Law & Order Special Victims Unit s07e19 Episode Script


The following story is fictional and does not depict any actual person or event.
In the criminal justice system, sexually-based offenses are considered especially heinous In New York City, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as The Special Victims Unit.
These are their stories.
So I'm gonna go.
I'm sorry Patty.
We're just We bring out the worst in each other.
Thanks Dr.
I love you.
Sometimes love's not enough.
Oh my God.
Go! Tommy? Hello.
Tommy? Hello.
Damn it, Berretta, you jerk.
Let you out again.
Berretta escaped again.
God, it's disgusting in here.
I'm putting him back in.
There you go.
Okay, so I'm gonna take off.
Just make sure that door is closed.
Otherwise No signs of forced entry, two bodies in the kitchen.
Looks like he got'em before breakfast.
Simon Clifford, 47, dead about five hours.
Deep cut across the throat probably attacked from behind.
Check out the shallow wound beneath his chin.
Hesitation mark.
It's from the blade.
Most likely from a Guthook hunting knife.
- Typically used for butchering.
- Umm lovely.
Lyla Clifford was on the run.
Cut's not nearly as clean.
Perp probably cut the husband by surprise, wife saw what happened, tried to get away.
The third victim wasn't cut at all.
Amy Clifford, 16.
Signs of sexual assault but no semen or spermicide.
Either he couldn't get it up, or got scared off.
He choked her.
Each one of them up close and personal.
He's some killer.
I'll show you the kid's room.
Ryan age 9, Rebecca age 7.
Never showed up for school today.
No blood, no bodies Nobody knows where they are.
Sure we do.
We got these from the school.
They're the most recent pictures of Ryan or Rebecca.
We'll release them to the media, all bridges and tunnels around manhattan.
Amber alert's already gone out.
What else we got? Family's lived here seven years.
Turning out pretty sketchy.
Mom and dad, both popped for drug possession.
Oldest son in Sing Sing for armed robbery.
We'll get a list of known associates.
Sounds like it's gonna be a long one.
Well, we're tracking down the relatives.
There's none local, so phones and cells are being dumped.
O'Halleron's trying to get your attention.
Check this out.
See the depression in the soil? Made by the same pair of heavy-soled boots or shoes.
Looks like hundreds of prints in a tight circle.
So he's been standing here for a while.
Yeah, and look what I got a perfect view of.
Ryan and Rebecca's bedroom.
At night, lights on inside, it's a free show.
Captain! This is Mr.
He's a super of the building.
He knew Lyla's first husband and the kid's real dad.
So Simon Clifford was their stepfather? / Right.
Married Lyla last fall, but they shacked up right after Glenn moved out.
Glenn Portney, split two years ago.
Big custody fight.
To this day, they're still fighting.
"This is my weekend.
", "No, no, no.
" "This is my weekend" - Glenn ever get violent with her? - They both did.
Yelling out in the street three in the morning.
Did you see him around this morning? No, but he was 'round a night before last.
They fight then? He threatened to kill her.
But he does that on a regular basis.
- I didn't do this.
- Prove it Glenn.
How could I? Amy? I would never do anything to her.
But you'd kill your ex? - That was just talk.
- That's big talk Glenn.
You said you were gonna kick her head in, and dump her in the East River.
I was angry.
She wanted to move the kids to Florida.
So you slit her throat instead of kicking her head in.
No! I was never gonna do anything.
They make you crazy.
They know which buttons to push.
Death threats are a little extreme.
She was letting a drug addict raise my kids.
Please, do you have any idea where Ryan and Rebecca are? Why don't you tell us? Search my house, do what ever you want.
Oh, God I've gotta tell my son Calvin.
It's been taken care of.
Sing Sing Prison Interview Room Ossing, New York Tuesday, March 28 I'm very sorry for your losses, Calvin.
Now we need your help.
Who would do this? We were hopin' you'd have some idea.
You makin' friends inside? - Why? - Cuz friends come with enemies.
You think somebody in here did this? It only takes a phonecall.
You in the Arian Nation? No.
/ I've already seen an 88 on your wrist brother Calvin.
Heil Hitler.
Look, I like my ass the way it is, so I gotta fall in with somebody.
You know, the Arians are killing more of their own than anybody else these days.
Nice knowin' you Adolf.
I don't know what else to do, okay? You don't know how it is in here.
