, the shoe print itself was too smudged to be able to match it to any particular shoe.
But I did an analysis of the residue itself.
It's soil.
Go figure.
Listen carefully.
I said, soil.
New York City dirt would have particles of asphalt, glass and concrete, but this is 100% organic.
You mean, like potting soil? Now, you're talkin'.
Unless somebody walked in straight from the greenhouse, my guess is it came from one of the houseplants.
How many times do I have to tell you this? Hey, don't get smart.
Why don't you tell us about the dirt on the carpet in the den? What do you want to know? Well, how it got there would be nice.
I'm sure the killer must have come in through the terrace door.
And stepped right into a flowerpot? Those smudges came from a houseplant.
Your boss is pretty sharp, Margot.
First he kills the girl; then he stages both the break-in and the cuckoo act.
The only other alternative is, it was you.
You know, I got to tell you, Margot.
I'm lookin'at your face, and I can see that you're neck deep in this.
- I didn't kill her.
- If you're holding something back, that makes you an accessory.
John's not well.
I'm sure he had no idea what he was doing.
He knew enough to send us out chasin' our tails.
Working forJohn is my life till 8:00 at night.
His success is my success.
His welfare is my welfare.
I'm the one who After I found the girl in the kitchen, I ran upstairs.
John was crying.
He couldn't talk.
I knew what everyone would think.
So I went back downstairs, and I tried to make it look like someone broke in.
- Where's the knife? - I wrapped it in newspaper and hid it in the basement.
Tough day at the office? I didn't think it would hurt anything.
What do you think you're doing? Who are you? I'm his doctor.
His shrink.
What's this, swing therapy? John David Myers, you're under arrest for the murder of Carrie Gunderson.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can be used against you in a court of law.
You have the right to an attorney.
Frederick! I'll be right there, John.
Help me.
! Talk to us, Mr.
Where's Frederick? Something about an H.
I want him here.
Help us out.
We'll see what we can do.
¢Ü¢Ü What? This dude is starting to piss me off.
How I wonder where you are.
I'm telling you.
He's too ill for this.
He wasn't too ill to go to a show, a party, pick up a woman and kill her.
That's assuming a lot.
When the shoe fits I see.
A celebrity notch on your belt puts another star on your collar.
You're not scorin' any points here.
He couldn't kill anyone.
John has been under my care for three years.
He improved to the point where I thought it would do him good to attend a social function.
Looks like that was a bad decision.
He was actually improving.
He was starting to compose again.
Frankly, he's regressed to a point where I don't know if I can help him now.
No offense, but that's no longer an option.
You won't let me talk to my patient? Your "patient" is a murder suspect now.
I'm a doctor.
This is a medical situation.
The man looks fine to me.
I demand to see him.
Until you have more stars on your collar than I do, Doctor, you can't demand a damn thing.
Frederick told me to sing whenever I was scared.
He tell you to whistle when you stab naked girls? Where is he? I need him here.
Like I said, talk to us.
We'll see what we can do.
Promise? Cross my heart.
I killed her.
I stabbed her and stabbed her, and she was dead.
Well, now can I see Frederick? Docket number 323430.
People v.
John David Myers, murder in the second degree.
I was a huge fan, Mr.
My client appreciates that, Judge.
I said "was.
" How does he plead? Not guilty, Your Honor.
I assume your client can make substantial bail, Ms.
We're not consenting to bail, Judge.
- The People request remand.
- His face is recognized all over the world.
Where's he gonna go? Your Honor, if I may? And you are? Mr.
Myers's psychiatrist.
How about that? My grandson's pediatrician won't even make a house call.
Myers is heavily medicated.
He can't function.
He confessed to brutally slaughtering a woman he'djust met.
He's been under my daily care for three years.
I wouldn't really brag about that, Doctor.
Your Honor Sit! I'm remanding the defendant and ordering observation at Bellevue.
Cole Porter's lucky he's gone, what with the dearth of respect you people show men of the theater.
Cole Porter didn't have a dead woman in his townhouse, Lisa.
John Myers? Please.
