Law & Order (1990) s14e05 Episode Script


In the criminal justice system, the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups the police, who investigate crime, and the district attorneys, who prosecute the offenders.
These are their stories.
I should've told ya to get two.
There's too many people.
Way too many old people.
Hey, where's Joey? Two guesses.
I swear, he finishes his, he ain't gettin' any of mine.
Hey, get us a place up close.
And now, the band you've all been waiting for.
Come on.
Self-control, man.
Look Look who's talking.
Listen, when the music starts, I'm the one who's gonna be flying, and I don't share.
Not even for baby brother? I'm serious, man! Fine.
One more hit.
Screw this.
I'm not missing the opening.
Damn! We already missed it! There's gotta be a window in here somewhere! I was tryin' to find Rick.
He went for a drink.
The crowd was pushing.
I didn't know what happened.
I kept yelling at people to get off me so I could find him.
I don't even know if he's okay.
Nobody will tell me anything.
They've already taken a bunch of people to the hospital, so it's gonna take some time to sort it out.
He didn't even wanna come here tonight.
Were you able to see how it started? Why didn't we go bowling? Ricky? Ricky! Ricky! Oh! Noise, dope and fire Same old Wotan.
You've heard of Wotan? I worked security at the Garden Hey, Williams.
Quite a mess.
You wanna give us a tour? Sure, if you feel like having the ceiling collapse on your head.
Should be safe in a couple of hours.
How many people were in the club? Between 300 and 400.
Paramedics have already taken at least 70 people to three hospitals.
Burns and smoke inhalation mostly.
Broken bones from the pushing and shoving.
I'd say we're lucky there weren't more fatalities.
Typical Friday night.
Yeah, in Tel Aviv.
It's gonna be hours before I can get you in there.
Bunch of cretins.
It was like tossin'a match into a haystack.
They don't have sprinklers? They're not required in a public facility with a maximum occupancy of 74 or less.
Didn't you say there were between 300 and 400 people in there? The nitwit at the door didn't major in math.
That gets the owner a fine.
Can you imagine? Nine bodies were found near the front doors trampled tryin' to get out.
There had to be other doors, right? Sure, in the back.
Nobody could see them.
"Exit" signs were dark.
That's gotta be a code violation.
Bad lightbulb gets them fine number two.
Twenty-three people dead.
Somebody's gonna do more than pay a couple of bucks.
Ask me? Go right to the needle.
Do not pass "Go.
" Do not pay $200.
Let me ask you this: How'd the band get out? Three of them through doors backstage.
And the fourth? He was one of the 23.
Bass player.
Larry something.
Look, as soon as I know what started this mess, I'll call you.
I'm no expert, but I saw these guys a half a lifetime ago.
Back then, they always lined the stage with flamethrowers.
They still do.
Prometheus 530 flame projectors, to be precise.
The thing is, there's no way that Prometheus should spit out fire high enough to hit the ceiling.
What's the ceiling got to do with it? Made of polyurethane.
Which burns fast as hell.
That's the manager over there.
Name's Champa.
This is a nightmare.
My life savin's was in that club.
Oh, really? I know 23 families who really don't give a damn.
Of course I feel for those people, but what could I have done? First, you could've checked to see if your ceiling was flammable.
The neighbors complained about the noise, so I put up soundproofing.
The guy who sold it to me never said anything.
You shouldn't have hired a band that plays with fire.
I don't.
All that crap is specifically prohibited in the artist contracts.
And Wotan signed this contract? Sure, man.
They wanted to get paid.
People sayJack Bruce can play bass.
But they never listened to Larry, you know? Like, really listened to Larry.
'Cause he was just a whole 'nother planet.
Along with 22 paying customers.
What do you mean by that? Look, Mr.
Connor, for 10 bucks a ticket, people don't expect to get barbecued.
- You're blamin' us for this? - Your contract did specifically say no fireworks.
- I didn't know that.
- But you read the part about how much you guys were gonna get paid.
Matter of fact, I didn't.
'Cause Maxie takes care of that.
Maxie? Our manager Maxie.