Nobody's gonna protect me.
I mostly keep to myself.
I know I didn't piss anyone off enough to kill my family.
I got no reason to lie about that.
Okay, how about acquaintances of your mother and stepdad? He's not my stepdad.
But he's scum so he probably hangs out with scum.
When's the last time you talked to your brother and sister? A week ago.
To Rebecca.
- And I think something was wrong.
- Why? She answered the phone in the middle of the school day.
I asked her why she wasn't in school, she said they sent her home.
Mom was real weird about it.
Something bad happened, but she wouldn't say what.
Rebecca didn't do anything wrong.
She was sent home because she was upset about the man in the schoolyard.
What man? Rebecca and her friends were outside playing when some man tried to talk to them.
I only found out about it when one kid came and told me.
By the time I got there, Rebecca was at the fence, and he was - He was masturbating.
- Okay, so what did you do? I pulled her away and he ran off.
Security couldn't find him.
Several of the girls including Rebecca were so upset that the nurse sent them home.
The police said that I probably scared them off and he wouldn't try again.
But I drew this just in case.
I'm the art teacher.
We should hire this woman.
That's the best sketch I've ever seen.
Precinct that caught the school case posted'em all over the neighborhood.
They have no other leads.
/ All right, get this out to the media right away.
They're basically waiting for him to try the same tricks.
Well, I wish he would've.
Well, nobody would expect public indecency to escalate into a triple homicide, let alone a double kidnapping.
I mean, if this is our guy, he's lost it.
Or he had nothing to lose.
Somebody cleared out Lyla Clifford's bank account.
- How? - ATM in midtown.
Account only had about sixty bucks in it, so he'll be looking for more.
- How long ago? - Bank said two hours.
Get that sketch out to the neighborhood.
See if anybody saw him.
Check the ATM security camera, have the video enhanced.
Just got the footage right now.
Haven't even looked at it.
It's a security camera tape from the ATM at the corner of 47th and 2nd.
This is the time code for when the card was used.
/ Hold on.
Go back, go back.
There, at the bottom of the screen.
Right there.
Pause it.
Looks like a child.
Blond hair.
He made the boy Ryan use the ATMs.
Smart, he's too short for the camera.
Mom must have told him the pin number.
Wish I could've shown you more.
Well, you've shown us that one of the kids is alive.
That helps.
That was quick.
Made an ID on the sketch.
Outdoor Adventures 116 West I remembered him right away cuz he bought this about a month ago.
Spying scope.
Top of the line.
Two grand.
Only sold three other.
Digital camera, auto focus, telephoto lense.
What else did he buy? A couple of kid's sleeping bags, rope, and this hunting knife here.
High carbon stainless with a guthook.
No background check required on that I suppose.
Hey, cash or plastic, and he opted for the latter.
And we check ID.
Victor Paul Gitano.
Arrested six weeks ago in Pennsylvania for molesting a 9 year old girl, subsequently skipped bail.
Registered as a sex offender for rape of a child with serious bodily injury.
The sex offender status was the result of a 1987 conviction when he served 18 years for raping a 12 year old boy.
Police! He held a boy prisoner for 8 hours, during which time he also tortured him.
Burned his body with cigarettes, cut him with a hunting knife and sodomized him.
Bedroom's clear! Clear! Clear.
Got somethin'.
Little girl was here.
We missed him.
Gitano has self-reported that as a teenager, he sexually assaulted more than a dozen boys and girls, all strangers.
What are you reading? Gitano's end of sentence psychiatric evaluation.
He maxed out his prison time, Pennsylvania was planning to civilly commit him.
Sexuality and inflicting pain were fused for him at an early age.
He was a pedophile even back then.
Well, actually, I don't believe that Gitano is a pedophile in a classic sense.
He's a sadist.
And I suspect that he chooses children because they're just easier to control.
Tools of the trade.
Gitano is sexually excited by violence.
Pornography does not interest him unless it depicts pain.
This would be Victor's version of Juggs? Methods of torture in the middle ages.
- In a manner of speaking.
- And look at these.
Surgery texts, autopsy books, all depicting bodies being cut apart.
Who wrote out that evaluation? Dr.
Paula Greenfield with the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections.
Gitano was in her treatment program for sexual offenders for nearly three years before she kicked him out.
/ Why? Mr.
