Law & Order Special Victims Unit s02e09 Episode Script


In the criminal justice system sexually-based offenses are considered especially heinous.
In New York City, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit.
These are their stories.
What do you say? Cover my shift on Friday? I told you, I got to spend the day with the wife and her mother.
Work my shift.
It's the perfect excuse.
I like my mother-in-law.
It's the wife I can't stand.
This wheel's stuck.
Oh, man.
Forty-five minutes there, Doc.
Please, murder is on the menu today, so don't scold.
Guess what? She's dead.
Fresh gash to the arm.
Definitely post-mortem.
Dead about 12 hours.
Blunt trauma to the head.
Anywhere from 12 to 15 years old.
Track marks? None yet.
Could be hidden between the toes or in her thighs.
You think that she's a pro? Got called in on a case like this last week.
Girl was in the trade and still had braces on.
I wouldn't be surprised if some pimp was trying to send a message.
We're trying to hand this off to Homicide.
So give me a second.
Find anything? Used condoms, syringes, a couple of crack pipes.
We'll be sifting for a while.
But we got the murder weapon.
Couple of sales slips in her pocket, and this charm bracelet.
Any ID? Sorry.
A receipt for bottled water and one for Hamptons Athletics, size six, $159.
Expensive shoes.
Fluids are present.
Marked bruising to the thighs, pelvic and vaginal areas.
Handprint on the hip and upper right buttock.
Spanked and raped.
Guess this one's ours.
Couple of partials.
Handprint gives us a size, but that's about it.
No latent, no ID.
Recent sex.
She's a non-consensual minor under 17, so it's either statutory or rape one.
Not to mention homicide.
Tenderloin kiddy pro? Or she's right off the bus from Iowa.
Not with that haircut and the bracelet and the expensive running shoes.
The only time I've ever seen a working girl run is to pick up a trick or to get high.
Any drugs in her system? Tox screen's not back yet.
She could be an actress.
She's flat.
No implants.
Still good for the pedophile trade.
Name your price in illegal porn and the market will bear it.
Let's concentrate on the crime scene first.
The blood type on the brick matches the victim so she wasn't a dump job.
Somebody saw or heard something.
We'll follow receipts and Forensics.
Munch, Fin Let me guess, door-to-door.
Nobody is here.
Let's go.
We got other floors.
I hear the TV.
Police! I'd like to ask you a few questions.
I don't know anything.
I don't want trouble.
Nice view.
You like living here? Used to.
Now there's cheap whores everywhere.
You chase them, they come here.
To paradise.
Nothing like the fecund scent of dead animals.
I've been here 20 years.
I mind my own business.
I stay another 20.
An optimist.
My grandfather lived to be 105 on ouzo and silence.
A girl was murdered last night outside your window.
Another prostitute.
Who cares? I do.
She was just a kid about her age.
You saw or heard it.
If you don't speak up You would curse me? Every day.
Around 8:30, I heard shouting.
I wouldn't go to the window.
I didn't want to see.
Yeah, in case there was trouble.
Can you describe the voices? I hear someone yell, "Whore!" I turned up the TV.
Thanks for your help.
Talking Greek.
You're full of surprises.
If I don't keep some mystery, you might grow bored and stop loving me.
Hi, excuse me I'll be with you in a minute, okay? Tell me that these are worth $100.
That's cheap.
Maureen's been begging me for a pair, costs $150.
All of her friends have them.
Probably costs $3 to make.
That's including the 50 cents a day they pay child laborers.
Excuse me.
You want to try those on? No thanks, though I'd like you to look at this receipt, please.
Terrator running shoes.
Hot item.
You remember who made that purchase? You're kidding.
Look around.
This is a slow day.
Yeah, you recognize this girl? Maybe a regular customer? She looks dead.
She is.
Petite, blue eyes, 5'1" Sorry.
After a while, they all start to look the same.
I've got to get back.
That's fine.
Look Benson.
You remember anything you just give us a call.
ME finished cutting.
What've we got? Jane Doe is a young female, Tanner stage three.
That makes her about, 12-13? Yeah, right about there.
Maybe a little older.
