Law & Order Special Victims Unit s02e08 Episode Script


In the criminal justice system sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous.
In New York City, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit.
These are their stories.
You know, they said it couldn't be done.
They said that Allen Thorpe couldn't possibly outdo himself again.
I bring you Manhattan's first family-friendly five-star hotel.
And I welcome each and every one of you to the official grand opening of the Thorpe Palace.
You know, of all my hotels, this one means the most.
Because it's the most personal.
It's family.
So, we've got a lot more in store for you so enjoy the ride.
I was raped.
Excuse me.
You mind filling us in? You mind smiling? No reason to upset the guests.
Miller How could this happen? Is this what you meant in your brochure by "safe as your mother's arms"? Sir, we're Detectives Benson and Stabler.
What happened here? My sister, Siobhan.
She was attacked.
When did this happen? We contacted you immediately.
No, you took time to pull strings.
You got no blue-and-whites out front, no uniforms in here.
That's the idea, right? It's called obstructing.
I know what obstructing is, pal.
I was on the job 20 years.
I assure you, no one associated with the Thorpe Hotel Corporation has knowingly obstructed justice here.
An attorney? You got an attorney here before medical assistance or the police? Come here.
How old are you, Siobhan? Seventeen.
Can you tell me what happened? I told it three times already.
Okay, let's get you to a hospital, all right? I'll take that for you.
I went into my room, and my clothes and my makeup were all over the floor.
I couldn't understand it, you know? And so I just stood there, staring.
And then I saw him.
Who? Did you know this person? No.
I tried to run out, and he slammed my face against the door.
Then I tried to get away, and he went crazy.
He grabbed the phone and he started hitting me with it.
And then Okay, you can finish telling me at the hospital, all right? He raped me.
No editing.
Excuse me.
This is a restricted area.
Can't think of a place I'd rather be.
Detectives Munch and Tutuola.
I thought you snuck out of the press pen.
What can I do for you? We need tape rolled on everything you've got around room 328 from the time of the incident.
Elevators, stairwells.
You know we just opened.
Yeah, the grand opening banner out front was our first clue.
Roll the tape.
We've got full coverage on everything from the fifth floor to the penthouse.
What about the rooms without a view? They didn't quite make the deadline.
They'll be operational by next week.
That's good news for future victims, but little comfort to Siobhan Miller.
Don't tell me we've had another freaking emergency.
What is this urgent matter, Winston? That was us.
Pleasure to meet you, Mr.
And what do you want? You weren't informed that one of your guests was brutally raped? My head of security will be handling that matter.
He's at your disposal.
I have guests waiting.
I understand that one of your employees discovered the victim? Yeah, desk clerk, Terry Wilde.
We'll need to see him now.
Right this way.
Where did you stash our outcry witness, in the boiler room? He's on his scheduled break in the employee cafeteria.
Guy's gotta eat.
And the show must go on.
Bet the party didn't miss a beat.
So tell us, Winston, exactly how long did you detain the victim before allowing her to receive medical attention? We wanted to get that girl to the hospital right off.
She refused.
Traumatized victims frequently refuse treatment.
Most people know better than to listen to them.
Bust my hump all you want, but I'm telling you we're gonna bend over backwards to assist you on this.
Okay, where was Allen Thorpe during the attack? Terry, short for Terrence, Wilde as in Oscar.
Address? Why? I didn't witness anything.
First person a rape victim speaks to about their attack is known as the outcry witness.
That's you.
We didn't really speak.
"I was raped.
" End of conversation.
Which makes you the only one that could testify to that statement in court.
Court? I have to go court? It's pretty hectic here today.
Why weren't you at your post? Thought I might see Julia Roberts or somebody.
Look what happens.
Just isn't your day, is it? Severe trauma to the face, hairline fractures on right wrist and one rib bruise marks on breasts and arms.
Consistent with restraint? Yes, definitely finger marks.
And deeper contusions on the legs.
Knee marks.
Evidence of penetration.
Rape kit done? Just waiting to be vouchered.
Lot of fluids.
Good chance we got semen.
Okay, thanks.
She's asleep, thank God.
She was in so much pain, I begged them to up her morphine.
I'll sit with her for a while if you need a break.
Yeah, come on, let me buy you a cup of coffee.
I could use a cigarette.
He already took pictures.
Special interest case.
Powerful people involved.
