Law & Order (1990) s21e04 Episode Script

Fault Lines

In the criminal justice system, the people are represented by two separate, yet equally important groups: the police, who investigate crime, and the district attorneys, who prosecute the offenders.
These are their stories.
Chapman thinks you have real potential.
But it takes practice, honey dedication.
- I know.
- Do you? Because I don't hear you playing every day.
But I don't want to play every day.
Mom, what is it? Go back to the car.
Judging by temp and lividity, I'd put time of death somewhere in the neighborhood of 6:00 to 8:00 p.
Cause of death? Pretty sure it wasn't a heart attack.
Let's see.
Any defensive wounds? No indications of bruising or abrasions on his hands.
Yeah, probably didn't see it coming.
Using a fire extinguisher as a weapon it feels kind of personal.
- Sure looks that way.
- Yeah, thanks.
Witness didn't see anyone coming in or out; neither did the attendant at the gate.
Cameras in this part of the garage are a bust water damage on the hard drive, so I got a video canvas going around the perimeter.
Plenty of cash, credit cards.
Doesn't seem like a robbery to me.
The Honorable David Keating.
Looks like our DOA was a judge.
Not the verdict he was looking for.
I was at the neighbor's.
Uh, we have a book club.
Do you have any idea where your husband was coming from? Courthouse? He gets home every night at the same time 7:00.
Almost to the minute.
Keating, do you know of anyone who might want to hurt your husband? Was he having any problems, professional, personal? The past few months, David was distracted.
He was a good man, but he had his moods.
I asked him what was going on several times, but that just seemed to aggravate him more.
When he was walking out the door this morning, I Told him that, uh, I was tired of walking on eggshells and that he needed to adjust his attitude.
That's the last thing I said to him.
Do you know what was troubling him? Uh It was probably his work.
He, um it was always in the middle of someone else's crisis.
You know, divorce, custody, visitation rights.
It's a lot.
It's family court.
Everybody who walks in the door is having the worst day of their life.
Yeah, we're gonna need a complete list - of his problem cases.
- Way ahead of you.
First ten pages are the judge's pending cases.
The rest are people who threatened him.
Does any case or person stand out? Not really.
But there's one thing that's not on the list.
Judge mentioned someone confronted him on the courthouse steps the other day.
He seemed pretty rattled.
- When was this? - Day before yesterday.
He was on his way to the dentist.
The clerk said the judge left the building around 4:15.
Yeah, there.
That's him.
It was more than a confrontation.
Okay, I can't see his face.
Do you have a camera with a better angle? No, this is the best we have.
Well, maybe she can help us.
Do you recognize her? No.
But if she was doing business at the courthouse, then she would have signed in or swiped a security pass.
She has quite the client roster.
Eli Manning, I used to curse this guy every week.
Now I'd give my left thumb to get him back.
Oh, this woman right here? She's gotta be one of the best tennis players ever.
I didn't figure you for the Wimbledon set.
Why is that? 'Cause you're a cop.
Isn't she the one that had that breakdown a while back and had to pull out of that big tournament? Yeah, French Open.
- Morning.
- Morning.
What can I do for you fellas? We'd like to ask you a few questions about David Keating.
I'm still in shock.
We went to law school together.
I ran into him just the other day at the courthouse.
That's why we're here.
A man confronted him, shoved him.
He was scary accused David of ruining his life.
Got physical.
I started calling the police, then he left.
Do you happen to know this guy's name? Yeah, I saw it on the news.
Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.
It's not polite to speak ill of the dead.
Don't worry, I spoke ill of him when he was alive too.
I take it you didn't like his ruling on your child custody case? He's a self-righteous prick.
- Mm.
- Who the hell is he to say I can only see my son every other weekend? Decision could've had something to do with your two arrests for domestic violence.
That was between me and my ex.
It had nothing to do with my kid.
Not sure about that.
Violence is violence.
Where were you last night around 7:00? Home.
- All night? - Mm.
Nuked some leftovers.
Had a couple of beers.
- Watched a Rangers game.
- Can anyone verify that? No.
I was alone.
Thanks to Judge Keating.
Greg Wallace is lying his ass off.
Video from his apartment building has him leaving at 5:23.
He doesn't get back until 10:08.
That's plenty of time for him to get to Keating's garage and back.
And he's got one hell of a motive.
Lou! I got something.
Cell sites have Wallace's phone pinging a tower a few blocks from Judge Keating's garage.
