Law & Order (1990) s21e05 Episode Script

Free Speech

1 In the criminal justice system, the people are represented by two separate, yet equally important groups: the police, who investigate crime, and the district attorneys, who prosecute the offenders.
These are their stories.
We're trying to carve out a middle ground A place where these issues can be discussed - in a civil manner.
- Only if we agree with you.
If we disagree, then we're suddenly idiots or hicks.
- That's not true.
- I see and hear it every day, Derek Liberals refusing to discuss issues that really matter: economic issues, geopolitical issues As far as I can see, the only thing you guys wanna talk about is identity politics; gender, race, sexual identity.
I swear to God, it's like you spend all your time and energy just inventing ways to be offended.
But it's more complicated than that.
No! No.
See, there you go again, pandering to us morons, 'cause we can't quite grasp the subtleties of the complex liberal platform.
I just think we need to talk about these issues in a serious, honest way.
There's a middle road here, a way to bridge the gap.
We need to have more conversations Do you believe the leaders of the Democratic Party are involved in the sexual exploitation of underage boys and girls? - Are you really doing this? - Doing what? Talking about this QAnon crap.
You told me You promised me this would be a civil, constructive conversation, that we'd debate the issues.
You still haven't answered the question, Mr.
Go to hell.
People can sit in their basement apartment surrounded by cats and pizza boxes and just spew hate.
Yeah, 'cause there aren't any consequences.
You can't fight back either.
You tweet back? You're a troll.
Two weeks ago, this idiot called me a racist, because I said Jay-Z is overrated.
Like, what? Back in the day, if you wanted to call out someone, you did it in person, face-to-face.
And you just might get your damn ass kicked too 911.
What's your emergency? I'm on the corner of 29th and 10th.
- Someone just got hit by a bus.
- And what's his condition? He's bleeding.
It's really bad.
You all witnessed it.
Why are we here, Officer Washington? 'Cause it wasn't an accident.
Two witnesses saw some dude push the DOA in front of the bus.
These witnesses get a good look at the guy? No.
He was wearing a facemask and a dark winter hat.
What about the bus driver? She didn't wanna talk.
Said she's too upset.
Did he seem mentally ill? Did he say anything specific? No, he just rolled up on the dude and shoved him into the street.
You got a good look at him.
Did you see his complexion? Uh, he was white, maybe brown.
I couldn't really tell, 'cause he was wearing a facemask and a dark ski hat.
What was his body type? Was he tall, or short, heavyset, thin? 5'10", but he definitely wasn't skinny.
More like beefy.
Thank you.
What do you got? Downloaded the bus cam footage.
That's a lot of hate behind that push.
Question is why? I have no idea why someone would wanna kill Derek.
It doesn't make sense.
Did you and Derek have any problems? No.
Everything was great.
Forgive me for asking, it's just part of the process.
Were either you or your husband involved with anyone else? No, nothing like that.
Did Derek gamble, drink? Uh, maybe a glass of wine here and there, but He was a good person.
He loved being a father, a husband.
He was going to run for Congress too.
He wanted to give back, make a difference.
It sounds cliché, but he really meant it.
I'll be there in a minute.
Go play with Laura, okay? Uh, if you can think of anything else, would you give us a call? Yeah.
It might be nothing, but Derek got into an argument with another man a few weeks ago.
We were having dinner, and this guy started yelling at him.
It got really heated.
Do you remember what they were arguing about? No, he just kept calling Derek a liar and a phony.
Then Derek pushed him away.
Yeah, Derek and I got into it pretty good that night.
Wasn't a big deal, though.
Just a couple of alpha dogs barking at each other.
What were you two barking about? I tried to buy his firm, but he sold it to someone else.
Offered him 50% more than I did.
You were pissed that another company wanted to pay more money? I was pissed because he didn't give me a chance to counter.
Pissed enough to shove him in front of a bus? Please.
- I loved Derek.
- I saw the video.
I didn't see a lot of love there.
What you saw was two real men talking business Face-to-face, no lawyers, no PR, no social media.
Just a couple of grown-ass men gettin' after it.
Unfortunately, Derek is now dead.