Evidence tends to get lost.
Any sign of forced entry? No.
Victim's five feet.
This is where the escape was thwarted.
He drags her across the floor, rips the phone from its cord.
You mind? Hits her with the phone.
Throws her on the bed.
And rapes her.
Came prepared.
Pretty much rape, A to Z.
You got anything else? Yeah, we should all go buy lottery tickets.
Hotels, we usually get prints and fluids from a thousand guests.
But this baby is brand-spanking new.
So you'll have print workups by the morning.
My baby sister.
I'm supposed to protect her.
I was off at that party doing the hokey-pokey, for God's sake.
On your way down, you notice anyone hanging out in the hallway? No.
What about earlier? Anyone stand out? Everyone.
We're from North Carolina.
Maybe it didn't mean anything at the time but looking back, anyone pay particular attention to Siobhan? There was a guy in the park, at the puppet show.
He was definitely staring at her.
Puppet show? We're here on family vacation, with my wife and little girl.
What do you remember about this guy? He was alone, no kids.
Can you describe him? White, thirties maybe, brown hair.
Height? Weight? Average.
That's all I remember.
Where'd you go after the park? Back to Hotel Hell.
Hi, I'm Detective Munch.
This is Detective Tutuola.
I'm Siobhan's sister-in-law.
Perhaps we should talk in your room, Miss Miller.
Is it nearby? It's right in here.
No, I didn't hear anything.
Oh, my gosh, I must have been drying my hair.
Where was your daughter? She was with my husband at the party.
Siobhan and I went swimming after the park and we were running late.
Was anyone at the pool bothering her? No, we didn't even talk to anyone.
Did anyone look out of place? No.
Do you mind if we finish this a little later? After what's happened, I just feel like I need to spend some time with Tara.
What you got there, Spanky? Hotel security tapes and a state-of-the-art, fully digitized deck on which to view them.
Happy? Assuming there are no 18-minute gaps, ecstatic.
Sketch artist finished with Siobhan.
Latent finished up too.
The only print they couldn't eliminate turned up in the system.
Russell Ramsay.
Released 18 months ago.
One count statutory rape.
Siobhan is just this side of legal.
Pretty damn close.
Our man Winston actually came through.
How great is this? Almost as great as us finding our guy.
Fin is throwing together a photo array to run by Siobhan.
That's Happy Feet! Excuse me? The odd bird at the party, and I don't mean the big yellow one.
Can you zoom in? Okay, wait a minute.
Thorpe is just starting his speech.
Siobhan came down just as he finished.
Odd behavior for a guy who just committed a rape, wouldn't you say? I guess he worked up an appetite.
Why isn't he getting the hell out of Dodge? Benson.
Cragen's looking for you.
We just found our guy on the Miller case.
Can this wait? Close the door.
What? Sit down, Olivia.
What? Really, I think you should sit down.
Just tell me.
What's going on? Your mother had an accident.
I am so sorry.
She didn't make it.
How? She fell down the subway steps, No.
My mother never takes the subway.
The entrance outside the Velvet Room.
She was drunk.
Did you talk to Benson? Yeah.
You know, my brother's a mortician.
In case she has any questions.
You have a brother? I think we found Twinkle-Toes.
Can you believe this douche bag? Killing a fellow cockroach.
Whatever happened to professional courtesy? Russell Ramsay? What's the problem? That nobody's exterminated you yet.
You have the right to remain silent.
What'd I do? Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.
What'd I do? Aside from defying the laws of rhythm? You have the right to an attorney.
If you can't afford one, one will be given to you This is crazy.
I never raped nobody.
So the rape that you were tried and convicted of three years ago what was that? A heinous miscarriage of justice? That was statutory.
And we were in love.
Yeah and I'm sure they'll make a TV movie of it one day.
But, about Wednesday? Wednesday We've got your prints on the scene your bizarrely circuitous escape route on tape and your victim on her way down here to ID you as we speak.
I swear! I never raped nobody.
Now, Wednesday, noon? I was with a girl.
At that new hotel, the Thorpe Palace.
Her name's Siobhan.
You left her bloody and broken, and you're using her as an alibi? What? What are you talking about? That bitch said I raped her? It was a date.
I met her at a bar.
She gave me her room key.
You happen to remember the name of the bar? Please take the stand.
You think you can make a case? If I can get this girl in front of a jury before her wounds heal my opening statement would be "Prosecution rests.