Fire is Wotan's trademark.
KISS has the makeup.
Townshend smashes his guitars.
Rock and roll isn't just about the music.
It's the show.
It's the spectacle.
Unfortunately, this "spectacle" doesn't allow fire.
Yeah, yeah.
That is the same mumbo jumbo in every contract in every punk-ass club in America.
And you always ignore it? Look, a club hires Wotan, they hire the whole package.
- Very bright lights, very loud music - Very big flames.
The fans expect it.
If we didn't give it to 'em, hell, they'd walk out.
Yeah, we signed the contract.
But the club owner like every other club owner in America gives us the big "wink, wink" when we did.
You saying that he knew that Wotan was gonna use fire in the act? Of course he did.
We used it the night before.
No complaints then.
No problems either.
Hey, after 26 years, we know what we're doin'.
Our stuff didn't burn that place down.
Who's in charge of your "stuff'? These guys went toJuilliard.
They're really good musicians.
But nobody paid any attention to their music till we started lighting up the stage.
I kept telling them we didn't need a gimmick, but Teddy Ah, what difference does it make now? Actually, it makes a huge difference now, Nick.
God bless you.
It's a German opera.
Wotan and the other gods at the end they all die in this amazing fire.
Hold on.
Are you saying that Teddy wanted to die? No, I'm not.
He just wouldn't let go of this pyro-mythology thing.
And you're the guy who kept his dream alive? Yeah, I'm the guy.
But I set up the equipment before they went onstage just like I do every night.
And I'm the guy who hit the "On" switch.
There's no way we caused this thing.
Twenty-three people are dead because of an opera? The Germans what are ya gonna do? I'll tell you what the taxpayers want me to do.
They want me to string someone up.
That's what.
And we would like nothing more than that.
But the problem is, who? Wotan violated a contract.
They didn't break no laws.
The fire marshal can't say how or when the damn thing started.
For all we know, somebody in the crowd lit a candle.
The bottom line is, ain't nobody saw nothin; Someone did.
This is a transcript of one of the thirty-two 911 calls.
"I'm at Danzibar.
" That's the club.
"There's a fire on the stage.
" I freaked.
I saw it on the news, but the hospitals weren't giving out names.
That's the last time I let her go to one of those things.
Everything went dark.
The only thing that you could see was fire.
People were screaming.
I didn't know what to do.
People were crawling on the floor.
Larry's hair was on fire.
I tried to help this one girl.
And I grabbed her wrist, and her her skin came off in my hand.
Do you really have to do this now? I'm okay.
I had my cell in my purse, and I called 911 right away.
I didn't know what else I could do.
That's all you could do.
Now, in your call, you said the stage was on fire? Yeah, that's right.
Did you see how the fire actually started? Itjust looked like all of their other concerts.
Except, um Except what? They always start with Larry and James at the mike With Wotan that's Teddy.
- And what about last night? - Larry, the bassist He didn't move.
Um, if I'm the stage, which side is he on? - You can see this is hard for her.
- She did great.
We're done.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Turns out the girl was right.
The fire did start on the left side of the stage.
Accident? You tell me.
Gaines, these are the detectives working on the Danzibar fire.
Show them what you've got.
I've been trying to replicate the conditions that started the fire using the six throwers recovered from the site.
They work with this flammable black powder.
You pack it in like this.
Looks like a giant M80.
This one doesn't blow up, just flames up.
Given the layout of the stage, there's no way that flame could have reached the ceiling on five of the throwers anyway.
What about the sixth one? That's a whole other ball of wax.
That's the one that was on the left side of the stage? That would be correct.
See this residue burnt into the metal of the cylinder? It goes twice as high as in the others above the level of the electric fuse.
This one burned twice as hot as it's supposed to.
What are you saying? It was defective? Even if it was, it couldn't burn that hot without twice as much powder.
- You mean it was packed wrong? - I mean it was packed twice.
Somebody wanted this thing to burn big.
Why don't you take us through your night, Nick.
What do you mean? Well, you got to the club, you blew your nose, whatever.
I got there about 8:00.