He's as likely to have killed somebody as - Sweeney Todd? - Very clever.
Excuse me, but this is outrageous.
My patient is locked in a state institution, and you people are sitting here like it's the Algonquin Round Table.
You're a guest, Dr.
Please try to control yourself.
I knowJohn.
I know how ill he is.
I know that it's beyond his capability to kill anyone.
- But not to confess to a murder.
- He was scared.
He was confused.
And he was the only one in the house.
Not quite.
Come on, Lisa.
You can't go with the break-in theory.
Myers's assistant already said that she staged it.
What is it you D.
's say? "Just because Mark Fuhrman may have planted the glove doesn't make O.
" - Cute, but not applicable.
- Try the opposite on for size.
And before you get all hot and bothered over the alleged confession Myers signed a Miranda waiver.
It would have been good if the police had read it before they put it in front ofhim.
Myers asked to speak to Dr.
Barrett before he said a word.
He's a lawyer too? Oh, Jack.
You've always been so literal.
See you in chambers.
You're claiming that Mr.
Myers was entitled to legal advice from his psychiatrist during the police interrogation? He unequivocally asked Detectives Briscoe and Green for an opportunity to speak to Dr.
Barrett while he was in police custody, before he made any incriminating statements.
We don't dispute that.
But there's no Sixth Amendment right to a medical professional.
The Sixth Amendment is far less rigid than Mr.
McCoy would have us believe.
For instance, an indigent defendant is entitled to a court-appointed lawyer even though it appears nowhere in the text.
But the constitution clearly says a "lawyer.
" Actually, it says "counsel.
" On the face of it, that means advice from someone he trusts.
In People v.
Crimmins, the court makes no distinction between members of the bar and laymen.
The critical factor is the nature of the advice being sought, not the certificate on the wall.
Under Ms.
Cutler's analysis, if a defendant asked for a plumber during his interrogation, the police would have to honor that request.
But ifhe asked to speak to a specific person who happened to be his plumber, that would be a whole different matter.
Nice try, counsel.
Your Honor, when the police first spoke to Mr.
Myers, they were informed he was represented by counsel.
An affidavit by Margot Dalton, Mr.
Myers's personal assistant, in which she said she told the police, and I quote, "He has a lawyer.
" It's well settled that once the police are informed that a defendant is represented by counsel Informed by the defendant, not a third party.
As you'll see in paragraph six, the defendant didn't say anything.
The defendant couldn't say anything.
He was in shock.
The only person who could speak for him spoke, and it was ignored.
Cutler should have put this argument into her motion papers.
Would you have changed your approach if she had? The confession is out.
The old check and raise.
She set you up with a jab and knocked you out with a cross.
Let's seejust how many metaphors we can mix.
Well, I got a ton of'em.
And if this Myers guy walks, you're gonna hear each and every one.
Without a confession He was the only one in the house, Serena.
With no apparent motive.
Margot Dalton led us to the murder weapon.
Her prints were on it.
Do you really think Margot murdered Carrie Gunderson? Of course not.
I'm just giving you a preview of Cutler's case.
The butler did it.
The personal assistant.
Whatever she is, I'd inform her she's about to become the number one scapegoat.
That might help refresh her memory.
John was more than a boss.
Are you saying He was a friend.
I did more than just paperwork.
I talked to him, comforted him.
I gave him a shoulder to cry on.
So do you have any idea why he killed Carrie? Course not.
I hate going there, Margot, but there are two choices.
Either Myers Me? You think I killed her? Lisa Cutler is fighting for Myers's life.
She's known me for years.
She knows I wouldn't kill anyone.
But you're not paying her fees.
A lot of fingers get pointed in a murder trial.
You've already admitted to tampering with evidence, staging a break-in That's right, to protectJohn.
I am just warning you how it's gonna happen, Margot.
If there's anything that you're not telling us When I first started working forJohn, he was drinking a lot, doing a lot of drugs, doing crazy things.
Like? Fights in clubs.
There were so many.
One morning I came in, and there was a naked girl in the closet.
John was standing at the door screaming.
Do you remember her name? That's when I made him start seeing Dr.