" I just wish we could get in his prior.
Too prejudicial.
No violence with the statutory.
They were known to each other.
No pattern.
Siobhan is just this side of legal.
He preys on teenage girls.
Don't worry, I'll still bury this guy.
I'm gonna bring them in now.
If you recognize the man who raped you identify him by number.
Okay? Sorry I'm late.
Thought you were taking time off.
I took it.
I don't know if I can do this.
You're gonna do fine.
Are we ready yet? Bring them in.
Okay, right this way, gentlemen.
You just take your time.
Siobhan, do you recognize anyone? It's okay, just say the number.
Excuse me.
Move away from the witness, please.
Number four.
Which number? Number four.
Now, where do you recognize him from? That's the man who raped me.
Excuse me, there a detective I can talk to? About? Russell Ramsay.
Have a seat Ms Leevak.
Shelly Leevak.
I guess you heard about Ramsay getting arrested again, huh? He's not a rapist.
Miss Leevak Shelly.
That would hold a lot more weight if he wasn't convicted of raping you.
It wasn't rape.
He was my boyfriend.
My parents only filed the charges because they wanted us to be apart.
He was only 22.
And you were 15.
He's a predator.
He's a nice guy.
I know he didn't do anything to that skank.
You still have feelings for this man? I love him.
Did Ramsay ask you to come down here? I would've anyway.
He looked me in the eye and he said he didn't do it.
He looked me in the eye and said that he had sexual intercourse with the victim.
He cheated on me? Only because I cheated on him first.
We broke up a few days before.
A classic trigger for a rapist.
Traumatic event in an interpersonal relationship.
To regain control, he overpowers another woman.
He said he didn't do it.
There should be a special level of hell for this pus-sucking, gangrenous malignancy of a mental amoeba.
Somebody steal your parking space again? Ramsay just sent in his first victim to defend him against his second.
From the statutory rape case? Shelly Leevak? The sweet little thing he deflowered at 15? She's five years older but none the wiser.
Don't tell me she's trying to alibi him? Everything but.
Explain to me how schmoes like us spend every night at home alone watching the History Channel, while a scum like Ramsay has this nice girl's complete devotion.
She is so convinced.
If there is any karma, Ramsay won't be doing much sitting down at Rikers.
Listen, Thorpe security called.
You're finished with that video equipment, right? Take a look at this.
What? Let's travel back in time a few minutes.
Yeah? The desk clerk, Terry Wilde, said he came over to look for celebrities.
So why is he looking in the opposite direction for five minutes? And why this? They looked right at each other.
And Wilde watches Ramsay all the way out.
Terry Wilde has been terminated.
What'd he do aside from keeping the victim from the cameras, thereby saving your five-star ass? He gave us no choice.
He hasn't shown up for work since the event.
How convenient.
The only employee that can testify in court.
What you're inferring is preposterous.
You did infer what he implied.
But on the bright side, you did infer correctly.
Do you have Wilde's current address, or did that disappear, too? It's in his file which you may keep.
He lives at 1634 Broadway.
Not unless he's one of the nuts lobbying for yet another extension of Cats.
That's the Winter Garden Theater.
Don't ask.
Why would he give a bogus address? Why, indeed? What else you got? Former employment.
Hi, we need to speak to a supervisor.
We need to ask you about a former employee.
Terry Wilde.
Take it you had a problem with Terry? No, never.
Under what circumstances did he leave? Terry never left.
I'm Terry Wilde.
What did I do? So who is this desk clerk, Terry Wilde? Not a clue.
Explains his reticence to testify in court.
He's working some angle.
Yeah, which he aborts when he becomes a witness in an unconnected crime? Come on, what are the odds? I don't know, astronomical? Front desk, room key, no forced entry.
Put me down for $100 on "connected.
" I'll put his photo out there.
Benson, Stabler.
A minute? This is Mr.
He's an actuary for Mr.
Thorpe's insurance carrier.
Tupper was just asking how strong the Miller case against Ramsay is.
And why is that? The hotel, while admitting no liability is considering making restitution.
That's big of them.
Fiscal sense in these litigious times.
Which Mr.
Thorpe would settle out of court.
And out of the papers.
I just crunch the numbers.
And put price tags on people's lives.
I simply follow the actuarial charts.
They cover every conceivable contingency.