The throwers were locked in storage in the back of the club, 'cause we used them the night before.
I, uh, took them out.
I loaded them same as always.
Was this before or after a couple of tokes? I don't do that, man.
I'm clean since '94.
Keep goin'.
I, uh I set them onstage, the same places as always.
Did you test them? Well, why would I? They worked fine the night before.
That gets us to 10:00.
The band went on about 11:00.
- What'd you do for that hour, read a book? - Why is he talkin' to me like that? Because you killed 23 people, Nick! That gets me a little agitated.
I told you What are you, some kind of sick bastard that likes to watch things burn? Lennie! Okay.
So, what'd you do next? I, uh I set up the lights.
And how long did that take you? I don't know.
Forty, 45 minutes maybe.
So you were done Yeah, like always.
So there were 15 minutes where somebody could've rigged the thrower? Why would anybody do that? Right now, I'm more interested in who.
You're givin' this yahoo too much credit, Ed.
It wasn't me, okay? These guys pay me.
It's a steady gig.
Why would I risk blowing that? The thrower started the fire.
You loaded the thrower.
I'm not the only one who knows how.
We've been doin' this a long time.
I told you guys these guys are into flames.
I mean, they all know how to work the equipment.
Do you believe him? I think he's scared of his own shadow.
I don't recall anyone giving medals for bravery to arsonists.
What else is a dude like this gonna do for money? He had to know that would put Wotan out of business the fire part of the show anyway.
I don't think he'd risk it.
He might if he didn't know the ceiling was flammable.
You play with fire, you don't get the benefit of the doubt.
True, but think about this.
The flamethrower that was tampered with was right next to Larry.
- Who's Larry? - Larry's the bass player that didn't follow the normal routine that night.
Which put him directly in the hot zone.
The flame hit the ceiling over his head, and it came down on him.
And who knew Larry wasn't going to be where he was supposed to be? Let's find that out.
You're sayin'somebody was out to get Larry? No.
We're just askin' questions.
Wotan opens the show the same way every night Teddy, James and Larry at the mike, center stage.
- The one night they change - Oh, you think one of the guys? Like I said, we'rejust askin; Come on.
These guys love each other like brothers.
Hey, I love my brother, but I can barely make it through Thanksgiving dinner.
You spend every night together for 26 years, somebody is bound to get on somebody else's nerves.
Yeah, they've had their disagreements, sure, but nothin' to kill over.
Why don't you let us be the judge of that? Well, nothin' recently.
- No, nah.
No, it couldn't be.
- What? When we got back to New York, Larry was bangin' Teddy's broad.
"Teddy's broad"? Is that how she's listed in the phone book? - Debbie something or other.
- Well, we're gettin'closer.
She lives down in Soho somewhere, I think.
Larry was great, man, the best.
I assume you're talking about his bass playing.
Hey, I'm not crude.
The guy is dead.
Let's show some respect.
My partner is just a little old-fashioned.
He just thought that you movin' from Teddy to Larry might have brought on some hard feelings between the two of them.
Hell, he's a dinosaur.
Look, I was happy when Teddy remembered my name, okay? I mean, these guys, they don't fight over babes.
When they got back to the city I think it was CBGB's I went to Teddy's dressing room like always, knocked on the door, but he was otherwise occupied.
You got a name? Of which one? I knew I should have stuck with the guitar.
- You always go backstage? - Yeah, so? You were there the night of the fire? Sure.
Who else was there with you? The guys, some chicks.
You remember any names? One of them, I do.
She's, like, always there.
Terry? She's got a pierced eyebrow, long brown hair? Yeah, that's her.
That's the girl who called 911.
Sounds to me like you're a regular at these Wotan gigs.
I like their music.
A lot of people like their music, Teresa.
They don't all get backstage passes.
What are you, my dad or something? Look, I'm not the first girl to like hanging out with musicians.
There's no sex or anything.
I just party with them, and that's as far as it goes.
Why didn't you tell us you were in their dressing room the first time we talked? Duh.
My mother was standing right there, remember? What, do you guys really think I had something to do with that fire? No, no.