And that sucks.
Like I said, he was a good dude.
Did you talk to or see him after the altercation - at the restaurant? - Yeah, met him for coffee a few days ago.
Like a real man? Pledged a million dollars to his campaign too.
- Hm.
- And that was the last time - you saw him? - Well, technically, the last time was in front of his building.
He shook my hand, said thanks, and that was that.
Did he mention anything unusual, maybe somebody harassing him? There was this guy following us.
Looked like he was taking photos too.
Do you remember what he looked like? White, about 50, average height.
He was wearing a Phillies hat.
Think I got something.
What do you got? Look at this guy with the camera.
Can you zoom in, get a better look at his face? No, that's the best I can do.
Take a look at that jacket.
NYPD Fighting 19th Softball.
Guy's a cop.
Or a softball groupie.
Send that over to the 19th.
See if anyone recognizes him.
Yeah, that's me.
I was followin' the guy on the right, Derek Hoyt.
Why? Got hired about a month ago to find some dirt.
But I came up empty.
Guy's squeaky clean.
Then last week, they asked me to give it another whirl.
What were they hoping to find? Don't know.
Didn't ask.
Gotta pay the bills, bro.
Hell of a way to do it.
Do me a favor.
Don't judge.
During the course of your, uh, investigation, did you happen to find anything of concern? No, nothing even close.
So who hired you? Who was looking for all this dirt on Derek Hoyt? That's so crazy.
I just interviewed him this morning.
- Mm.
- So how can I help? Well, you can start by, uh, telling us why you hired a P.
to dig up dirt on Mr.
What's that got to do with him gettin' hit by a bus? I don't know, maybe nothin'.
We're trying to figure out why someone would try to kill him.
I don't know.
I know he was planning on running for Congress, and that the power brokers in the Democratic Party were talking about him like he was the, uh, next big thing AOC with some brains.
Uh, that was a joke.
Didn't mean to offend your left-wing sensibilities.
No, you didn't offend us.
It wasn't funny.
Oh, tough crowd.
More like impatient.
We're investigating a murder.
You're right, you're right.
I'm sorry.
I'd heard some rumors about Hoyt, so I hired a P.
for him, to look into him.
I didn't want to publish anything without confirmation.
Hm, because of your journalistic integrity? What kind of rumors? I'd rather not comment on that.
You know, now that he's gone, there's no need to besmirch the deceased.
Ha! - Yeah.
- Now, that's funny.
You know, you pretending to have ethical standards.
Your whole mission is to cultivate hate and mistrust.
I run a media business, all right? I give the people what they want Real people Real, honest, hardworking, middle-class people who love this country who can't relate to the rich, coastal elites who control the media and the political narrative.
Come on, you really think some roofer from Akron with a mortgage and three kids gives a rat's ass about somebody's pronoun? So you don't believe liberals eat babies, or that Black people's obsession with racism is destroying the country? It doesn't matter what I believe.
It matters what sells.
And destroying Hoyt would sell? Yeah, destroying him would've been a home run.
But he's gone.
So we'll just have to find another Democratic heartthrob to lambaste.
So far, we're coming up empty.
Victim is a choir boy.
No vices, no motives, even that right-wing prick, Reed, can't dig up any dirt on him.
Yeah, could just be a random act of violence An emotionally unstable guy acting on impulse.
Well, it's possible, but keep digging into this Jordan Reed angle.
He said there were some rumors swirling, so let's find out what they were.
- Mm-hmm.
- Think I know! Computer Crimes just did a deep dive on the victim's electronic devices Found some deleted emails filled with veiled death threats.
"You're a gutless pig.
You deserve to die.
" Know where they came from? No, they were sent from an untraceable app.
Good news is, if you want to call it that, pretty sure I know why these guys are threatening him.
Found this on his deleted email folder.
This young girl Hoyt's with is definitely not his daughter.
So much for being a choir boy.
This doesn't make any sense.
Where'd you get these photos? Off his computer.
There's no way Derek would ever be involved.
No, well, these are just photos, ma'am, we don't have any proof of anything illegal at the moment.
We're just trying to ID the young girls in the photos so we can contact their parents.