Oh, yeah? What's a dead cop worth? I'll need rank and age at death.
What's his name? I don't know.
Is this the guy you think did it? He's your partner.
He gave you her room key, didn't he? What? No, she gave it to me.
They checked out your story.
Nobody at the bar remembers seeing you.
I got a forgettable face.
Ramsay, we will find your partner, with or without your help.
I'm sure he will be willing to take the deal we're offering you.
My client maintains his innocence.
You're facing rape-one with a prior felony conviction.
Given the degree of excessive force, you're looking at 25 years.
Why won't you listen? I don't have a partner.
What are you offering? If he gives up his partner, I'll recommend some leniency.
Well? What's it gonna be? Looks like we'll be taking our chances at trial.
This is so wrong.
It's $20 for a tip-off.
If this guy turns out to be our Terry Wilde, he'll give you $30.
He's not a logged-in informant.
This comes out of my pocket.
You sure it's the guy? Like I said, as soon as the guy showed me the picture, I said "2E.
" I mean, if it's not him, it's his twin brother.
We don't pay out for brothers.
No, it's him! He wasn't by any chance wearing a desk clerk uniform when he checked in? Like I said, when he signed in, it wasn't Terry Wilde.
The ID said Michael Berkman.
I'm telling you, that's the guy.
What? Yeah, it's the manager.
You got a phone call.
You get a name? Police! Is there a problem? Yeah, you didn't give the hotel two weeks notice.
Shame on you, Mr.
His Wilde days are over.
This is Mr.
Berkman now.
Got a lot of names there, don't you, fella? You got no right to come in here.
Get the hell out! Yes, okay, we will.
But you're coming with us.
You can't do this! Judge says we can.
Detective, I got a shady-looking skell up in 4F.
Any interest? Yeah, okay.
I don't know what kind of hold this guy has on Ramsay but he won't give up his partner's name.
It's Michael Berkman.
Fin and Munch picked him up at a fleabag on Delancey.
We're running his prints right now.
If you have no connection to Ramsay, why'd you use a false identity at the hotel? To get work.
He had a great résumé.
I got it off the Internet.
I was desperate for a job.
It was a good one.
So why'd you leave? Is quitting against the law? It is highly suspect, following so closely the commission of a crime.
You have nothing connecting my client to your rapist.
We have a detective and an ADA with him right now.
Trust me, you wanna spill first.
I swear I'm not partners with any rapist.
I never met Russell Ramsay.
I never gave him a key.
Berkman, you helped facilitate a rape.
Do you realize we could charge you as a co-conspirator? Please! The most you got is criminal impersonation.
A misdemeanor.
Guys, a minute of your time.
Your Michael Berkman, formerly Terry Wilde, is in reality Kyle Kivlahan disreputable roofer and petty thief.
What's his connection to Ramsay? His connection is not to Ramsay.
It's to Beau.
They went to the same high school and juvenile facilities down in North Carolina.
Looks like these guys are partners.
You saying her own brother set her up to be raped? I just got off the phone with Tupper.
The brother is threatening a lawsuit.
$10 million.
Beau took the girls shopping.
We're doing everything we can to keep Siobhan busy.
Otherwise, I think she'd go crazy.
Sounds like a great brother.
Have they always been close? Actually, they just got back in touch.
He left home when she was Tara's age.
Why was he estranged from his family? I don't know the whole story.
He was 16.
He was a kid.
When did he reconcile? He never got to.
Their parents died a couple of months ago and he was determined to make it up to Siobhan.
Was that the point of this trip? Yeah, family reunion.
Pretty serious boo-boo you got there.
Tara gave me first aid.
Guess I'm a little too old for the jungle gym.
Your husband called this place "Hotel Hell.
" I'm surprised you haven't moved out.
Oh, we're in a different room, of course! What, I do the wrong room, or is this rapist going door to door now? No, just lift every print you can.
We're trying to place Ramsay in here.
It's a long shot.
Odds are Beau met with him outside this hotel.
We've been assuming that Ramsay got a room key from our multiple-personality desk clerk.
But maybe he didn't even need a key.
These are adjoining rooms.
Okay, Mrs.
Miller had Siobhan at the pool and Beau let him in through here.
Or here.
We got a blood stain.
We know Beau was at the party from the videotape.
Miller, though, was definitely in this room.
Making it even more of a family affair.
How'd you meet Beau? Beau who? What about Patricia Ann? Look, I don't know her.