But now that we got all our cards on the table, maybe you can help us find out who did.
Let me ask you this.
Fifteen minutes before the band goes on, who's backstage with you? The band.
Come on.
Nick, a couple of new girls.
Um, Pete, Glen.
Who? The roadies.
- You know, Mitch wasn't there.
Who's Mitch? The sound guy.
That's right.
I wasn't partying.
Someone in that damn crew has to do some work.
So you were busy turning dials, huh? Somethin' like that.
You know, in the long run, it was time to hang up the ol' spurs.
All that travelin' was gettin' to me.
This is where I belong.
Turning dials.
You know, that was funny once.
What about the dials on the flamethrower? You turn them too? Screw you.
Now, you see, that kind of attitude's gonna get you in trouble.
It turns out everybody but you was in Teddy's room partying before the show.
Really? Look, I didn't mess with the throwers.
But I have a feeling he knows who did, don't you, Ed? Come on, Mitch.
Give us a hint.
Man, he thought we still should be playin' the Garden.
Small wasn't good enough for him.
I told him, "Let's go unplugged.
That'd be cool," right? Mitch.
The fire.
Teddy was crazy about it.
He wanted it big, like the old days.
He said, "If we think big, if we act big, we'll be big.
" So he wanted bigger pyro? Yeah.
Nickie told him the clubs we played now couldn't handle it.
That must have pissed Teddy off.
Tell me about it.
Just before the last gig, the son of a bitch told me to rig the throwers.
- So you were just following orders.
- Hey, I don't mess with that crap.
I did my thing.
When you left, where was Teddy? Onstage alone.
This dude is just a washed-up wannabe who's tryin'to return to his rightful spot at the top of the rock-and-roll food chain.
It would have been a lot safer to write a couple of new songs.
You ever listen to any of their music? See, that's the thing.
Whatever stardom Wotan had, it ain't because of their music.
It's because of their live shows.
Connor thought if he made a big enough bang with the press and his fans, that he could hock the tour bus and start ridin' private jets again.
So he burned down a club? Hey, Ozzy bit off a bat's head.
He wanted more fire.
I doubt he thought it through.
Guys, we can't arrest a man on motive alone.
All the physical evidence went up in smoke, so to speak.
The guy who works the equipment says that Connor begged him to rig the thrower.
And when he refused, he asked the sound guy.
Who will testify that he left Connor alone on the stage before the show.
Well, does this Connor know how to operate this doohickey? Yeah, like playin'a "C"chord.
All right.
Let's light a fuse under this moron and see how loud he screams.
- Stop! Stop! Damn it, Maxie! I said bigger.
Bigger! Doesn't anybody do "bigger" anymore? I hear they got a lot of big guys to choose from up in Ossining.
What? Teddy Connor, you're under arrest for arson and murder 23 times.
Now that's got a nice beat, and you can dance to it.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can be used against you in a court oflaw.
Docket number 832677: People v.
Theodore Connor.
One count of arson in the first degree.
Twenty-three counts of murder in the first degree.
Didn't your mother teach you about playing with matches? Your Honor might not recognize my client, but he is Oh, yes, she does.
I sat in the mud at Roosevelt Raceway back in '79.
You were three hours late, Mr.
I hope Your Honor will approach this with an open mind.
Not to worry, counselor.
That's where I met my husband.
How do you plead? Not guilty.
Southerlyn? - The People request remand, Judge.
The enormity of the crime itself - Is irrelevant.
But the defendant's financial means isn't.
He's a flight risk, Your Honor.
Ten years ago, maybe.
Yes, Mr.
Connor's made a great deal of money in his career, but he has spent more.
He can barely make ends meet.
Why should he be any different? Bail is set at 500,000, cash or bond.
Bad things happen, Jack.
They're not always criminal.
Twenty-three corpses is more than a "bad thing.
" It was an accident an act of God not a murder.
If God wanted that club to burn, he wouldn't have used a flamethrower.
Are you saying that someone screwed with our equipment? - No.
I'm saying you did, Mr.
- Oh, this is crazy.