Where does Wallace live? 168 in the Bronx.
A long way from home.
Any reason for him to be hanging around the Upper East Side? No, nothing obvious anyway.
All right.
We gotta move on this.
1PP is breathing down my neck, and the mayor's office is calling me every two hours, so - Yep.
- Understood? You lied, Greg.
You weren't home watching hockey when Judge Keating was murdered.
Cell phone has you on the Upper East Side.
You live in the Bronx.
What, I'm not allowed to visit Manhattan? Is there a new rule on the books I need to know about? - Yeah! It's called lying to the police.
- It's not new.
It's been around forever.
It's not what you think.
No, what I think is you found out where Keating lived, learned his schedule, and went there to finish what you started on the courthouse steps.
No, no, no I was with my son.
Okay, if my ex finds out I violated the visitation order, she'll she'll make it so I can never see him again.
Your ex lives in the Bronx.
Yeah, but she stays with her boyfriend on 75th Street with my son.
So what did you and your son do? Uh, we went to the movies, and then we got ice cream.
- You got receipts? - It's on my debit card.
You you can check the statement.
Yeah, we will.
Listen, listen, I I admit that I wanted to beat that judge's ass.
I did.
After that lady left, I even followed him from the courthouse.
- You followed him? - Yeah.
- To where? - Some hotel.
Yeah, there were lots of people there.
Lots of security cameras.
So I took off.
Judge's wife said he was preoccupied.
Ah, nothing like a sidepiece to preoccupy someone also doubles the chance of you getting bludgeoned to death in a parking garage.
Uh, we're wondering if somebody named David Keating booked a room here two days ago.
Keating I'm not showing a reservation under that name.
Maybe he just walked through the lobby to get to someone else's room.
Going to a woman's room, perhaps.
This is what he looked like.
Oh, yeah.
He's a judge, right? How would you know that? Was he carrying a gavel or something? Practically.
He was the keynote speaker at this event in the ballroom.
What event was that? Some sort of legal conference.
I did the guy a favor offered to help set up his PowerPoint deck.
To be honest he was kind of a dick.
Greater Manhattan University of Law.
Never heard of it.
It's one of those unaccredited for-profit places.
Yeah, but why is a judge shilling for a scam operation like that? Because the school paid him 10 grand.
Really? He's that hard up? The guy probably makes 250 a year.
But according to Financial Crimes, He was flat broke, practically no savings, and that was after taking a second mortgage last year.
Three credit cards all maxed out.
The guy was drowning in debt.
His tab was close to $1 million.
Any idea where that money went? - Was he living a big life? - Doesn't look that way.
His apartment was nice, but nothing special.
So much for living a big life.
But that money just doesn't disappear.
So let's find out where it went.
So this judge had a serious gambling problem had an account on First Down.
I'm familiar.
Well, I hope your touch was better than his.
This guy was down about 200K, shut him off three months ago.
Yeah, better to put your money in a paper shredder.
Looks like he was doing a lot of betting with a bookie too.
You got a name? No lots of text messages going back and forth, though.
A few of them are from a Dr.
Owed him a lot of money about 100 grand.
Two days ago, he sends a text to the judge.
"Need to get paid by tomorrow, or this ain't gonna end well.
" You were at the garage where Judge Keating was killed.
That's you.
No question about it.
You also threatened the guy.
"Need to get paid by tomorrow, or this ain't gonna end well.
" That was a text.
Don't you see it didn't end well? In fact, it ended really badly.
The guy got his head smashed in with a fire extinguisher.
So it wasn't just a text.
Never got physical with the judge.
What is this, uh, Dr.
Weisman crap? - Excuse me? - You sent a text to the judge.
You signed it "Dr.
" I went to dental school for two months and dropped out.
The name stuck.
Look, you guys are way off base here.
I didn't have a beef with Keating.
He paid me in full.
We've seen his bank accounts.
He didn't have a pot to piss in.
How does he suddenly come up with 100 grand? I don't know what to tell you.
He said he had the money and told me to come down and meet him at the garage.
Son of a bitch delivered too.
That's what's in the bag.
Yeah? Forensics came back on the fire extinguisher.
No discernable prints, but they recovered a hair.
Didn't belong to the victim, and it doesn't match anyone in the system.
Well, that eliminates Weisman.
I sent it to a private lab for genealogy and disease analysis.
Pulling out all the stops, huh? He was a judge, Kevin.