Cause of death? Massive subdural hematoma causing herniation of the brain.
Please tell me our perp's a secretor.
And he left plenty of semen to type.
What about the bruising? Pelvic and pubic region.
Also several healed fractures to the ribs, both wrists, fingers.
Long-term abuse? Too many injuries for just plain clumsy.
Drugs? Alcohol? Nothing, except for diphenylmethane.
Ingredient found in laxatives.
Also has enamel erosion on upper and lower incisors.
Self-induced vomiting.
She was bulimic.
She has very rough palms.
Blistered and healed over.
The kind you see on day laborers.
She worked for somebody.
What she was doing, I won't hazard a guess.
Madam's name is Ruth Jay, who goes by Mama Jay.
Specializes in pros who pass as little girls.
Parochial school skirts, baby-doll dresses.
You get the picture.
What are we doing here? Noon service.
Preacher's gonna start any minute.
I don't want to miss the choir.
We want to ask you a few questions about your girls, Ruth then you can go inside and praise the Lord.
A whore in church? If you studied the Bible, you'd know that Mary Magdalene was a whore.
She repented.
So I'm a work in progress.
Don't judge me, or I'll get to Heaven before you.
What can I do for you, Detective? You know her? No.
Pretty young thing.
What a shame.
Just the kind of girl your customers would like, right? I don't deal in children.
My girls just look the part.
If she worked in the trade, check with Willie Maxwell on Amsterdam.
He rents special videos under the counter.
Anybody knows her, he will.
I'll pray for you.
Can I help you with something, Officers? Yeah, have you seen this girl? She's right up your alley.
You gonna make me smack you? She looks familiar.
But, no, I can't say that I know her.
Come on, Willie.
You and I both know that you have customers with special needs.
All we're looking for is an ID.
I've never seen her.
What's this? He's returning that.
Oh, yeah? I want to rent it.
Not available.
What do you mean? When I go to Blockbuster I can rent whatever walks in the door.
I want to rent this tape.
Okay, I know my rights.
You can't take that.
You don't have probable cause.
Anything you find without a search warrant or probable cause is fruit from the poisonous tree.
My man, you want to walk away from this? I'm not talking without my lawyer.
No problem.
We want to make sure you understand what you're being charged with.
It's a felony to possess kiddie porn, magazines, videos, photographs.
We have a statement from your customer saying that he rented that video from you.
That was his tape.
No, you already claimed possession.
You know something? We're not even really interested in these charges.
You're not? No.
We're not.
Then what do you want? Who's the girl? What's in it for me? Now's not the time to play games.
Seems like a pretty good time to me.
You want something.
You think I've got it.
Let's barter.
Here's what we're gonna do.
We're not going to house you in general population and announce that a pedophile is coming through.
We'll do that if you ID the girl and give us a list of every private video customer you have.
I don't know her.
She's not a starlet in one of your productions? You think I wouldn't remember something that sweet? I need a shower.
Not until you check this out.
We got a match on your Jane Doe.
Carla Brice, age 13.
Height and weight all looks good.
From Queens.
What about Willie? We got him on possession.
We'll get his list of customers and arrest every hump on it.
How long has she been missing? Four days.
Did you find her? We don't know.
That's why we're here.
We need to ask you some questions.
You must know something, or you wouldn't have come.
Does your daughter wear jewelry? A cross my mother gave her.
And sometimes bracelets and a necklace.
What kind of bracelets? I don't know.
She traded with her friends.
Is she hurt? Is my baby all right? Did your daughter participate in any sports? Track.
Why are you asking me these questions? Tell me, what do you know? Mrs.
Brice, did anybody hurt Carla? It's all my fault.
We moved here to get away from her father, but he found us.
She was trying to protect me, and he hit her, and then she took off.
Had this happened before? Yes.
But Carla always came home.
God, I'm so sorry.
I tried to get away from him.
Please take me to see her.
We're ready.
I can't.
It's okay.
We're right here.
We're going to stay with you, okay? We're going to stay right here.
Hold on to me.
That's it.
You set? Oh, my God! It's not her.
It's not my Carla.