Sorry, it's just the way it is.
Do you know these two girls? I know her.
She goes to my daughter's school.
It's a good thing this sick son of a bitch is dead.
So you were unaware of these pictures? - Never seen them before? - Correct.
Mm-hmm, I'm gonna give you a mulligan on that one, Stewart.
Excuse me? Bad idea to lie to the police.
That's you, isn't it, bangin' on Hoyt's front door? Okay, I was aware.
A friend called, said there were some photos circulating on some right-wing chat room.
I flipped out.
I ran over to Hoyt's building.
I wanted to talk to him No, you know what? I wanted to beat his ass into the ground.
But he wasn't home.
So you never got the chance to confront him - about these photos? - No.
I tried, trust me.
But he died.
- Got hit by a car.
- Bus.
A bus someone pushed him in front of.
- You asking me if I - We are.
No, I didn't kill him.
You know who this girl is? Yeah, that's Kimberly Ryan.
She's on the same basketball team as my daughter and Hoyt's daughter.
That's definitely my daughter, but she's never been alone with Hoyt, ever.
I'm not sure how he Maybe at a basketball game, or a sleepover.
No, our kids aren't really friends.
Can I look at those photos again? Yeah.
My daughter's clothing and her facial expressions, they match what's on my wife's social media feed.
Yeah, see? Same smile, same clothes, same body angle.
Someone photoshopped these.
Well, the techs just confirmed the pictures are fake.
So Hoyt wasn't a pedophile? He was a victim of an online smear campaign? Ah, sure seems like that.
Hey, sorry to interrupt, but I'm scrolling through this online forum where the photos of Hoyt were circulating, and it is crazy.
There's lots of chatter about JFK Jr.
being alive, and high-ranking democrats sex-trafficking underage kids.
But one guy stands out as being the craziest of the crazies.
Someone named "Warri0r-p0se" posted some pretty outrageous statements.
"Hoyt will never touch another young girl.
" And he posted one this morning too at 11:12 a.
an hour after the murder.
"Hoyt is no longer a problem.
God bless America.
" Run down the IP address right away.
I already did.
Post was sent from a café in Brooklyn called Coffee and Smile.
- Oh.
- Mm.
Why has it become mandatory for coffee shops to be called stupid names? That's why I drink tea.
Talk to the manager.
See if they have video, and see if you can find out who sent those posts.
- All right.
- You got it.
- Manny Lopez! - Yeah? Yeah, we need to talk.
- About what? - Is that you drinking coffee at a place called Coffee and Smile? - Is that a crime? - Uh, no, not yet.
But the way things are going, who knows? Might be considered racist someday soon.
It's only a matter of time, huh? Well, there is a crime against pushing someone in front of a bus.
That's why we're really here.
Come on.
Let's take a ride down to the precinct.
Manny, we, uh We analyzed your emails and your chat history.
You weren't the biggest fan of Derek Hoyt.
Don't worry, bro.
There's more.
We found video of you near the intersection of 29th and 10th right around the time Hoyt was murdered.
Look at you, plain as day, one block from the crime scene about 65 seconds before Hoyt was killed.
There you are again, walking east on 29th Street right behind Hoyt about 35 seconds before he was pushed.
You want to get ahead of this, tell us your side of the story? Derek Hoyt was a senior member of the liberal, sex-crazed cabal that is destroying our country.
He planned to kidnap a young kid! So you killed him? Damn right! I love this country.
So I did what I had to do.
Yeah, you sure did.
Now you gotta pay the tab, bro.
What does that mean? It means you're under arrest for murder.
Hold on, big fella! Hold on.
The People ask for remand, Your Honor.
We believe the defendant is a flight risk, given the potential penalty he's facing.
Lopez has no priors, has substantial ties to New York.
Bail is set at $2 million.
That's prohibitive.
Lopez doesn't have access to that kind of money.
- I'm not so sure about that.
- Excuse me? My clerk informed me that apparently some self-proclaimed patriot started a GoFundMe page for Mr.
Already raised $900,000.
Bail is set at $2 million.
Next case.
Been reviewing the most recent posts in Manny's favorite chat room, Rogue Wave.