Gitano has demonstrated no effort to stop his behavior.
He has refused to participate in therapy, and, expressed a desire to continue his behavior upon release.
She just gave up? Well, there was nothing she could've done that would've made any difference.
Oh hey, here's something for you.
Commit the bastard.
He didn't fit the criteria.
She said he expressed a desire to continue the behavior.
- That sounds like reoffendin' to me.
- Yes, but you see, psychotherapy encourages you to express your desires.
You have to admit your fantasies without the fear of being - punished as a part of the treatment.
- Well it's a bunch of BS.
Although there are grave concerns Mr.
Gitano is still a risk to the community, there is insufficient evidence to indicate he meets the criteria for civil commitment.
So she's practically begging the corrections department to dig up more evidence.
Here's something.
The clothes he wore to kill the Cliffords.
Maybe Paula Greenfield can help us figure out his next move.
Office of Dr.
Paula Greenfield Yardley, Pennsylvania Wednesday, March 29 Gitano planned this for months, maybe years.
The identity of the victims didn't matter.
It was the planning that excited him.
Coffee? No thanks.
Do you have any idea where he might've gone? - Any place that he feels safe? - Not a clue.
I'm not entirely sure what his life was like before incarceration.
He was a consumate liar.
He was molested by his mother, or his mother was an angel.
He moved around because his father was in the military, or he never knew his father.
After a while, you realize he's just playing you.
Men like Gitano were the reason I left the prisons.
These kinds of sex offenders have the worst kind of pathology because they make you believe that you can help them.
You can't help a sociopath.
This whole debate about whether or not sex offenders can be cured Can I cure you of needing oxygen? And yet you thought that you could help Victor Gitano.
He's kinda not booksmart or intelligent, but he sees weaknesses in you.
And he exploits it.
And what was your weakness? My revulsion.
I listened to every intricate, intimate detail of how he mutilated or tormented, or terrorized, or humiliated a child.
He would sit for an hour weaving his tales as if he were speaking about a pleasant childhood memory.
I couldn't wait to get out of the room.
He knew that.
He used that.
And in the end my great accomplishment was teaching him how to imitate normal human behavior.
Essentially, I made him even more dangerous.
Paula, I used to treat sex offenders early in my career.
But after a while, it just wasn't enough to get a guy to admit his fantasies about his two-month-old daughter.
So why do you think I try to catch'em now? Is there anything that you can tell me that might help us catch Gitano? I've got his journals.
And several taped sessions.
And I have spoken with some of his victims.
I'm not sure any of it will help you catch him.
But at least you'll know what you're dealing with.
The incredible part is the blood.
I've never seen so much of it.
Maybe he had a disease or something because it was I mean it was all over us.
I didn't really know him.
I'd seen him around the neighborhood.
One day, he stopped me as I was walking home from school.
He had something to show me, he said.
Took me to these woods behind our street.
That's when he took out the knife.
Why do you think the blood stuck in your mind? Well I suppose uh I suppose it was because he was such a such a little boy.
Small, you know? Small bones, hardly any muscle.
Had this fair, pale skin like a baby.
And it was just kinda funny that so much blood could come out of a little person.
Isnt' it? I kept begging him to stop.
I never knew people would do things like that to your body.
Never knew people could be so evil.
I don't leave here, you know? I haven't gone outside for years.
I have a job over the phone, I help people with their computers.
Order anything I want on the internet.
Got TV.
It's not a bad life.
Not a bad life at all.
What do you think happened to that boy? Him? I don't know.
He lived.
I know that.
Think he testified against me a couple of times.
I don't really think about it.
How many more of these tapes you got? Fifteen.
Well watch'em in your own office.
I'm done.
I don't know how useful they'll be for our purposes.
There's no new understanding I can glean from watching him lie over and over.
Well here's what I don't understand.
Why did he decide to murder three people to kidnap his victims? It's completely new behavior.
His arrest six weeks ago was probably a trigger.
He had a fantasy he wanted to fulfill before he got put away for life.
Unfortunately, he got the chance when the judge from Pennsylvania granted him bail.
You think those kids are still alive? I don't know.
But if they are, they won't be for much longer.
Gitano was just spotted at the George Washington Bridge Bus Terminal.
He was here about 45 minutes ago.
He said he was expecting a 500 dollar money transfer.