All the details seemed right, Captain.
Everything matched up, down to the broken bones.
Mistakes happen.
You did your job.
Yeah, sometimes this job stinks.
We had a uni take home Mrs.
Told her we'd keep an eye out for Missing Persons.
Who's gonna keep an eye out for Jane Doe? I am.
Lab lifted off two sets of prints.
One the victim's, another partial.
Neither in the system.
By the way, those are real diamonds.
How do you know that? One of my exes had a taste for fine jewelry.
Five teddy bears studded with diamonds.
Folks must have money.
"All my love, Popi.
" I'd like to talk to him.
Maybe we can.
Piece like that, handcrafted, probably one of a kind.
I know a guy in the jewelry district who could probably give us a read on who made this stuff.
That's a start.
Meanwhile, you two get back to Missing Persons.
Cast a wider net.
Outer boroughs, out of state, outer space.
She's got to come from somewhere.
Very cute.
Cute? Teddy bears are big this season.
That's interesting, but not exactly helpful.
Custom piece, 18 karat diamonds, GVS quality, well cut.
Look at the pavé work.
It's exceptional.
Anything that points to a specific designer or craftsman? You see that initial on the bear's paw? If you say so.
Yeah, that 'W' stands for Wallerstein.
Emil Wallerstein.
One of the best.
Do you know where we can find him? He's semi-retired.
Only designs for one store.
His son-in-law's, Petrie's.
Corner of Park and 59th.
Thanks a lot.
See you again.
We get 20 reports a day.
All go into the computer crosschecked against the DOA's brought into the Medical Examiner.
We gave you the only match.
Let's fudge it a little with the hair color, height and weight.
Depending on when she disappeared, those stats might have changed.
Here's one, 34, red hair.
How about this? Twenty-five No, too tall.
Twenty-one-year-old, butterfly tattoo on left buttock.
No, no tats.
Here's a new one.
Sixteen years old, brown hair, blue eyes, 5' even, 92 Ibs.
Reported missing by guardian, an llya Korska.
Last seen leaving gymnastics practice.
Name is Kristy Meyerson.
Explains the calluses.
You got an address? Keep your legs together.
Watch your toes.
Squeeze your legs together.
Again! You want to be champion, you must accept nothing less than perfection.
My ankle Pain is the price of glory.
Now, you do it again.
And this time, you spot the wall, like I told you.
That's my girl.
Now, go.
Amanda, Patsy, Lori, take a lesson from Danielle.
She has a heart of a champion.
Ilya Korska? Kind of hard on them, aren't you? They don't know what they're capable of until they try.
They know that I push them because I love them.
Who let you in here? Detective Stabler.
This is my partner, Detective Benson.
You found Kristy? Is there someplace we can go and talk? Keep her working.
Who would do such a thing? The Missing Persons report lists you as her guardian.
Her parents placed her under my care so that she could train here.
Nothing like this has ever happened.
Where are her parents? In Oregon.
They have money? Not really.
Father sells insurance, mother is a secretary.
They sacrificed everything so that Kristy could train with the best.
What about boyfriends? Anyone named Popi? My girls have no time for boyfriends.
They're teenagers.
They are elite athletes, striving for an honor that very few will attain.
To win a gold medal requires absolute dedication.
Kristy had that.
When was the last time you saw her? Day before last, after practice.
Where'd she go after practice? I assume that she went home.
You're her guardian.
Didn't she stay with you? No, she lived with a family whose young daughter I also train.
Very good people.
We're going to need their address and anyone else connected with the gym.
Workers, coaches, athletes.
Of course.
Anything I can do to help.
She could have been a champion.
I bet Kristy got those bruises working out.
I'd call it abuse.
I'll get the car.
You looked pretty terrific on those bars.
Yeah, right.
I'm the big dough girl.
What're you talking about? You don't have an ounce of fat on you.
Why'd I get my period? Because it's natural.
No, because I'm not training hard enough.
Love your open-door policy.
May I help you? Yes.
This belong to you? It's one of our custom pieces.
Exquisite, isn't it? How much is it worth? Without checking the computer, I'd estimate around $8,000.