And I swear to God I never touched her.
You gotta get me out of here.
Kyle Kivlahan? Okay, yes, I know him.
How do you know him? Please? I'll say anything.
You just tell me what you want to hear.
Like you told Shelly you didn't rape Siobhan? I love Shelly.
I never lie to her.
Really? 'Cause when she found out you had sex with Siobhan it came as a bit of a surprise.
Look, I'm guilty of bad judgment, all right? That's it.
Siobhan propositioned me, I accepted.
Now I get the crap beat out of me every day for it.
You gotta help me.
You've done a stint before.
Didn't you learn how to cover your back? It's worse this time.
Come on.
Rape and battery of a minor? Look, I can't sleep, all right? I gotta stay awake at night so I don't get ambushed.
You should have remembered the pecking order before you raped Siobhan.
I didn't rape her! Try to stay out of fights, huh? How? I can't look at a guy without getting jumped.
Benson just filled me in.
You got anything new? Something's not right.
With the brother? No, Ramsay.
Don't tell me that.
Ramsay's our only slam-dunk.
It's Kyle and Beau I need more on to indict.
Have you noticed how the bad guys are multiplying exponentially on this case? I just wanna make sure we get 'em right.
It doesn't get righter than Ramsay.
We've got the victim's ID, we've got his DNA, not to mention his prior.
Not-to-mention-his-prior came to see me.
Shelly Leevak? Why? She came to defend her rapist.
How many times do you see that? I've seen battered wives defend their husbands.
I've seen abused children defend their parents.
You name it, I've seen it.
Do me a favor, will you? Concentrate on Beau and Kyle.
The flowers were really nice.
Olivia, what are you doing here? I'm just working the rest of my shift.
I told you to take time off.
I don't want any time off.
At least take the rest of the day.
Look Captain, it took me years to accept the fact that my mother was an alcoholic and, when I did, I had to accept all the consequences.
I can handle it.
I just need to work.
We're pretty sure Siobhan's brother and sister-in-law set her up.
I wanna talk to Siobhan.
She can't know yet.
We can't take the chance it'll tip them off.
Chance of what? Chance that I'll blow the case? Look, you're in no condition.
Captain, I'm fine.
Let me do my job.
You're okay staying here? I just wanna go home.
I think you should.
Beau wants to get everything settled first.
I can't believe he's suing them.
How old were you when your brother left home? Like four.
So, you never knew him growing up? No.
And, how is it that he got back into your life? Well, when our parents died, Beau came back.
He said he'll take care of me.
Sorry, I'll be right back.
No! I don't think that's enough.
You just remember, no matter what you settle for I am getting my $2 million, 'cause I sure as hell did my part.
So we move Siobhan from victim to perp.
Along with her brother, Beau Miller.
Yeah, a.
, Clayton Farnsworth.
Forgery and fraud.
You know, I talked to North Carolina.
Nothing but a petty con artist.
He works the beach tourists in summer, home improvement scams in the off-season.
Married to Patricia Ann Miller.
The bloody print we found on the adjoining door we thought was Ramsay's? Lab ran it against the elimination prints.
It's Patricia Ann's.
But what was she doing there? Why risk contaminating the crime scene? To make it look like one.
She trashed the place.
Not to mention our phony desk clerk, Kyle Kivlahan.
Terry Wilde and Michael Berkman.
Who we now know to be Beau Miller's second cousin.
Which also makes him Siobhan's cousin.
One big happy family of grifters.
Thorpe is the mark.
Let's get arrest warrants for the Miller family.
Better call Children's Services.
There's a 4-year-old.
Thorpe would rather pay than having us drag three handcuffed suspects through his family-friendly lobby.
We won't be taking them in the hotel.
Excuse me, we haven't connected all the dots yet.
Who's left? Ramsay.
He's not a Miller.
He's not from North Carolina.
How does he fit in? We're here to pick up a check.
Beau Miller? Regarding Siobhan? Mr.
Miller's here to see you.
My supervisor actually needs to handle transactions of this magnitude.
Come with me.
I can take your little girl to our day-care facility if you'd like.
This won't take long, will it? We need to go over some delicate issues.
It might be best.
All right.
Okay, now, Mommy will be back in just a second and I want you to go with the nice lady.
Okay? Okay.
Mayfield? These are the Millers.
Thank you, Tupper.