As a crime is what it is.
Don't you see what happens here, Jack? A high-profile client like Teddy Connor, the mere fact that he's arrested makes him guilty in the eyes of the public.
Actually, it's the jury he should worry about.
The jury, I can handle.
What happens when he's acquitted? Who's going to a Wotan concert now you've ruined his good name? Who are you kidding? Notoriety sells tickets.
We're not gonna take that chance.
When Mr.
Connor's acquitted, we'll want there to be a fully public record.
My motion to let TV cameras in the courtroom.
The world's gonna watch this one, Jack.
If I were you, I'd get a new suit.
Counsel is wasting everyone's time.
Section 52 of the New York Civil Rights Law specifically prohibits cameras of any sort in the courtroom.
And said law was passed in 1952.
It's about time New York made that giant leap into the 21 st century.
We are only one of nine states that have a per se ban And I'm sure Ms.
Teller is aware making that leap is the bailiwick of the legislature and not a trial court, Judge.
It is when a statute violates the First Amendment, which requires that criminal trials be open to the press unless there are compelling and clearly articulated reasons for closing such proceedings.
This is a high-profile case, Your Honor.
Surely press from around the planet will be intent on reporting it.
Obviously, our meager courtrooms will not permit I'm not concerned about the press.
I'm concerned about a fair trial, which means keeping the hoopla to a minimum.
- Albany obviously shares that concern.
- You are putting a rock star on trial.
Hoopla is a foregone conclusion.
Your Honor, there is precedent ignoring the statutory ban.
New York v.
Boss, People v.
What's really going on here, counselor? If my client is to be crucified because he's a public figure, the least I can ask is that the public bear witness.
What the hell? It's about time we got those old boys in Albany off their butts.
- Your Honor! - Come on, Jack.
Who's it gonna hurt? Well, what are you gonna do? The Sixth Amendment says public trial, and that's what he's entitled to.
You commending a judicial activist? That's what appeals are for.
The cameras have to affect the way people behave.
You mean they'll actually tell the truth? I mean it's not okay for the medium to be the message in the courtroom.
Is this S.
Guilty? Yes.
Can you prove it? I think so.
Then my advice get a new suit and enjoy.
It's clear from mere visual inspection that the flamethrower in question emitted a stronger flame than the others onstage.
- How much stronger? - The others reached a maximum heat of 300 degrees Fahrenheit.
This one, I'd guess, was close to 600.
Would that create a bigger flame? Yes.
In the same proportion it would be twice as big.
Could this happen through a malfunction? No.
In my opinion, the only way this could happen is for the flame projector to be filled with twice the combustible material.
Thank you.
Did you check the flamethrower in question for fingerprints? That wouldn't be feasible.
Why not? It's covered in carbon.
From the subsequent fire.
- That's correct.
- So there is no scientific evidence indicating who it was who added the extra combustible material.
I've been on the road with Wotan for over 20 years, since back when they were known as Cain's Ire.
We played the largest arenas in the world.
And your effects were bigger back then? Yes.
At a place like the Meadowlands, Teddy said we needed spectacle.
And, uh, that's what he gave us.
For example? We had a thrower that would shoot flames 20 feet up in the air.
We called it the, uh, pillar of fire.
We used gerb fans, flash reports you name it.
Teddy always wanted to push the envelope, and, uh, I have to admit, I got a kick out of it too.
What would happen if you used that kind of equipment in the smaller clubs you play now? They wouldn't even fit on the stage.
Did the defendant want to push the envelope in his recent gigs? Yeah, sure, we talked about it.
You know, bring back the pillar.
He said the gags would put asses in the seats.
And he wasn't concerned about the safety of those asses? That was my job.
He wanted me to go bigger.
I wouldn't.
- It sounds to me like you miss the good ol' days.
- Well, sure.
Who doesn't? - Twenty-foot flames must get yourjuices going.
- Objection.
You testified that the defendant asked you to increase the fireworks at recent shows.
Is that correct? Yeah.
- He asked for bigger flames.
- Did he ever say why? Publicity.
You know, bring back the good ol'days.