Well, I'm not at liberty to talk about this.
Let me tell you a story about two wealthy brothers out in L.
One of them told his psychiatrist he planned on killing his parents.
You'll never guess what the courts said.
John didn't even know Carrie Gunderson until that night.
How could he have told me anything? If it had happened before It didn't.
I have a feeling that his other girlfriends were luckier than Carrie or at least quicker.
That's ridiculous.
If it comes out in trial that you could have prevented this, we won't hesitate to charge you.
John's mother put it this way she had a temper.
She beatJohn.
One day when John was 13, he came home and found her standing over his father with a knife in her hand.
She stabbed him a dozen times in the chest.
John saw the last five.
His mother's still in Oakwood.
It's a private hospital in Maine.
John had fantasies about stabbing women.
He should've gone to the police.
- Well, they were fantasies, Jack.
He never thought Myers would actually stab anyone.
Just chase a woman into a closet.
Myers told Barrett he showed her a knife, and she freaked out.
Barrett told you all this? Gift horse.
How dare you talk to my client's doctor without talking to me first? It doesn't feel right being sucker punched, does it, Lisa? Damn it, Jack.
It's not the same thing at all.
There's a little something called privilege.
Explain that to your client's doctor.
A psychiatrist is obligated to disclose future criminal acts.
You've got Myers locked up in a nuthouse for crying out loud.
Who's he gonna kill? That's not the point.
I'm going to move to exclude everything Barrett told you.
And you'll lose.
You want to push the envelope? Fine.
My notice to change Myers's plea to "Not Responsible by Reason of Mental Defect.
" I was a drunk.
I was a coke addict.
I abused myself and everybody around me.
And Dr.
Barrett helped you.
He saved my life.
Two hundred milligrams of Thorazine daily.
That's not living.
That's barely existing.
Well, it's better than the alternative.
Which is? But you made it to the top of your chosen profession, in spite of everything.
Big deal.
Who cares? Did your mother? My mother has nothing to do with this.
I know what she did, John.
I've had six Tonys, two Pulitzers and a mom who killed my dad.
That's That's some resume.
They let my mom come to my dad's funeral.
She had chains on her wrists, and she turns to me, and she says, "That's the last ball game he'll ever watch.
" My mother was a pig.
Did Carrie remind you of your mom? Carrie was a pig.
Is that why you killed her? John? Where's Frederick? He'll be here later.
Tell me why you stabbed Carrie Gunderson.
Then I cried afterward.
Frederick knows.
No, he didn't hear voices or black out.
He remembers exactly what happened, and he feels terrible about it.
Well, lunch is on me.
So, why? Wrong time, wrong place, wrong two people.
We're not going to turn this into blaming the victim, are we? Think back to physics.
Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.
From what I can gather from police reports, Carrie Gunderson was an intolerant, controlling personality, especially where men were concerned.
She insisted her old boyfriend buy new sheets after two dates.
She demanded that the world be seen through her particular window.
And Myers didn't like the view.
Most men wouldn't.
The male of the species tends not to care whether he drinks his beer out of a glass or a can.
Oh, come on! Okay, all right, that's a trivial example.
But you got to admit the American male has been If you say castrated, I'm leaving.
Case in point male opinions can't be expressed.
Their visceral behavior is no longer tolerated.
Don't look at me.
Look around you, Serena.
Society is telling men that they're in desperate need of remedy.
I'm sorry.
Are you saying that this was one small stab for man, one giant slice for mankind? That is absurd.
What I really am saying is that it was a giant stab for Myers.
He called Carrie Gunderson a pig.
He also called dear old Mom a pig.
And it was really the latter he wanted on the end of his knife.
I arrived atJohn's townhouse like I did every morning, around 8:00.
When I walked into the kitchen, that's when I saw her the girl.
I saw one of the knives from John's collection on the floor next to her body.
- What did you do? - It was obvious she was dead.
- So I went to find John.
- Because you thought he might be injured too? Well, no.
- What did you think, Ms.
Dalton? - ThatJohn might be responsible for what happened.
Why was that? John was obsessed with knives.