Would that computer be able to tell us who bought that? Of course.
We keep meticulous records on all our clients including past purchases, birthdays, anniversaries.
Would you mind looking it up? I have customers waiting.
Oh, yeah? Well, make them wait.
Has anyone told her parents? Mr.
Korska called them.
They're flying in from Oregon as soon as they can book a flight.
Her mother calls every Wednesday and Sunday, like clockwork.
When did you last see Kristy? Day before yesterday.
She came home around dinnertime, like always and changed into her running clothes and headed out to run with Lori.
And who's Lori? Another gymnast.
They run every night.
Never miss.
She's usually home by 10:00, though and so when it got to be midnight, I called llya.
I haven't slept since.
What's your arrangement with Mr.
Korska? We board girls in his program.
They come from all over to train with him.
And not all of the parents can afford to move with them so llya places them with families he knows and trusts.
And what do you get for your trouble? He trains our daughter Hannah for free.
And gives us a small stipend to help defray costs.
But we do it because we love the girls and want to help.
Are there any other boys or young men living here? No.
Kristy was our only boarder.
Who are you talking to? What's wrong, Mommy? Nothing, sweetheart, this is Hi, I'm Olivia.
This is my friend Elliott.
What's your name? Hannah.
Hey, Hannah.
She idolizes Kristy.
What do you say Hannah shows me Kristy's room? Let you two finish up.
Sweetheart, would you like to show Olivia Kristy's room? Okay.
Did Kristy ever talk about her social life? You know, boyfriends, guys in the neighborhood? Gymnastics was her life.
She dreamed of going to the Olympics.
It was all she ever talked about.
She ever mention someone named Popi? Not that I recall.
What can you tell me about her relationship with Coach Korska? She adored him, feared him, respected him.
She was so grateful to be accepted into his program I think she would have done anything for him.
I mean, sometimes I even thought she tried too hard.
Kristy's really good.
She teaches me things, like how to tuck when I somersault.
Do you know when she's coming home? You know what? Your mom is going to talk to you about that later.
But first, maybe you can help me do something to help her.
What? I'm trying to find Kristy's boyfriend.
Did he ever come over? No.
Do you ever remember Kristy talking about somebody named Popi? You do? What did she say? My mom says it's not nice to spy on people.
I know, and your mom's right.
But you know what? I'm just trying to help her.
So, it's okay.
You can tell me.
Sometimes Kristy talked to him on the phone.
She said she'd meet him after she went running.
Did you ever hear Kristy say where Popi lives? No.
Do you remember hearing Kristy say anything else? This is really important.
One time she thanked him.
For what? This teddy bear.
Kristy loves teddy bears.
Am I noticing a theme here? Another gift from Popi, who, by the way, is not her father.
According to Hannah, Kristy used to sneak out to meet him on her nightly runs.
I have the running mate's address.
I waited till 8:30, but she never showed, so I just ran without her.
You two run together every night? Yeah, 8:00 sharp.
We meet at the pier and run along the promenade to Battery Park City and back.
That's a hell of a jog.
We're in training.
We've got to drop the weight or Korska will drop us.
He that tough? He pulls out a tape measure and scale for surprise inspections.
If you don't measure up, you're out.
It's the only way you can win.
Tell us about Popi.
Who? Lori, come on.
We know Kristy used these nightly runs as an excuse to go see him.
I don't know what you're talking about.
There's no reason to cover for her anymore.
I'm not covering for anybody.
Kristy loved gymnastics.
She never met with any guy when she was with me.
That's grounds for dismissal.
Can we talk later? I'm late for my workout.
Wouldn't want to hold you up.
What's the matter? What? What, "what"? You tell me what.
I'm just I'm not cutting it.
Cutting what? This college recruiter came from Columbia today to talk to us.
Yeah? And it's a really great school.
What's the problem? I got a B+ on my English midterm.
That's great.
I'm never going to get in with grades like that.
Maureen, you're 15.
Nothing like a little healthy competition.
We found a stockpile of diuretics and laxatives in Kristy's room.
What ever happened to just hanging out on the jungle gym? Went the way of your eight-track tape.