There's lots of crazy chatter about Hoyt trafficking young kids, straight out of the QAnon playbook.
"Credible intel says Hoyt is abducting young children, "selling them to sex-traffickers in Washington, DC.
" The next day, which is the actual day of the murder, the same person sent this: "FBI contact says Hoyt is carrying out "a kidnapping plot tonight.
Unfortunately, feds don't have enough evidence to arrest.
" Right after that, the same person sent this: "Who out there is brave enough to take action and protect our great country from the corrupt liberal cabal?" So this poster is just inventing inflammatory lies, hoping to rile up the masses? It was even more targeted than that.
He knew his audience.
He was looking to rile up the specific people who already believe these ridiculous lies.
We know who this person is? No, email address is encrypted, but he's definitely the ringleader.
He's the one who posted the phony pedophile photos too.
So if Manny actually believed what this poster was saying, killing Hoyt to thwart the alleged kidnapping actually makes some sense.
I mean, even though it's crazy.
Good chance Manny's going to claim justification Thought Hoyt was going to kidnap a young girl, so he kills Hoyt to save the young girl.
Even though there really wasn't a young girl - in harm's way.
- Exactly.
That's obviously a stretch, but it'll give Manny's lawyer a chance to talk about the liberal lunatics, the alleged sex trafficking ring Make it about politics, not law.
Which means anything is possible.
Call Cosgrove and Bernard.
Have them talk to HTAU and track down the IP address of this ringleader.
We need to figure out why he was so invested in destroying Hoyt, and if he's connected to this murder.
On it.
Sorry, guys.
We're recording.
Kennel of troglodytes.
The U.
government has - Reed.
- Literally We need to talk.
What is goin' on? Wha Ladies and gentlemen, two policemen have just entered my studio.
My guess is, the liberal mafia gave 'em a call, told 'em to come on down here, and stomp on my First Amendment rights, and that's how it is these days, right? You don't like what a true patriot is saying, you take away their voice.
You stomp on their rights to say what they believe, or better yet, you send the police after 'em.
Get off the damn mic, man.
We have business to discuss.
You have a warrant? We'd just like to ask you a few questions.
I'm not saying a damn word.
Get the hell out of my studio.
Watch yourself, Reed.
Oh, the, uh, Black detective is now threatening me.
Why did you post those crazy lies about Derek Hoyt? - Get out! - Hmm? - Now! - Why did you post Detective, I'm not saying it again.
You heard me, Detective! Get out! Kev, it's not worth it.
You think Jordan Reed was an accomplice? Oh, he stirred him up, that's for sure.
He posted all kind of outrageous lies and made Hoyt into a pedophile, but there's more.
Reed began to communicate directly with the defendant.
We found lots of phone calls between the two of them on the day prior to and on the day of the murder.
Any legitimate reason for these two to be communicating? Reed is an Ivy League elitist who grew up on 5th Avenue, Manny's a day laborer from Staten Island.
You think they were discussing Hoyt's imminent demise? Wanna trade up, hold Reed accountable? Okay.
Talk to the defendant.
See if he'll cooperate.
We know you pushed Derek Hoyt in front of that bus.
Good news, for you, is we think Jordan Reed is really the one responsible.
We're happy to cooperate if you can reduce the charge to Man One.
No promises.
We'll listen to what he has to say.
Come back with a deal in writing.
Just answer their questions, Manny, and nothing you say can be used against you.
You and Reed talked on the phone several times before and after the murder.
What did you two discuss? We talked about a lot of things.
The country, the left-wing fascists trying to take over the country.
Did Reed talk to you about killing Derek Hoyt? Reed's a good guy.
He's a straight shooter.
No, he's a liar and a fraud.
He was playing you, Manny.
Hoyt wasn't a pedophile.
He was a law-abiding family man who wanted to run for Congress.
Sure, that's what the liberal media says.
No, that's what the facts say.
Reed is using you and your chat room friends to become a billionaire.
For God sakes, Manny.
You worry about you, not Reed.
Now, you tell them what you two talked about.
He said Hoyt was very dangerous, a threat to the country, that the wave was coming, and that he needed people to neutralize that left-wing threat, people willing to take bold and decisive action.