What do you mean "obsessed"? When I first started working for him, he'd always have one in his belt.
He was drinking a lot then.
He got, I don't know, raucous.
It scared me.
I told him either he lock the knives up, or I'd quit.
That's when he bought the display case.
Did you ever see Mr.
Myers attack someone with a knife? No.
But you told A.
Southerlyn I saw him outside a closet door.
- There was a woman inside.
- And he was threatening her.
He was screaming.
What was her name? I don't remember.
Do you remember what he was screaming? - Something about his mother.
- So, he thought the woman inside the closet was his mother.
The witness has no way to know Withdrawn.
In the 12 years that you worked for Mr.
Myers, did he ever visit his mother? John told me his mother was dead.
Then it would surprise you to learn that his mother is in a secure psychiatric facility in Maine? Oh, my God.
Did Carrie Gunderson look like the defendant's mother? No.
Did she sound like her? I wouldn't know.
What I do know is that the victim's dominating personality reminded him ofhis mother.
Did he tell you that when he stabbed Carrie, he thought he was stabbing his mom? No, he did not.
Is there any chance that he thought he was stabbing her? I doubt it.
He felt remorse for killing Carrie Gunderson.
If he'd thought it was his mother, he would have experienced nothing but relief.
Skoda, I'm confused.
Myers is in his 50s.
I assume he's met dominating women before this.
As far as I'm aware, he's never stabbed any of them.
That's probably because his rage was masked by medication.
Myers told me his psychiatrist had started to wean him off the Thorazine prior to the murder.
You don't sound as if you approve, Doctor.
Thorazine is usually prescribed to schizophrenics.
The defendant is disturbed.
He's angry.
But he's not schizophrenic.
Personally, I would have attacked the cause of his rage instead of trying to mask the symptoms.
And he's felt this rage ever since his mother did her magic? That's right.
Doctor, are you aware of schizophrenic episodes occurring for the first time in patients of Mr.
Myers's age? Yes.
But that's not the case here.
Really? Dr.
Barrett had only been treating him for three years.
That's 47 years of walking around the streets angry without killing anybody.
Myers self-medicated with alcohol, with cocaine.
The point is, when he stabbed Carrie Gunderson he knew exactly what he was doing.
He knew that it was wrong, and he did it anyway.
In your opinion.
- And you saw him for how long? - Three hours.
That's right.
Five times a week.
When necessary, more than that.
How many hours a day? - Two, sometimes three.
- Is that typical, Doctor? For someone in John's condition, yes.
What condition is that? He was delusional.
He heard voices.
His mother's specifically.
He carried knives as a means of protection.
So, what you're saying is that Mr.
Myers thought his mother would kill him just like she'd killed his dad.
That's right.
He was barely a teenager when he experienced one of the most traumatic events imaginable.
I see.
Is it true that you'd begun to reduce his medication? Yes.
I'd been slowly reducing his dosage over the prior year.
We'd made progress in our therapy.
John wanted to start writing again.
He was actually able to sit at the piano for several hours a day.
And he'd stopped hearing the voice in his head.
No, he still heard it.
But he realized it couldn't harm him.
What happened the night he killed Carrie Gunderson? The play, the party, the public He was overstimulated.
It destroyed everything we accomplished in therapy.
So, once again, he was scared of Mom's voice.
Why do you think he didn't tell that to Dr.
Skoda? John is a very intelligent, creative man.
He's embarrassed by his illness.
He's manufactured many defense mechanisms.
The primary of which is lying.
So, he'd rather go to prison than be humiliated.
Please don't trivialize this, Mr.
The man witnessed his mother kill his father.
This is not something that's easy to live with, let alone talk about.
I apologize.
Did you know he was going to go to the theater that night? Yes.
He begged me to let him go.
He wanted to see old friends.
I didn't think it would do any harm.
I guess you were wrong.
Yes, I was.
But I insisted that he not go to the party.
Because of the overstimulation? That's correct.
The last thing he needed was to drink martinis with an emotionally unstable actress who would only demand things of him that he couldn't deliver.
Like sex? John is a world-famous theatrical composer.