You can go.
Please, I can't tell you how glad I am to be putting this unpleasant situation behind us.
You just need to sign these.
It is a detailed account of the event as you relayed it to us.
And we get that check today? Unless you wanna drop the claim.
We're done in here.
What is this? You're under arrest for conspiracy, extortion, and grand larceny.
No one say anything without lawyers.
Nothing, Siobhan.
I don't understand.
What'd I do? Why don't you tell me more about your dead parents? They're alive and doing time.
Investment scams, wasn't it? I was ashamed.
That's why I said they were dead.
You ashamed of your age too? 'Cause we know you're 23, not 17.
And we know you participated in this.
Beau made me.
You don't know what they put me through.
I didn't know what to do.
Please! You're good.
But I've been taken by better.
No! I want a deal.
Our cousin Kyle's job was to get inside.
Once he was, he bumped a confirmed reservation and got us in.
So how's Ramsay related to you? He's not.
We found him on the Sex Offenders Registry.
The sex was consensual.
We set him up.
And beating you to a pulp was what, foreplay? That was Patty Ann.
She came in after he left.
It hurt like hell, but she did a damn good job.
I mean, that's pretty much it.
Timed it so I got downstairs right in the middle of the opening and then Kyle was in place to stop me just before I hit the press.
Why? Wouldn't that have made a stronger civil suit? Oh, maybe, but those take years.
I mean, we knew Thorpe would pay to keep it quiet, you know? And gag money pays real quick.
You'll have to allocute to all of this when you plead guilty.
Testify against all the other players, you're looking at probation.
What was going through your mind when you were taking that beating? How I was gonna spend all that money.
She get the deal? Yeah.
She admit to being the ringleader? Four separate interviews, one common thread: Siobhan set this up.
The original scam was planned with the parents.
Once they got pinched, she needed a replacement family.
So she calls up her long-lost brother.
Who, if you hear him tell it had to be browbeaten into making the jump into the big time.
And then she gets probation? I'll tell you, it gets worse: She set Ramsay up.
Now, we gotta call Corrections, have him produced and released.
I guarantee you he's looking at another 24 hours before he makes it through the red tape.
Then we need to put a rush on it.
Beau made sure the police and hospital documented the rape and then waited for them to arrest Ramsay and find out he was a convicted rapist.
And, and soon as they did, Beau began the con.
That's about it.
Are the People satisfied? Miss Cabot? Could Miss Miller elaborate on how Russell Ramsay was enrolled in the scam? That's covered under the agreement, right? Right.
We just looked on the Internet for a sex offender.
I mean, they got a whole website with pictures and MOs and I picked Ramsay because he wasn't as gross as the others.
I mean, he didn't look dangerous and he liked them young.
How did you go about seducing him? Our cousin Kyle was the advance man.
I mean, he followed him around a few days and got his schedule down.
And then, I just showed up at his bar.
I gave him the duplicate room key that Kyle had made and I told him when to be in my room.
The plan hinged on Ramsay showing up.
How could you be certain he would? He's an ex-con with a loser job who likes young girls.
I mean, it's a no-brainer.
Still, something could've gone wrong.
I would've Plan-B'd it.
What is Plan B? Honey, no man passes up free sex.
Siobhan Miller, you've entered a change of plea from not guilty to guilty.
Are you pleading guilty because you are, in fact, guilty of the charges? Yes, Your Honor.
Given your life-long vocation of flimflamming this court is loathe to put you on the stand of your co-conspirators' trials.
However, since your plea seems acceptable to the DA this court will sentence you to five years probation.
What are you doing? Can't tell you how much I've enjoyed watching you hang yourself.
What? We had a deal.
You can't go back on it.
Russell Ramsay was attacked at Rikers.
He was beaten and raped.
He was killed.
Your false allegation put him there.
Under the law, you're responsible for his death.
And manslaughter ain't covered under your deal, sweetheart.
They got her, Munch.
She played right into it.
What are the chances it'll stick? Cabot'll get her allocution testimony in front of the grand jury.
No way they won't indict.
That's great.
We got her.
Yeah? At what price? What are you doing here? I thought I told you everything.
I know you did.
And you were right.
What? You mean We know that Ramsay didn't rape that woman.
He's been cleared.
Thank God.
What? Can you take a break for a few minutes, have a cup of coffee with me? I need to talk to you about something.
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