Come on.
You know I wish we had the resources to go the extra mile for every unsolved, but we don't.
Funny how they always manage to find the cash when the victim's a white dude from the Upper East Side.
But when it's a poor black kid from East Flatbush, "Ooh, I'm sorry.
We don't have it in the budget.
" I hear you.
Do you? Look, we got a profile: brown eyes, black hair, sub-Saharan ancestry, likely a diabetic And it belongs to a woman.
Got a couple more questions for you.
Did you see anyone else in that garage? A woman, maybe? Yeah, when I was leaving.
She was getting out of a car on 87th street.
She was running towards me.
So I held a door open for her.
Did you notice anything unusual about this woman? No.
Couldn't see her face, she had sunglasses.
Was wearing a big, black jacket.
Was she alone? Yeah.
She hopped out of a black SUV.
Driver's side? Passenger.
It was a Range Rover, I think.
Jesse Malloy? Yeah, that's me.
Do you own a 2019 Range Rover, license plate 6PHE4Z? Yeah.
You want me to move it? Uh, no, no.
We're good.
Uh, were you driving that vehicle on Thursday night, around 7:00 p.
? Thursday.
Yeah, I think so.
You stopped on 87th Street, and a woman got out of your car.
Did her father send you guys? - Excuse me? - Hmm? Lucy's father.
He's very protective.
Who's Lucy? My girlfriend, Lucy McDaniel.
Uh the tennis player? You dropped her off at the parking garage two nights ago? Yes.
Why? Who was she going to see? I don't know, she said she was gonna run some errands.
Why, what is going on? Does the name Judge David Keating mean anything to you? That a TV show or something? So Lucy McDaniel, one of the best tennis players in the world, no history of violence, just rolls up and kills a judge? Doesn't make sense.
She fits the DNA profile to a tee: Black woman, brown eyes, black hair, definitely has the strength to swing a fire extinguisher and take a piece of a man's skull out.
Plus, I read somewhere that she's type 1 diabetic.
What? Why is everyone so surprised that I follow tennis? All right, if it is her, there has to be some connection.
I'm telling you there's nothing.
We checked the judge's case files, his appointment calendar, his phone logs, his email But her lawyer, Clara Newhall, is friends with Judge Keating.
She was with him the day that Greg Wallace confronted him at the courthouse, and a day later, Keating turns up dead.
Hell of a coincidence.
- No such thing.
- Exactly.
Let's pay Lucy a little surprise visit, and see if she'll agree to a DNA test.
All right, let's go.
Sorry, guys.
She's in training can't be interrupted.
It's important.
Not more important than training.
Hey, buddy.
Take five, please.
- Hey, what the hell are you doing? - I'm Detective Cosgrove.
We'd like to ask you a few questions.
Thursday evening, Jesse Malloy gave you a ride to the Upper East Side of Manhattan.
Don't answer.
What's this about? Are you familiar with a man by the name of David Keating? He was a judge.
This conversation is over.
We were wondering if you'd be willing to submit a DNA test.
The answer is no.
Look, I don't know what the hell you guys are talking about, but she sure as hell is not talking to you guys without a lawyer present.
Sir, with all due respect, I'm talking to your daughter, not to you, so please shut up.
Ma'am, would you be willing to voluntarily submit a DNA sample? It's in your best interest so we can eliminate you as a suspect in a homicide.
Tell him no.
Tell him you're not answering any more of his questions.
Tell him you want an attorney.
I'm not giving you a DNA sample, and I'm not answering any of your questions, and I want a lawyer.
Okay, come on, baby.
I'll call the DA's office for a swab order to get her DNA.
Don't bother.
You stole her towel? Technically, it's abandoned property.
Well, it wasn't exactly in the trash can.
It was in the laundry hamper, close enough.
Besides, it's not her property belongs to the tennis club.
And if the hair on the fire extinguisher syncs up with the sweat in this towel It's game, set, match.
We still don't have a connection between Lucy McDaniel and Judge Keating? Correct detectives reinterviewed his clerk, checked Lucy's phone, her emails.
The only thing we have is, Lucy's personal lawyer was with Judge Keating the day before the murder.
Find out what they were talking about.
She made herself part of the defense team, filed an appearance at the arraignment.
So let's work with what we have.
You've tried cases without motive before.
I have, but not first-degree murder, and not when the defendant was a global icon.
Just tell the jury what you have, not what you don't have.