To play big stadiums again.
That's right.
You know, Mr.
Stoller, I've been listening to you very carefully.
And whenever you spoke about the band, you say "we.
" I don't know.
I've been with them 20 years.
You play guitar, do you? No.
- Keyboards.
- I don't play an instrument.
That's right.
Your job is to play with fire.
I'm always the last one onstage before the show.
L I test volume, make sure the cables are out of the way so nobody trips or anything.
And you're alone when you do this? Nick and I usually do our things together.
He finishes up before me though.
And the night of the tragedy at Danzibar? Teddy was there with us.
He was pissed off because the gig the night before didn't pull in capacity.
He thought that we needed to shake things up a bit, you know, to bring us back to the big time.
He asked Nickie to up the amps on the fire stunts.
- And Nickie refused? - He said no way.
With the ceilings in that club, it'd be a disaster.
And what happened next? Nickie finished up with the flamethrowers and left.
Then Teddy told me to add some more powder to the throwers.
But I heard what Nickie just told him, so I said no way.
He saidjust upping one of the throwers would be cool.
I told him I wasn't touching a thing.
Then I left.
And the defendant was onstage alone? As far as I know.
You're a soundman, aren't you? That's right.
Why would Mr.
Connor think to ask you to rig the flamethrowers? With the models we use now, it's not really brain surgery.
We all knew how they work.
Who exactly? Teddy, Larry, Burly, James, Peter and Glen and probably Maxie too.
All of us.
I see.
Now, when you left the stage prior to the show, you don't know how long the defendant remained there, do you? No.
And you can't say if Larry or Burly orJames or Maxie showed up after he left.
Mm, it was dark.
Um, then the curtains came up.
Were the band members on the stage? They were sort of back near the drums.
And then? Then James played a loud chord, and, um, they moved into position.
It was still dark.
Where were they on the stage? Burly was back by the drums.
Um, James and Teddy were by the mike in the center of the stage.
- And Larry? - Larry was off to the left, near me.
What happened then? James played another chord.
The flamethrowers, they shot up, straight up.
And, um That's when I, uh That's when I heard What Teresa? I heard Larry scream.
The flames on my side of the stage hit the ceiling, and there's, like, a big flash.
It was on fire.
And soon the whole ceiling It fell on his head, and he was on fire.
How was it you came to be standing backstage? Um, I know some of the guys in the band.
One in particular? - Teddy.
- And he invited you backstage to his dressing room, did he? Please speak up.
But I know for a fact that he didn't rig the flamethrower.
- How can you be sure? - Because I was with him the whole time until they started playing.
And where exactly were you and Mr.
Connor? We were in the band's tour bus.
He and I were You know.
You're gonna have to be more specific.
We were screwing, okay? That's not what she told the cops.
This isn't a game, Teresa.
I'm telling the truth.
Then why didn't you tell anyone before? I'm 18 years old.
I live at home.
My mother Why are you doing this? Because that's what happened.
She thinks I'm a virgin.
I'm not.
Do you think he gives a damn about you? What do you care? It's wrong, Terry! If he started that fire If he killed all those people He didn't.
He was with me in the tour bus.
He couldn't have done anything to the flamethrower.
Of course I'd like to play bigger places.
What musician wouldn't? But, you know, lightin' some joint on fire that's no way to get there.
So you never asked Nick Stoller to increase the flames? Hell.
Sure, I did.
I mean, I asked if we could.
'Cause that fire, man, it would get my adrenaline pumpin', get that adrenaline blastin'.
You know, it made for a better gig.
But, uh, he says that's as high as we can go, I believe him.
No questions asked.
That's right.
I mean, that's what I pay him for.
I know this is dangerous and I loved Larry.
I love this band, you know? I'd be nothin' without them and my fans.
So your soundman, Mitch Sellman, he was lying on the stand when he said that you asked him to increase the flames.
Yes, he was.
I don't know why he'd want to do that to me, but he was lying.
And before the show, where were you? Well, like the girl said, you know? I was in the bus, me and her.
"The girl.
" You don't know her name.