Did he ask you to kill him? He kept using the word "neutralize," but I knew what he meant.
Did you expect anything in return for killing Hoyt Money, a car? He said that his company rewards true patriots, those willing to take action, that kind of thing, you know? Docket number CR 54378-22, People versus Jordan Reed, Murder in the First Degree.
How does the defendant plead? Not guilty, Your Honor.
- People on bail? - Remand.
The defendant is a flight risk.
He has access to private jets, foreign political leaders This is preposterous, Your Honor.
My client has done nothing wrong.
He's committed no crime.
Not his fault some lunatic pushed Derek Hoyt in front of a bus.
Bail is set at $1 million.
Next case.
Free Jordan Reed! Free Jordan Reed! Free Jordan Reed! So much for the home field advantage.
Reed definitely has a hardcore following.
That's why we're here in the first place.
Free Jordan Reed! Derek Hoyt was a kind, decent husband and father.
He was also an aspiring politician with a bright future.
So in search of salacious headlines, the defendant created a false narrative that Derek Hoyt was a pedophile That he was part of a depraved sex-trafficking ring that preyed on underage children.
To help perpetuate this disgraceful fiction, he disseminated fake photos of Derek Hoyt and young girls on the internet.
You see, inventing mythical enemies is a part of the defendant's business model.
He creates clickbait.
He provides exciting liberal enemies for his followers to hate.
He then posts about these dangerous fascists and anti-Americans on his websites, talks about them on his streaming platforms and podcasts, but the only thing he really cares about is money.
Monetizing the outrage and venom.
That's how the defendant built his billion dollar media empire.
In simplest terms, the defendant made Derek Hoyt an enemy of the far-right, then offered Manny Lopez a misguided, but intelligent patriotic ex-marine a financial reward to kill that enemy, and Manny Lopez did.
He pushed him in front of a bus.
Tomorrow, you'll hear from Mr.
Lopez himself.
He will describe this murder-for-hire arrangement in more detail and make it clear the defendant should be held accountable for Mr.
Hoyt's death.
Sometimes, murder trials can be complicated.
Now, sometimes, there's There's lots of science, blood evidence, contradictory testimony.
But sometimes, they're easy.
The answer is sittin' there right in front of you.
It's so simple and clear, it's almost confusing.
This is one of those cases.
Manny Lopez pushed Derek Hoyt in front of a bus.
Jordan Reed didn't.
To hold him guilty for another man's act of violence is contrary to the intent of the law, and a dangerous attempt to criminalize the expression of free speech.
If I say the coach of the New York Jets is terrible Right? I mean he's an idiot He deserves to die.
And the next day, some lunatic kills him, pushes him in front of a bus, for example.
Am I responsible for what this deranged football fan did? No, of course not.
Manny Lopez killed Derek Hoyt.
Jordan Reed did not.
Like I said, sometimes, cases are easy.
Okay, we're adjourned.
Notify the judge.
I'll I'll head down to the hospital.
Excuse me, I'm looking for Manuel Lopez.
I was told he was just rushed to the ER.
- And you are? - Assistant District Attorney Nolan Price.
Manny's supposed to be testifying in a murder trial tomorrow morning.
Well, I'm afraid that's not possible.
He's dead.
He's dead? He hanged himself earlier this morning in his cell.
We tried to revive him, but there was nothing we could do.
Your Honor, the People's case was predicated on Manny Lopez's testimony.
He was, in effect, the only piece of evidence that could establish that Mr.
Reed hired him to kill the victim.
So without Manny, it's literally impossible to prove murder-for-hire.
No Manny, no case.
Simple as that.
Price, that true? Is Mr.
Lopez the only ace up your sleeve? Do you have anything else that gives you a puncher's chance - to prove your case? - Not at the moment.
Then I'm going to grant the motion to dismiss.
I have no objection to dismissing the murder-for-hire charge.
But we'd still like to proceed with the lesser-included offense, Murder Two.
Under what theory? Your client showed a depraved indifference - to human life.
- Oh, this is ridiculous.