I didn't recognize him until I saw the kids.
He had the little boy and girl with him? They were just standing there like zombies.
Where did they go? Well, there actually wasn't a money transfer in his name, but I told him that there was.
I said I just had to process it.
Figured that'd stall him until you guys got here.
Just felt so bad for those kids.
I told him it would be ready by 4.
That's any minute.
We need ears.
/ Okay.
You can use this room.
/ This guy'll get spooked if he sees a cop.
Hold back all uniformed officers and replace them with plain clothes.
Range should work through most of the terminal.
Have all responding units come in silent.
I don't think we can wait.
You know, I've been thinking.
This guy's probably gonna be really mad.
Not at you.
Don't worry about it.
Yeah, but he killed people right? I should probably call my manager.
Just relax.
Do what you normally do, okay? This is what I normally do.
Do it without looking terrified.
Heads up.
Right there.
That's him.
He's coming.
Coming at you.
No kids.
Ryan and Rebecca have to be around here somewhere.
Finn, look for those kids.
He's looking right at us.
I think I'm spooking him.
Look away.
Don't leave me.
What do I do? He's running.
- You see him? - No.
Split up.
/ Yeah.
Finn! Gitano made us.
No sign of the kids.
I'll grab him up top.
Hey, man! - Out of the way! - Hey! Go, go, go.
Out of my way.
Out of the way.
Move! Ryan! Ryan! Hey buddy.
Come here.
Freeze! Move! Olivia! Oh my God.
No! No! It's okay.
I'm okay.
I'm okay.
Where's Gitano? Go Elliot, go! I'm fine.
Go! Go! Finn.
- Don't.
- What is it? He killed him, Elliot.
Cut his throat.
The girl? What about the girl? Gitano still had her in his arms and he just disappeared.
Your lucky day, detective.
A couple of more centimeters, you'd be buying a pine box.
You won't even need a stitch.
I don't suppose you want a day or two off? Yeah, I didn't think so.
We got reports of sightings on the bridge, uptown A train downtown 9.
Nothing solid.
Kid was right in front of me.
Five yards away.
Why didn't he run? He was traumatized, Elliot.
This man murdered his mother and sister, possibly right in front of them.
All I had to do was grab him.
Few steps and just grab him.
Now look.
Let's not go down this road right now.
Elliot, it was chaos.
There was nothing that you could Please don't try to help me out right now.
Why did Gitano bring them to this location and risk getting IDed? Maybe he's local.
He could be holed up in this neighborhood.
Captain, just got word of a carjacking two blocks away.
- He had a little girl with him.
- Go! I was driving up the street and he just jumped in front of my car.
He had this little girl in his arms.
There was blood all over him.
Is the girl hurt? I don't know, I mean she was crying.
He pulls out this big knife, he tells me to get out of the car.
I just did what he told me to do.
You know I was so scared.
Get all the information on the car.
Officer Ramirez here will take you home.
Thank you.
- Hey, let's get back to the house.
- Wait.
Look, this is the one street that we know he is not on.
Elliot, what the hell are you doing? Car has a flat tire.
So what? Why here? Why did he come to this street? Because he knows that the bus station is crawling with law enforcement.
You know, he was coming back to get his car, but he couldn't drive it.
So he took another.
How do you know that this is his car? Check out the tags.
There are none.
He stole this.
Now we know who was supposed to send him the money.
Eddie Lumis.
500 bucks.
Area code 856.
That's South Jersey.
I didn't send the money.
Well he thought you did.
I said I would.
- Don't lie to me.
- I'm not.
I just wanted to get him off the phone.
It was 4 o'clock in the morning.
Hey Eddie, right now, you're an accessory to murder.
No, I have no idea what he did.
- Don't lie to me.
- Where did Gitano get How do you know him again? We were buddies in the airforce.
I haven't seen him in 20 years.
- Where is he right now? - I have no idea! - Where was Gitano - I found you know anything, anything, I'm gonna hunt you down.
You free to go.
/ He doesn't know anything.
Have you got something you wanna say to me? Cuz if you do, let's hear it.
Why didn't you shoot Gitano? He was using the child as a shield.
How could you let him get so close to you? There were innocent civilians around.
I couldn't get a shot.
Well he got close and Ryan's dead.
- So this is my fault? - No, I can't do this anymore.