These girls are competing in a world where anything less than a perfect 10 is considered failure.
And llya Korska is the pied piper to the promised land.
What's up with this guy, anyway? Defected from Bulgaria in '88.
Coached 13 gold medallists and scores of silvers and bronze.
Has a multi-million-dollar endorsement contract and he just he runs a lucrative private coaching business.
Got no priors.
Running a check with Interpol.
Any luck on your end? We traced the bracelet to a guy named Kyle Hubert, 42.
A high-end real estate broker on the Upper West Side.
Wait a minute.
I know that name.
Listed as a Gold Circle contributor to the llya Korska Athletic Foundation.
Well, looks like we found Popi.
One of our board members called just before you arrived.
Are you certain that it wasn't an accident? It was murder.
You have a blank check from me to help catch the animal that did this.
Thank you, that won't be necessary.
Is this Kristy? Yes.
She was amazingly gifted.
Lithe, fluid, graceful.
She could have taken the gold at Nationals.
How long have you been involved in girls' gymnastics? As a donor, 10 years.
I try to help out wherever I can.
You've given quite a bit of money to llya Korska's organization.
He's the best coach in the country.
We've also heard that you've been quite generous.
Some of the girls received scholarships and expensive gifts.
Those who show special promise and talent.
You recognize this bracelet? I bought it for Kristy.
Why? You always engrave your gifts, "With all my love, Popi"? It was her nickname for me.
She said that I reminded her of her father.
When did you give it to her? Tuesday.
The night she died.
You give it to her that night? No, in the morning.
Where were you Tuesday night? Here, working late.
How late? Can anyone verify that? What are you insinuating? That you were sleeping with her.
I was not.
Would you be willing to submit to a blood test to confirm that? Absolutely not.
Why not? I won't be subjected to your witch-hunt tactics.
We only want the truth.
Talk to my lawyer.
We're gonna need a court order to get that sample.
Why don't we hit Korska's place, see what the girls have to say about their benefactor.
Maybe someone saw him with Kristy that night.
I've known him for 10 years.
He's a fine, upstanding gentleman.
We believe that he was having a relationship with Kristy Meyerson.
My girls don't have relationships.
He gave her a very expensive bracelet.
As a reward for working hard.
Kyle Hubert is respected by the USOC and every athletic governing body associated with gymnastics.
If it wasn't for him, we wouldn't be here.
Excuse me.
Girls! Come.
All right, let's go.
On the bar.
I don't feel I'm missing out on anything.
My dream is to go to the Olympics.
Tell me about your coach.
He's amazing.
I'm so lucky to be here.
You don't mind all the yelling and screaming? No, it's worse if he ignores you.
That means he doesn't care anymore.
What happened to your wrist? I was working on a new move.
A double-twisting double back.
It must've been wet.
I slipped.
I gotta get back to my work now.
Yeah, just one second.
I just have one more question.
Do you know a guy named Kyle Hubert? You know him? I hate how he's always staring at us.
He ever give you presents? Sometimes.
Like a new outfit or a gym bag.
Or this one time he gave me body lotion.
He told me to think of him when I used it.
So tell me about an average day.
I'm up by 4:30 get here at 5:00, leave by 9:00 and then I have school till 1:30.
Sometimes llya gets the doctor to write a note, and I don't have to go.
Lucky you.
Then after school, I have practice till 9:00 or 10:00 and I do my homework.
So when do you eat? I only have breakfast and some fruit.
I gotta lose weight if I'm gonna make the cut.
What can you tell me about Kyle Hubert? He hangs around a lot.
Watches us practice.
He pays for my room and board.
And there's this one thing he does that makes me so mad.
What's that? He calls me Olive Oyl.
I scored 38 in my last five comps.
I'm not bragging, but I've got a new dismount that's better than anyone else's.
Why didn't you tell us about Kristy's boyfriend? What boyfriend? Kyle Hubert.
Kyle Hubert? Yeah.
She'd meet with him after you two ran.
You never knew about that? Why would she tell me? If I'd known, I'd have to tell Coach.
It all makes sense, though.
Yeah? What does? Mr.