If you don't, the defense will.
So be upfront with them.
Otherwise, they'll never believe another word that comes out of your mouth.
We don't know why the defendant killed Judge Keating.
But we can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that she did, in fact, kill him.
The evidence will show that on February 3rd of this year, Judge David Keating parked his car where he always did: a garage on 87th Street, just across from his Upper East Side apartment.
He was in that garage at 6:58 p.
when the defendant's boyfriend dropped her off outside, and we have that captured on video.
You'll be able to see it.
The defendant entered the garage through the back stairwell just as Judge Keating was walking to the elevators.
She grabbed a fire extinguisher and smashed him in the head with it repeatedly and then fled, left him there to die.
But she left something behind: a strand of her hair.
It was on the surface of the fire extinguisher, embedded in the judge's blood.
The hair was tested for DNA.
The results are irrefutable.
The hair is hers.
We don't know what set Lucy McDaniel into a murderous rage.
But we do know that it happened That she killed Judge Keating.
I held the door open for a lady who was coming into the stairwell.
How much time elapsed between the time you left the judge and the time you saw this woman? Less than a minute.
You never identified my client as the woman you saw in the garage, did you? Not by name.
Lucy McDaniel is one of the most recognizable faces in the world, and you didn't know it was her? Her glasses were covering her face.
So let me get this straight.
You were with Judge Keating at the crime scene? It wasn't a crime scene when I was there.
Judge Keating owed you a lot of money.
We were all square.
You've threatened him in the past, correct? You sent a text the day before he was murdered saying, "Need to get paid by tomorrow or this ain't gonna end well.
" I didn't mean that as a threat.
- It was - Last year, you were convicted of assault in the second degree.
Is that correct? Yes.
Yeah, you hit someone with a lead pipe? I I'd been drinking.
Last summer, you were convicted of assault - in the third degree.
- Objection! The witness is not on trial.
No, but he should be.
He's the only person in this damn courtroom who had the motive, means, and opportunity to actually kill Judge Keating.
- Your Honor - That's enough, Mr.
Nothing further.
Malloy, did you drop Ms.
McDaniel off at 87th Street near Park Avenue on the evening of February 3rd? Would you like me to repeat the question? I respectfully decline to answer on the grounds it might incriminate me.
Uh, Your Honor, we concede that Mr.
Malloy could face criminal liability and accept his assertion, which is why we've prepared a grant of immunity.
That means you have to answer the question, Mr.
Is this your Range Rover? Yes, that's my car.
And the woman in the picture, you've previously identified her as Lucy McDaniel.
Malloy, would you please identify the woman on the monitor? I can't be sure if it's her.
She got out of your car.
You can't tell us that she's your girlfriend? Your Honor, he's badgering the witness.
Okay, fine.
Let's let's move on from the photo.
Malloy, you dropped off your girlfriend, Lucy McDaniel, in front of that parking garage shortly before 7:00 p.
, correct? - Yes.
- Nothing further.
We put her at the scene.
That, plus the DNA evidence.
We're in a good place.
- Have you checked your email? - Why? Defense just filed a psych notice.
Psych notice? They changed their defense.
They're going with "not guilty by reason of insanity.
" I know she had some issues on the court a while ago, but she's a high-functioning, world-class athlete.
How could she possibly be legally insane? My name is Dr.
Stewart Moore.
I'm a board-certified psychiatrist and director of the Restorative Health Clinic in Greenwich, Connecticut.
Was Lucy McDaniel a patient at your clinic? Yes.
Four times.
First visit was six years ago.
Her most recent stay was two months ago.
What is her diagnosis? - Bipolar I.
- Hmm.
She suffers from manic depression.
How did Lucy's mania manifest? Ms.
McDaniel exhibited a number of symptoms, including disruptive behavior, inflated self-esteem, and increased psycho-motor agitation.
And the depression? She reported feelings of worthlessness and had recurring thoughts of suicidal ideation.
Moore, do you have an opinion as to whether or not this condition interfered with Lucy's ability to understand the nature and consequences of her conduct on February 3rd? Yes.
I believe it did.
You believe she was incapable of determining right from wrong? Correct.
Thank you.
Nothing further.
You're not saying that everyone with Bipolar Disorder is criminally insane, are you? No, that's definitely not what I'm saying.
Because many of the people with the disorder are high-functioning and productive members of society.
Yeah, I would agree with that.