I can't be looking over my shoulder making sure you're oay.
You son of a bitch.
You know that's not true.
I need to know you can do your job and not wait for me to come to your rescue.
All right, that's enough.
Knock it off.
Now, in case you've forgotten, there's still a little girl out there with a psycho, if we're lucky and he hasn't already slit her throat.
I have to say this again to you, you're both suspended.
Now get your asses down to the morgue.
Warner's got something to show you.
How's the search? Sucks.
/ Too bad.
When you find this monster, give him a special kick in the nuts for me, will you? So what have we got? These are the clothes the little boy was wearing.
This jacket is actually an adult size.
It belonged to either Ryan's step father or Gitano's? I'm hoping it's Gitano's.
I'll show you something.
Hit the lights.
When I was taking autopsy photos I noticed something strange.
Watch this.
What's that? Something phospherescent.
It reacts top the light.
- The lab hopefully.
- Why haven't you already sent it? I sent it when I saw it, detective.
I'm waiting for the results.
So why are we here, for a light show? God! Next time use the phone.
Sometimes, all that brooding intensity is just annoying.
This cell phone was found with the boys as well.
It's locked.
You'll need a security code.
All the family phones have been accounted for.
This one must belong to Gitano.
You are going to love me.
- The phone belongs to Gitano.
- Better.
Belongs to his employer.
KNV Trucking.
They think his name is Victor Franklin.
How was that better? Because like many companies, KNV doesn't entirely trust its employees.
That's why they opted for a little technological reassurance.
- Backend tracking.
- Which is? All cell phones have GPS locators, but they only transmit when 911 is dialed.
This cellular company offers this service for an additional fee.
You can track your employees or your 15 year old daughter.
All the time? As long as the phone is on, and doesn't just give you the cell site.
Latitude, longitude altitude, and speed.
Victor Paul Gitano's wherabouts of the past month.
You're right.
I do love you.
Come in.
I heard about yesterday at the bus terminal.
It's terrible.
I'm really sorry.
You know, in situations like this Please don't tell me there's nothing I could've done.
I was going to say, in situations like this, there's no good choice.
Every choice becomes a sacrifice.
Not true.
You had to choose between saving the little boy or saving Olivia.
Yeah, but she didn't need me.
You didn't know that.
I wish I didn't Didn't what? Didn't care so much? Elliot, that's what makes you a good partner.
She made me turn away.
How? How does she make you do anything? She didn't.
It was my choice.
Nobody else was responsible for it but me.
Detective Stabler.
Why, what've you got? Repeat that second one.
Right, thanks.
Lab results on the glowing substance from Gitano's jacket.
What is it? Traces of copper and zinc cadmium sulphide? - What the hell is that? - I know what that is.
In the 50s and 60s the military secretely sprayed it all over the country.
They were trying to determine how nuclear fall-out travels and zinc cadmium sulphide is of a similar weight.
Of course it was later deemed carcinogenic and the military claimed they never knew that.
Gitano used to be airforce.
Now how the hell would he get on his jacket now? He could've been on a military base where they stored the stuff.
An abandoned installation.
Maybe it was one of those EPA superfund sights.
God knows they haven't cleaned those up.
You should call Olivia.
- Where is she? - Tracking Gitano's cell phone.
She has a list of everywhere he's been this month.
Oh, so rathole restaurant in Jersey.
They don't remember seeing Gitano.
Okay, what's your next stop? I think it's Cannon road.
Yeah, Cannon road, near Route 44, about 15 miles from hear.
Okay, I'm gonna meet you there.
Do you have any military bases on your list? I don't think so.
Why? Wait for me.
J & R Industrial Site Bayonne, New Jersey Thursday, March 30 What is this place? Metal plating facility.
Looks deserted.
Good a place as any to hide a kidnap victim.
Yep, plus I think it was once your military installation.
Check this out.
Warning, restricted area, as per Secretary of Defense.
- I'm calling for back up.
- Tell'em we can't wait.
Drop it! Drop your weapon now.
Drop it! Drop it! - I'm gonna shoot him.
- Shoot him.
Don't be an idiot Gitano.
/ Pull the trigger, don't even think about it.
You hear me, he's gonna die.
Shoot him! Shut up! Everybody shut up! Victor, there's no way out of this.
Stop talking.
You know what's gonna happen if you don't put that gun down.