Reed's lies, his posts, and photos incited Manny Lopez to commit murder.
He knew, or should have known, that his repeated fabrications would likely cause one of his ardent followers to kill Derek Hoyt.
Is this a joke? You wanna try Reed for murder based on a series of stupid chat room posts? That's exactly what I wanna do.
Chat room posts, social media rants, they're protected under the First Amendment.
Jordan Reed can say whatever the hell he wants.
He could talk about liberal cannibals and underage sex trafficking rings all day long.
Your client yelled "fire" in a crowded movie theater, and Derek Hoyt got trampled to death.
We have every right to move forward on Murder Two.
I agree with Mr.
There's a case here.
I'm not sure if it's winnable, but it's certainly triable.
So let's do it.
When the photos were enlarged, significant pixelation and discoloring were evident Two telltale signs of alteration.
So they're fake? They were photoshopped? Yes, the images from the young girls' legitimate social accounts were copied and then transposed onto photos with Derek Hoyt and vice-versa.
These fake photos were posted to a virtual community called Rogue Wave, a place where believers in the so-called QAnon conspiracy theory gather to share ideas.
Were you able to determine which IP address they were sent from? Yes.
IP address 198.
These statements were also posted to Rogue Wave.
Do you know which IP address they came from? Yes, same one.
And were you able to trace that IP address - to a particular office? - Yes.
It was located in a large corner office in a company called Audix, LLC.
The nameplate on the door said, "Jordan Reed.
" Nothing further.
You have no proof Mr.
Reed actually created those photos, correct? No, but they were sent from his computer.
You also have no proof Mr.
Reed wrote or posted those statements to Rogue Wave? I don't, but they were sent from his computer.
Nothing further.
We have the posts and the photos.
It's not perfect, but it'll show that Reed wanted to incite action No, that his objective was to prompt his most zealous followers to commit an act of violence against Derek Hoyt.
It's a good start, but we need more to bolster our theory of depraved indifference.
We need to show Reed knew there was a strong likelihood Manny would kill Hoyt based on his outrageous posts and only those outrageous posts.
We have what we have.
I mean, it'd be great if I had a beach house in South Hampton, but I don't, so I make do with my cousin's cottage on the Jersey Shore for three days in August.
We're asking the jury to convict someone for murder, for spreading lies on the internet.
This could be ground-breaking, like convicting Trump for the murders that took place on January 6th.
We need to give the jury more.
We know Manny attended three recent rallies where Reed was the featured speaker.
So let's start there.
Is that you standing beside Jordan Reed? Yeah, that's me.
What'd you two talk about? Nothing too specific.
Did he ever mention a guy named Derek Hoyt? No, Who's he? He got murdered a while ago.
The guy you're standing next to, Manny Lopez, pushed him - in front of a bus.
- Damn.
- That's crazy.
- Did Manny say anything to Reed that might suggest he'd do something violent? No, he barely talked.
Did you guys talk about anything other than how screwed up the country is? Yeah, lots of stuff.
Like what? Uh, the Knicks.
Me and Reed were pissed about Kemba Walker being benched.
They didn't talk about Derek Hoyt or committing acts of violence? It was just a pleasant chat about life in America, circa 2022? According to Pond, they talked about everything but Hoyt or committing acts of violence.
This is bad.
It's exculpatory too.
I'm not so sure.
It contradicts our entire thesis that Reed was baiting his followers to attack Hoyt.
This is just one conversation, - one simple sound bite - A simple sound bite that favors the defendant.
You're right.
We need to notify defense.
Let them know what we found, and then we need to get back to work, and figure out how to win this damn case.
Did you attend a political rally at a restaurant called The Grey Lion on March 10th? - Yes.
- At this event, did you happen to have a conversation with Jordan Reed - and Manny Lopez? - I did.
What did you three discuss? We talked about how screwed up our country is.
Can you be more specific? We talked about how much the liberals hate us, how stupid they think we are.
If I dare to express a view contrary to theirs, I'm an idiot, a racist, homophobic I mean, this is America.
We should be able to express our views without being attacked.
Did you discuss anything else? Yes.
The New York Knicks.