Uh, Winston Churchill had the condition he called it his "black dog.
" I read that, yes.
In fact, Lucy had been managing a rigorous training and competition schedule right up until she killed Judge Keating.
I understand what you're saying, but this disease is complicated.
The only reason Lucy has been symptom-free is because she has the benefit of intensive therapy and proper medication.
She also has the love and guidance of her father.
The best thing that ever happened to Lucy was having Tom appointed as her guardian.
The defendant's father is her legal guardian? Is that what you're saying? Yes.
When did this guardianship begin? Six years ago.
And the guardianship was court-ordered? Yes, but the records were sealed.
Unfortunately, mental illness still carries a stigma.
Nothing further at this time.
Confirmed with the family court.
Judge Keating appointed Tom McDaniel as Lucy's guardian.
He also appointed his old law school chum, Clara Newhall, to be their lawyer.
Shrink slipped up.
No, he didn't slip up.
That was choreographed.
They wanted the jury to know.
This has to be connected to motive somehow.
Lucy didn't want a guardian, didn't want her father to control her life, so she killed the judge in charge of her case.
Sounds plausible if we actually had the evidence to back it up.
This guardianship thing, though, it makes things a lot more complicated.
- What do you mean? - Legal guardians are assigned to protect people who can't take care of their own basic needs, which means the jury is gonna assume that Lucy is, in fact, insane, and therefore, is not guilty.
Different standards, different definitions.
I know, but try explaining the difference between legally insane versus mentally incapacitated.
To them to most people insane is insane.
Question is is Lucy really that incapacitated, or is this a tennis dad trying to manage his rich, famous daughter? Oh, let's review her medical records again, and make sure Dr.
Moore gave us all his files Waste of time found out he never actually treated Lucy.
What? He just testified.
He runs the clinic, but he never worked with her directly.
So find the doctor who did.
There has to be a good reason he or she wasn't called.
Moore fired me two months ago.
Did it have anything to do with Lucy McDaniel? Lucy's disorder first manifested itself when she had a very public incident on the tennis court about six years ago.
She got treatment.
She was doing well.
Things were under control.
I told Dr.
Moore she didn't need in-patient treatment.
Then why was she at the clinic? My opinion? He's a way for Tom McDaniel to control her.
Control her? When Lucy didn't wanna play in a particular tournament, or she'd wanna go on vacation with her boyfriend, he'd punish her send her away.
It's all a part of his plan to control her life and finances.
You shared your concerns with Dr.
Moore? I wrote a letter to Judge Keating too.
- Saying what? - That the guardianship should be terminated.
It just wasn't right.
Lucy didn't need someone to control her life, make decisions for her.
Two days later, Dr.
Moore fired me.
You sent this letter to the courthouse? Certified mail.
The guardianship was a sham.
Her father was using it as a device to control her.
What about Judge Keating? Was he involved? Sure looks that way.
All he did was rubber stamp anything and everything Tom McDaniel asked for.
He also buried the paper trail, making it impossible to find.
If they hadn't put her mental state in play, we never would've even found out about it.
Did Lucy ever try to terminate the guardianship? The hearings were held in secret, but they were recorded, and we've had them transcribed.
According to the transcripts, Lucy didn't even know she could terminate the guardianship.
- What? - She was living in a bubble, following her father's orders, while he paid himself a $10 million salary.
Okay, let's say you're right.
The father was trying to control her, profit off her.
Why did she kill Judge Keating? She wanted to marry her boyfriend.
But Judge Keating said no, because her father didn't want it to happen.
She had no autonomy whatsoever legally, financially, romantically, despite the fact she was mentally fit.
Ask me, this isn't first-degree murder.
This is manslaughter.
Uh I agree that she was being mistreated, but the facts are the facts.
She hopped in a car, traveled across the city to confront Keating, and when he wouldn't give her what she wanted, she bashed his head in with a fire extinguisher.
What she wanted? No.
What she was entitled to as a human being.
They were enslaving her, for God's sake.
I understand, but she still murdered a judge.
A corrupt judge.
Do you have any proof of that? Nothing concrete.
But I'm guessing the 100 grand he came up with to pay off his bookie didn't just drop from the sky.
I agree with Ms.
The correct charge here is manslaughter.
Defense will never agree to a manslaughter instruction.
Then talk to her lawyer.
Try to work something out.
Lucy agrees to plead guilty, we'll reduce the charge to Man One, we'll recommend she serve 15 years.