We play a lot of cities, man.
And there are lots of nameless, faceless ports in the storm.
Yeah, that's right.
That's part of the gig.
Sex and drugs and rock and roll.
I gave up the drugs about 10 years ago.
But not the sex.
Not till I die.
What about the rock and roll? Well, that's why I live, you know? Nothin' in the world like being onstage in front of people that love my music.
- Nothin' between me and them - Except a wall of fire.
It turns 'em on.
I mean, rock is spectacle.
And the bigger the fire, the bigger the spectacle.
That's right, you know.
I mean, my fans want it, I give it to 'em.
Even though there aren't as many as there used to be.
They're still out there.
That's right.
What was I thinking? You did bring, what, We sold it out.
With people who love your music.
That's right.
- With people who would do anything to protect you.
- Objection! Sustained.
You know what, man? They would do anything, 'cause we were gods.
They worshipped us.
They slept in line for days to hear us.
They sat in the mud.
They sat in the rain.
Must be difficult when all that worship disappears.
Only it didn't.
Well, at least not for one teenage girl anyway.
I was in that bus with her.
I'm sure you were.
Tell me, Mr.
How old are you? Fifty-two.
Thank you.
I thought the jury would be back by now.
Don't worry.
Teddy Connor looked like a pitiful has-been willing to do anything to recapture his past.
And Teresa Drosi looked like a groupie willing to say anything to protect her idol.
Let's hope the jury sees it that way.
Branch's office.
Judge Burns would like to see you first thing tomorrow morning.
The jury has requested they be read the entirety ofTeresa Drosi's testimony.
Any objections? Does it make a difference that she's lying through her teeth? Isn't that for a jury to decide? I'll repeat my question.
Are there any objections? No, Your Honor.
Not from me, Judge.
Now, wasn't that easy? Just a thought, Your Honor.
Who's gonna be reading the transcript in the jury room? My clerk.
- That's right.
- Then I do have an objection.
The emotional nature of her testimony might be obscured by a man.
Come on.
Her words are her words.
Yes, but her credibility depends on how those words are reenacted to the jury.
- I'm not gonna go out and hire another clerk for this, counselor.
- I'm not asking you to.
The cameras in the courtroom filmed the entire proceeding.
Why don't we let them actually see Teresa Drosi's testimony? Absolutely not.
Other than the five pounds the camera adds to her, give me one good reason.
The cameras in and of themselves violate the statutory language.
To actually allow their use in the proceedings would compound that violation exponentially.
- It's reversible error.
- Last time I checked, we were after accuracy.
And you believe every image you see in the 6:00 news? You know what, Jack? We've got a horse.
We might as well get what we can from her mouth.
She still lying? We were screwing, okay? To be honest, I can't tell anymore.
You tell me if this isn't reasonable doubt.
And where exactly were you and Mr.
Connor? Uh, we were in the band's tour bus.
He and I were You know.
You're gonna have to be more specific.
We were screwing, okay? - Well? - Look at her eyes.
- She's embarrassed.
- No.
If she were embarrassed, she'd be looking down.
She's proud she slept with her hero.
Then I'd think she'd look at him.
I don't think that's pride on her face.
I think that's defiance.
She's looking directly into the back of the gallery.
- Who was sitting there? - Her mother.
Her doting, overprotective mother.
Who didn't want her to go to the concert in the first place.
Do you really think she'd lie on the stand to provoke her mother? You were once a teenage girl.
You tell me.
I'll round them all up.
No, not yet.
I'm thinking we ought to try a little one-on-one first.
I've said in court what happened.
I think you said what you wanted to have happened.
Well, you're wrong then.
I've been there, Teresa.
You slept with a rock star.
No, but I had a mother.
I don't know what you mean.
A mother who dragged me to church every Sunday and who thought that sex was something that should only happen between husband and wife.
You are so off-base.
Am I? Mm.
'Cause I saw your mom.
I saw the look she had in her eye when you said that you slept with Teddy.
So? So it's the same look my mom had when I came home from my junior prom at 6:00 a.
Nothing happened, but I kinda liked her assuming the worst.