Hubert was always giving her the best presents.
Bracelets, clothes, stuffed animals.
I guess she liked all the attention.
Wouldn't you? He creeps me out.
Alibi? He says he worked late.
Nobody was there to confirm or deny.
What about the bracelet? He gives all the girls gifts.
Apparently he gives himself only to Kristy.
At least no one else is talking.
But his financials made a statement.
Daddy Rich Bucks has a little love nest.
TRW came back with two mortgages.
One for a pad uptown.
The other, a couple of blocks from the slaughterhouse.
They were here.
What time? Around 8:00.
You sure about that? She ran out the building crying.
He ran after her.
Did you hear anything else? He said he'd never let her go.
Told me the girl was his daughter.
Got it.
Let's go.
That son of a bitch.
Welcome to Fantasyland.
Perfect for a fairy princess.
He's no prince.
A little girl's dream turned into a nightmare.
Kyle liked to party.
And savor the memories.
Looks like Daddy forgot to change the sheets.
The semen-stained sheets gave us enough DNA to match the semen from the body.
Not to mention the letters, pictures and videotapes.
And an apartment manager who puts you with Kristy the night of the murder.
Why would I kill her? I worshipped her.
Is that why she went running from your apartment in tears the night she died? She had ended it with you, hadn't she? You couldn't take the rejection.
Or risk the exposure.
What? You raped and murdered her.
I did not.
Twelve hours of videotape and matched semen say you did.
It was consensual.
She was 16.
It's called statutory rape.
Consensual or not, you're going to jail.
The only question is for how long.
Is that what this is all about? That sense of humor is going to serve you well with your bunkmates up in Attica.
I could have saved you both a lot of work.
We kept our relationship private, to protect the program.
Kristy was not a child.
She was 19 years old.
Hubert's not lying.
She was 19.
We got a copy of her birth certificate.
In other words, you've got no case.
It's amazing.
She only looks 14.
It's sick, but it's not illegal.
Then why did Kristy lie about her age? By the time she was good enough for Korska she was older than most girls, so she shaved off a few years.
She did a damn good job of covering her tracks.
Korska claims he didn't know.
How did Hubert? He follows all the local events.
He notices Kristy's been around longer than she claims.
He preyed on her vulnerability.
These girls sacrifice their childhoods to win.
They're starved for love.
Not to mention food.
They stopped eating to maintain their perfect weight.
That stops their menstrual cycle.
No cycle, no estrogen.
No estrogen, no growth.
Physically, emotionally and sexually.
Leaves guys like Hubert just licking their chops.
Yeah, but it's not a motive for killing her.
What about Korska? Look, the kids aren't the only ones performing for the judges.
Prints off the bracelet came back.
One is Kristy's.
The other isn't Hubert's.
Check Immigration.
They'll have prints on Korska.
This guy may be up to more than we think.
Captain, Mom and Dad are here.
She was so pretty.
An angel.
Do you have any idea who might have hurt your daughter? No.
Everyone loved her.
No, everyone loved to watch her.
We put our life savings into her training.
Traveled to competitions, moved from coach to coach.
She was so close to her dream.
Why did Kristy lie about her age? She didn't lie.
She just didn't discuss it.
Korska doesn't like to work with older girls.
She was a young woman.
Did she ever date? Kristy was a virgin.
She was seeing someone.
What are you talking about? She never told me.
She knew you'd never understand.
I am her mother.
I did it all for her.
You did it for yourself.
What else did Kristy tell you? That she was in love with him.
And desperately afraid Korska would dump her from the program if he found out.
Coach kept a tight rein on his girls.
And a tight grip on Kristy's wrist.
His prints were on the bracelet.
Arms straight.
Keep your arms straight.
Can't talk now.
We're looking for your coach.
He went to dinner.
Hey, what's wrong? I swore not to tell.
Lori, I don't know what the problem is, but honestly, we just want to help.
Coach couldn't trust Kristy, so he had me watch her for him.
You spied on Kristy? Kyle was sleeping with her.
He gave her clothes and a charm bracelet.
Why didn't you tell us that before? Coach promised me a spot on the team if I told him and kept my mouth shut.