Did Jordan Reed ask you or Manny Lopez to commit an act of violence, to help protect the country against the liberal cabal? No, sir.
Nothing further.
You weren't standing next to Manny Lopez the whole night, correct? - Correct.
- You weren't standing next to Jordan Reed the whole night either? - Correct.
- So it's possible Manny Lopez and Jordan Reed may have discussed something else including committing acts of violence, correct? - It's possible, but - This wasn't the only political event Mr.
Reed ever sponsored, correct? No.
He puts on lots of rallies.
Once a week, actually.
How'd you find out about these rallies? Word of mouth, mostly.
People usually text each other.
Thank you.
Nothing further.
Get a subpoena for Pond's phone.
We need to review his texts then do a deep dive into every rally Reed's attended for the past few months.
Then have detectives scrub the surveillance footage.
We need a clip, a quote, a sound bite, something that reveals who Jordan Reed really is.
Happy to do it, but why? Excuse me? We rested our case two days ago.
Even if we find something interesting, we can't introduce it.
But we can use it on cross.
Once again, happy to do it, but there is no indication that Reed is actually going to testify.
You really think the biggest media whore in America is gonna pass up the opportunity to wrap himself in the First Amendment, and provide free content for his media company? Not a chance.
Get the subpoena, and start scrubbing.
Have you spent any time in a chat room called Rogue Wave? I'm aware of it, but I've actually never participated in any online discussions.
Like I said, we have over 500 employees at the company, and most of them are very patriotic too.
So it's possible one of them might have used my computer.
Nothing further.
You ready? Highly unusual for an employee to use the CEO's office without his knowledge or permission, correct? Not at my company.
We have an open and inclusive culture.
Doors are never closed.
In fact, most offices don't even have doors.
- Your office has a door.
- Yes.
But I never close it or lock it.
Your computer has a password, correct? It does, yes, but it's written on one of those yellow sticky things stuck to the computer.
It's it's low-tech, I know, but I'm always forgetting my damn passwords.
You know, too many devices and subscriptions You said it earlier a lot of your employees are patriotic.
You consider yourself a patriot too? Yes, of course.
I imagine you also consider yourself a proud proponent of the First Amendment.
I do.
Freedom of speech is the cornerstone of our democracy.
It's the defining feature of our country.
People have the right to express their religious and political beliefs even if they're unpopular, even if the people in power find them abhorrent, and that open exchange right there, that is what makes America the greatest country on Earth.
So your goal was to foster the open exchange of opinions and ideas? Yes, I just wanna give patriotic Americans a forum to express their thoughts.
You know, contrary to popular opinion, Mr.
Price, most conservatives don't enjoy the didactic rhetoric of the far-left.
So despite the outrageous and inflammatory posts sent from your office computer, your goal was simply to cultivate a peaceful exchange of ideas? - Yes.
- You didn't want your followers to commit acts of violence? No, no, no.
No, that would be the last thing I'd ever want.
I'd like to show you a video clip of you talking to one of your employees at a recent rally Objection.
We haven't had a chance to review this material.
There was no reason to share it until now.
We couldn't anticipate the defendant would testify, and open the door with his statements about cultivating the peaceful exchange of ideas.
And this video clip will rebut those statements? It will directly contradict what the defendant just said regarding his goals and objectives.
I'll allow it.
Look at these idiots, drinkin', gettin' all riled up.
If we could just find a way to activate these morons to actually attack or even kill some trans-bathroom-loving liberal, we We'd be the number one media company in the world.
A waiter took that video at a recent rally.
It shows you saying you'd like to see one of "these morons" attack or kill someone.
I was kidding.
Come on, that I was joking.
That's a hell of a thing to joke about.
Nothing further.
Defense? Nothing at this time.
Has the jury reached a verdict? We have, Your Honor.
On the count of Murder in the Second Degree, we find the defendant guilty.
You've got to be Get off of me.
This isn't over.
This isn't over! The true patriots will have the last say.
They will not stand for this act of tyranny! Hell of a verdict, Nolan.
Will make people think twice before tweeting venom.
I'm not so sure.
Someone called "garrett-from-the-country" just tweeted me a particularly venomous death threat.

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