I don't know why she wants to help him.
On the other hand, maybe she's telling the truth.
I mean, Teresa's not like that.
If that's the case, I wonder if her lies were meant more to hurt you than to help him.
I don't know what you're talking about.
I'm a father, Ms.
I know the battles that go on between teenage girls and their mothers.
Terry and I She loves me.
Now is not the time to be some kind of puritanical hero, Ms.
If there's any chance Teresa was with Teddy Connor No.
Then I can and will bring criminal charges against her.
For what? I'll start with perjury and move on to abetting She didn't do anything.
She's helping Teddy Connor cover up any number of felonies.
If you know why Because she's a stupid little Look, she's lying.
I know she's lying.
Why is it so hard to believe he'd sleep with me? That's not what I'm saying.
There are a lot of guys that are interested in me.
I'm sure there are.
Look at him, Teresa.
Is Teddy Connor someone He's a great musician.
He's a genius.
He writes all of the band's music.
I am sorry, but that is hardly a reason to throw your life away.
What are you talking about? Perjury is a crime, Teresa.
So is "accomplice after the fact.
" LfTeddy Connor gets away with this because of your lying, Jack McCoy is gonna take his anger out on someone.
You're gonna have to prove I lied, then, and you can't do that.
Well, if it's any consolation, it looks like the jury's as confused as we are.
Only I'm not confused.
Teresa Drosi all but told me she was lying.
Did you tell her she could spend her twenties in Ossining on us? She's protecting a musical genius.
Let me ask you both something.
A hypothetical mother is told that all she has to do to keep her daughter out of prison is say that said daughter slept with a hypothetical rock star, yet that mother refuses to do that.
- Why? - To protect her baby's good name? She is going to prison.
Well, if the hypothetical rock star was particularly disgusting Oh, my God.
I think now's the time to round them all up.
With thejury out this long, why would I consider a deal? I'm not here to offer a deal.
Look, we were together, like she said.
Oh, come on.
What would she be doing with a has-been like you? Ask her.
Do you know how many records I've sold? I know how many records you've sold in the last 10 years.
I think your fans finally caught on to you, Mr.
Actually, people who know about these things tell me you were never that good in the first place.
- Those people would be wrong.
- Why else would you need the gimmicks? If you don't have talent, light up the stage.
You don't have to be a genius to figure that out.
If you don't have a deal on the table, why should we sit here and be insulted? You just don't get rock and roll.
- Apparently you don't either.
- Stop! Leave him alone.
I know you're good.
The odds are good he's gonna go to prison no matter what you say, Teresa.
Speak up now, or you're gonna join him.
Well, at least you have one fan, Mr.
How many other pseudostars can say they have a fan willing to go tojail for 'em? The shame of it all is it won't do any good.
Twenty-three life sentences running consecutively is gonna be the best you're gonna get.
That's if thejury's feeling generous.
The flip side of that coin is a needle.
Stop, please! Please, stop! Teddy didn't light the fire.
It was me.
Shut up, Terry.
Mom, it was.
It's true.
Teddy, damn it! If you have something to say, Mrs.
It's "Miss.
" One stupid night.
I should've had my head examined! It was nothing for you, but But for me For us I don't know what's going on here.
I don't want to know.
Come on, Teddy.
We'll take our chances with thejury.
He just gave you his D.
, baby.
He was never a father.
You don't owe him anything.
Forget her.
How dare you.
! Do you think giving her a couple tickets twice a year gives you the right to ruin her life? Look, I did it, Mr.
I loaded the flamethrower.
I didn't know that Larry or the ceiling I just I didn't think.
- You don't have to do this for him.
- But I did it, Mom.
I heard you say to Nick that you wanted more fire.
I thought that if that if you were on top again, Maybe then you'd We're done here.
Teresa's lawyer wants to plea.
What are you gonna do? Talk to him.
Is that sympathy I hear? My father, the only one of my tennis matches he actually came to, he spent doing paperwork.
It didn't make me love him less.
It just made me try that much harder to make him love me more.
Were you successful? You should see my backhand.