- Now, enough people have died.
- Olivia.
And I know you don't wanna die.
You could've pulled the trigger on detective Stabler, and then I would've had to kill you.
But you didn't do that.
You didn't do that because you were being smart.
You've only got one chance.
You gotta take it.
Where's Rebecca Victor? Is she alive? I'm not gonna tell you dick until you drop the gun, bitch.
- Shoot him! - Shut up Elliot.
Start moving or he's dead.
And then what? Do you really think you're gonna walk out of here? Because that's not gonna happen.
Now this is your choice.
- Dead or alive? - I go, he goes.
Victor, tell us where Rebecca is and we can end this right now.
I used her up and bled her dry.
You wanna hear how she screamed? - How she begged for her mommy? - Stop it.
She was a slut down.
- A real little whore.
and I'm just gonna end out a dead man.
Any closer, and you're gonna be wearing his brains on your coat.
Olivia, there is no reason to keep this piece of crap alive.
Pull the trigger right now.
Olivia, pull it! Shoot him! You know you know that little girl? It's possible she isn't dead.
She could be locked up in this building somewhere, huh? Or someplace else, 15 miles away.
You don't really know, do you? You're a liar.
Yeah, well, that's the point.
- Tell us where she is, Victor.
- She's here.
She's not dead, otherwise he would've been long gone.
Unless you like'em dead.
You sick like that, Gitano? - You like to play with corpses? - Yeah, I like that.
The deader, the better.
They don't fight as much.
Olivia, you think about me, Rebecca is dead.
Pull that trigger.
Shoot him.
Shoot him.
- Olivia, shoot him.
- Yeah, do that.
But you better make sure you take me out with one shot.
One perfect, perfect shot.
Of course, my reflexes are pretty tight.
I could pull the trigger before the bullet even hits me.
Or maybe you miss me all together.
Either way, there's an 80% chance I'm gonna take this guy's head clean off.
But you try it, definitely.
You'll probably turn out great.
You can kill us both, Victor.
- You'll still never walk out of here.
- Right.
Right cuz uh Cuz you've got some buddies comin', huh? - When's that going down? - Any minute.
Just tell us where you hid her.
You know, you could put the gun down.
At least then, you might find her.
Otherwise, she's gonna die.
She's gonna die, he's gonna die, and it'll be all your fault.
Just like the little boy.
How's your neck? It's not the same thing, Olivia.
You know that.
Yes it is, Olivia.
God, you two couple are screw-ups.
How could you let that little boy go? - Olivia, look at me.
- Maybe you're just incompetent.
You can do the right thing.
I didn't.
I made that choice with Ryan and it was wrong.
/ It was my fault.
- Don't do it.
- Shut up.
- Don't make that mistake.
- Stop talking.
- I would've done the same thing.
- I said shut up.
Don't make my mistake.
Drop it.
Drop the gun.
Drop it now.
Put the gun down now.
You cops don't come in here, or everybody dies.
Hey! Hey! Hey! I'll tell you where she is.
Where? She's in a van parked in garage in Newark.
She might still be alive.
He's lying.
I know.
He's never gonna tell us.
You're right.
We can all walk out of here alive if you just put the gun down.
It's all right.
I'm sorry.
Suspect down.
Move in, move in.
Damn JB.
You took half his face off.
Nice job?.
Let's get an ambulance out here anyways.
Might as well pretend we tried some sort of / Quiet.
Everybody quiet.
Rebecca! Rebecca Clifford! Say something honey.
Rebecca! Rebecca! Rebecca honey, come on out.
Come on out, you're safe now.
Come on out.
Come on out.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
The good news is, they spent much of the time on the run.
He didn't have long enough to inflict serious physical injury on her.
How's she doing, mentally? She says she doens't remember most of it so We'll see about that.
I called the father.
He's coming down.
If that sniper hadn't beaten you to it, I know you would have taken the shot, Olivia.
No, I wouldn't have.
Did you really expect me to? Did you really expect me to cause your death? - What about your kids? - I don't know.
Just couldn't get that boy out of my head.
What about me? Look, we both chose each other over the job.
I'll never let that happen again.
Otherwise We can't be partners.
I can't believe you're saying that.
You and this job are the only things I've got anymore.
I don't wanna wreck that.
Couldn't take it.
Olivia, what's up? I want a new partner.

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