She was a wannabe star.
You do the math.
I did and That's all.
We'll resume tomorrow, 9:30.
Barrett said that Carrie Gunderson was an emotionally unstable actress.
So? So, nowhere in our files do the words "emotionally unstable" appear.
Maybe he figured "birds of a feather.
" Or maybe Myers mentioned her in one of his sessions.
You think Myers knew Carrie before the party? Find out.
Believe me.
If Carrie had ever metJohn David Myers, she would have told me about it.
- Why? She wasn't discreet? - Look, we're actresses.
If she and Myers were an item, she would have called PageSix herself.
I already told all this to the cops.
Why push the replay button? You're right.
It's a long shot.
Is there any chance at all that she mentioned a Dr.
Barrett Frederick Barrett? Doesn't sound familiar.
Then again, she didn't introduce me to every guy she spent time with.
- This is Myers's shrink? - You recognize him? He's the customer who gave me the ticket to the theater the one I gave Carrie the night she was killed.
Do you know if she ever saw a psychiatrist? She gave me one of her sleeping pills every now and then.
Is there any chance at all you remember where she kept the bottle? I know she saw Dr.
Barrett, because he prescribed sleeping pills to her.
Then what do you need me for? It's a long story.
So is the case law on doctor-patient privilege.
Yes, it is.
But not when a third party overhears it.
Carrie spoke to you in front of six other people.
Who were also patients.
That's how group therapy works.
Carrie's therapy was court-ordered, wasn't it? That's the way it usually works with anger management.
Well, that means that you were required to file a report with a judge, and that means that Carrie implicitly waived privilege.
This may have something to do with Carrie's murder, Dr.
Carrie had been sleeping with her psychoanalyst.
He broke it off.
She was planning to sue him for malpractice.
So, you've finally seen the light, Jack.
Yes, I have.
Glad to hear it.
Want to make us an offer? Why, Lisa? I think I'm winning.
Yeah, right.
So, why aren't we in court? Dr.
Barrett knows.
It's what I've been saying all along.
John needs treatment, not a jail cell.
The only issue is, who will treat him.
He's not going back to that state hospital.
I won't allow it.
Frederick's my doctor.
I think Dr.
Barrett might be otherwise occupied.
Frederick? Don't worry, John.
They're just playing their games again.
Well, can I play too? Do you know "Follow the Leader"? Or perhaps, "Simon Says" is more appropriate.
After all, that's Dr.
Barrett's specialty.
What the hell is that supposed to mean? You say it.
Myers does it.
Are you saying he put my client up to this? Did you know Carrie Gunderson was Dr.
Barrett's patient, and that they were lovers? Frederick didn't tell me to do anything.
He didn't have to, Mr.
He knew your psychological makeup.
He knew Carrie Gunderson's.
All he had to do was put two damaged people in the same test tube, stand back and watch the explosion.
If real people were only that predictable.
Maybe he just told you that Carrie was going to ruin his career.
Either way, John's not responsible for what happened.
I'm willing to put a psychiatric commitment on the table ifhe gives us the details.
No jail time.
How about it, Mr.
Myers? Frederick helps me.
The man so concerned about your mental health is ready, willing and able to let you rot in prison.
You know that's not true, John.
I killed Carrie.
I stabbed her.
Because he wanted you to.
He manipulated you.
That's ridiculous.
You have nothing to support that.
You've got to help yourselfhere, John.
You've got to tell Mr.
McCoy how this happened.
And you've got to tell him now.
It's that or man one, Mr.
He used you.
He's my doctor.
Very good, John.
What does that mean, "man one"? Fifteen-to-life.
He doesn't deserve that.
Because he's sick? That's right.
Doctor, heal thyself.
Whatever you think, I was not responsible for this.
I'm a doctor.
I do what I can to cure the ill.
I can't save every patient.
Mea culpa.
I failed with John.
Don't beat yourself up, Doctor.
Ossining has a way of working wonders with people like Mr.
What's that supposed to mean? A month, six months, a year Before you know it, he'll be as good as new.
Talking like a teenager with a first phone.
Going down.