15 years? My daughter isn't serving 15 days.
If she loses, she'll end up doing life without parole.
We appreciate your offer, but we are going to proceed with the trial.
You're serious? You realize the only reason we're offering to reduce the charge is because we have empathy for her, because we know you're manipulating and controlling her.
- Excuse me? - You misrepresented your daughter's mental illness in order to control her finances her life! You caused her to kill Judge Keating! You don't know what the hell you're talking about.
Are you even going to ask Lucy what she wants to do here? She'll want what I want.
Trust me.
Okay, let's get started.
I'll hear you and your motion, Mr.
Your Honor, we're asking the court to terminate the defendant's guardianship and remove Mr.
McDaniel and Ms.
Newhall from having any further involvement in this case.
No, this is ridiculous.
Just because we rejected their plea offer doesn't mean we're bad people.
It means we have a strong case.
It means we're gonna win.
Yeah, Mr.
Price, if you want to terminate the guardianship, file an application in family court.
We don't have time for that.
The reason we're here is, Mr.
McDaniel's legal team is not looking out for her best interests.
Well, that's a hell of an allegation.
It's true.
Oh, then bring proof, lots of it.
Otherwise, your motion is denied.
- So now what? - We move forward.
On what charge? Murder.
You read those transcripts.
She was practically being held hostage.
Her father forced her to have an IUD implanted, for God's sake, and Judge Keating just let it happen.
We presented her with a generous offer.
But her lawyers and her father said no.
Listen to what you just said, Nolan.
Her lawyers and her father said no like Lucy's not a person doesn't have her own opinions or feelings.
She's in love with Jesse.
She wanted to get married.
But her father no her boss said no, then blamed it on the big, bad judge, and Lucy lost it.
That was the last straw.
- That's not murder.
- I share your frustration.
Unfortunately, they're the people in charge of Lucy, and right or wrong, they don't want her to plead out on a lesser charge.
They want to roll the dice on an NGI verdict.
Nothing we can do.
Yeah, so she can keep playing tennis, keep laying golden eggs.
It is what it is.
I'm not so sure about that.
Have a seat.
You're about to be convicted and sent to prison for the rest of your life.
Might as well hear me out.
Does my dad know you're here? Shh.
Don't talk.
Just listen.
It's your father's number one priority to get you back out on the court to make more money, and he is willing to gamble your future, your life, in order to make that happen.
It was your father that prevented you from marrying Jesse.
No, he said that was the judge.
He blamed it on him.
I know.
But it was your father.
He told the judge to "deny your request.
" It's all here in the court transcripts.
Read 'em for yourself.
Did you know the prosecutor offered you a deal? - What? - Yeah.
They presented it to your father and your lawyers.
But they didn't tell you.
Reason I'm here.
Lucy plead guilty to manslaughter and serve 15 years, and move on with your life.
Marry Jesse, have some babies, build a life together.
More importantly you'll be free.
No more guardianship, and you can do whatever the hell you wanna do.
Read the transcripts.
Is everyone ready to proceed? The People are ready.
Defense is ready.
Your Honor, I wanna plead guilty.
If I may have a moment with my client No, I don't want a moment.
Lucy, sit down now! Can I just say something? Would you like to consult with another lawyer? No.
Please, no more lawyers.
I just want to talk.
- Lucy, stop! - Shut up.
For once, just let me talk.
Your Honor, I killed Judge Keating.
I didn't plan to.
I went there to ask him to let me marry Jesse.
The judge he wouldn't listen, said it wasn't an option, then he just started walking away.
And I I snapped.
I grabbed a fire extinguisher, and I attacked him.
I wish I could take back what I did, but I can't.
So what I wanna say is that I'm so sorry.
I feel so horrible for what I did.
But I'm a good person.
I am.
I just wanted to marry Jesse.
Your Honor I'm gonna accept the offer the prosecutor made.
I wanna plead guilty to manslaughter.
- You're sure about that? - I am.
Would you like to consult with your lawyers? No.
I don't wanna consult anyone or ask for anyone's permission.
I just wanna control my own life.
I spoke with the Financial Frauds Bureau.
They're going to open an investigation against Tom McDaniel and Clara Newhall.
Couldn't just sit there and watch her get screwed over again.
How'd you do it? Do what? Let Lucy know about the deal we were offering.
I had Bernard reach out to her.
If you ever pull a stunt like that again, I'll fire you.

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