Today, he called me fatso and said I might not make trials.
When did you tell him? The day Kristy died.
What did Korska do? He ran off to find her.
Leave her alone.
She needs to practice.
We're done with Lori, but we've got some questions for you.
Girls are always coming to me with their petty complaints.
Lori said that you told her to watch Kristy.
Stupid kid was throwing it away.
For what? Clothes? Trinkets? Love? Love has no place in my gym.
Where did you go after Lori told you about Kyle? I followed her to the dirty cockroach's apartment.
And then? And then I left.
What could I do? No, you didn't.
You waited for her.
Kyle Hubert gave her a bracelet that night.
Your prints were on it.
All right.
I grabbed her wrist when she came out.
Her hair was messed up.
She smelled like sex.
I told her to break it off with that scum or you're through.
Then she went back inside.
Then she came running back out crying after she'd broken it off with him.
She begged me for forgiveness.
She wanted a second chance.
So I took the little whore down the street for a run.
The girl was hysterical, and you made her go running? I'm not paid to teach weakness.
What time did you drop her off? Korska claims he picked up Kristy at Hubert's apartment and dropped her off to run at 8:15.
Assuming Korska's telling the truth.
Which he may not be, since Lori says that she didn't run with Kristy the night of Kristy's murder.
Old lady Pappas says she heard someone yell "whore" an hour later.
Right outside, Kristy's body was found.
Something made her veer off that promenade.
So if we can figure out what happened to her from here to where she veered off the promenade we'll know how her body got behind that dumpster.
Sounds like mere speculation masquerading as fact.
Your theory cries for an eyewitness.
And something tells me you have one, or you wouldn't be acting so smug.
Am I that transparent? "V" is for your friendly neighborhood vendor.
I went to the promenade this morning.
I spoke to a couple of joggers.
They said this guy sets up his cart around noon and stays till late.
What do you say we go pay Munch's hunch a visit? Yeah, I seen her.
She's the one that got herself killed.
She used to come by running here every night with that cute redhead.
I tell you, I could set my watch by her.
Can you ID the redhead? Yeah.
Sweet little thing.
She used to always get a water for herself and her friend.
She still run by here? Every night.
I'll tell you, it worries me.
I always thought they were too young to be out at night.
Do you remember the last time you saw them running together? Last Monday.
On account of I'm off on Tuesdays.
Same night Kristy was killed.
You're sure they were together Monday? Positive.
They stopped by for their usual water.
Though, come to think of it, they took off in another direction.
Which way? Down that street.
Usually they stay on the jogging path.
But I think maybe they were trying a new route.
Just like clockwork.
Lori, can I talk to you for a second? I got to finish my run.
This won't take long.
You're in my way.
Kind of like Kristy was in your way? How long am I gonna be here? I've got to go train.
Coach is gonna cut me if I don't make weight.
Just a few more questions.
Okay, you said that Kyle Hubert gave Kristy a charm bracelet? Right? Yeah, he gave her a lot of nice things.
Lori, how did you know about the bracelet when you didn't see Kristy the night she died? You want me to be sorry she's dead.
I'm not.
I didn't have some rich boyfriend, okay? I didn't have some pretty little face.
Nobody ever cared about me.
So Kristy got all the attention.
She got everything so easy.
I do it all on my own.
My parents don't love me.
The only one who does is Coach, and he lied to me.
How'd he lie to you? He promised me I could have her spot if I told him.
Kristy was waiting for me.
She had broken up with Kyle, and Coach said he'd keep her on the team.
That left no place for me.
And you couldn't let her take that away from you, could you, Lori? We started to argue.
She got everything so easy.
She started to run away, so I followed her.
The brick just flew out of my hand.
I didn't mean for it to hit her.
She made me do it.
Alignment! Tummies in.
Coming to stir up more trouble? Lori confessed to killing Kristy.
Lori's an imbecile.
Strong arms.
She wants to see you.
After Nationals.
Very nice, my little pumpkins, very nice.
Up again.
Show Korska what you can do.
Legs together.
Tummy in.
That's my girls.

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